BigManJones (EUNE)
: A sad day for the gaming community: Mass shooter kills 11 at videogame tournament.
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Denni (EUW)
: Pings have to be very straightforward. It could take longer to figure out what it means if it's just an empty box. Also, I do not think adding a "wtf" ping would solve the problems as the questionmark is insanely tilting in its own way.
I agree the missing box might not be the best replacement. Personally, I think the best replacement would be the one Ninja0Heaven suggested: > [{quoted}](name=Ninja0Heaven,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=NOd1YJNk,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-08-23T20:57:15.429+0000) > > Interesting, but honestly I doubt that it is the problem. But if it actually was, maybe make the missing-sign look like a human's shadow. Like these placeholder-imagea that you get on social media when you have no profile picture. That definitely looks like something is missing. > {{champion:28}}
Sirquicky (EUW)
: This game turned into a biggest hypocrisy ever. You have to controll yourself in every aspect possible so the snowflakes like this post creator doesnt get hurt.
There is nothing hypocritical about the game, and yes, you have to control yourself. It is not about being a snowflake; if you cannot behave, nobody in this world has to take in your aggressiveness. You might have been brought up in a spoiled manner where you could act in any way you felt like and others just had to take it in, but we live in a civil society. Behave yourself for your actions have consequences. Most players want to enjoy this game and they do have to deal with people who cannot deal with their own self.
Gebba (EUW)
: You make the presumption that the end result of ''What the F*** was that'' is inherently negative. There are many times where you get spam-pinged obsessively after making a cool outplay, thus giving it positive connotations- Because the inherent symbolism is not negative. It's as if to argue the peace sign is negative because hippies suck. It doesn't work that way. I think it should stay the way it is. It works the same way hentai does. Hentai is a product and a result of censorship, because it is illegal to show a male and female... doing things... In Japan. So if you turn them in to humanoid animals of sorts, you bypass it. The point is, if you censor the symbolism, people will resort to finding an even more absurd way of showing hatred that is probably going to be even worse.
I would argue that in most cases spamming the "missing enemy" ping as if to say "What the F* was that" carries a negative connotation. But I do agree with you that massive pinging can be a way to convey a positive message, for example, after a pentakill spamming the "Danger" ping on the player can be a form of praising him. Still, I would argue that for the "missing enemy" ping, spamming it is mostly used as a means to express hatred towards a teammate. The censorship, in this case, would be for strategy sake and for reducing distraction.
Jökër (EUW)
: Improving Behaviour
I hope others follow your example. This is a game, it is entertainment and the purpose of it, in the end, is to have a good time. But some quickly forget about this.
: It is obviously ritos fault. I cant say you %%%ed up in chat so ill just ping.
: It's not about if u r offended or not. The person who pings "????" after someone misplays means to offend like "u r a noob" or "u cant hit a hook" and so on. I've seen someone leave the game after he flashed into the wall and the bot laners spammed "?????????" in a ranked game. Defenitely unnecessary.
Yes, unnecessary to leave I agree. But this is not the topic of this thread my friend. The purpose I started this topic was to reflect on the consequences of misusing the "missing enemy" ping, more specifically the consequences of the destruction of its original purpose.
Shädäm (EUNE)
: Now you talk like no player ever uses it the right way. But yeah, when i see someone %%%% up (which i see a lot from these apes), i will ping them questionmarks. I mean, if they use the ping, they are not flaming at least. But good idea, lets take that one way in which players can express their feeling in a less toxic way away.
I don't agree with your claim that the spamming is less toxic. It is still just as toxic since the intentions are the same, and it is highly disruptive in the game. And please do not use derogative terms to refer to your fellow summoners.
Shädäm (EUNE)
: This community has two parts. Toxic-but-decent and Intentionally feeder. If you bann one, only the other will remain in the community.
Both can be banned for valid reasons, that is why you can report any player for both reasons. Why do you believe only one can be banned? I would challenge your view of the community, but this is not the topic of this thread.
: I just got Permanently banned for no reason...
The reason for you to be banned is clear to anyone who read the first lines of the chat. This is a game, it belongs to the entertainment industry. This game is not entertaining to you, it brings you rage and loss of self-control. Like many others, I am just a casual player looking forward to having a good time. I don't want people snapping at me for no reason (don't we all get enough on our daily lives already?), I want to play and have fun. Congratulations Riot for banning this player and creating a nice environment in the game.
Arrcros (EUNE)
: LMAO i cant believe someone is getting offended by pings,when someone pings me i dont know its the funniest thing ever im not joking,someone misses skillshot and everyone starts to spam ping him LMAO...
It is not about getting offended. It is about how the original purpose was lost over time.
: Problem solved.
Definitely solved. This would allow for a quicker way of moderators to spot toxic players and ban them, thus only leaving the players who correctly use the ping to remain in the game.
Shädäm (EUNE)
: ***
It is definitely not made for the weak. But the destruction of the original meaning of the missing enemy ping has consequences on gameplay. Have you ever heard the tale of the boy in charge of looking after the sheep and would always scream "wolf"? Also, yes. I do hate getting pingged on.
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