Metharius (EUW)
: you must be new. anivia's wall ? ziggs's c4 in one for all or Ivern's firebush in the guntlet/doombot has always existed
Yes but that either made the person get indirectly killed or get them executed, and in this case i get a kill for a teammate dying
: Hey, help me get my head around how this happened. Is this a case of they can attack you or was this classed as a teamkill because they had the last interaction with you ie. heal etc?
I didnt have any interaction with them thats the thing, i was fighting in right top portion of the circle meanwhile kata was in the bottom left. She disconnected mid fight and proceded to walk into the ring of fire, thus killing herself. Somehow i got the kill even though i didnt heal her nor shield her for a good few minutes.
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