Febos (EUW)
: I'm just going to say this: Spirit Guard Udyr was released in 2013.
I know but it is not worth to give it a visual update? I mean it's a 3150 RP skin..
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: So ban him. you can do that you know. You can make yasuo disappear from LOL, forever, in your draft games...how bout that ? Sounds good huh? This poll tho......ho lee crap. Definitely not how it's done.
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: honor+2 ? i want play with my friends in team and i need honor to do it ? what is your purpose to *** it off on ur ****
They have to turn off the honor system is not good a lot of people got banned and now they cannot create competitive, I got banned can I get my honor back? NO and I even unlocked it
Hairblob (EUW)
: I can't create a team in the new 'competitive' tab.
I got banned for no reason, that guy just flamed me and I wanted to mute him but I started flaming aswell and I reported him and he didn't got banned only me and he did the most flame gj riot (rito) {{champion:20}} Buff him


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