: >Seriously wtf you playng actually. Shen, Tahm Kench, Sion, Maokai, Malphite are real Tanks. And they are all not strong in the current meta. The rest are fighters/juggernauts. You should know this since you're Diamond rright? Hypercarries with enhancer support dominated the game the last season, the whole game was around botlane. Jungle, mid and top impact has to be around botlane to impact the game. That's why most hypercarries got nerfed, many highelo player have been expecting this nerf for months.
{{champion:223}} bad??????really...{{champion:98}} ?? Wtf lel.
: Only 1 top lane tank is above 50% win rate... ornn currently has one of the lowest if not the lowest win rate in the game... that just shows that tanks are struggling. And the reason tanks where considered strong was because of adcs, they where picked to supply a strong frontline for their team allowing the adc to safely get free hits... what do you think happens when the one thing in the game keeping tanks alive disappears. Tanks aren’t even dying at this point, they are dead in the water... no reason to be really picked outside of pro play over fighters. So it’s painfully obvious that you don’t play tanks, and you don’t bother using the plethora of anti tank items which decimate them... that’s the only logical reason you’d ever think tanks are strong
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Vlad 48% winrate still really good right now.So your point of winrate is dumb. Beside evryone knows tanks solo que never work if you dont have someone to do dmg.However tanks can 1v1 the enemy adc or ad assasin or ap because they TANKS.And adc until they reach lategame they cant kill no god damn tank. And they do have a better early game then most champions. You didnt play the game around s4 s5 maybe???Or like always that lcs going more then 2 3 tanks in 1 team... If they do that is for a reason. Obviously meta changing and tanks fall behind now is time for bruisers just because of conqueror.You dont wanna go top agianst a kled with that rune.
: Firstly mundo is also getting nerfed Secondly adcs still needed to be nerfed regardless of mundo, more than one issue can exist in the game at one time Thirdly mundo’s issues need a VGU to fix, that’s something that is going to take time, therefore riot can’t just deal with mundo, but they could deal with adcs Fourthly have you considered that mundo can tank better than an actual tank not because mundo is too strong but because tanks are too weak... two sides to this coin.
tanks weak...hm youre in silver dont you??? Adc was never op..it was always the support who feed adc.Now adc are dead. Tanks weak...tanks was always op in first 25 minutes of the game.And neither old adc could deal with it.Right now with no adc...who kill tanks???????????????????I think assasins.. Seriously wtf you playng actually.
: Mundo isn’t a tank, he is a juggernaut... he is meant to deal damage. And the reason you struggled to kill him is that you didn’t buy any grevious wounds nobody on your team got grevious wounds, you even brought a last whisper item but instead of mortal reminder to cut his healing you just went with lord dominik. So you didn’t itemise correctly, is it really a surprise he didn’t die.... > I am sick of this and I ask Riot to do something about the current state of the tanks. They are annoying. And I am not the only one who has the same problem. If I am wrong, correct me but this shit is insane. Tanks are near useless at the moment... none of them are at all doing well. With the obscene amount of true damage, armour pen and % damage in the game tanks just get shredded without doing anything, there is no reason to pick them over a fighter. So the current state of tanks is that they need a lot of buffs, and probably conqueror being removed.
juggernaut..but he can tank better then maokai with his ult..Even if you buy {{item:3033}} it wont help mutch.{{item:3065}} . Beside that he does dmg..he heals a lot full tank too. But we...better nerf adc.
Elayona (EUW)
: Reported for no reason?
Now you suffer {{sticker:darius-angry}}
JustClone (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Breakhz,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Bnito9yx,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2018-07-17T17:35:05.576+0000) > > fizz is a busted 1v1 champ.Once he hit 6 then he got a guarantee kill.If you rush {{item:3157}} on ap champs ofc you will luck tons of mana.You will have to go back again and again. > +is not a good item to start with. {{item:2419}} start with this. Upgrade as soon as possible. I rush it on many champions against assassins
you do realise when i say "busted" 1v1 champ...He could 1v1 at lv 3 with that stupid w.Thx god that shit got changed.And {{item:2420}} wont save you forever.Especially that going zhonya first is not a good choice.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >I suggest u to play other braindead champ called Talon, but wait until he also gets adjusted. He already got a nerf this same patch. Not exactly a small one either.
the nerf on him is garbage..Not mutch of a deal.
