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: yes you are ... and her wings are not coming out of her ass . her wings are coming out from the lower back of her spine . i think now you understand or need to learn more abut how they draw angels .. since angels got more than 2 or 10 wings in religion books . still you will think something is wrong since YOU think it's wrong ... and not that it's right or wrong ... this lead to more things i don't like to talk abut . cuz i don't like to move out of the main part of this talk . and i don't like to continuing talking to someone who don't know anything abut the things he is talking abut . sorry .
OKé..... XD.. Sorry to im not that smart as you .. LOL
: > If u fall from the heven than your wings fall in you a.s.s? Poor Lucifer.. > And dont say its a free creativity, cuz than i want to see champion with a wings from her eyes or something like that. She hasn’t fallen from heaven... read her new backstory first. Her wings are where kayle’s are, but she’s tied them up so that she can’t use them... it’s in direct protest of kayle and to make Morgana closer to human than celestial. > And why they give her tail, or what she pulls behind.. That’s just her dress... generally when you have a long dress the back end will drag across the floor.
Ye, I realized that when i play with her in pbe. And when she use her ult the wings are goes to the right place. After all its pretty good.
WarlockBN (EUNE)
: if you don't know abut art or not 20+ years in art to talk shit on art ... stfu pls edit : they are not coming out from her ass ...
SO im stupid? great mister Art master 2.0.. Sorry to have my own opinion..... LOL.. If some one have wings or something in her/his ass its just not normal and not art, FOR ME.. Sorry bro.
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