: You can't make that stop. It is built into the client. There is no setting to turn it off. So, my solution is the best :)
Are you really that dumb or you are trolling ? This is made in bug report section to get that out of BUILT IN CLIENT because it's annoying and there is no need to show that after every game
: Click the X in the top right corner of the dialog box. yw
Not how to close the window box smart boy, how to prevent it from appearing every time after you get out of game or login to client
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Kraungard (EUNE)
: Yes and then there was that guy who leveled every single champion to mastery level 7.
> [{quoted}](name=tiger4545,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fMiisqgs,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-07-16T17:24:57.470+0000) > > Yes and then there was that guy who leveled every single champion to mastery level 7. there is such a guy?? who is it?
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Zantonny (EUW)
: I own like 85% of the champions. Am I allowed?
well if you are swapping with adc and have most of adc champs (or at least those who make sense not counting like graves or quinn) then yes u can
: Fair point. But in that case you shouldn't agree to swap. You can't assume that the player is going to have the champion you want.
well i do assume that he does if he asks for swap, i will not from now
: Didn't you check before agreeing to pick for him? I have only done this a few times but I have always checked that they have the champ that I want before agreeing to their request.
As i say to other comment, i decide what im gona play during the champ select not before even queing up
ThePikol (EUNE)
: You are supposed to tell him what you want BEFORE you pick for him.
No i am not supposed to, i am not going in game already decided what im gona play (yeah im gona 100% play rengar this game) NOPE. If i am first pick then yes, but if i am last pick then i pick whatsoever depending on a enemy and our team comp, in this case our comp was whole ad and i needed ap/tanky jungler to fit, and he couldn't provide me any champ
Rioter Comments
: The ranked troll que
silvers with decent MMR made me smile
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Soo let me get this straight you are asking me to grow up cause I dislike , people in the internet who are toxic ? really man cause I am bad at a game they are allowed to wish cancer for me and my family ? and you are saying that you enforce this idea as well. According to you its okay for me to get cancer then cause the enemy was bettter than me, you have no idea what a game is. its pretty sad. All the words you used here indicate that you are pretty much a real flamer. the guys that I made this post with. so i will just ignore you until you can communicate with out the following words "Retard" In the real world that behavior is not acceptable by ANYONE why should it be in a game where we come to relax from the real world ? Are you kidding me ? I am pretty sure you wont read up to here I believe that you are not an adult base on your reply only
If you read carefully what i wrote, i told clearly, to not mess real toxic players (those who you talk about) with those who just want win and raging on people for their bad play and talking only ingame stuff, not personilizing anything Read first before shit posting
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: The game is gettign worse by the day
if u are trash and someone calls you trash, then accept it and shut the fuck up! Not the whole community members are little crybabies, some, including myself, have some expectations from my team mates in elo they play, so if i'm playing in diamond and see someone playing like a trash boosted animal, i can't keep positive and calm, just close my ayes on it like this is normal what is happening, this is normal that some retard have no idea what this game is about. If i have a bad game, and play like a total retard for any possible reason (like learning new champion in fucking ranked games) and my team flames me, then i know that they flame for a real thing, they flame because i suck. Time to grow up already, and learn what is real toxic player (that can insult you going deep into personalities) and what is a guy that really want to win, and retards piss him off with their bad gameplay causing him to lose! I respect those type of flamers, that means that winning does mean something to them, and they really want to win hard!
: Help im, i'm clueless!!!!!
Everything you've mentioned 1.boosted people 2.flamers 3.afk 4.smurf I see all that shit almost every single day in high plat ELO, either it is on my team or on enemy team You cant get out of bronze, because you are bronze! That's your place! Same way as my place is high plat and that's why i can't reach diamond because im just not good enough yet to get diamond! Accept that! The day you will stop thinking about climbing ranks, will forget about rating, and will just play the game, that day my friend, you will get out of bronze then from silver, and you will not even understand yourself how the fuck did i did this
EraGla (EUW)
: "Please Riot Help me With This one"
And you post a virus link on forums hehe xD
: > [{quoted}](name=Kokiri Star,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=eEj0IHPc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-03T19:24:29.543+0000) > > idk, honestly i had no trouble leavin silver or gold. I never hit a wall on mym way there. I honestly just think you lack skill but have trouble admitting it, I'll start, I will never have the skill to compete in challenger well, last season i was silver 2.. im bad then i guess?
Explain me the reason, why you want to be in gold or plat, is that a prestige? Or i don't know, friends laugh at you because you are bronze?
: Help im, i'm clueless!!!!!
Boosted people in bronze? Where are they got boosted from? ... Wood division?