Rioter Comments
: You seem to not understand the difference between health and strengh. Zed is healthy... as an assasin he relies on skill and outplay while also giving plenty of windows for his target or their allies to be able to counter. The thing is that he is an assasin, so he relies on killing fast and then getting away. A lot of people just don’t like zed because of the job he is designed to do, not the way he does it... but zed is the healthiest assasin in the game, his skill shots allow for that in part, the way his death mark works is the other reason. Akali had no skill shots, you spam all of your abilities and your opponent dies, or you die... that’s a big part of her problem... now she has skill shots a well timed flash can actually save her target’s life, where as before you just get ult’d again with no difference in outcome. This is going to make akali a lot healthier. More so her counter play is very clear and effective... her damage is in her passive, for that to activate she has to hit someone with an ability, back off, then hit them again... but if you stay on top of her then she isn’t going to have access to her damage... her ability to fight comes from her controlling the distance between herself and her target to get the maximum usage from her abilities, if you control the distance between you and her suddenly she isn’t going to be as much of a threat. Assassins are high risk high reward champions... they rely heavily on skill to kill their target and get out, when an assasin goes in if they are skilled they should be rewarded with a kill, if the opponent out plays or the assasin doesn’t use enough skill they will die or waste their abilities without reward. Akali never had that trade off which caused a lot of her issues, now she has a focus on the individual skill of the akali player along with avenues for out plays and misplays, which will make her a lot healthier.
Zed is garbage right now.Not healty at all.Is in a very bad spot.Maybe in bronze can work.But even god himself ll stilish said that the champ is struggling pretty harsh right now. And akali was a dumb champion with low counterplays...and it will be more stupid champion when you gonna see an invizible assasin...Think about it.
: Swain was considered weak after being released... he got some buffs before people realised he strong he was Aatrox was considered useless until weeks after his release. People think that a champion is too strong when they are released regardless of whether they are actually strong or not... cause it’s easier to complain than to learn. And akali is stupid with limited skill expression and high damage... high damage has to stay as she is an assasin, but she has gone from no skill expression to having all skill shots... so she will be healthier. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised to see akali mains to complain about her being weak because they have to land skill shots.
{{champion:50}} {{champion:266}} was never useless..They got buff cuz people didnt know to play them.Same as kaisa.Kaisa got tons of buffs.And after people knew how to play her she got nerfed. Players know how to play aatrox.Thats why they succed to smash with that stupid champ. Obviously he deserve nerf. And skillshots akali???????????Are you serious lel..You think that she is gonna be "Healthier"cuz she got now skillshots?? Ok then buff {{champion:238}} ..zed have full skillshots and we know how hard this guy got nerfed.Or {{champion:157}} Skilshots..and they got nerf to the bones. Akali is gonna be way heavier.
: Towers dont feel like towers
Honestly i dont understant riot.They tryng to stop the snowball so the game can reach mid-lategame so we can have a chance to comeback however they nerfed towers..{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: I mean... isn’t that the case with every single new release no matter if they are broken or not,.. nobody wants a new champion on the opposing team and nobody wants a first timer on their own team.
I mean shes gonna be broken.Old akali was already a stupid champ with high dmg and no skills. We all know that reworks most of them are really op. I mean look at {{champion:266}} that guy deserves a huge nerf.Or {{champion:39}} rework op and she got nerfed too.{{champion:50}} nerfed too. Always a succes this reworks and most of them are really broken. An assasin like akali invizible..Yeh..we hate zed immagine akali.
