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: No, son. You are the one who doesn't get it. The champions in this game are balanced around pro-players, not low elo players. While for you she seems "unplayable", for people who have skills with her, she is a monster. The bad thing is , that nothing can be done for you. This is why riot designs also champion who have kits that suitable for people with poor to none game knowledge. You can pick suitable champion for your skill level here: https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_champions/Ratings (sort by Difficulty) As you will see, Irelia has difficulty of 3 on the top of the list. (right next to other champions, that I gave you as example) Pick champions on the bottom. Warwick for example... Last time I say this, man. Irelia is very strong, but it is just not for you.
You still don't get it lul. Even Irelia OTPs on high elo says she is trash. And that's the fact, So stop spreading missleading nosenses, when you clearly know nothing about current Irelia's top state. Every Irelia OTP calls fór moni-rework. But you Will still say "NYAAH ShE iS oK, YoU aRe LoW ElO ScRub NYAAAH" Also love your arrogance towards me. Like giving mě tips what to play lul. I play several high skilled champs, but you're internet wizzard, you know anything better!
JustClone (EUNE)
: This is the same problem with Azyr/Sol etc... The reason that her win rate is so low is that there is somewhere someone who dives into 1 vs 5 blood orgy with her, and gets out with 60% win rate... And the reason his win rate 60% , is because riot had to nerf her, so his win rate is not 80%. Is she good? Yes, she is. Can you put a monkey on the PC and expect her to win? No, you can't.
You still don't get it. Every meta top laner counters her and Rito keeps buffing them, so that's why she is so bad. You face sooooo many unplayale matchups where 1 mistake costs you laning phase. Also she has been nerfed to the ground as Rito likes it... I would not play her until they will fix her.

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