isabells (EUW)
: girl recruiting girls
Part of me wants to join, the other part wants to curl up sobbing while yelling out for an adult...
: Can't wait / Opinion on Meta.
: What do you play beside League ?
Vampite the masquerade: bloodlines. Just make sure you will patch it, as on release it was borderline unplayable. It is an old game so the graphics are meh and gameplay a bit clunky but it makes up for it in the story department. To this day I STILL am discovering stuff I didnt know about everytime I revisit.
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: Why Nurf Supports Shields and not Nurf the Damage?
Cause it takes a whole assassin rotation to kill an adc whit a shield on, thats unacceptable, it should take just one Q.
: A playlist to help you climb I think this one is good for league ^^ Some notable lyrics: Your power is over I've come to change the order My training is perfect I'm back, again Your promise is broken I drank your sacred water My mission is holy I'm back
Solash (EUW)
: Now this is quite unrelated to League of Legends and doesn't really have any place here but REEEEEEE
Breakhz (EUNE)
: Why ppl donwnvote this they jelous cuz the boy got 60% and not hard stuck like them ??{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
I have no idea.
: Solo Q is based MOSTLY on luck (and how much time you spend on the game)
Why do you think youll get doenvotes? Most people I know between bronze and gold have the same oppinion, your view is basically mainstream considering how many people share it.
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BloopyLad (EUW)
: I've recently had exams (actually still going xD ) and have had a few sleepless nights myself The strategy I've found to work is that I try the ABC game This is where you name at least 1 league champion that begins with the letter A and then maybe add another thing to make you think a bit more - For example, I think of a champ beginning with A (eg/ Aatrox) and then I try to name one of his abilities (eg/Blood well) I then move onto B and so on... Once I finish LoL Champs in a few nights - I move onto another topic (animals for example and what they might eat) I've found this type of distraction to really help me get to sleep and it's more interesting than counting sheep xD Maybe try this strat - hopefully it might work Hope you get some good nights ma friend :D Also i just search up the patch notes online and there's usually a link to the LoL official one at the top or on news
Thats sounds interesting, ill give it a shot. Ty
: 12 perma banned accounts
Wow, 12 accounts and you still cant take a hint.
Athlas (EUNE)
: Could we talk about Rek'Sai for a second?
Correct me if im wrong and I most likely an, but isnt the new reksai ult just a bootleg NOC ult?
l MrD l (EUW)
: How to face top reksai?...
Well first of all Reksai is a she. Second its one game, could be just one of those rare instances you got outclassed by the player rather than the champ.
: Indeed they'd need to do something... Like making all boards users take a mandatory IQ test, and weed out the ones who perform under the threshold.
I second that proposal.
Famous Dex (EUNE)
: Is this the adc meta?
ADCs as in marksman? They're about as relevant as the roman empire right now.
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NoobStory (EUW)
: It kind of felt to me as if the same question was repeated multiple times. Perhaps it matters to you that they be phrased differently, but I somehow ended up a little disappointed in this. I hoped a bit I'd have to fight against myself to find the answers or maybe explain why I chose certain answers. But the "luck" part, though repetitive, was unusual, so it was an ok-tier survey.
Thats actually a cimmon thing in psychilogy, you ask the same thing a bit differently to see if you get a different answer.
Altáir (EUW)
: 10 games chat restrictions for defending myself against people who flamed me for playing zed mid.
DutchPro1 (EUW)
: Yet the exact thing to nerf this (to satisfy you, op) would raise a few thousand new complaints about tanks being broken, or adcs op or whatever. There will always be something wrong, but tank meta got by far the most complaints. Maybe this is better
Hey, i'm just asking if i'm the only one who feels there's too much damage in the game. I'm not complaining, nor calling to arms for a change or revolt, just trying to see what the board going populous things about the subject and engaging in discussion.
: Wir suchen eine Community oder Leute für ein Ranked Team there ya go mate.
: If crit doesn't work out, build different. What do you think happened to feral flare junglers when the item got removed? We changed build paths, and adapted. Do the same. You're literally building the same items for years now, being the highest impact role in the game. or learn to farm better, get to full build and still deal a fkton of damage, from far away, without using any mana, and healing back half HP on 2 auto attacks. cmonBruh
Dude, the highest impact role are supports...
DutchPro1 (EUW)
: People will always complain. Now people complain about dmg, in a year people will complain about tanks again. There will always be something a lot of people dont like.
Yes people will always complain, but that doesnt mean you can brush aside all complaints without a swcond thought.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Nah, overall damage output has increased in the last two seasons, no real question about that.
Yeah i think you're right. Its starting to be too ridiculous for me :/
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Trauja (EUW)
: What happened to Vayne?
Games got shorter.
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Sarokh (EUNE)
: why am i losing LP because of an afk player since lvl 4?