JustClone (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=StPaulus,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Bnito9yx,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-07-17T11:05:56.446+0000) > > There is no trade. I was dived at lvl 8 by a lvl 9 Fizz under my tower. He killed me with 1500 damage (3 spells) in 0.17 seconds, them hopped out with almost 0 damage. My CC need more time then 0.17 seconds. Can you please explain to me where the exchange is in this because I don't see an exchange. The game looks more like CS lately. 1 vs 1 kills under 2 seconds when players are almost at same level are not gameplay, that's arcade shooting gallery and that is what LoL looks more and more like. I want a game back that has tacktics and need thinking. Hi, Fizz main here. If you are squishy, and get hit by max range shark, you are most likely dead. If you lack any sort of defense (like dash to dodge R, damage mitigation, support next to yourself...) You still should go: {{item:3157}} OR {{item:3102}} FOR AP {{item:3026}} OR {{item:3156}} OR {{item:3053}} FOR AD Will make you nearly invincible to his burst. And fizz defense is his offense. If his burst fails, you won the fight. And some champions are really hard-counter to him. (I have never won a fight against competent liss or kayle. And if I won against morgana or diana, it was a matter of plain luck...)
fizz is a busted 1v1 champ.Once he hit 6 then he got a guarantee kill.If you rush {{item:3157}} on ap champs ofc you will luck tons of mana.You will have to go back again and again. +is not a good item to start with.
Rismosch (EUW)
: I hope Akali will be like Lee Sin
She will get ban from her release.I feel it {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Evryone will ban her.OP OP.
: > [{quoted}](name=Breakhz,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EaOh3oVU,comment-id=000900000001000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-07-17T14:17:26.411+0000) > > {{sticker:katarina-love}} {{sticker:sg-jinx}} add me in client
I did {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Rioter Comments
: Thing is, 3 of the biggest LOL streamers are qtpie/tyler/sneaky - all botlaners. They lost their precious freelo champs, started moaning about it, hundreds of thousands of players got on the sheep-train and their tears started forming a river basically. It's hysterical. I saw an actual player who is silver since Season 4, ADC main, complaining about not being able to get gold, because of the changes. The memes man...the memes are killing me.
free elo champs??I wanna know what free elo champs "adc".Honestly..xD.
: > [{quoted}](name=Breakhz,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EaOh3oVU,comment-id=0009000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2018-07-17T13:27:32.034+0000) > > {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Breakhz,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EaOh3oVU,comment-id=00090000000100000000,timestamp=2018-07-16T21:02:53.572+0000) > > {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Buff Nami
She is more then strong.Why would you buff her..{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Breakhz,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EaOh3oVU,comment-id=000900000001,timestamp=2018-07-16T18:08:11.338+0000) > > {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Balls Deep Only,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EaOh3oVU,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2018-07-16T12:45:47.449+0000) > > Kat has some nice personalities Im reporting your name {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Febos (EUW)
: Official Akali Splash Art
Ye she is gonna get banned for real.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
lil Pepsi (EUNE)
: Get out of Silver :(
Win early win game.Comebacks dont happen so often.So abusing meta champs or really strong champs that low elo have no idea to deal with {{champion:19}} {{champion:11}} etc. works more then fine. As yi if you have a good early game you can even splitpush cuz you will do 1v3 maybe 1v5 too if youre strong enough. I do believe roaming and help other lanes is very important. But hei...luck is an important fact too.