Hakaishin (EUW)
: I really want to know which message here triggered the bot to issue a permaban here
What the fuck is this a community of pussies? Or little crying babies? "Your passive-agrressive" , "Negative attitude" , "You call people useless that's rude" BLA BLA BLA I want vomit from all this cringe comments i read, it is normal that some people just can't stay fucking positive all the time! I am being very nervous and negative when i'm losing game, when i understand that game is no more winnable, and especially when i understand that that's because of some DUMB plays and decigions that teammates make and that pisses me off, so I can, and I DO call people useless if they are, i call them boosted if they play like boosted animals, i ask for ff on 20 when 5 minutes in we are down 0-14 in score and more and more! So keep your %%%%% comments on your own! I've not seen anything that toxic in this chat logs that is perma ban worthy, i would say there is nothing worthy even to give a silence! I don't know if this is whole evidence that author shows us, and i don't know his past attitude, so maybe reason of perma ban is in his past actions, but this one is deffinetely not! Like i realy as much i look on the posts at this forum and comments, i'm startin to think that the community is mostly made of little crybabies, that want to go cry to mom when they hear a little bit of offense to their side! Grow up kids! If you are playing like trash, and someone calls you trash, then accept that you are trash! I do, if i suck in certain game, and team raging at me, i just accept that, i do not report them, and do not say anything in counter because i know, that i fucked up this game, and they have the right to be angry and rage!
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M0onLiqht (EUW)
: ffs riot answer the god damn ticket
Checking IP address doesn't proof anything. Hacking an league account, is almost impossible thing. If you are telling truth, and there was someone spying on your pc via some malware lets say, so he got your personal information, then rito shudn't even give a fuck about it. That's your personal problems, being not able to protect your own pc and data. Rito can't be sure are you telling truth, or maybe you just gave your account information to one of your friends or someone else, so they can play while you're not playing for a year. Rito should care, only if your account got hacked through their servers - meaning information about your account was received from their database, which is almost imposible as i told, people who will be able to hack that, could same way hack some bank database for instance, so who gives a shit about video game. In my personal opinion, there was no hacking or stealing account. For several reasons. First, when you quit league for some time, it's normal to give your account to one of your friends, especially if your account is plat and they are gold lets say, so they kinda get better account to play. Even if you are planning to return to game after few months, it's still good for you because you will still have that IP income and stuff, maybe even rank up a bit. Second thing, if someone hacks your account, they change the password immediately. Your password is not changed as you are able to login and see that your acc is banned. So those are some simple deductive things, that every smart human being can realise. I am pretty sure that i am right by 95%. So about case, i think your account will stay suspended. So yeah, RIP. Think twice to who you give your account information.
: > **i know i did a mistake but and i wasn't aware** what kind of mistake are you reffering to?
I've write comment, i am sure there was no hacking, he just gave account to some friend to play, while he will not playing few months, maybe to keep up IP generation or any other reason, and his friend fucked everything up
: Well my friend, if u know a bit about SQL injection and cracking into gaming accounts u wouldn't say this i advice you to read about it for a little bit , i know i did a mistake but and i wasn't aware cuz i wasn't logging into the game cuz i was busy with study , work, and my life problems stuff and I'm sure i didn't share my password with anyone. - Thanks in advance
SQL injections xD you don't even know remotely what you talking about. What do you think, League of Legends is a shitty website opened with a chrome browser, located on some shitty server to be able to make "injection" ? I think u'r the one who need to make research, about how hacking process goes, before talking about that
: Watch out boyz Riot might ban you for getting hacked not protect u !
I think this is total bullshit. I am sure nobody is hacking accounts now. You gave account to someone with words "yeah sure you can play, i quit league anyway" and they fucked up your acc. So blame yourself, or your friend who used scripts. " Account got hacked " - hehe xD , yeah yeah sure, HACKED. And you still could log-in with your previous password and see that it is banned, after it was hacked. At least don't try to lie.
raps1355 (EUW)
: Would be nice but the fear is people banning like 10 adcs combined etc
bullshit. That will never happen. You forgot that it's not 10 people playing on same team. Enemy team adc will not ban champion he wants to play, so the point's that you bring here are complete nonsense. That will never happen, even in 5 vs 5 premade games, nobody will ba 10 same role champs, as there is a thing called META if you didn't know, and every meta have it's own OP champs that must be banned/picked - mostly banned. Like irelia/malzahar few patches ago
: bro i didn't bosted from silver to plat and my visa it's 100% work i have all riot msg in email when i buy rp just i don't know why they banned me untel now
You did not say anything about scripts. Used them? Overall. read http://www.leagueoflegends.com/legal/termsofuse and try to understand which point of those you did break
tolisk99 (EUNE)
: Getting IP is TOO slow!
IP is too slow? Wat? I have like 30K ip that i dont know where to spend! Rito should make weekly skin rotation that will be possible to buy for IP. Let it be like 20K IP it doesn't matter. But make some usage for that stuff, because for player like me, who in 1.5 year got all the champions unlocked, all the runes, all the rune pages, now i don't know where to waste my ip rather then buy new champ once in 2 months
: Banned
So what you did? Think of those things: 1. You did share account with someone else (But i don't think that is bannable reason, unless they boosted you like from silver to plat) 2. You did use third party programs - scripts 3. You used like stolen credit card to buy skins? Even that can be reason for permanent ban.
