: Let's analyze this : * It was proven mathematically that the actual leveling BE system gives more BE in total than the old system gave IP. * Shards also make you get champions on discounts. * You don't need to spend tons and tons of BE on runes anymore like the old system So all in all, you're gaining way more and spending way less. I don't see why would the current system be bad or why we would need more ways to get BE? > Increase the first win of the day BE.. what the %%%% is 50 BE I'd have to get first win every day for 126 days to buy a 6300 BE champ.. it is just %%%%%%ed.. And of course you didn't count the BE you get from leveling capsules lol... The **minimum** you get get from one as a disenchant value is 810 BE (but you might get way more).
You are not gaining more BE than you did get IP, you gained IP everytime you won a game and leveling in the game takes a while doesn't it you also might get a champion shard you don't actually want and if you discard it how many more levels do you need to get before you want the champion you also don't get champions like yasuo or something from the normal champion shards but worse like annie soraka warwick etc.
: id say she needs a rework, but we cant have everything
to be honest i'd love to have the old fiora back :( And i know we can't have everything but i just want people to know that we at least need one to her :/
De Kus (EUW)
: Okay, first the tough one: After so many games, everyone is right where he belongs. You might have been better in another season, but right now there is something that prevents you from climbing. And that is you. Either your champion pool, the way to let your own team tilt you, your decisions, the way you communicate with your team. I don't want to say your mechanically as bad an average Gold I player, I really believe you when you say you better than that. So there must be something else. If find it, you can improve on it and start climbing. Everyone who does a stupid comment or starts to spam pings gets muted (on the channel they are behaving "bad"). I have noticed, starting to try to explain them stuff and reading their "§$&/( will just get yourself tilt and play worse than just really ignoring them. It can sometimes feel bad (I am a support at heart, leaving someone to die in soloQ rule "never help", is really tough for me... but sometimes that's the only way to prevent 2 people dieing instead of only 1). I sometimes wonder why premade jungle always camps a certain lane. When I play with premades in voice, useually the exact opposit plan is made: "Leave us alone, we'll manage, help the other". Of course there will still be some oppurinities for controlled ganks/roams, but I can only facepalm, when people can't accept a lane is lost and beyond help (this is often what happens, if I get top lane against a snowball champion :D). Try to take it easy. I have also noticed, you will win surprisingly many games, if you don't even try to win, but just play serious and have some fun. My 2cent for your whine. ;)
Do you realize which region we're talking about when you're saying ''but right now there is something that prevents you from climbing'' that's not you, that is the players in your team acting like 5 year olds and doing some ooga booga plays like as the guy who made this discussion tower dive a %%%%ing player then dying and then getting flamed for it. I am D4 right now and i had a really hard time climbing in ranked before trash seasons riot made. I was simply just a hardstuck silver at that point but now i have climbed way up but that made it just worse i am a hardstuck diamond 4 player who's either getting a jungler who never ever ganks you or gets a botlane inting the jungler and enemy bot lane while i am winning my lane i mean it's technically impossible to carry just by yourself especially in this rank some players has to drank and we need to get 5 ranks back (Diamond 5 to 1) because the hardstucks from the long lost seasons we once loved has climbed up and has started flaming even harder because their mental is going insane for playing this addictive game. And even though someone spam pings or says bad words to you, you can't really mute their pings totally how are you actually suppose to get any sort of information from your team. Also in diamond people who thinks you've lost your lane doesn't gank or roam you they let you die alone in that lane for some reason and what chance do you have to actually come back. Lets make an example - You're 1/4 56 farm 12 minutes into the game my team starts teamfighting while i need to get stronger by farming. After my team obviously loses the fight without me they flame me and i get reported for no reason i think there should be a limitation to reports per day and not spam report people because league of legends is just dying slowly. Saying idiot can also apparently just get you a chat restriction just wanted to put it out there And also De Kus you're not normally playing the game i can tell. If you think it's just a simple answer like ''you're where you belong if you can't climb'' start climbing yourself and then come back i'd love to see you climb from silver to gold or whatever rank you are.
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