: Every game I get a shit jungle and now im banned for it
No mate, you're banned cause you dont know how to shut the %%%% up. Are pings too inconvenient? What exactly are you accomplishing by arguing other than getting banned? Just dont use the chat for %%%%s sake, its not that hard to not press enter.
Niffler (EUNE)
: What do you think about "?" in All Chat?
Well luckily for us we now have emotes to flash in those instances, limiting the exposure to just the envolved players (and possible onlookers)
: The competition of who really said mid first in blind pick.
Logged in just to upvote XD
: Britain leaving the EU
Its a bloody mess, is what i thing, but funny as hell. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/pLyobNsBDHI/hqdefault.jpg
shaxi78 (EUNE)
: Always... *Praise the SUN*
Nice to see another sunbro around these parts ^^
elin990 (EUW)
: You can remove 3 champs permanently from LOL, who?
: Blue Essence is complete failure
Sure for people that play a lot, us filthy casuals with jobs and other interests actually benefit a lot from this.
Ready for some jolly cooperation?
xGunna1 (EUW)
: top 10 useless champs
Source, please.
: Noone wants to play support?
Adc/sup here. Frankly i feel bot is lost or won depending on how well i can sync with the other guy.
Delícious (EUNE)
: Win rate continue to decrease
Maybe its time to take another break? I mean the first one worked out pretty well for you.
: Can I get banned if I trolled 1 time in 2 years ?
Ive been trolling for 3 years now with absolutely no consequences.
: When I lose 10 games in a row cause of leavers, trolls, feeders who should I blame? Oh I forgot, matchmaking is by 'luck', let's call it luck for now
Blame the only constant in your games, I.E. yourself.
: Riot is making the matchmakings.
So you blame matchmaking for YOUR losses, kay.
: Hey you whiny babies, here's a guaranteed way you won't get flamed in game!
Here's a garenteed way not to get banned: dont act like a jackass.
: For every single game Riot lost
What? Riot is sitting behind your keyboard and playing instead of you? You should get banned for account sharing if thats the case.
: Looking diamond5+ smurf. to grind on TR Ladder plat1 smurf
A bit hypoctitical, arent we? If you dont want a partner on or belowe your level, why should a diamond?
Zexon9 (EUNE)
: Vayne
I dont think the suggested changes would work as intended. Lategame her Q is only to reposition (and are you really scared of her early game?) With the silver bolts buffed she'd be pick-or-ban every game again.
Heidinary (EUW)
: yes but then you have to either play a game in a role that you don't like or with a feeder/flamer/afk/troll OR you dodge and get a 2 minute wait time so...play draft?
I like all roles, muting all, and literally not care if i win or not when in blinds. Play draft you say? Where i have just the same negatives you just described but with 5 to 15 minute waiting times? No thanks.
: The Story Of Shauna Vayne
Vayne is an insanr sociopath b*tch, it fits her playstyle.
MC Sona (EUW)
: Honestly, what's the point of playing Blind Pick right now?
Because Q times are literally a few seconds.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Rewards and Feeling
Just the size of this would deserve an upvote. Very nice. Im embarrassed to admit, i fell asleep while reading it yesterday ^///^
: Why do we have control wards when no1 is buying it
I am, i'm buying at minimum one every game....
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: another interesting, suspense game with mmr in plat
TucciWat (EUW)
: dunno what the orangy thingy is but i got that one but its easy for me cause supports and adc trade honors most of the time even if they tilt
I honot my support/ADC almost all the time for having to suffer me in their lane ^^
: [SURVEY] What is your Honor Level?
Got honor 5, then again so did Tylor1. It feels honors are more of a frequency of play/carry potential meter more than anything, but then i realize i play like 10 - 20 hours a moth while getting my ass carried all the time and i still got it. Personaly im more impressed to see lvl 1 than 5.
: Tried relogging? I can definitely see it in your inventory, may be that the emotes section hasn't updated yet which a relog might force to do :-) Account side though, definitely shows! :-)
I'll see if its there tomorrow, already turned off my pc and on my phone now ^^
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MetaIhead (EUNE)
: youre playing 10 hours a month
I play with moderation
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Wa5abi65 (EUW)
: And if you are a support?