: Rank doesn’t show skill... it shows how much time you put into solo Q. If two players are equal skill but one plays solo Q twice the amount then that player is going to be much more likely to get a higher rank... think about how many games a year it takes a player to get to high challenger, and how many games it takes to stay in high challenger. A pro play just can’t play enough to climb, they are forced to spend hundreds or thousands of hours in scrims or outside of solo Q where as a booster plays entirely solo Q... even if that booster gets banned and starts again he is outright playing more games than a pro player can play meaning your still getting to where you need to be much faster. > Someone like tarzaned start from lv 1..leveling painful af..another waste of time +he gets placed silver or gold maybe plat..and still someone like consensual clown can get around 80% winrate in master from silver..and pro players cant get 60% from d2... That proves nothing... 80% win rate in silver and gold as a master player is outright expected, and not even impressive I’ve got a 72% win ratio in silver as well. You also forget hat the matchmaking is set up in a way that prevents a player like that from staying low elo... a booster like tarzaned won’t spend more than a month on low elo if that simply because the amount he plays and the skill he plays st will allow for a very fast climb... majority of his games are going to still be diamond and above... and he is still going to play double or even triple the amount of games at that elo than a pro player. You also have to remember that these players are playing with just one or two champions... that one trick let’s them breeze through games and pick up wins because they can become extremely skilled on that one champion... pros don’t get the luxury of that because if they play just one champion they will become hselsss in pro play due to the fact that scouting will ensure your never getting that champion... so a pro has to maintain a champion pool that is constantly changing, which in turn lowers their efficiency in solo Q... especially if the meta is dictating you away from carries. So pro players give up their solo Q prowess in favour for their careers... other challenger players have no such worry or need to do so thus as a player becomes pro they loose their challenger place. > Faker was chalenger..s1 or s2..after that only diamond.Someone like wild daddy was chalenger evry year. But that is exactly my point... faker was challenger until he became a pro player, the timing of him dropping from challenger and him becoming a pro line up almost perfectly. Wild daddy never became a pro, therefore can get challenger every year. If you went through the list of challenger each year you would see that trend... a challenger player would get to challenger consistently, then almost immediately as they become pro players they stop being able to get to challenger... that’s a correlation and the causation is exactly like I’ve been saying, pro plays simply have more important things to accomplish than challenger... think about it who cares about getting to challenger if you win the world championship... global fame and a ton of cash, plus a skin dedicated to you... any player would give up their challenger rank for a much sweeter prize. ___ So the players who never become pro can consistently get challenger, but those that become pro lose the ability to become challenger immediately, and then ex pros who step down instantly become capable of getting challenger again... that’s not a question of skill that’s a question of time management and what they value... your job or a ranking on a game.
When i said 80% winrate it was for master/chalenger... For example wild daddy got master tier with less then 70 games and a winrate of 80%+ A professional player never saw that.This is my point. There are plenty of boosters that succed to get high chalenger with less then 200 games with a really good winrate.A pro player cant.. Pro players are people that dont int/flame toxic etc..Thats why they been chosen.Maybe they reached d1 in some season and now they are pro.Doenst mean they better then those toxic boosters... If you watch again rank chalenger you will see that most of pro players are not there.Especially that they start from d2. And why you say skills are not important????You even said they been chosen cuz they had chalenger before.So they succed to reach that higher rank.Right now most of them cant even get out of diamond. Solo que prove your skills.Thats how they pick "pros". And dont say "pros give up on solo q" Thats ballshit.Skt didnt enter finals or lcs etc...cuz the team failed.So faker have enough time to play for solo que as many other pros. But faker is stil struggling to get out of diamond even now..Pros have enough time to climb.They paid for it.They play more then boosters sometimes. In the end is my opinion and yours.But i just say facts.You dont see many pro players having high rank at all.And the fact is that most boosters and toxic player like tarzaned succed to get even rank 1.And pro players dont.And trust me that they have plenty of time to play solo que and climb the ladder.
: You realise that’s exactly what I said right. 5v5 and solo Q are different... they work in different ways and require different things. So pro players need to practice 5v5 while boosters and streamers just play solo Q. So pro players can’t climb on their solo Q accounts because they are busy practicing what they need to practice hence why they appear as lower ranks than boosters who only play solo Q. So saying that boosters are better because they reach higher ranks in solo Q doesn’t work... because so many pro players just don’t play enough solo Q to climb. If a pro player stopped playing pro play and started just playing solo Q again they’d get to high challenger... if every pro player just played solo Q there would be a hell of a lot more of them on that leaderboard... but to do so would jeopardise their career so they simply can’t. But the vast majority of pro players started out in high challenger... before they where pro players they would have been head hunted from doing well in solo Q... that’s how faker got into pro play, he got rank 1 challenger. Tarzaned if he hadn’t been toxic would be a pro player by now, he showed interest and is high on the leaderboard meaning that he would have been head hunted... and if that happened you can bet that his ranking in solo Q would plummet because he would be required to play scrims instead.