Youve been playing ranked since level 4?
Rena (EUW)
: Riot actually wanted to add that once that you can prefer roles when selecting fill. Idk why they didn't add it at the end.
As Flealess said; they tried, it was so horrible they removed it in the same day.
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: 3v3 Normal on EUW is Officialy Dead
It'll face the same fate as Dominion.
Osir1s1 (EUW)
: Can someone recommend a good ADC streamer for EUW?
Phy streams daily now, but only of facebook. Other than him sorry man, everyone i know streams irregularity
: Zilean fits the theme better. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
True, but what about {{sticker:galio-happy}} ? He flies up and crashes down. {{sticker:vayne-pose}}
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Something important for boards memebers showed up in patch notes.
I never got a single chat log before so i hope i wont get any in the future too ^^
: We all know what will come next year. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I wonder if RIOT knows it too and either skip the number 11 in season 9, or do something like Zigg's doombots return
AthanKemen (EUNE)
: Incorrect. I work in litigation against multi-billion dollar companies, you? It applies regardless of the type of environment, either public or private. Another example are the recent The General Data Protection Regulation changes that affected the private sector. If you can't comprehend the subject, don't engage in it.
What? The GDPR is a series of rules covering how companies working in the EU environment must handle personal data, how is that at all relevant to you getting banned? This is not that complicated, you singed a legal contract with Riot agreeing to behave within certain boundaries, you behaved outside those boundaries far enough and enough times to get yourself indefinitely suspended, case closed. And please keep the ad hominems to yourself. > If you can't comprehend the subject, don't engage in it. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: What’s to come in the 2018 EU LCS Summer Split!
Bout time too, I ran out of stuff to watch at work.
AthanKemen (EUNE)
: I'm a Lawyer and my Account has been Perma banned (EUNE).
What exactly are you doing in the field of law? You should already understand that, but you singed a legal contract by accepting the terms of service. The chat is not affected by any free speech laws, as they are by definition not a public discussion forum. Furthermore, Riot games have the right to terminate your account at any point for any reason or no reason at all if they chose to, they are the owners of the account. Again, did you read the terms of service?
LoliTaco (EUW)
: About Lol ...........
Good to see i'm not the only insane goose up at 4 am.
: Hmmm... I think I see a pattern about magi. ?
: do u think this game is a joke now
This thread is a joke.
: What do you guys think needs improvement in League?
The only thing that needs to seriously improve in this game is the attitude of some members of the playerbase, sadly that is out of Riots hands..
: league is dying
Not another "league is dying" thread. According to you people league has been dying for 8 years now, still looks fine to me.
: I know that but, im in bronze 1 surely the majority of talon players on average dont get above 15 kills a game tho right?
CS and vision score is way more important than kills/deaths/assists.
1v9 15plz (EUW)
: Is adc supposed to be fun ?
Play ezreal, your support can go int and you'll still be able to carry.
: The death of league of legends
League of legends has been dying for 8 years now according to some people.
Aladhil (EUW)
: Feeding garbage everywere....
Feeding is not against the rules.
: Is it true that the supports always get honored?
Well every time I play ADC I honor my support, win or lose, unless they're a flaminh ahole. I doubt im the only one too.
: Good news for Bronze V hardstuck players.
How can someone actually be stuck in bronze 5? I am honestly curious.
: I request =~=
Copy pasting what i wrote to the OP, sorry too lazy to think up the same arguments reworded slightly. The only 3 ways i can think of you can misbehave in this games are flaming, trolling and AFK. I will address these three but if you can think of another feel free to mention it. 1. AFK: i will start this with this one as it is the most minor of the offences and it is, honestly, already punished very softly. I have heard you CAN get permanently suspended for leaving too many games but honestly i have yet to see a single one case, so the amount of games must be extreme to result in that. Most you'll get is a 5 game 20 minute queue delay. It doesn't really matter what the circumstances of someone leaving a game are, they are still effectively forfeiting the game for the other players on their team. Weather it being intentional or not you are still causing a situation and if you create that situation in large enough quantity to trigger a punishment you should really start checking into that and/or stop. 2. Flaming: This one is probably the most common point of discussion as many people consider it the only real punishable misbehavior. To say it bluntly flaming never achieves anything, and "he started it" didn't work in preschool so why should it here? If someone starts flaming in retaliation to someones flame they are just as bad as the person starting it, if not worse, because then you have two keyboard warriors focusing more on the chat than on the game instead of one. Instead of flaming back, mute and report is the preferable and more effective way to deal with a flamer. 3. Trolling: I have seen this term thrown around so many times recently, i honestly have a feeling like people don't even know what the term means anymore but that's neither here nor there. There is no justifying trolling, it is a deliberate attempt to ruin the game for other players.
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