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: Greetings Bomber, Chances are that they were pulling a prank on you. You will NEVER receive a message like that for a number of reasons. Most specifically, you will NOT be informed about the specific punishment a player receive. So by that logic alone it was obviously a hoax.
Hmm ok, thank you for your answers. But you do get report feedback messages so i though this was something similar since i was the only one who saw that.
: /me does this. And this not even correct grammar, it should be "Has been banned" not "Have been banned" But you can try it out for yourself. /me puts your name there and what you type behind it will be added. So "/me is an idiot" will become ""Jesperr101 is an idiot" So these are messages by players, not the actual client or anything.
That would make sence but it cannot be true since i was the only one who saw that. If it was a message in chat others would see it as well. Right?
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N1ghtOG (EUW)
: Can we please have auto fill removed?
This system make people troll even more than before, it is shit and Riot knows it is shit but they are too busy counting money to do something about it. At least they could add report for this kind of thing but nono. That is too much work they rather spend more time on skins for champs that already have like 5 of them. Riot stopped listening to community feedback since s3 ....
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Maraomara (EUNE)
: Yay for the servers.
No you are not. Me and 2 other guys in my team just got dcd twice right after eachother even though our internets were working. Way to go ranked giving us -points for dcs. But since it was only 3 of us it has to be some hacking software from fu*k players that cant win fair and square!!!! But hey there is no way to report this so it will just keep going, job well done Riot.
: Your settings, like your keybindings, are bound to your account information and are stored on Riot's servers. The only way they are changing is if: 1. You change them yourself 2. Someone else is on your account (maliciously or otherwise - reminder that account sharing is not permitted in the ToS) 3. Someone has put some kind of malicious software on your PC that waits until League is open and then changes your keybindings for exactly 1 minute 40 seconds. So I don't think your keybindings are changing here. Next time this happens, you might want to double check the Controls section in options to be sure. (By the way, while I have a red name, this is my personal advice and might not be 100% accurate based on how the actual client works).
I know this but if it was working properly i would not post this would i? And my pc does not have any virus or anything because in that case it would occur every time i play but this only happens like 1from15 games.
: Happens all the time Alt-Tab the game and then click on the game again and u will be back to normal That is if you are referring to when you get in the game and every time you click on the screen it does alert pings
Thanks. Hopefully it will help me when it occurs next time. It doesn´t happen to me very often tho and it should not be like this. It should work properly that is why i want Riot to see this and try to fix it.
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