Well the truth is that rank shows the skills..And pro players get paid to play evry day..So im 100% sure they have enough time to abuse solo q.However they dont succed to in top ladder. On the other hand toxic people...like consensual and tarzaned..that got even perma ban accounts..that even boosting and starting from lv 1 several times..still succed to climb the ladder. Pro players on other hand they start from d2.. So think about it..The time pro players waste with their 5v5..is the time toxic people get ban again and again and boost again and again.So waste time is in both parts. However pro players start from d2 cuz thats what riot gives them and have 0% winrate..1 win 0 lose 100% winrate in diamond.. Someone like tarzaned start from lv 1..leveling painful af..another waste of time +he gets placed silver or gold maybe plat..and still someone like consensual clown can get around 80% winrate in master from silver..and pro players cant get 60% from d2... Just think about it.In my opinion pro players have even more time to spend then them. And yes i agree with you that they had chalenger before..but now you rarily see pro playeres in chalenger. And boosters toxic players whatever...can get chalenger evry year..Do you get it now?? Faker was chalenger..s1 or s2..after that only diamond.Someone like wild daddy was chalenger evry year. Now you can understand the difference??
: > Pro players are busy...Like what??Playng tha game??Its their job climbing and improving.This boosters dont even play like them.They always go other accounts boosting while pro players get a d2 +account and have to reach chalenger..Most of them dont even succed that. Except the way they do that isn’t on solo Q... they scrim, that basically means they play majority custom games vs other pro team... most of their practice comes from playing from these scrims, because they need to not only practice their own skill but also team skills. So when the majority of the games your playing aren’t in solo Q then you can’t climb... even the boosters who you say is better play a to of games a month just to get to challenger... hell some boosters play more ranked games in a month than what a pro player does in a year (griffin, one of the best team in Korea at the moment, don’t actually play any solo Q... the entirety of their games outside of the stage are scrims, this mean they practice team play more than any other team and don’t have solo Q matches for their opponents to scout... which gives them the edge they have used to become the best). So of course these players struggle to climb, because instead of climbing they spend their time practicing. > What pro players have to do is improve playng evry day against good players high rank chalengers etc. They practice vs other pro players, and get this practice outside of ranked. > RAT IRL..1 TRICK.Even now that twitch is quite bad he still gets chalenger and people call him script..He performs better then any pro player out there. He climbs because he is a one trick... he is a good twitch player which lets him climb... if he became a pro player he’d have to practice on a wide range of champions meaning he just can’t afford to one trick twitch to where he got to... If these players formed a pro team and went against an actual pro team they’d get ripped apart, because these players have practiced at becoming the best at solo Q, while pro players practice to become the best at pro games which is different, and requires you to focus yourself outside of your own solo Q. ___ So again what you are saying is pointless... pro players are players who have climbed to the top of challenger themselves, they’ve then given up their solo Q rating in favour of a career in pro play.
Youre wrong even more.. Solo que is wayyyyy different then 5v5 game.Im sorry to dissapoint you but in 5v5 is not all about your individual skills but team game. Evry player can play well if they play in team.You trust your bot you comunicate etc..So i doubht they shit on boosters.. However in solo que is mostly individual skills...Thats why pro players are not same lv as boosters.They succed to get rank 1 pro palyers most of them cant even get out of diamond.. You dont understand that solo que and 5v5 game are 2 different games??? If pro players were as good as a booster like tarzaned or consensual clown then for them solo que will be easy..and get rank 1...No???If those players succed to get 90% as chalenger...then why pro cant do it??????Cuz they dont have same skills or talent as them. Sorry to dissapoint you but maybe you dont know that solo que and 5v5 is something different. And solo que is where you excel alone.5V5...its all about teamgame.Thats why i say they better then pro players.And they can prove it. Tarzaned reached agian rank 1..still didnt see a pro player rank 1.. So again if pro players were so good..they could reach higher rank then anyone else.But most of them are stuck in diamond that riot give them.. And yes pro players "were chalengers "so they picked them but most of them cant reach that elo anymore.