Clear enemy wards, set your wards (both invis wards and pinks) and protect the most fed guy on your team.
: Bronze
You can get out of bronze by just farming, thats how i got out.
: What's your ranked story this season? Where did you start and where did you end up?
Started b5, ended s5, played little over 100 yoloQ and a little more flex games
: I didn't expect anything. I just didn't play when patch hit and few days later they fixed it. So now I just came to finish climbing to gold before season end. The thing is after such bad mistakes I already expect rune system be problematic at Galio level :]
oh it most likely will, thats why i'm not playing before regular season starts.
: Galio debacle
How many days has the patch been live? And you're still expecting a hotfix? I personaly dont think this was a mistake, just some good oldfascion trolling by the devs.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Exactly. So why give them even more tools to make their job easier? It's straight up toxic in my opinion and Riot encourages it with emotes.
Because of the bottom line. Emotes are harmless, you can disable them completely.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Emotes are garbage. Period. People use them to tilt others. They look cheap and ugly. They are expensive as hell. And many people (including me) have them muted by default, making them essentially useless for many players.
People use everything to tilt others. People being assholes isnt the fault of riot but parenting.
hebsel (EUW)
: BTW, i really am not trying to say the game is bad by any means i love the game it has brought me so many hours off fun and playing whit friends but somethings are jsut wrong in my oppinion
Would you like to replace those hours of playing with hours of waiting? Because thats what we'd face without autofill.
: Remove autofill
Until more people play support, or the role gets removed, autofill will ALWAYS be a thing, %%%%%ing about it wont change anything. If you want autofill to be gone learn to play support and take it as your second role.
Adapt, whining like a %%%%% wont help.
: The End is Nigh!
Completely agree, how DARE RITO make changes to THEIR game!!?
Inishadow (EUW)
: Quitters
Oh, that king of quitters. I am a quitter in terms that i dont really play at all until new season starts.
Kubon2k (EUNE)
: Yes it is a consistantly changing meter ,but do you agree that its not measuring your skill as good as it could ? I mean , if we could somehow improve it to measure your skill better why not to try ? Like I wrote before , in my oppinion this soloq system isnt measuring your skill level its measuring your team skill , people you dont know andwhat they have been randomly placed in your team . There are some situations when play like mid and your jng wants to dive under turret , but you prefer to play safe and farm , you ping him to go back but he dives and dies under turret . Thats bad example couse when jng ganks u should just play a little more agro and follow but for example u dont have mana or you are low and jng didnt see this and goes under turret , dies here , dies top dies bot and all enemy lines are ahead now couse of him . I just want to avoid think like that. And solutions I wrote upper , are just a skatches fo that what we could create from them , you know , improve them to be almost perfect . When I play soloq I want a rank based on my personal performance , my score , my level of skill . And when I want a team rank I play flex , thats how I look at this queues. If u like it the way it is I dont blame you , its your choice .
There is no way you can have a system evaluating your own personal 'skill' in a team based game. It can give you vague directions but i don't want my rank to be based on those, do you? In this game how good you are individually does not matter, how good you are as a team mate does. You might thing those are the same but they're really not, i'll elaborate if you need me to. Everyone has those kinds of team mates from time to time. Not every game is winnable, its one game. Those 'bad' team mates are not in every single one of your games and there is absolutely no way you can control them, and the bottom line is that this does not matter in the long run. League of legends ranking is a maraton, not a sprint.
Kubon2k (EUNE)
: Little change to SoloQ Ranking system
Only thing that matters in the end is if you win or not, everything else is arbitrary. The ranked ladder as a whole is nothing less than a consistency meter.
: Bronze Life - Rammus Jungle - Season 7 - League of Legends
Are 53 minute long games the average in your bracket? I don't think i could stay focused for almost an hour straight X__X
: Sometimes you win, Sometimes you lose
Wow, a positive post on the weekend in champs & gameplay? Is the world about the end??? {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
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