: im a bit late to the show ? warframe ign is Thedemonjoker mr 23
UHH my reply is also late, didn't get any notifications. If your offer hasn't expired, do you have/use discord? We'd like to know you better.
Phocero (EUNE)
: Hello I'd like to join your community I'm 18y.old from Bulgaria Gold 3 in League atm 11MR in Warframe I play BDO and CS:GO sometimes, and I'm able to communicate from discord.
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: Presenting the EU Boards Discord!
Approaching Original Violence#8724
Mr Struggle (EUNE)
: How to be the ultimate douchebag - by: NA fans
"I am in The Chicago theater right now and I feel like someone should mention that the boos first started after crown's comment in the intro video where he basically said, "sorry NA we are here to win." The comment itself is fine, but when you call out the home crowd, you should expect to get a negative reaction. The booing then carried through to introductions. Whether or not you still feel it is wrong, it's important to put the reaction in context." Taken by the Surrender@20 moderator Moobeat from the League of Legends Reddit. (I'm neutral in this thing, didnt watch any of this World's games)
Eveninn (EUW)
: http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view6/4238045/kitten-attack-hug-o.gif
RKO Outta Nowhere!!!
Kush (EUNE)
: I am searching for a clan with a tag "Tits".
Why dont you create one? I dont think there is any club with the tag "tits". Oh, and when you create it (if you will make it), inv me pls :3
Aikki (EUW)
: Me: ''Hey Hecarim, Annie has no summs and no wards. Can you gank her? She's free.''
You just witnessed the power of an EUW hecarim. This is one reason why EUNE>EUW kappa
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: When a support hears this...
And im here having "gosu" as adc engaging their bot (usually thresh/morg supp) then im getting flamed for not helping when im either coming from base or from warding.
: {{champion:98}} Ulting the person _next_ to the one going to die
Well....they are low hp so there is a chance for your ult to not be able to finish. So i think its a better idea to ult the one that isnt going to die if you really want to join that fight. Also you can do it for some salt c:
Omblondra (EUNE)
: he actually stoped after a report threat????? WOW
Yea, after this ban wave, some people saw that riot actually bans accounts, so maybe they are scared. Ive seen players stop trolling after i said ill report them. Finally.
: How to get an S/S+ with a Support (Explanation)
Meh...what can i say? I had a match some days ago with my Naut supp, went 0/9/20+ (cant remember exactly the number of assisst), i was in every teamfight, at every dragon and baron, even stole the drag, died for my team, got an A+. Today i played one game in which finished with 10/6/26 and got S+. I was greedy, didnt leave almost any kills to my "adc" (Taliyah), wasnt present in most of the objective fights and still got S+.
: SUGGESTION: New "Skins" section in player profile
From what I understood, we will be able to see the skins we own in the new client, but im not 100% sure about this. I really like the Wishlist idea, it would be nice to have it since I like to gift my friends. Btw Elophant has a feature that lets you see the skins you own.
xTigax3 (EUW)
: Can we get the new bots in custom games please?
Im still waiting for Nautilus bot...
: > And apparently people still think one can be reported for getting outplayed. Someone on my team asked the enemy team to report our botlane. Obviously the enemy team laughed. Sometimes people just say that as a joke. Like "Report xyz for no skin!". But generally I agree with you. Asking for reports is immature at best.
I sometimes say "report jg for no ganks" at min 0:30. Or report top/mid/adc for feeding when everyone is 0/0/0 and the game is still at min 1-2. Just jokes, i want to make my games enjoyable.
chill22518 (EUNE)
: I've never played zed before, told that to m y team, they said it's ok they will carry, you can guess what happened after that.
AceH1gh (EUNE)
: 1) Inferno Diana 2) I start play league from season 4 and I main Diana from season 4. When I saw new Diana skin I just badly wanted that skin. I have almost 200k points with Diana :)))
I started to play Nautilus in mid S5...and i have 270k points on him.... its either me that played him waaay too much...ur you played Diana very rarely >.> And i dont think you can recieve the skin since you are on EUNE and the op is on EUW
: > [{quoted}](name=NautMyMain,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=Rq4EBzyW,comment-id=001c0000,timestamp=2016-05-02T03:54:03.345+0000) > > But you are on EUNE, op is on EUW. You cant send friend requests for accounts in different regions. And upvoted for not asking for a skin. OP Can add me then, pretty much up for the same thing as Don't Be Afraid o/.
Glad players like you two are part of the lol community. I wouldve done the same thing...but dem regions....
: Diana VS Rengar, Who should i buy and why?