: Rankeds
iI stoped reading after second sentence
Zanader (EUW)
: vote kick in champ select
that is dumb. Maybe i want play teemo jungle, who say that it is troll pick and i should be kicked?
ChocaXD (EUW)
: How to get an S with Lux Support
Just don't play lux support. Why do you even play support if you will pick lux?
candoodle (EUW)
: You can apply to work anywhere you want but dont think you're the first gamer to have this idea. Unless you have a huge impact and following in the community like peacepigeon I wouldnt get your hopes up. Either that or you need a relevant education and several years experience in the E-Sports scene if you are just "super passionate about lol and play a lot and have lots of good ideas to improve the game" without bringing any actual skills to the table I would not bother. Especially if you expect them to pay for your transportation and room and board for the first few months. I would instead look into what education to take to get into game design and or esports management and make a long term plan instead of pipe dreams about working at riot
Ehm i think you don't understand, I'm not 18 years old gamer, I am experienced QA engineer with high education in computer science. I saw there are vacations for QA engineers, just wanted to know if it is possible to apply from other country
Rioter Comments
kiwishrew (EUW)
: I understand why you'd want this. But it would break the game. _Anything_ from DotA 2 would break League of Legends. But for the sake of argument, lets just say Riot does decide to release a champion that has access to 10 spells. Do you understand the ramifications of such a thing? How utterly polarising that will be to the League community? You'll have bronze/silver players failing every single game with this "Invoker" champion. Remember that Yasuo player who told you "trust me I got this", before going 2/17? Think that, but on a nuclear scale, eclipsing every Azir and Lee Sin and Yasuo and Syndra who ever said "first time", or "me main hard champion; me make da playz." Yeah; no thanks. This "Invoker-like" champion will also breed arrogance on a scale unbeknownst to man. It'll be like if Zed, Vanye and Riven mains all got together and had a toxic little baby. You do _not_ want that. No one wants that... Inversely, you'll see nothing but the League equivalent of Invoker in worlds and high elo. This Invoker champion *will* make every single other mage worthless in the right hands. He *will* make every single support worthless in the right hands. He *will* fill any role without fail. He will be so god damned adaptable that he'll be picked or banned 100% of the time. Literally 100%. In conclusion, complex champions like Azir have already strained the limit of what this game can handle, and continue to be unhealthy and near impossible to balance. Imagine what introducing a champion twice as hard as Azir would do to this game; a champion like Invoker from DotA 2...
it will be fine. Bronze players will play against bronze players. Bronze level azir can do very well against another bronze players, and diamond azir can do, and sometimes can't do well against diamond players. You imagine yourself unbalanced champion, wow he have 10 skills he must be op, but in real, no. He will be very hard to master and use for sure, but he is not "uncounterable" and OP. He cant take any role, he will not push other mages, because let's say he right now exists in league, if i could play same level azir and invoker, i would pick azir in game, because in terms of LOL, azir can do much more stuff then invoker. Altho he have 10 spells, but those spells are not suitable for league of legends. When i was suggesting such a champion with 10 spells, i didn't mean exactly same 10 spells. It can be complete different 10 spells. And that champion can be totally balanced. Invoker is balanced in dota2 for example, i think it is not imposible to create that arctype of balanced champion for league too.
Ravnir (EUNE)
: Simple strategy for new players
No. New players must! Push and get ganked by jungler many games to understand that not always is good to push! Be greedy and die for it! Facecheck bushes, die, and then realise that they could ward! Go solo and die many times to understand that this is team game! Run for kills! Go 23-0 and still lose because of backdooring tryndamere. Watch only his lane, and miss enemy jungler that walked through 2 wards and die! Forget to ping that enemies are missing and make his teammates die! Write crap in chat, flame everyone and get chat restriction to understand that it is bad! They are new players, they must and they will do all this mistakes not once, before they learn to play! Reading some texts on boards will teach them nothing and will not help them! Only personal experience
: Champion Select Black Screen
Yes, draft pick is solution. Or if you are low level and cannot play draft pick, copy MID PLEASE somewhere, and just Cntrl+V at black screen, i think once you enter champ select chat is automatically selected
: This is what a REAL troll looks like.
So the troll is yasuo that got tilted and went full tears after 0-7 irelia from top who then just rage quited the game? Cmon! That's not trolling. He just gave up! I am sure he did his best to win untill those events.
SoulsHunt (EUW)
: What the hell is this 0.0
Normall MMR has nothing to do with ranked MMR In normal games Diamond and Bronze can have same MMR
: Im uninstalling league now fml
start playing support
Rioter Comments
efol00 (EUNE)
: Is Riot running out of ideas?
OR, take some ideas from DOTA 2, and finaly add a fucking invoker into league! With 10 possible speels to cast! God im gona love that champ
: Looking for someone to join me in leveling up :)
> [{quoted}](name=IBetMyWifeOnYou,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ojUHVFzI,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-08T20:50:37.342+0000) > > I decided to expand my "skill" a bit so i made an EUW account, so if anyone wanna join up in leveling up, and getting a new friend, comment XDD > > {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} add meh Windows Firewall
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