: You seem extremely flirty to me xD
Here i am, one year later, reading your answer i never saw... XDD
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: Happy birthdaaay! \o/
Good stuff! Happy birthday Red Herring
Just Cat (EUW)
: {{item:3348}} {{item:3187}} {{item:3073}} {{item:3070}} {{champion:6}}
True that man :D
: Jayce, the defender of tomorrow
The king of 3v3 if you ask me :D
: This HAS to stop.
Well, Miss Milla this is obvious some 14 y/o kids that are bored. Completely respectless and think that gaming only are for boys / men. I am sure that this guy will be banned or get some kind of texting policy on him. I see a female gamer just as a male gamer, maybe just more friendly :). I pay you the respect you deserve. Blueeyez
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Blośsom (EUW)
: 'The S problem'
00/32 as support gets -B
InTheory (EUW)
: What was the best compliment you got from an opponent during or after a match ever in league?
Fantastic player, i do not understand why you are so low ranked, i wish i was as good as you.


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