: Tarzaned wanted to be and was very close to becoming one before he essentially got banned from it, imaqtpie and nightblue have been pro players which shows that pro players are there. The streamers you see and those in challenger are either pro players, used to be pro players, or have been asked to become pro players... simple as that. Which means that pro players still do represent the best players in the world because they are chosen from the best. You also have to look at what the definition of best... yeah some are much more mechanically gifted but a lot of challenger players have extremly small champion pools, these players might look better on those champion pools but in pro play you are forced to adopt a much larger champion pool... so the best players there are the ones that can play what is needed... a lot of these challenger players wouldn’t look as good on the pro scene because of the fact that they are used to carrying solo. You also have to consider that pro players are busy... most streamers do it for their job, they spend the vast majority of their time playing solo Q and climbing allowing them to reach and stay in challenger constantly. Pro players don’t get this luxury, they have to practice with their team in scrims, spend time travelling and playing in tournaments, and swapping to different regions to boot camp. They might not be able to consistently climb because they do a lot more than just play solo Q. So pro players are the best, because they are taken from challenger... but because most are commited to pro play they don’t get to put a lot of time into solo Q because they are busy as a team.... just using the challenger leaderboard isn’t a good indicator of who is the best because there are variables you haven’t thought of.
Tarzaned was never a pro player.Just because you ask doesnt mean you are 1. For example..wild daddy.Booster and toxic.Better adc then doublelift and all koreans are there.He got master tier with more then 80% winrate.. Or consensual clown.Yes he was toxic af.But he got 2 times rank 1 na.I didnt see pro player get rank 1 na. Pro players are busy...Like what??Playng tha game??Its their job climbing and improving.This boosters dont even play like them.They always go other accounts boosting while pro players get a d2 +account and have to reach chalenger..Most of them dont even succed that. Pro players are good but believe me that boosters are mutch more higher lv then them. APdo yes...was pro player.But is not anymore.And that guy is 1 of the best players in the world.Perform better then all pro players. As a pro player you focus on improving.As booster..you boost silvers to gold.. What pro players have to do is improve playng evry day against good players high rank chalengers etc.Boosters most of the time they boost bronzies.. Trust me when i say that boosters toxic players are just better...RAT IRL..1 TRICK.Even now that twitch is quite bad he still gets chalenger and people call him script..He performs better then any pro player out there. If you dont believ eme double lift was plat for an entire year..Faker cant even reach master and he was diamond for more then 4 seasons.Instead boosters reach chalenger evry year. And some of them with really high winrate that pro players dont even succed to get close to that.
: Imqtpie used to be a pro player (played for delta fox and Dignitas) Tarzaned was looking at a pro scene appearance before getting banned Nightblue3 used to play for TSM So what I said is true > sure some streamers might also be really good but baring the toxic ones most if not all of the best players have been given an invitation or have been a pro player before... A very high amount of streamers or the ones that appear at the top of the leader boards are former pro players... and the ones who aren’t do regularly get invitations to join. Hell the only reason most of these players aren’t in pro teams is because they are toxic... toxic players are barred from pro play... so most of these players would be pro players if they wherent toxic
They still do better then pro palyers.If you watch top 200 chalengers you find maybe 3 or 4 pro players in each region.Thats a huge maybe tho. Tarzaned was never a pro player.Never.He wanted to be.But who cares he is good and is not a pro player.Imaqtpie was..same as nightblue.Now they are not pro players and still perfom better then pro players.
: They are the best, or among them. Pro teams always look at the top of the leader boards for their players, they will offer invitations to those players who are good, and tryouts tend to only be open to master and challenger players. So they are the best, sure some streamers might also be really good but baring the toxic ones most if not all of the best players have been given an invitation or have been a pro player before...
Youre really wrong..There are toxic players that reached rank1 and most of pro players never did that. If you look faker the guy was diamond and is still diamond for more then 3 4 seasons. Instead people like imqtpie or tarzaned succed to get chalenger evry year.Nightblue for example evry year chalenger and most of pro players dont get chalenger evry year. There are infamous players that are boosting and succed to get around master tier with more then 70% winrate that most pro players cant. Honestly i didnt see rank 1 pro players.But i did see a lot of boosters toxic and streamers to get higher elo then them.You should watch infamous players on youtube that at this point they boosting and succed to get higher rank evry time.
