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Radkus (EUW)
: Username update client prompt on pause
You merged accounts with that method and created huge conflicts between accounts and usernames. My account dissapeared within a minute after i was forced to change my username.**[removed for security reasons]** from eune changed to **[removed for security reasons]** and both usernamed dissapeared and dont work anymore.
iRadiance (EUNE)
: Since you made the new Riot accounts system, and asking us to "update" our usernames i changed it. I played normally some games and today i put the new username and my password but i get message that the account with this information **DOES NOT EXIST**. I tried to recover my account through site with the "forgot the username" with email , and you sent me the information that it supposed to have! I entered with this information , and i faced an account level 1 while I AM not. ! My account is 147 lvl but since yesterday its like it disappeared somehow! You messed up freakin bad with this new system, and im still waiting an answer in the ticket for someone to help me finally recover back my original 147 lvl account !
Same, but account just dissapeared and none of the methods work to reclaim it, plus riot doesnt answer or any platform


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