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Boondox (EUW)
: Ex- Diamond player giving free coaching to new players. :)
I need an advice , since we are both adc mains :D My problem comes early game: - Whenever enemy adc/apc overextends for last hitting a creep , i always punish them for doing that , by 3aa , triggering thunderlord mastery - By doing that , i start losing some cs (1,2,3 creeps). - Later , since they are lower HP then us , my support engages often , so i can get kills ... From this situation , i get 3 other situations - 1. I get 4-5/0/0 and reach 100 cs later (17-18 min) - 2. I get no kills , and reach 100 cs 2-3 minutes earlier - 3. I get killed once , then again , since they go ahead , and my laning phase becomes a nightmare. It's been a long time , since i've done my 100 cs in 12-13 minutes(this was my best , 11:55 minutes , 100 cs) I am gold 5 I've carried myself from silver , mostly with Vayne In normals , i've practiced a lot with MF and Kalista Now , how can i "train" myself , to get better cs score , earlier ? Should i stop punishing them every time , and focus on cs-ing ? I mean , punish them when they really overextend too much. Thanks man , i really appreciate your initiative !!!
: even if i were this guy {{champion:107}} ? :3
> [{quoted}](name=batata2014,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=anojlu3A,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2015-12-30T20:09:08.866+0000) > > even if i were this guy {{champion:107}} ? :3 If you miss your combo , or get "pinked" , you're dead meat
: Vayne rework is it true?????????/
Instead of asking for vayne nerfs and reworks , learn to play against her. Invisibility ? {{item:2043}} 75g (there's no invisibility outplay , as long as you can see her) True Damage has no counterplay tho , still , she must 3shot you , for true damage. Play {{champion:91}} /{{champion:238}} /{{champion:7}} or any champion that can 1shot her ( {{champion:107}} HI !!!) ... Also , tanks like {{champion:54}} , with high HP+armor+thornmail , should work , since 1 out of 3 autoattacks procs the true damage. Strong lategame ? Make her early game a nightmare. Since her W tweak , her early game is even weaker than before , so do the right thing and camp the s... out of her , or , pick a lane bully , that can shut her down early {{champion:21}} /{{champion:236}} /{{champion:51}} Now , you want my opinion ? She is pretty balanced ... weak early game , to monster in lategame. That's how a hypercarry looks. I am a Vayne player , and i have no problem playing against her. When i go back at lv 4/5 , i buy a pink ward , and , once she used ulti , i place that ward and focus her (easy). ps: Never 1vs1 a Vayne , NEVER !!!
BraińFkr (EUNE)
: Download Speed
Solved somehow ... my download speed jumped from 120kb/s to 9mb/s after the patcher reached 10% Weird
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: Love tap and Hurricane
love tap doesn't work with hurricane ...
xMidnight (EUW)
: Vayne, the most brainless no skill rewarding champ in game.
Wait , what ? No skill ? Every adc requires skill , in order to be played right. If you have no idea how to kite and position yourself , you'll be useless for your team the whole game. Vayne requires more than other carries , to master these 2 , in order to be effective , since it's AA reliant. Her Silver Bolts have no counterplay ? Think again. Let's take an example. Vayne , with her ordinary build : Botrk , PD , LW , IE , boots + any defensive item and Garen (as an example) with BC , Sunfire , Randuins , MR item , mr boots and thornmail .. who wins ? Vayne, i don't think so (she will die due to thornmail reflection , even with her %hp true damage). So , how she counters that ? No more defensive item , going for BT , in order to sustain that amount of damage (botrk won't do the job) .. i've played a lot of games with her , and trust me , i know what i am talking about. Also , you can ask your midlaner to do his job , not focusing low priority targets ... Zed , Annie , LeBroken , Talon or any other assassin will 1shot her. If she goes BT as last item , she is easy to kill. Invisibility when ulti is activated ? Upgrade yellow trinket to pink ward , red trinket or buy a pink ward ... 100g will do the job every time. Also , early game , she is weaker than many other carries ... take Miss Fortune/Cait/Draven/Ashe , and see how useless she becomes (being AA reliant , and having no wave clear) , freeze your lane and zone her away ... her laning phase and mid game will be a nightmare .