Eveninn (EUW)
: Actually, I think I got abused by my supp while playing ADC just as often as when playing supp. :c
In bot lane no one is always the one that abuses his team mate. Sometimes the supp sht talks his adc for not following up the engage/ not focusing the enemy adc in a 2v2/ not runing away when the mid laner pings ss and then warns bot for an incoming gank etc. But the adc also sht talks his supp for not taking sightstone/not defending him when the enemy jg ganks/ not engaging or disengaging properly etc. Just find the right person to be your adc/supp. Play with him/her a lot of games, learn his/her playstyle, then dominate bot lane. Found my adc when i was lvl 7 and now we are reking almost everyone that plays vs us in bot lane.
: Supports!!! Let me hear you!!!
Or just dont. Im a supp main and i dont care if my adc doesnt like how i play. I dont care if he dies because of his poor positioning, his fault for facechecking a bush or going solo in enemy jungle. I dont care if they like the way i warded my half of the map with only 4 wards. Im doing my best and i dont care about their negative feedback when it comes to my way of supporting. If they are good, they will get fed with my help. If they arent, i try to take them easy and engage when they ping. If they flame i mute them, if they congratulate me for a good play or a double kill on bot lane i say "u2 wp". They do not understand im just using them to get out of laning phase, they think im their warding tool and their sacrifice lamb. And i know its a sh*t post, i just need attention bags.
: Hi. I just wanted to say that maybe you shouldn't quit league, just take a break. I used to think like that but now I have friends that I enjoy playing with. Even if I don't like league that much (mostly the toxic part of the community) I still play the game because I'm having fun with those people. And when you come back there might be a skin that you really like and wished you didn't spend that rp that way. I don't want a skin, I feel kinda bad getting gifts from strangers. You can still add me though if you want to talk or play a friendly match or anything really. Not all people are bad.
But you are on EUNE, op is on EUW. You cant send friend requests for accounts in different regions. And upvoted for not asking for a skin.
Pyronexa (EUW)
: Don't make me cry as well, because tbh you're so right about that statement. But ill upload everynow and again just for the hopes that you will notice me. ill write (Please notice me) at the end so you know its mine XD
Yay. Cant wait to see your future champ ideas ^^
: If you find a temo one you will feel that attention :D
Cant find the teemo....im on my phone....i cant comment with teemos. But im not giving up, that attention bag will be mine! I swear
: LOOL ye I saw it :D Ofc I can offer you a bag of cookies, but be carefull, there myb are some temo ones inside :P {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}} {{item:2009}}
No problem. I eat teemo shrooms at breakfast. But these cookies...damn.. love them. Now my bag of attention? :3
Pyronexa (EUW)
: Ey Lmao, my "not able to take a joke" pops up again hehehe... -_- Thanks for liking my champ, it's really hard to get anyone to notice you, so this is actually like.. maybe the 4th time i've uploaded my concept (Yes i am that desperate for attention) Tell me if you'd like me to upload more concepts in the future, i really enjoy making them in my spare time (The bus time from my home to school every morning).
Ofc i would like to see some more. I like reading threads about player champion ideas only to remember that riot doesnt care about them.... *starts crying*
Pyronexa (EUW)
: Well, at least in my mind, bruisers and assassins don't go hand in hand, they need to be squishy. Second, her switch thing is her ult, like say Jayce ult, just two melee forms. If i were to make an "Assassin, bruiser, tank, adc, poke, mage, jungler that is AA reliant" (Don't complely get what you mean here) i would make some kind of a Lee Sin champ (Which im actually working a little on).
Poke mage* and its an AA reliant caster :p. Dont take my comment seriously, it was a joke. But i like the champion, i would definetly like to see her in game.
: How dare you make jokes, community will hang you for that :D
You got downvoted too so its not my joke :p But i upvoted ur comments and now they are back to 1. Can i get a cookie for that? And a bag of attention pls.
: That can work out to be honest :D:D
this champion Nautaelius is awesomeee. Already got lvl 5 with him and i bought him yesterday. Thx mom
: Definetly Tyler1. Im a draven main.
Wow....someone is mad i made a joke....downvote for no reason pls
Pyronexa (EUW)
: Hikorei, The Fiery Phantom (Please notice me)
*reads everything* Yes, this champion is interesting *notices you then leaves* Kbai Just kidding. But the champion would be more balanced if she was an assassin type bruiser tank adc poke mage jungler auto attack reliant AD caster that would scale off ad and ap and an ult that is %max hp true dmg, that also scales with ad and ap. Balanced :^)
: You will have to find another Draven main, cuz RIP Tyler 1...
