: Hey there ! It's not that the matchmaking is being unfair to you, but you trapped yourself against bots. A lot of people start playing against humans as fast as they can (level 3). So they are obviously used to that and can manage it better. Bots always play the same (like running if they are low even if they should win the fight, or just start following you when you are alone) so they are very predictable and easy to play against. Other humans also takes that into account and aren't easily predictable which is why you are struggling. You are already level 40 and kept playing for so long against bot (which gives you 0 experience on how to play the game or beat humans) so it's very natural that you'll struggle against real people. My only advice would be to stop playing against bots, and to get ready for some hard times until you adapt yourself against humans and then everything will be perfectly fine.
Thank you so much for the advice Doom emissary, I very much appreciate it. You’re absolutely right. Ok so deep breathes.... here I go ...... :)
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