: Well, you're D5 tho which is kind of a special case. The troll and afk density is unusually high there. But the op wasn't complaining about afk teammates, he was just complaining about people not playing well ("feeding"). And that just happens. To everyone. No matter how good you are, you will make mistakes sometimes and fall behind. And so will your teammates. That's perfectly normal and not really a problem with regards to climbing.
Yes feeding is not a problem.As i even said i dont mind playng with feeders.But i do mind playng with ragequiters.And in my d5..there are tons of them. Ragequit bad attitude sayng "gg im out guys"and give up on the game.That kind of behaviour is not bannable.I never saw someone to get ban for that.Just flaming. This is what riot have to work on.
: 77% Win rate in challenger
: That's pretty normal. You'll get bad teams occasionally. You can't win everytime. Just be patient, work on improving your own mistakes instead of focusing on those of your teammates and eventually you'll get a win streak that will carry you a few more steps up the ladder. Just make sure you don't tilt and go on losing streaks.
It shouldnt be normal tho. I can reach d3 with 100% if i dont get afk/ragequiting morons.But the only time i lose is either someone ragequit cuz lose mid..either someone go afk for no reason. But never...i dont think i ever lost a game 5v5 fair..Like freaking never.I dont mind bad teammates....but its not possible to 4v5.Or your top ragequit in 5 mins and top is open..
: RIOT , please an explanation of your "we want people to choose between risc and reward"
again qq about a skilled champ..and just so you know {{champion:238}} is not that stong at all. Get armor...GG.get champs to counter zed like {{champion:90}} {{champion:105}}.Range pisses him off early really hard too. Get {{item:3157}} {{item:2423}} that evryone can have it.. You people qq because you low elo and bad players.Sorry i have to say it.
Vect (EUW)
: e-girl word
LUL{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: meanwhile Lb is often contested in pro play while ahri isnt ahri is now getting stronger due to some mid lane nerfs and her recent buffs, but atm its still mostly soloq
Pro play is a different game.Solo que and pro game are 2 different games.Doesnt matter what pro plays pick. If they pick rammus they will say rammus is op..but in solo q that guy performs badly. Pro play is all around teammates solo que is all around 1 person to carry.Thats why ahri is strong right now. If 1 champ have that winrate...then it is for good reason.
Rioter Comments
: She isnt, she is in a middle spot Meanwhile lb is in a good spot (hence her being played regularly in pro play aswell)
but ahri got the biggest winrate midlane.+highest pick rate too.. Ahri more played then other champs.And 52% almost 53% winrate. LB 50% WINRATE..
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: That's not true. The only players who get a smurf from Riot are the ones being in E-Sports. But there are way more challenger players who don't get their free smurf with all champions from Riot. Look at Tilterella for example, he's the perfect example here.
I wanted to say pro players..Get free accounts.Pros=pro players ..you know faker bjerg etc...And titerella is a case like other smurfs who can get chalenger.Not evroyne of them can get chalenger evry year.Especially this 1. But most chalengers have talent..You cant beat talent no matter what you doing.For example apdo that guy is talent..You cant beat that deal with it. And from 200 chalengers there are like 100 or less players in there...I mean 1 chalenger have like 2 3 smurfs in there..And s8 even apdo and skarra said it...Its all about picks and team.No more skills. Apdo himself said that..is about what you pick skills dont have so great impact anymore.
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: Well, one player can carry if the teams are even. Luckily, you got 4 more teammates you can get to carry with you. When you watch many pros climb on smurfs, you can also see them helping out their team instead of going 1v5 even though they got the mechanical skill. Your teammates most likely are just as good as the enemy teammates, just little mistakes will change their entire game and force them into either feeding or stomping. So instead of trying to carry 1v5, you should carry your team far enough so they can sustain themself. __________________ Obviously, the overall better team will always win and sometimes it's lost due to the team comp - yet many people get the whole carry stuff wrong. It's the same with Botlane, a support can carry the whole game just by carrying their team by buffing them constantly.