Dzsime (EUNE)
: Who is your favoruite devourer jungler?
Mateguy (EUNE)
: Zed always baned in silver
Well , because people don't know how to play against , and {{item:3140}} {{item:3157}} are hard to buy/use
MistWind (EUW)
: Broken meta? Daruis vayne garen fiora mordekaiser skarner?
Vayne was able to do that since forever , only if the enemies are braindead ... else , she can't 1 vs 5 , even with braum support (early/mid/late game , you call it) ... she can do that ONLY with the help of her team mates Darius is pretty strong right now , he needs to be balanced Garen is strong too , maybe too strong Skarner broken Morde , well , there is nothing to say here , broken again
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Baít (EUW)
: Attack Move Click: Key Rebinding Issue
[Click Here]( This might help you with your problem :)
: How can i carry better as an adc?
I climber from s5 to g5 playing mostly vayne (i started pretty bad with her in rankeds , then , i started to spam her in normals a lot). Climbing was not that difficult , the only thing weird being that I got 4 times to 99 LP (s5>s4 , s4>s3 , s3>s2 , then twice from s2>s1 , then climbed for silver 1 to gold with only 1 loss). 1. Learn to cs and freeze the lane when you are ahead (try to get over at least 80 cs in min 10-11 ... i get 100 in 12-13 minutes) 2. Learn to kite 3. Learn enemy adc and supp cooldowns (is very important , because , if blitzcrank for example , missed his q , he is pretty much useless) 4. Upgrade trinket at lv 9 (you get a free sightstone , so why not ?) 5. Learn to position yourself in teamfights , and learn to focus (always behind your team , and focus whatever you want , as long as you deal damage from a safe distance ... if your team blames you because you focus tank , don't argue with them , mute and problem solved) 6. Wait for enemy team to waste their cc , then go for the kills.(in silver , you don't get many people that will focus priority targets , so you can benefit from that) 7. Buy QSS. It's great for an ADC , and you can upgrade it to Mercurial , which gives you tons of AD and MR + cleanse 8. Don't stay mid if you don't fight , and don't group with your team just because someone said , without a reason. Keep farming (go botlane/toplane and take cs. If you stay mid , and do nothing , you lose a lot of gold) There are a lot to talk about , but i find these more important. Go in some custom games , without runes and masteries , don't buy any items , and last-hit. If you get pretty good with it , add some enemy bots , and keep doing the same thing. Once you get the numbers you are looking for , go for some normals , and see how good are you versus some real opponents. Good Luck !!!
CppL (EUW)
: You still didn't fix MF passive
If u have a shield on you (for example , bt shield), minions won't break your passive as long as the shield is up. So , as they said , this is the way they've fixed MF's passive {{item:3070}}
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iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: PBE 5.13 Sated Devourer
{{champion:19}} approves
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BraińFkr (EUNE)
: RIOT fix your lp gain for god sake
man , the fact is that always been like that: s4 to s3 : 99 lp , next game loss , -14lp , then win and got s3. same story in silver 3 to silver 2 , and now , guess what ? i lost my game , -14lp if the system thinks i don't belong at higher elo , why this happends ? when you don't belong , you win 17-19 lp and lose the same (i get 25 per win , -15 per lose)
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: Last Whisper inefective tank buster
{{champion:67}} or {{champion:96}} + {{item:3153}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3072}} /{{item:3139}} let's see that cho'gath facing that It's also about what adc you pick , since not all of them are effective against tanks. For example , {{champion:104}} won't kill a tank faster than {{champion:67}} or {{champion:96}} since he has no %hp damage in his kit. With {{item:3139}} in your build , you will have less sustain , but you can escape if you get stunned/snared etc You you have an aoe oriented adc , make sure your teammates know that and proceed with the right strategy ({{champion:21}} {{champion:104}} ). There's no point in facing a tank by yourself , unless you are Vayne or Kog , since you won't be able to kill him fast. And yes , last whisper is not that effective , but it's ok. Of course , a small buff would be good , but rito decides if is needed or not.