I guess ill become a nautilus main :(
: Does that actually work?Does Rito actually give free Rp only one time?{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Yup. But a small amount of rp. Idk the limit. I think if you search "i draw for rp" or smth similar, you will find the article.
zXDrakez (EUNE)
: drawing? Like a paint?
Yes. Something creative. Not too complicated.
: Does annyone have anny idea when there's gonne be a new Thresh skin?
Thresh already got 4 skins from which 2 are legacy. And he got released in 2013. There are other champs that need skins more than he does.
zXDrakez (EUNE)
: Need a small amount of RP
Make a drawing related to league and send it to rito supp. Tell them the amount of rp you want, give them the drawing and they will give you the rp you requested. Also you can do it only once.
: Favourite Streamer ?
Definetly Tyler1. Im a draven main.
Kalle02 (EUNE)
: i miss old shen so much....
Shen only needed a Visual update and his W changed.....the rest of the kit was good, i liked it. Bought shen during worlds and until his rework he was my go-to pick when i wanted top lane (shen or nasus). Now i have to learn him again....taunt is now easier to miss... the sword sometimes doensnt go through the enemy.....and i sometimes activate my dodge zone even if it isnt near me because i was used with the shield.
Eambo (EUW)
: D'aww you guys. Welp, that's what I get for having Croissant on my facebook :) Thank you very much everybody <3 as mentioned here I do indeed plan to take a few days just to relax, few days off work, maybe watch some Civil War...good times :D Try not to break everything while I'm away :-) Thanks for all the well wishes! ^_^
I think you meant you have ....... *puts sun glasses on* a CROISSANTOIR on your facebook....... Awww yeaaahhh
: that face when AP rengo 1 shots you when you got 3 tanks items...{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
I know the feel..... thinking rengo is ad and you build armor but you forgot to open tab to see that he has ludens and rabadon.....
: And you were playing which champ?
Teemo most likely. When i play assassin and the enemy team has a teemo i jump 1v5 on him, trying to kill the fkin yordle. It works sometimes. Or even dive the fountain we are at the nexus and teemo just spawned/is afk. I just hate him, not his mains....
Rayz01 (EUW)
: Playing tanks is slightly more dignified than playing teemo, slightly.
And the reason you are saying it is because.....? Im just asking, no hate or downvotes.
Skere (EUW)
: I don't get it..
"Rengo op rito nerf pls"- ADC mains. Glad im a tank player
Andy Ten (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Restlessheart,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GyJrl5XT,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-04-28T19:47:19.650+0000) > > Cause most of the Community JUST CARE FOR WIN :| > *facepalm* > Instead for fun... > On the other hand alot people can have only FUN if they WIN :| *double facepalm* > > Don&#x27;t get me wrong there is nothing bad about winning > But for me it seems to most people forgot to point of playing games! > If you play games just to win you truly lost the point and should head for other things instead for winning in games only... > You better go to a casino and just screw up your own play experience instead of others too D: > And take things too SERIOUS (for ranked its fine but not normal/aram/other gamemodes) > > Overall > Hardliners will always be Hardliners and Try Hard whatever they want to D: this is a competitive game not your average video game. league is concidered a sport (E-Sports) if arsenal didnt care about winning against manchester united it would be very fun to watch them just play around with the ball for all the soccer/football fans out there.
But we are talking about normal matches where you are supposed to relax and have fun, not the competitive ranked and lcs. Arsenal tried to win against manchester united because they want to be as high as they can at the end of the season for prizes (UEL, UCL, the cup). Just like lol players in ranked. But only in ranked. if you want to compare lol to football, then normals are like training matches, where everyone is chill (or supposed to be), and rankeds are the championship matches, where everyone gives their best to win and climb as high as they can.
Mepodis (EUW)
: Whyyyyy is Irelia and Jax in EVERY SINGLE game now ._.
Neah, guinsoo is getting some changes that (from what i understood) makes the item harder to fully stack. So these players are "enjoying" the last days of rageblade in this state. This is how i see it :p.
My Syndra (EUNE)
: What is your dream?
I dream of becoming the best Nautilus, replacing SKT's Faker, going AP bruiser Nautilus mid in LCS. And i also dream of Nautilus buffs.............. I mean...uh... i dream of becoming a Ritoer.
zZiBBiZz (EUW)
: Shaco (and other stealth champinns) need exclamation mark like Rengar
Or stay near your tanks and watch shaco/eve get crushed by them. :3 Works (almost) every time.
: The real issue is the nautilus hook hitbox :^(
Viuks (EUNE)
: You have 2 more days to do it...
Still want to know what is happening.
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