Pros dont climb..Pros get new smurf account from riot d2+ with all champs.Only if that didnt change so they have to climb witch i doubht. There is no luckily.....you dont get 4 teammates to carry with you...You carry 4 teammates. If you wanna gain elo there is no team...If youre in silver ofc they win only when they get some lucky games.But they silver 4ever they dont climb.So you have to carry them. Ofc you have experience some skills it may help a bit but right now is all about picks.Skills 2018...dont have so mutch impact.Thats what riot have to change. Now is more teamgame.But with what team you wanna play when you get 4 bots tilted af and ragequit because they died once..
: If that's what you call proof, I wouldn't be surprised if you were also one of those people who believe the earth is flat just cause they can't see the curvature with their naked eye...
wait earth is not flat.They lied to me {{sticker:sg-janna}}
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: Even though I can't find any match history on your op.gg, every single ranked KDA you got on diffrent champions is negative. If every game you lose because of your team, maybe your team isn't the problem. And if you want to tell me you got negative kdas because of your team, that's just a bad excuse. Of course you might die more often to fed enemies, but if you know how to play safe and avoid fighting face to face with those fed enemies, you're KDA shouldn't be that negative.
if you die less and have decent kda stupid people say "but youre kda player thats why you lose"if you die too mutch because you try to help your boosted team "you die too mutch so is your fault you lose". The person is bad we get it.But he is right too.Bad team cant be carried so easily anymore.1 player cant carry but 1 player can ruin the game.
KatScript (EUNE)
: She is annoying only for bad players. It isnt nice kat players be rewarded for destroing bad players. This must change.
wtf you talking about lel.Kata is not god tier midlane but she is astrong champion.Zed got nerf because bad players too..Because higher elo is more trash then kata.So your point is not valid at all.
KatScript (EUNE)
: An important message from Katarina mains to Riot
Whats wrong with kata??? She is still that annoyng champ that if she gets some kills she can already 1v5.I dont see whats wrong with her.
: Question of morale: Banning Nunu away
Probably dodge..Its not a worth ban.There are other champs to ban. People like this who try first time a champ in ranked make me sick.Ranked is a fun but competitive mod.Go play normals noobs.And play whatever you want.Not in ranked.Now qq kids downvote cuz they silvers.
: sham on you
talk dirty to me {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
opappi (EUW)
: Balance your game...PLEASE!
lol WAS ALWAYS unbalaceD.This year however is all a big mess. Right now is all about champs.Pick right champ and win. Sadly people dont understand that so they stuck in silver xD.Champs win game not skills.Sadly skills dont have so big impact right now.Thats what i want riot to change. And this {{champion:142}}
We should delete her. She is too strong.Even if you nerf her she will be a pain in the ass to deal with.
Mouad (EUW)
: Just because you don't know how to play around her doesn't mean she needs a nerf. her whole kit is predictable, she's squishy as hell, has to get close in order to get her burst off, if you get hit by the E you're the bad one for not dodging it and you deserve to get one shot, it's just like Lux Q, Syndra W > E, Annie burst etc. so yeah get better and stop saying a champ needs a nerf as soon as he shits on you
she is still a very strong champion...And she deserve to be tunned down. a lot.
: There is no point continuing this... you keep talking about champions you have no clue about and you reason with shaming my elo... sure bro... take your brain (and huge ass ego) and have fun with it... i wont bother anymore.
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Truth hurts people..Sadly thats why they weak. Hf.
: 1- i dont need to suceed to see it... there are plenty of streams who are higher than dia 5 and the amount of ahri games is nearlly non-existant... 2- Ahri is neither strong or weak... she's in a middle spot... i need to repeat this for the 1000 time... but she's outclassed by other champions right now. 3- You dont even play the dammed champion... mastery 1 (827 points) so why are you talking about a champ you barelly know?
1.Just because is not played doesnt mean is bad... 2.Ahri is better then most midlaners..But maybe you never saw or played {{champion:1}} or {{champion:7}} or{{champion:134}} ...But we..for you ahri is a middle spot sure..Even zed is struglling more then her right now. 3.I played evry champ in lol cuz this is not my first year buddy.I know whats weak and i know whats good.I always follow meta.If you was smart you could get at least plat.Dont need skills just brain. 4.Did you see her wirnate???52%..Better then most midlaners.Kassadin a strong midlaner right now and he got buff evry patch 5 times in a row.50%. Dude thats why youre silver.God gave you brain use it.In league is no more about skills but champions.And ahri is definetly in a decent spot right now.