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: [QQ] Silver, the true Elo hell
Actually every tier has it's elo hell. I am silver 2 atm , but climbing to gold doesn't seem that hard. I don't get trolls in my team or enemy team (afk maybe , but i guess it's about network connection since it goes out for no other reason). But , even if you have bad players in your team (and i do) , try to communicate with them and take the lead (if you are ahead , and you play good , they will follow and listen to you , at least for me works most of the time). What i hate the most in this elo , is that everyone thinks is better than you , and teaches you what to do (i main adc , and try to get that role every time). Most of the time , i get blamed because i don't dive in the middle of the teamfight to focus their adc/apc ... I mean , adc's role is to deal damage , not to prioritize targets. Yes , you can prioritize their adc/apc if they are out of position , or is safe for you to do that , else , you focus 1st target in range. Also , expectations are high from you , and they all think that you can solo their entire team , once you get your IE+PD or BotRk+PD/S.Shiv. If you want to win in silver , go premade with one of your friends , and play carry roles (i go botlane since i play adc most of the time , and my friend mains support). You can go jungle + top/mid , and carry a game with ease (help him get early kills , then help other lanes , both of you) And btw , i am a silver {{champion:67}} player , and i don't do all the things you say (i stay back , focus 1st target in range , and , when all the cc is gone , i go and kill everything i can ... that's why i get blamed in every game that i focus tank , not their adc/apc. But after we win that teamfight , nobody says anything about that) So , not all players jump in the middle of teamfights , just the ones who think they are at least **hi im gosu** level , maybe above {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}}
BraińFkr (EUNE)
: Can you get 1LP from RIOT
thanks for answers is just that i got silver 4 after losing some games , with 75 LP , had a win and surprise , 99 LP. Next game was a lost , then 3 wins and got silver 3 again. Now i'm silver 3 with 99 LP {{item:3070}} It's that i've decided to play some rankeds and climb back to gold , where i was last season , maybe attempt to plat.It's just stressing to get in these situations , over and over again. Thanks again guys
: Balancing Vayne
Balance what ? Vayne ? She is fine as it is Considering her early game , i don't find any reason to nerf her (she has a weak early , and if it doesn't go ahead , she is pretty much useless). How do you counter her W? Buy hp+ thornmail , and go for her. She can't outsustain without another lifesteal item , so you get the point. If she goes for BT , her defense is down , so get her first. Nerf her invisibility ? Buy a pink ward and watch her how she dies (or upgrade your trinket at level 9) Compared to other carries , she is not that strong , and needs more skill to be played to her maximum potential. Learn how to counter her , and you will easly kill her. Watch Jinx for example , with all her recent nerfs , lategame , still a monster that does aoe crit from 700 , and she will kill you until you get close enough. And yes , don't 1vs1 Vayne lategame , is not that hard So , nope , she is fine as it is now.
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: I have 47113 RP!!! WHO WANTS A SKIN??? #3 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Arcade Miss Fortune I simply like {{champion:21}} as a champion , pretty weak as it is now. This skin is the best for me (her texture and particles are amazing). I also like the theme , and being born in the 90's , you get the point. _"Sure you can handle me, summoner?"_
: So whose in need of a buff?
: Vayne - simple question. (to this guys above gold or to this with deep game knowledge :P)
The only adc i can think about , that benefits from Black Clever , is {{champion:21}} , because her ultimate can apply that passive. On Vayne , never buy BC. If you want that movement speed , Tryforce is a better option , even is more expensive. Last Whisper is a better option on all carries
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: is Miss Fortune a viable adc?