: Too much for Veigar. * Q: Use W on minions and after spam Q and clear the wave in 2 seconds if you will gonna get your skill back. If you get just the CD then you can save a wave before getting under the tower. If you get your mana back then you have a lot of stacking and poke. This will let you control the lane too easy because your enemy will never have a chance to push you back under your tower. * W: If the zone is more larger then you can't dodge it if you are trapped in E, so you will gonna get the stun and the damage only from Q/W or stay away from the stun but get the damage from Q and W. * E: The zone is so big because the game let you dodge his Q or W if you are trapped. And scaling the stun duration with AP will gonna make the late teamfight less and less a "fight" because he can stun the frontline and rush to kill the backline. * R: I don't know what to say. Veigar can be changed only by a full rework because he is very unbalance. He is weak in early and op in late and if the game keeps going then he will gonna get more and more powerfull. Trying to make him better in early will gonna make him a monster in late.
Veigar have no mobility and his early is reallly bad..So i think his a lategame champ and thats what is good for.To scale and to get strong. There is no need to change only if you dont wanna rework him.
Febos (EUW)
: The Curse Is Broken!
All Hail Lelouch {{champion:17}} Sounds better.
: Pros are the best players in the world, using the most efficient strategies in the world... theoretically it makes sense to copy what the pros do in order to win the most games... in reality a lot of people copy without understanding why a pro does that particular thing which makes them loose games. Smite mid theoretically can work, but you need to be able to support your jungler and ensure you don’t set him behind as well... something people don’t realise and thus jeopardise their team
"Pros best players in the world" Who said that??There are toxic players that are better then them.But they toxic..Or players that boosting and succed to get around top 10 chalenger.Many pros this days cant even reach chalenger.
Šumadija (EUNE)
: Being support is the hardest
I agree with all youre sayng.I carried myself to diamond and obviously i carried soooo many games.Like roam mid sometimes roam top too going enemy jgl to ward and help my jgl..Doing evryting to win and still gets 0 cred..In fact my ad gets all the credit for i dunno what reason haha. But people dont know that is the support who carry ad in lane. And because iplay {{champion:63}} mostly i mean dmg dealers obviously i do more dmg then evryone most of the games too xD.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Next season new players will start at a lower rank. One of the reasons, new players start at silver and not lower is because in case smurfs or people who aren't that bad make a new account they wouldn't ruin as many games. The reason I think Riot can allow them to start at a lower rank is probably because Riot has been testing a new anti-smurfing "system", which makes smurfs climb faster or something like that.
Yes smurfs climb faster.When i did my 2 account i was going to get 25lp-30 lp per win.Even if my winrate was around 50%.
: The most you will get from these forums is that its all apparently your fault and you should improve.
Improve when you get afk its you fault you lose.LOL. Some people say that..dont bother them.Its a team game 1 afk can lose the game instantly.
JustClone (EUNE)
: I bet in your elo everyone is boosted... If someone is doing bad, he is boosted animal, getting back where he belongs. If someone is doing well, he is getting boosted right now, getting free elo that he does not deserve.
what lol...You dont have to be a genius to see a boosted player.And from plat+there are tons of boosted players.Trust me.
Zoe RuIe34 (EUNE)
: I checked your op.gg last few games where u lost so I assume u met " trollers" there. As far as I can see their builds are normal, yeah they are with negative score but negative score doesn't mean troll like some 12years old kids think. If having bad game or having negative score were considered as trolling. Probably more than half of this community would troll atleast few games a day.
but if i get my ad and mid who rage quit is that troll??
: You do know that soldiers, both real and in video games, can't shoot from their cover? Shooting the cover destroys it, leaving them exposed. Why is it dumb to suggest it in this game, but other games are fine?
League of legends is a moba game. Beside this game is really well done.Why would you change that...The only think they must focus on is balance and keeping the game clean from inting and other stuff like ragequit etc. What you suggest..Is weird.Seeing that my own ally block my skills is really god damn weird.Like its against me...
: Yet you didn't understand it from reading what I wrote, and needed me to explain it to you. Yikes.
i dont wanna understand such shit.. Im not dumb..Block alies..{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: What do you prefer?