: ... i dont know what's happening on EUNE, but aparentely its a different new world ... Ahri is good and leblanc not? ROFL ... sure ...
..... Youre a silver player.Sorry...In low elo even zed is op af.If you succed to get higher youll understand.Ahri is strong.
: > Even apdo said there is no more skills in league is all about picks.Picks win games better champs win game better teammates..there is no more skills. Even though Apdo never picks Jax or Garen and sticks with Twisted Fate or Kassadin. And no one was complaining about them being op in the last weeks. Also Skill matters. You don't just pick a champion and instantly win. There usually is no champion with a win-rate above 55% or below 45%.
Have you even watched apdo?? Have you watched faker?Faker got rank 3 without evne playng midlaners.He played garen mid..singed..And those champs are really strong. Ofc you have knowledge of game you have a better chance of winnin game.But apdo said that he is wining because of good picks.Tf is a good pick.I got d3 with tf and i didnt know mutch about champion.People dont play tf cuz is not a champ that can carry heavy like zed or yasuo but because he got a great impact on roaming. Kassadin...he is really strong now.And he gets even another buff next patch.
: QSS and zed
Zed is not strong at the moment...Ofc is a playmaker good zed can be difficult to deal with.But op???Definetly not.Yasuo zed are not that good.Just silvers who qq around about them. Play {{champion:24}} to see good champion.Or{{champion:39}} .This kind of champs are really strong.
: since when is ahri broken? xDD i love her to death, but i havent played her latelly due to her being in a crappy spot (compared to other champions at least)... just because you got wrecked by those champions doesnt mean they are broken...
ahri is not in a creepy spot at all..She got an amazing dmg +op ult.She is not broken.Ofc not but she is in a good spot.Better then a lot of midlaners right now.
DylxnBK (EUW)
Those champs are stupid.But riot wont do nothing about it. Thats why league is "dieng".People are sick of op champs instead of skills.You noob people that think skills climb you need some brain. Even apdo said there is no more skills in league is all about picks.Picks win games better champs win game better teammates..there is no more skills. Until riot see that the game will slowly fall apart.
Rioter Comments
Cavalier707 (EUNE)
: Why should balance be only decided by pro play?
{{champion:62}} nerf ha..Sure.Wtf is that nerf LOL. They complained about zed all the time and that guy is pretty shit right now.And someone like wu and destroy evrything gets ...i dunno wtf is that nerf really.Neither a scratch.
: > Vlad 48% winrate still really good right now.So your point of winrate is dumb. Vlad is a complicated champion who has the capacity to mess up on and relies on well timed combos to succeed... thus will have a low win rate. Tanks are all the easiest champions in the game and have the lowerest capacity to mess up thus should have high win rates... the fact that they all have terrible win rates just goes to show something is wrong. > Beside evryone knows tanks solo que never work if you dont have someone to do dmg.However tanks can 1v1 the enemy adc or ad assasin or ap because they TANKS.And adc until they reach lategame they cant kill no god damn tank. Only if your really bad at adc, or assassins, or mages. A tank doesn’t have kill pressure on you unless they have allies or you mess up big time simple as that. > And adc until they reach lategame they cant kill no god damn tank. But that doesn’t really matter when a fighter can easily kill a tank... conqueror shreds them. > You didnt play the game around s4 s5 maybe???Or like always that lcs going more then 2 3 tanks in 1 team... What happened in S4 pr S5 means nothing,.. we are in S8 and in S8 tanks are at an all time low. And pro play used that many tanks because it was the best way to protect an adc... adcs where the strongest and most important class in the game, every lane got molded to either kill adcs or protect them... jungle support and top lane where dedicated to protecting the adc and giving them the best conditions possible to carry. That’s why that happened, to facilitate adcs. And saying that there was 3 tanks every game thus tanks are op is outright wrong... there where only 3 tanks in the meta at any given time... the rest where fighters or assassins being able to do a tank’s job better... you can’t have a tank meta when most tanks are forgotten about. > Obviously meta changing and tanks fall behind now is time for bruisers just because of conqueror.You dont wanna go top agianst a kled with that rune. Tanks are dead... you can’t play them with conqueror fighters around... that’s litterally what we’ve been trying to tell you, tanks are dead and need severe buffs or conqueror being removed to stand a chance in a game without adcs being the strongest in the game (and we don’t want adcs getting back to that point for tanks to be strong, having to only ever be strong if the one class that kills you the fastest is strong seriously sucks).