Maybe she is not hypercarry , maybe she doesn't have gapclosers and escape mechanics , rather than {{summoner:4}} , but this doesn't mean she is not viable. With certain team comp , she decimates her enemies. In lane she does fairly well versus all the other adcs. She has a long combo that does good damage early (aa-q+aa reset-aa , with your impure shots activated). Longer the trade lasts , better for you , since impure shots gives you some extra damage. She also does mixed damage (her w does magic damage and scales with AD , her ultimate does phisical damage and scales with AP). Sure , is not as good as {{champion:67}} or {{champion:96}} 's %hp damage, considering current meta , but it's ok. Yes , she is not in a very good spot atm , and she needs her passive to be reworked , and some tweaks to her kit. But , i repeat myself , with good team comp({{champion:62}} /{{champion:61}} /{{champion:32}} /{{champion:113}} ) , she does much better than other ad carries
: Low Elo Problems Version 2
5 . Grouping for no reason Stop grouping mid for no reason. You only group if you are fighting enemy team for securing an objective. Else , stop asking your teammates to group mid , just to be there. 6 . Pushing and split-pushing Nobody cares about pushing. You won a teamfight , and 1-2 teammates are over half hp ? PUSH THE LANE , don't recall or go jungle to farm. Destroying 1 or 2 towers , after a won teamfight increases the pressure on the enemy team(same if you split push) 7 . Vision Yellow trinket can be upgraded at lv9 , for 250 gold , and gain 2 wards(nobody does that). It's like a free {{item:2049}} , and vision is OP lategame , since every mistake is the difference between victory and defeat. 8 . Supports and their duty Supports , remember: Your duty is to feed your adc early game , and protect him during teamfights. Stop engaging 1st in teamfights and leave your adc without protection. Stay there , in backline with him , and if someone wants to kill him , cc the s..t out of him. Stop acting like tanks and initiate fights (the adc is the key to win a teamfight , assuming he knows what he is supposed to do ... for example , if you have a fed vayne , she can pentakill the entire enemy team if she gets protection)
CppL (EUW)
: Still no miss fortune passive tweak?
One rioter said on na board that miss fortune will get some attention after Ashe's "rework". So , Ashe got her update last patch and MF still nothing. She needs her passive reworked or "garenized" and some other tweaks in her kit. Also her texture is pretty bad right not.
gaby1best (EUNE)
: Tell me, fellow silvers
It doesn't matter how good are you as adc ... in silver you have no protection. Your support will be busy engaging in teamfights , leaving you open , your midlaner will do his job (if behind , will die faster than you). The bruiser and the jungler will be there , in teamfights , focusing everyone. When the teamfight ends , you will get blamed because no damage. And even if you focus 1st target in range , from a safe position (1st target in range usually is their tank) , you will get blamed because you are focusing the tank , instead of their adc/apc. This is adc's life in low elo , you have to get used with it. Remember that in low elo , all the people cares for their KDA , not about their teammates (as adc , you can find a friend only in the person who is playing support , as long he is not playing annie/nidalee or any other apc) You have to pray for your teammates to be better than your enemies, and win games without a strategy (just by "brute force")
: Vayne rework idea
> [{quoted}](name=ShadowOfNero,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oAua768q,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-05-22T15:52:21.648+0000) > > Hi guys > > Vayne is a very unique makrsman but if you are fgood you are just god and you are unkilable and if you are bad you will just do nothing and you will deal 0 damage so i have an idea to fix her Every adc/champion has this "issue" > [{quoted}](name=ShadowOfNero,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oAua768q,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-05-22T15:52:21.648+0000) > passive movement speed buffed Ok as it is right now ... > [{quoted}](name=ShadowOfNero,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oAua768q,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-05-22T15:52:21.648+0000) > q damage lower less cd Draven does way more damage than vayne , with his q activated ... less than 2 seconds cd will result into a kalista type vayne > [{quoted}](name=ShadowOfNero,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oAua768q,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-05-22T15:52:21.648+0000) > w true damage removed now deals a flat damage This is vayne's identity ... so NO > [{quoted}](name=ShadowOfNero,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oAua768q,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-05-22T15:52:21.648+0000) > e higher damage lower cd You don't use e to do damage , just to pop w's passive , or to escape/stun someone > [{quoted}](name=ShadowOfNero,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oAua768q,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-05-22T15:52:21.648+0000) > r now revealls stealth champions when activate and also base damage buffed base movement speed buffed steals duuration increazed and also when activate w deals true damage and % of the enemy health What use ? Why remove her invisibility ? I mean , you can always use a pink ward to see and kill her ... Is not like is impossible to do something when she has her ultimate activated. > [{quoted}](name=ShadowOfNero,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oAua768q,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-05-22T15:52:21.648+0000) > base stats > > hp lowered > damage lowered > attack speed lowered > attack speed per level lowered > defend increazed This is a giant nerf ... I mean , all this rework you thinked about , is a giant nerf to an almost balanced champion
: CS'ing
In order to get higher cs/game , after you leave your lane in order to help your team in teamfights , you need to know when to get back to a lane , to push it a little bit (i mean , there is no sense to group mid just because someone said to do so and stay there ... you group mid/other lane/jungle , when you are going to fight enemy team or to secure objectives like drake/baron etc) In lane , focus on freezing your lane close to your tower (1/3 from total distance between your and enemy tower) so you can farm safely and avoid being ganked. Don't miss cs to harass enemy adc , unless you engage on him and is a secured kill , and lasthit as much as possible. I get 100cs in about 12-14 minutes(I am silver 3) , but it depends from game to game .. If enemy jungler helps only bot lane , i must farm under tower , being harassed ... so you lose more cs than usual . So , 164 cs in 24 minutes is not that great
LA Losty (EUW)
: To the guy who said it was impossible to get a good champion score as support
i got 1800+ as soraka adc(s+) , so please it's all about wining , to get high score in champion masteries {{champion:16}} - banana senpai
EYazan (EUNE)
: MF current condition ?
