: the original 40 getting grey skin idea!
I see the potential here but I dont think the "old" theme ia the way to go . Especially that some of the champions have or will have received reworks and updates , hence they will be "fresh" ( for example Warwick ) . They should make a skin theme line for these champions .
Dσn (EUW)
: Rip Double Lifts Mom Wishing double lift my sympathy.
Wow , this is unfortunate ... Poor guy . Hope he will be able to withstand the pain and be able to get over it .
: toxic player that loves to get off on flamming and getting no report from team
Nameshaming ... Read board rules and get accustomed with those .
: Permabanned player
> [{quoted}](name=The Gank is Nigh,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=3f0LXNFo,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-02T08:30:39.675+0000) > > Just stop,the only ones who have the right to diss these players are the rioters themselves. If they brought it to the board then they should expect any opinion including "disses" . We have the right , we can express ANY opinion we want to . Its that we shoudnt pour unnecesary salt on the wound . Sure . However its our choice . Some of us like to feel evil , just for the laugh of it. Some of us feel wronged , since someone inted/trolled one of our games and we want to see justice served elsewhere . Some of us want to lend a helping hand . Its relative however . Dont deny the freedom of speech .
NK Faeral (EUW)
: I got Rekted totally in a game - Banned for Intentional Feeding?
Well from the match history its safe to assume that you had a bad time lately ... So many deaths x.x . Take a break or play safer .Try using sunfire cape and titanic (a good aa reset so you apply fast 4 dot by aa+w+aa+titanic active+aa ) to clear minions faster and push then gank or take objectives top / take jg camps ( as long as you cant fight enemy top and punish him ) . Without seeing the replays I cant say what was your behaviour . Althought it wasnt a single game , you have quite a lot of deaths Id advise you that you should take ingnite on conqueror Darius , for 1v1 and kill potential .Teleport is good for splitpushing and objective control but I believe playing Darius isnt about that . Good luck .
: Riot stupid compagny ban me no deserve I pay money and still ban
Masantha (EUW)
: You have been cordially invited to Pantheon’s Pizza Party!
🅱️oneless pizza and aaaaa .... 2 liter o' coke
: Goodbye League!
Taking a break isnt bad . Giving up on something because of some douche is . I can see that you poured your love in this game . So dont give up on League just because of a bad day . You're better than that ! Also for future games : take my advice and use the mute button in case things go the wrong way . It can save you the match , your account , your state of mind . Trust . Goodbye for now . Aaand do stay safe !
: Banned for nothing
Permabanned ?
ImMaleLol (EUW)
: Most damage with no items
With his passive ,tear and 2 clarities I am not suprised . I think Aatrox got so much slow and kited he was bassicaly a practice target . Damn little fly symbiote wasnt even lvl 18 . 19 deaths is a lot even for aram . But then I look at Vi and Im like damn son . Overall blues teamworked through and sustained for days . And Xerath just straight out chilled . 0 deaths in aram is ultimate bm ...
FrØstii (EUW)
: Answer to removing Trackers Knife
I believe they stated somewhere they will do something like that . Either that or it must be my imagination ...
: i don't aggree that herald shold be removed BUT... u should be able to interrupt his tower charge, cause that is just so damn strong.
And then "Let him smash" memes would appear . HE WAS BORN TO SMASH .
Wili P (EUW)
: kled skin idea
Sounds good ,doesnt work . But yah ... Its funny .
BaconTits (EUNE)
: How would you describe Riot Balance Team by only using 1 word?
: It's best to stay silent and if someone really throws the game just report him for feeding and explain the reason in the feedback menu without saying a word.
Did reported him and stated the 14 deaths . His decision making was so-so but he was mechanically bad which left me to think he was still learning . He did cooperated with the team. His build path consisted of reccomended items . I think he was fresh to this game .
Rioter Comments
: NEW GAME : Guess who got banned ? :D
Does this really belong in player behaviour ?
: Skinshards.. Rerolling is worth it
As long as you play Ahri , its worth . Gj man .
: L E A V E R B U S T E R
I dont think they will remove that punishment ( I dont think they can remove **Leaverbuster** punishments). Have you sent a support ticket ?
: Warwick ult not canceled by CC - Patch 8.6
Aaah finally . A Warwick buff .
iG Rakan (EUW)
: Supports in Draft Pick don't HAVE to go botlane, do they?
As a support main I can say that the most important thing to keep in mind is the wellfare of the whole team . So going top might not be the wisest decision since it will hurt the adc more , plus if you cant be of any impact the top laner will lose some valuable exp which the adc wont be able to make us of either ( in most cases ) . Its a sensible decision . My personal answer is ... depends but in 90 % of the cases no . It would be better if the top laner actually agreed to a lane swap instead .
: ADC feels very underpowered
{{champion:122}} best face expression i could find for how i feel about this post . Bruisers coundnt jack shields before this keystone . They are finally getting some love .
Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings Madagascar813, Let me be frank and explain this in simple terms. https://memegenerator.net/img/instances/60406334/you-are-an-adult-you-are-responsible-for-your-own-actions.jpg Obviously there's more to this, but within that post you've demonstrated knowledge that you knew your details were compromised, yet you took no action to rectify this. You get where I'm going with this.... Good! This is your current situation. https://media.lolusercontent.com/api/embedly/1/image/resize?url=https://i.pinimg.com/originals/6c/bc/fe/6cbcfe8f463e031a58f0d6e02d12fd81.jpg Based on your story, there's no point trying to clear your account. If you want to play League, you'll have to create a new account and start over. Should you decide to do so, **don't screw up**. Good talk.
Second picture just made my day . Wow .
BaconTits (EUNE)
: Aren't turrets supposed to be a threat in this game?
Meanwhile the Alistar that dives with ult engaged : "What turret ?"