Funny how evryone from first question choosed 1. Having fun is good but never wining...Especialy ranked.Ok.{{champion:33}}
: HAVE YOU EVEN READ ANYTHING OF WHAT I SAID? Jesus Christ. I'll make it clear, so that you'll understand it: I want the shields to block all shots, allies and enemies, because that's what real shields do. I really can't make it any simpler.
block allies LOL.Thats the most stupid shit ever heard.
: ..... You do realize that allies can shoot through Braum's shield? That's the entire point of my argument. They shouldn't. And yeah, dashes are with minions, but considering he has good MS, he can catch up with people. That is what negetes your argument, he can be kited, but considering he can use his W to safely aim his third Q and shoot it through his blocking shield, that is what is weird for me. Try to stab your own shield through your side, guess what? You won't be able to stab through it. That should be the case in game, in my opinion.
The shields are more then fine.Wtf you want them to do lol.
TDIDiamond (EUNE)
: what are you smoking, zed is in a perfectly balanced state right now, sitting in T2, not too good but not too weak as well. Also the current assassin meta favors him EDIT: Not disagreeing about vlad being broken, just saying zed is fine
did i said something in my post about zed??? And zed is quite garbage.Watch ll stylish that guy knows what is sayng. The only lethality that are really stupid and need nerf are {{champion:62}} {{champion:91}} The rest assasins like zed or rengar are not in such a good spot.They ok...nothing else.
Antenora (EUW)
: Vlad's still stupid even after the nerf he got in 8.13.
nerf e...wow so huge.They nerfed zed to the bones and someone like vlad gets a nerf on e. Amazing.
: Wasn't talking about Janna or other champs like her, was talking about Yasuo and Braum. Anyway, the only skill that keeps him alive???? Not the dashes, not the shield of his passive, yeah totally, that's what keeps him alive. Truth is, most Yasuo players use it in combat to block enemy attacks, reach them with dash and ult them. And if it is the only skill that keeps him alive, why not make it into an actual escape/block move from which he can't attack?? Yeah, if it blocked a global ult, that's a good shield, but when Yasuo can poke the melee champions coming to him and sending his third Q through that shield, that's already dumb. Same with Braum, his shield is supposed to be unbreakeable for f' sake, then why can other people shoot through it?
Dashes are only with minions.. And braum unbreakeable blocks a lot of dmg where did you see dmg pass through
: i assume you are complaining about the ezreal game you played where the enemy wukong went 21/9? you built (almost) full armor as ez, you probably didnt have the damage to do anything to him, your fault not his as ezreal, just E away when he E's you from stealth, if its on CD, again, thats your fault not his his W is telegraphed as he leaves his clone behind, again if you dont see it, your fault not his in that game he did 46.9k damage, not 50-70k as claimed, and funny how i dont see you calling for nerfs for your teammates who did comparible damage to him (quinn at 46.1k and fizz at 44.7k) why is this?
What game you play...Evryone knows that wukong is really strong right now.Thats why they said that wukong and talon gonna get nerfed next patch.
: The Problem with Shield Abillities in game
Yasuo w is the only skill that keeps him alive..Range..evryone can kite him without minions around his dead. And braum is braum. Beside shields champs like {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} etc got nerf..So they pretty useless right now honestly.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Inting is a lot harder to detect, especially with people heavily misusing the term. Ragequitting gets detected, of all systems, leaverbuster is the most reliable one.
rage quiting is punished with 15 min queue or more..i dont know.But nothing else. Thats why people ragequit evry day and they dont care.15 min que is not enough.YOu have to make harded punishment so people will stop doing that. I get afk happens..but when you do it again and again obviously must be harder punishment.And im not sure if you go afk all the time you get something else then queue time.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: And people say hard punishments don't work.
we all know toxicity is easy to ban.And they always punish that.But inting ragequiting is not.And its harder to do it.Thats what riot must focus on. Cuz toxic easy mute report amen.Inting...report..a wait nothing happens. Riot need to focus more on inting and ragequiting because toxicity is easy to deal with.Even other players can deal easy with that you know.."MUTE".
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