She needs more than a "tiny bit more attack damage" tho ... Her kit is old , and doesn't fit the game any more. Every other adc that doesn't have an escape mechanic , has something to compensate (ashe has perma slow + stun -and a rework in progres- , varus has a multi-target snare , vayne has a dash + invisibility after 6 + her condemn , while Miss Fortune has a slow and a passive that cancels from any source of damage). The only other adc that i can think about is Kog , he also has only a slow but he compensates with his %hp damage , range and attack speed steroids. Her W needs a buff (attack speed increase , or the duration to be longer) , her E needs a tweak (at least make it possible to be casted while moving and her ultimate should scale with AD(also AP so she can be played as AP) Her passive needs a rework (make it like Garen's passive , or make a new passive for her) Also , her texture needs some love {{item:3070}} {{champion:21}}
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: What's Nasus' biggest counter?
{{champion:133}} top and see how {{champion:75}} becomes useless !!! He tries to use his Q on minions ? Blind him , get some AA and he will back away. He gets help from his jungler ? No problem ... {{champion:133}} is great in 1v2 battles
Bombardox (EUW)
: how to kill nasus late game :D ?
{{champion:67}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3139}} and this is how you kill a nasus with that build late-game
: Arclight Vayne
Yeah , checking every day too {{item:3070}} {{champion:67}}
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EYazan (EUNE)
: MF current condition ?
she really needs a passive rework and a kit tweak. Her passive is usefull only when you have to get fast back in lane , or , to go on other lane to help your teammates. U can't use it to chase , or to escape , since every source of damage breakes your passive. Her Q is ok right now , maybe increase base damage a little and make her q apply on hit effects (return her to the lane bully state that she had) Her W is ok Her E can be modified so she can cast it while moving (will make that skill usefull when you try to escape , because you don't have to stop to cast it) Her R also needs a tweak. Make {{champion:21}} 's ultimate scale with AD too , so you can increase the damage output with items (right now it stacks impuse shots , but let's be straight ... u can't stack your impure shots on more than 1 or 2 enemies). So , get out her impure shots stacking from her ultimate , make it scale with AD , and modify the tool tip , so it shows total damage you can deal , not per wave. So , considering a passive rework , where minions don't brake it , with your "Make it Rain" casting while moving , {{champion:21}} can have a situational escape mechanic
Fiora Top Orianna Mid Wukong Jungle Miss Fortune Adc Malphite Support Teamfight starts , ACE !!!
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rozoulini (EUNE)
: statik shiv bug
I had that issue too , and it's animation was weird ... i mean no lightnings , just a shiny blue light
: About Miss Fortune
She needs a rework , her passive is useless. Even if u have a perfect laning phase , you are still losing your passive because a minion thinks it's ok to hit you (viable when u run back or chase someone) My idea: Riot can make her passive based on stacks (so she can lose x% of her stacks when she receive damage from champions(minions won't affect her pasive , just jungle monsters , and when she is attacked by a jungle monster to lose less stacks than champion hits) For example: Miss fortune gains x stacks/second , which gradually increases to y stacks over 5 seconds. Being hit by a champion make her lose 10% of her stacks(Jungle monsters make her lose half of her stacks). 10 stacks=10 movement speed Or , as someone said earlier , make her passive something like garen's. Right now is good just to get fast in lane , after recall.


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