Riot tmx (EUW)
: If your account WAS NOT stuck then new games are launching normally now. The maximum time for an account to be stuck in a ghost game (platform believes you're in a previous game and due to that won't allow you to start a new one) is 2 hours. We unfortunately cannot automatically remove this information from all accounts as that would impact normal games that are currently going on. Please keep checking, we hope that your ghost game status go away asap. Mission data are safe, but will be added to your account a bit later.
I have been stuck for more than 3 hours already. I started a training mode game and i still cant exit that game.................
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello Killlyaa Right now you have to wait 2 hours from the moment your game ended, then the ghost game gets auto terminated. Riot is working on a better fix.
I've been stuck for more than 3 hours. i can see my message that i sent to my friend telling him I'm stuck in reconnect screen so... ( 21:03 , 00:05 atm)
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: Ughh another Lee sin player crying.I think they should remove ward jumping its stupid and unneeded they removet katas ward jump they should remove every champs ability to jump and wards.Lee should be the fighter he is suppost to be,not an aasasin that ward under turrent goes in Q +R and electrecute and im dead its toxic and stupid.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I dont even play Lee Sin . I casually pick him in normals because it is fun to play. Its not hard to read my name and realise that i actually play mid and mostly assasins. He sits at a 47% win rate right now and its almost the worst jungler. He requires a lot of skill to play and he falls hard after lvl 11. Now his early-mid game got nerfed as well so theres literally not a single reason to play him anymore. If they removed his ward jump ability he would become the deifinition of useless probably getting to 40% winrate. The reason they removed kat s ability to ward jump is because she alrdy had enough mobility after the rework that she got.
elin990 (EUW)
: How is this worth a 10 game chat restriction ban...
I have a theory that even if you type a lot , like you did , you may get chat restricted/ banned. I got chat restricted because i talked like a lot in chat , it was not even towards my team mates or something, it was just random stuff lmao.
Smerk (EUW)
: Lee Sin is not the reason for Tracker's Knife removal, he is merely a collateral damage in this case. This item was removed because it made jungling too safe and that lead to a lot of very boring games in pro play.
Yea dude , im just saying he got nerfed indirectly and he needs a buff to compensate it
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: The most annoying thing about it is that we won't get anything for it. I mean we lost 400xp or ~3 games worth of xp, which won't be compensated.
I just got +9lp in a game i carried , sad xd
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Network Operations – 2:20 AM We’re aware of some problems in Missions and are working on a fix.
Oh , my bad , didn't read that xd
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: How is this a fair ban please anyone who sees this open it.
You just told someone to hang himself and you still think its unfair? Ive seen bans because of people calling others gay or some shit but yours is more than a fair ban lol.
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Lagordor (EUW)
: Players AFK
Its their servers. I have never had any problem with my game till this season. Ive lost 3 of my Provisional games because of me afking due to in game log in bugs. *telling me i dont have internet connection lmao , when everything s working * . Idk wtf is wrong with this game
: AFK rate spiking in new season
YEs i cant %%%in log into games , ive lost 3 of my provisionals BECAUSE I AFKED. It takes 5 minutes for me to log into a game , and my pc is really fking expensive and back in preseason it took an averafe of 30 seconds to log into a game.
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: "OTP Performance Anxiety"
Damn , i just wanted to post something like this. I just had a really bad week/day. And guess what , i started playing Lol all night , just to forget the day. Because i was tired as shit and frustrated i lost almost every lane (but i just couldnt stop playing ). Since it was very late ( almost morning ) I was getting paired with the same people over and over. They legit started dodging when they saw me and then proceed to flame and make fun of me non-stop to the point where i literally dont even wanna play my champ anymore ( I fell from d3 promos to d5 0 lp in 1 night). I legit just feel like shit atm , and the sad thing is that ik all they said was kinda true. Ffs

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