You do realise that lcs still play tanks....because they are doing a really good job..And this days there is no adc.. in lcs.Most of the game you see is a yasuo or zoe bot etc.No adc.. So tanks are still ok.Thats why they pick them. There is no adc to peel.It because they can tank for a lot and they have a lot of cc.So no they not dead..
JustClone (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Breakhz,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Bnito9yx,comment-id=000000000001000000000000,timestamp=2018-07-19T15:20:47.659+0000) > > you do realise when i say "busted" 1v1 champ...He could 1v1 at lv 3 with that stupid w.Thx god that shit got changed.And {{item:2420}} wont save you forever.Especially that going zhonya first is not a good choice. Man, you cannot complain that a champion is busted, and at the same time when people tell you how to deal with him, to say that it is not a good choice. Do you understand me well? Everyone who knows fizz well, knows to rush hexdrinker or stopwatch, to block him getting ahead. (Lissandra, kayle, diana... are exception, they win against him with their kits) IF you are stupid enough to let me get 1-2 kills early and get my proto/lich... Well I'm gonna dive you 24/7, son. But not because the champion is op. Because you are stupid to give him advantage. Even a champion like janna is a problem when ahead with levels and gold. Avoid this at all cost...
ok lets do 1v1. I play fizz you play ...whatever you want to counter me.I give you 3 kills or 4 and all i will get im gonna get..just first item.Then lets see who win 1v1. To show you the difference between a decent champ and someone like fizz.
: >Seriously wtf you playng actually. Shen, Tahm Kench, Sion, Maokai, Malphite are real Tanks. And they are all not strong in the current meta. The rest are fighters/juggernauts. You should know this since you're Diamond rright? Hypercarries with enhancer support dominated the game the last season, the whole game was around botlane. Jungle, mid and top impact has to be around botlane to impact the game. That's why most hypercarries got nerfed, many highelo player have been expecting this nerf for months.
{{champion:223}} bad??????really...{{champion:98}} ?? Wtf lel.
: Only 1 top lane tank is above 50% win rate... ornn currently has one of the lowest if not the lowest win rate in the game... that just shows that tanks are struggling. And the reason tanks where considered strong was because of adcs, they where picked to supply a strong frontline for their team allowing the adc to safely get free hits... what do you think happens when the one thing in the game keeping tanks alive disappears. Tanks aren’t even dying at this point, they are dead in the water... no reason to be really picked outside of pro play over fighters. So it’s painfully obvious that you don’t play tanks, and you don’t bother using the plethora of anti tank items which decimate them... that’s the only logical reason you’d ever think tanks are strong
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Vlad 48% winrate still really good right now.So your point of winrate is dumb. Beside evryone knows tanks solo que never work if you dont have someone to do dmg.However tanks can 1v1 the enemy adc or ad assasin or ap because they TANKS.And adc until they reach lategame they cant kill no god damn tank. And they do have a better early game then most champions. You didnt play the game around s4 s5 maybe???Or like always that lcs going more then 2 3 tanks in 1 team... If they do that is for a reason. Obviously meta changing and tanks fall behind now is time for bruisers just because of conqueror.You dont wanna go top agianst a kled with that rune.
: Firstly mundo is also getting nerfed Secondly adcs still needed to be nerfed regardless of mundo, more than one issue can exist in the game at one time Thirdly mundo’s issues need a VGU to fix, that’s something that is going to take time, therefore riot can’t just deal with mundo, but they could deal with adcs Fourthly have you considered that mundo can tank better than an actual tank not because mundo is too strong but because tanks are too weak... two sides to this coin.
tanks weak...hm youre in silver dont you??? Adc was never op..it was always the support who feed adc.Now adc are dead. Tanks weak...tanks was always op in first 25 minutes of the game.And neither old adc could deal with it.Right now with no adc...who kill tanks???????????????????I think assasins.. Seriously wtf you playng actually.
