: In Dota 2, if someone leaves the game you can safely leave the game without bans or any other crazy and meaningless action on the part of the creators.
Meanwhile I've both won and lost matches with an afk on either of teams. This does not seem like a good idea.
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: See ya at the weekend :)
I sooo relate to this.
: League Of Luck
Whenever I think this way my mind goes to people who boost accounts, if they can keep a steady 90% + win rate in high platinum respectively low diamond games, there's no such thing as luck involved. Goes without saying, they're professionals, but it also goes to show that is certainly doable. I've seen at least 4 such cases in the last 2 days alone. 90% + is really hard to fathom too, the way they do it will most likely remain a mystery to me.
: 7k ping on eune server
We played 2v5 last match, our team's ping suddenly raised to 7000 and stalled there until i reconnected and it was fine for 2 minutes, following another lagspike. Some of my teammates weren't so lucky though, their ping never lowered. For the record, it was not a loss prevented. Ironically, no player on enemy team seemed to encounter any such problems.
: You're too ignorant to actually send a good and helpful report, that's your problem.
Where do you get that from? Unbelievable, people.
Smerk (EUW)
: Autoattack projectiles vanish when you die, it's a common thing that all champions share. And pick a card is empowered AA as you said
That's just not true, and any player= can tell you that, it is definitely NOT TRUE. Go play a custom, that's not true even in case of minions' autoattack projectiles! I even said that only damage bonus from lich bane and stacked deck's go away, the pick a card damage does not.
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bogtejeo (EUNE)
: its just a couple of bad games, could happen to you too someday
A bad game with full build of mobility boots, come on, we've all had too much of these filthy bastards. They're too mentally weak for this game and they find comfort in trolling when things don't go their way, people like you along with some popular toxic streamers who are themselves trolling sometimes only make them think it's alright to do so.
GLurch (EUW)
: What about Support players? A Supporter dying instead of a fed ADC who gives bounty is often better, so a Support would of course sacrifice himself if he had to. He would climb slower, although he actually did a good job.
Actually support players tend to have the lowest amount of deaths. Also, don't think about one more death being decisive in how fast you climb, i mean that guy i was talking about had >8 deaths on every champions(70 champions) he's played at ranked this season, that would be dying 8 times or more on average in about 500 matches, so dying once for your adc won't do anything to your mmr really.
MadWifeHR (EUW)
: Plat elo is disgustingly hard to climb out off
I haven't actually managed to climb out yet out of plat but i think i'm really close to and the most important thing that helps me to do so was minimizing chat interaction(disabled /all chat too) with teammates and focus on things that i have to do. I still tell my teammates things like where enemy jungler is at some point if i know that of course but that's pretty much it, pings do the rest for me. I can't say you'll climb immediately after doing that but it'll certainly help. Another thing that worked for me last season was being an one trick pony twisted fate jungle, which does not work anymore mainly because of the new camps which got more powerful with the start of this season.
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AsherUA (EUW)
: I assume he just qss`ed liandrys passives dot.
It's not about liandry's really. It's just that it should've hit for at least 1k RAW, like i've been playing tf for way too long now and i wouldn't jump so unconscious into adc+supp unless i knew i can oneshot that adc. Instead of an oneshot i woke up to 300 dmg ? there is clearly something wrong.
: Shield from BT and sona, the lifesteal and sona heal. You did do damage, but he healed it back rather quickly.
I recorded it in slow-mo just for you to see clearer what happened. I threw the card at him that basically means W + E + Lich bane damage meaning AT LEAST 1k, then sona stunned me and went to heal draven. So let's keep sona's heal out of that. There clearly is a bug, something regarding my E or/and sheen. Something similar happens when you manage to threw a sheen-empowered basic attack to enemy and you die before that aa reached him which will result in a normal basic attack damage.
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: Rengar's rework, just wondering.
Oh it's fine that way, i was told by my friends, who supposedly are acquainted to the new changes, since i am not, that it cannot be seen with control ward. I was really surprised cause otherwise you couldn't do anything about him then. It's fine if control wards can see him cause that warning mechanics are too wrong. I'd take the exclamation mark at any time over this.
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: Question about end of the season rewards.
Just as i thought, but some friends told me otherwise, just wanted to make sure. Thank you all.
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