: Just have Nexus grant 5-10 RP for the team that destroys it. That would make people more determined to win rather than troll because they are some shitty eloboosted snowflakes and Riot doesn't do shit about trolling, heck ...even promotes this.
: What would you pick against this teamcomp ?
{{champion:19}} jungle {{champion:12}} support {{champion:78}}top {{champion:67}} adc {{champion:84}} mid , I think .
: In psychology, this is what's referred to as **cognitive dissonance**. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_dissonance To give you a tl;dr of what that is - cognitive dissonance is a phenomenon where, when someone believes in something very strongly and is presented with evidence that contradicts their beliefs, they begin acting weirdly. Most players, especially those in low elo, enter the game with the utmost conviction that they are incapable of mistakes, or at the very least that they're the best player in that game and a head above the rest in their elo. So when they make a mistake and someone points it out, they experience cognitive dissonance. If they are the best player, they couldn't possibly be making a mistake. Thus, in their mind, the only possible explanation left is that you're a flamer who's targeting them personally. Just to clarify, a person experiencing cognitive dissonance isn't stupid, insane or delusional. They just act that way because their brains are having problems processing two contradicting ideas at the same time.
: but it takes some skill to doge stuff with master yi Q . For example Master yi vs teemo . who will win :P (if master yi doge the teemo Q master yi wins) if teemo hits his Q teemo wins . and his Q can even doge stuns if timed right . (i would say medium skill , not high )
Yeah ... But thats like his one mechanical thing . Not many people use Meditate for the reduced damage effect also . Yi is a champion that in the hands of a good player will do wonders but even in the hands of an unexperienced one can still do great things .
: in all seriousness tho, this needs to be fixed :\
Spam bot test you see on any other website , you know ... That should solve it , but i dont think Riot considers botting a problem , else they would have solve it by now lol .
: anyone else has had enough
Practice tool for clearing path, item optimisation , general tricks . For a real game invite someone you can trust for blind / draft pick , especially if you plan on sivir jungle . Bots begginer/intermediate is to get to your summoner level for blinds or to carry 1v5 if you're bored .
Mada (EUW)
: The game is lost, surrender/open mid
Monkey angry xD . Yeah they need to square up , understand the situation and find a winning strategy . But nah , most of em are sissies .
: Brand support
Immobile mid/sup champ that deals puns of damage . Solution : Anything that can outsustain his damage or hard cc him . Soraka , Alistar ,Morgana , Janna , Maokai (althought his price is too high , tryed to recomend champs that are affordable ) . Assuming you play support .
Smerk (EUW)
: That is the point of ARAM. Play with whatever champion you got. If you can't agree with such simple concept then this mode is not for you, stick to normal modes instead
People disagree even when playing blind xD , youll see dodges even there . My point is that the game mode doesnt really matter , anyone can dodge if they feel like it . So yeah , I do agree that punishments should be dealt differently here , so offenders should get discouraged after pulling (repeated) dodges.
Um gee , thanks I guess . Which one caught you the eye ?
: Summoner name for Vayne main plz
BruceVayne , VainMayne , TumbleStumble , Crossbow hacks , SaneVayne , BowToTheCrossbow , CrossbowMom , Nananana BatVayne , PurifyForDays ... Well cant think of more . Hope those help .
Hydnoras (EUW)
: Well if we are talking seriously here, this is a free-to-play game, which means you are not required to pay at all to play the game. This means you are not entitled to any form of compensations for issues like this. I'm not saying it wouldn't be nice, but that's just how it is.
"Gib monne pleasie"
NocaNoha (EUNE)
: ARAM - Dodging/Champion pool
Eh , on the flip , wyd if you get something litteraly unplayable , no rolls left , none willing to trade ? You do have a plan 🅱 right ?
Cardinal (EUNE)
: One Trick Pony
As long as you are mechanically competent with her ... go nutz ! {{sticker:katarina-love}}
: riot answered my support ticket, lifted my ban and gave me my honor level back, thank you
Thats nice to hear :) . Good luck in the rift !
: is this bannable?
10 min in the game : Soraka died , report her but hey MissFortune is still alive and kickin :D .
: Got banned, I think for no reason
Well , it really depends how you did behave in your past games . As far as I can read you might have been in a "tilt" or close to a "tilt" state . Refrain from using curse/insults since Riots detection system is going to look for those . Also mute button might be useful . 14 days for this only is too much , then again , it's your overall behaviour in question here .
: Chat Bans are a joke
Not that I'm not a teamplayer but you are not forced in any way to tell them that you're going to mute them (sure , in order not to provoke confusion but here its really not the case , I believe ). You should just mute them without stating that . Also no need to argue with anyone . No need to tell them that you're going to report them . Focus on the gameplay , regardless of your "child" ADC ( or jg , doesnt matter ) , find a winning strategy . As for the ban reasons , either Riot system detected to many words regarding "report" which might explain why it falls in the negative attitude section , else It was a Riot employer that banned you for the agressive attitude . At least this is how I see things . Also I apologise for the unorganized way that I write .
: i quit lol
Hope you had a nice time ! See you on flip elsewhere !
: Connection disconnected from ARURF, but leaving game gave no re-join option.
Rioter Comments
: "Wow you picked that champ i dont like? Gg lost ff20"
"uSElEsS JuNgLEr , SHoUld hAVe DOdGeD"
: Only afking/trolling should be perma banable.
DDos , Account boosting ? What about them ?
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: Has League Of Legends Died As Competitive Game?
Hasn't died but it is currently suffering . I believe this js onlg but a temporary state of the game due to Dinamyc Que implementation . I believe there will come "purge" when things will be sorted out .
NöMáná (EUNE)
: Ranked With Rioters
Also curious .
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