: Mundo isn’t a tank, he is a juggernaut... he is meant to deal damage. And the reason you struggled to kill him is that you didn’t buy any grevious wounds nobody on your team got grevious wounds, you even brought a last whisper item but instead of mortal reminder to cut his healing you just went with lord dominik. So you didn’t itemise correctly, is it really a surprise he didn’t die.... > I am sick of this and I ask Riot to do something about the current state of the tanks. They are annoying. And I am not the only one who has the same problem. If I am wrong, correct me but this shit is insane. Tanks are near useless at the moment... none of them are at all doing well. With the obscene amount of true damage, armour pen and % damage in the game tanks just get shredded without doing anything, there is no reason to pick them over a fighter. So the current state of tanks is that they need a lot of buffs, and probably conqueror being removed.
juggernaut..but he can tank better then maokai with his ult..Even if you buy {{item:3033}} it wont help mutch.{{item:3065}} . Beside that he does dmg..he heals a lot full tank too. But we...better nerf adc.
Elayona (EUW)
: Reported for no reason?
Now you suffer {{sticker:darius-angry}}
JustClone (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Breakhz,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Bnito9yx,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2018-07-17T17:35:05.576+0000) > > fizz is a busted 1v1 champ.Once he hit 6 then he got a guarantee kill.If you rush {{item:3157}} on ap champs ofc you will luck tons of mana.You will have to go back again and again. > +is not a good item to start with. {{item:2419}} start with this. Upgrade as soon as possible. I rush it on many champions against assassins
you do realise when i say "busted" 1v1 champ...He could 1v1 at lv 3 with that stupid w.Thx god that shit got changed.And {{item:2420}} wont save you forever.Especially that going zhonya first is not a good choice.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >I suggest u to play other braindead champ called Talon, but wait until he also gets adjusted. He already got a nerf this same patch. Not exactly a small one either.
the nerf on him is garbage..Not mutch of a deal.
Rioter Comments
: You seem to not understand the difference between health and strengh. Zed is healthy... as an assasin he relies on skill and outplay while also giving plenty of windows for his target or their allies to be able to counter. The thing is that he is an assasin, so he relies on killing fast and then getting away. A lot of people just don’t like zed because of the job he is designed to do, not the way he does it... but zed is the healthiest assasin in the game, his skill shots allow for that in part, the way his death mark works is the other reason. Akali had no skill shots, you spam all of your abilities and your opponent dies, or you die... that’s a big part of her problem... now she has skill shots a well timed flash can actually save her target’s life, where as before you just get ult’d again with no difference in outcome. This is going to make akali a lot healthier. More so her counter play is very clear and effective... her damage is in her passive, for that to activate she has to hit someone with an ability, back off, then hit them again... but if you stay on top of her then she isn’t going to have access to her damage... her ability to fight comes from her controlling the distance between herself and her target to get the maximum usage from her abilities, if you control the distance between you and her suddenly she isn’t going to be as much of a threat. Assassins are high risk high reward champions... they rely heavily on skill to kill their target and get out, when an assasin goes in if they are skilled they should be rewarded with a kill, if the opponent out plays or the assasin doesn’t use enough skill they will die or waste their abilities without reward. Akali never had that trade off which caused a lot of her issues, now she has a focus on the individual skill of the akali player along with avenues for out plays and misplays, which will make her a lot healthier.
Zed is garbage right now.Not healty at all.Is in a very bad spot.Maybe in bronze can work.But even god himself ll stilish said that the champ is struggling pretty harsh right now. And akali was a dumb champion with low counterplays...and it will be more stupid champion when you gonna see an invizible assasin...Think about it.
: Swain was considered weak after being released... he got some buffs before people realised he strong he was Aatrox was considered useless until weeks after his release. People think that a champion is too strong when they are released regardless of whether they are actually strong or not... cause it’s easier to complain than to learn. And akali is stupid with limited skill expression and high damage... high damage has to stay as she is an assasin, but she has gone from no skill expression to having all skill shots... so she will be healthier. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised to see akali mains to complain about her being weak because they have to land skill shots.
{{champion:50}} {{champion:266}} was never useless..They got buff cuz people didnt know to play them.Same as kaisa.Kaisa got tons of buffs.And after people knew how to play her she got nerfed. Players know how to play aatrox.Thats why they succed to smash with that stupid champ. Obviously he deserve nerf. And skillshots akali???????????Are you serious lel..You think that she is gonna be "Healthier"cuz she got now skillshots?? Ok then buff {{champion:238}} ..zed have full skillshots and we know how hard this guy got nerfed.Or {{champion:157}} Skilshots..and they got nerf to the bones. Akali is gonna be way heavier.
: Towers dont feel like towers
Honestly i dont understant riot.They tryng to stop the snowball so the game can reach mid-lategame so we can have a chance to comeback however they nerfed towers..{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: I mean... isn’t that the case with every single new release no matter if they are broken or not,.. nobody wants a new champion on the opposing team and nobody wants a first timer on their own team.
I mean shes gonna be broken.Old akali was already a stupid champ with high dmg and no skills. We all know that reworks most of them are really op. I mean look at {{champion:266}} that guy deserves a huge nerf.Or {{champion:39}} rework op and she got nerfed too.{{champion:50}} nerfed too. Always a succes this reworks and most of them are really broken. An assasin like akali invizible..Yeh..we hate zed immagine akali.
JustClone (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=StPaulus,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Bnito9yx,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-07-17T11:05:56.446+0000) > > There is no trade. I was dived at lvl 8 by a lvl 9 Fizz under my tower. He killed me with 1500 damage (3 spells) in 0.17 seconds, them hopped out with almost 0 damage. My CC need more time then 0.17 seconds. Can you please explain to me where the exchange is in this because I don't see an exchange. The game looks more like CS lately. 1 vs 1 kills under 2 seconds when players are almost at same level are not gameplay, that's arcade shooting gallery and that is what LoL looks more and more like. I want a game back that has tacktics and need thinking. Hi, Fizz main here. If you are squishy, and get hit by max range shark, you are most likely dead. If you lack any sort of defense (like dash to dodge R, damage mitigation, support next to yourself...) You still should go: {{item:3157}} OR {{item:3102}} FOR AP {{item:3026}} OR {{item:3156}} OR {{item:3053}} FOR AD Will make you nearly invincible to his burst. And fizz defense is his offense. If his burst fails, you won the fight. And some champions are really hard-counter to him. (I have never won a fight against competent liss or kayle. And if I won against morgana or diana, it was a matter of plain luck...)
fizz is a busted 1v1 champ.Once he hit 6 then he got a guarantee kill.If you rush {{item:3157}} on ap champs ofc you will luck tons of mana.You will have to go back again and again. +is not a good item to start with.
Rismosch (EUW)
: I hope Akali will be like Lee Sin
She will get ban from her release.I feel it {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Evryone will ban her.OP OP.
Fusıon (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Breakhz,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EaOh3oVU,comment-id=000900000001000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-07-17T14:17:26.411+0000) > > {{sticker:katarina-love}} {{sticker:sg-jinx}} add me in client
I did {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: Thing is, 3 of the biggest LOL streamers are qtpie/tyler/sneaky - all botlaners. They lost their precious freelo champs, started moaning about it, hundreds of thousands of players got on the sheep-train and their tears started forming a river basically. It's hysterical. I saw an actual player who is silver since Season 4, ADC main, complaining about not being able to get gold, because of the changes. The memes man...the memes are killing me.
free elo champs??I wanna know what free elo champs "adc".Honestly..xD.
Fusıon (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Breakhz,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EaOh3oVU,comment-id=0009000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2018-07-17T13:27:32.034+0000) > > {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Fusıon (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Breakhz,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EaOh3oVU,comment-id=00090000000100000000,timestamp=2018-07-16T21:02:53.572+0000) > > {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Buff Nami
She is more then strong.Why would you buff her..{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Fusıon (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Breakhz,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EaOh3oVU,comment-id=000900000001,timestamp=2018-07-16T18:08:11.338+0000) > > {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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