: No. Leave ones like Sion, Mundo and so on off. They might have human features but they get their gigantic size because of other things.
well, he was described as somebody of extraordinary size even before being bound to undeath
Snow Enix (EUW)
: Only juggernauts are Darius, Morde, Garen and Skarner. Check it.
because what? they have recived the changes during the juggernaut update? What about illaoi then, who was not even released during that time, and definitely is a jaggernaught? It is about playstyle. If it deals hella damage even when build defensively, is immobile and contributes more in the way of damage than any form of utility- it is a jaggernaught. So Nasus, Mundo, Illaoi and Olaf are jaggernaughts. I think there was a champion list ty the type EDIT there it is https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/3A5uuBw7-champion-subclass-list
: Who is the tallest human LoL champion?
does Sion still qualify as a human?
: For the guy who complained about Darius and whose thread is now deleted.
i used to cry about darius a lot. now my silver days are beyond me. Sitting there. Spamming Mundo top, stacking HP. Poking him down in lane, kiting to drop passive stacks then reengaging him, all good stuff. Also kting in teamfights. I see no reason to cry about Darius. Unless, ofc, my jungler feeds him
: Can you be perma-banned easily?
there is one thing i want to know about the automated system. While something amongst the lines of "stfu %%%%%% bonobo kid" will most likely trigger the system reaction, "your inteligence is a disgrace to the hominidae family" "get out of the genepool" or even "consider suicide" have a chance to go under the radar, since they do not have any buzzwords.
: PAtch 7.6 Xin zhao is buged
noticed the same thing with Nasus, so it may ba a general thing with next AA modifiers.
NekoEll (EUW)
: DAT BODY in swimsuit....oh yeah! Riot pls!
he looks so much like Obelix from the Goscinny/Uderzo comic books.
Gojiraw (EUW)
: Me too.
feel free to. i hope you get the same scenario 3 games in a row. each and every single one of you. hopefully when you are laning against riven, tryndamere or some similar snowballing machine.
Doorlord2 (EUNE)
: Air - Riot make him playable again
he is probably the champion with the highest skillcap in the league. new Azir is MUCH worse than basic Azir player, which is MUCH worse than avarage Azir player, which is MUCH MUCH worse than mastered Azir player. Azir is currently balanced around players who have mastered him. This means that he will be VASTLY underpowered for anyone who has not.
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: How to stop getting junglers who feed my lane.
Rioter Comments
monika99 (EUNE)
: who to play vs Annie
are we talking about mid lane Annie or support Annie?
The Febos (EUW)
: To answer your questions: 1 - Kog'Maw is very weak. Just like most ADCs, if someone gets to him he'll probably die; unless he's fed, in which case it doesn't matter. He's especially weaker compared to others because of his early game. 2 - He's not difficult to pick up. He's just like any other ADC in that regard. The only thing that requires more skill is landing his R. Everything else is cookie-cutter. Now I have a question for you: > [{quoted}](name=BucZOtwocka,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=a5KXtrQZ,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-21T13:19:45.666+0000) > > At the end of the game we were standing behind the enemy nexus scoring multikills from the fountain. Why didn't you just finish the game?
> Why didn't you just finish the game? you would have to ask kog'maw this question. as Janna i had no way to meaningfully contribute to taking down turrets by myslef so i had to focus on getting Kog's ass outta trouble wherever he decides to go. the question however is in itself excellent
: Eh, you're more reliant on positioning as Kog'Maw (compared to the average ADC) and his early game is quite shit, but once you have a few items and you press W, it's GG. The same goes for any ADC generally.
> but once you have a few items and you press W, it's GG. The same goes for any ADC generally. save for Vayne, since her W is unpressable :)
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Snow Enix (EUW)
: Mundo and Nasus... None of them are Juggernauts, you know that right? ^^
every single one of them is
: Why is Shaco disabled in ascension?
the real question is- why is not he disabled on Summoner's Rift?
: > [{quoted}](name=Agatorion,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=iAEnzAou,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-03-20T12:28:55.916+0000) > > Ne she is old version of Camille who has overloaded kit and is easier than Camille to use + no manna costs I hope you know that she was out before camille (About 5 years)so your whole argument is quite flawed...
kinda is not. since he had said "OLD version"
: That riven is bad if nasus farmed in lane with riven inside it.
as a nasus player i find a riven lane one of the easiest to play a stacking game. - She deals purely physical damage, so i get away with playing my fav rune setup (armor quints, armor seals, cdr glyphs) - all her offensive abilities are AoE, so she will push a wave every time she tries to do anything. warm, loving embrace of the turret - she deals damage in combos. this means, that after she does her thing, she has nothing for a little while, giving few precious seconds to sustain back on minions. - ... and because of all of the above she can be completely ignored after completing {{item:2053}} EDIT: the only reliable way for Riven to win this lane (assuming neither of the junglers bother to visit top) is to shove the wave and try to get kills in roams and TP plays, hopefully snowballing from this. this is usually how i lose against Rivens.
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: What do laners aim to achieve by standing by their towers waiting for a wave to arrive?
i hate to admit, sometimes i do something similar as a toplaner: as Shen, sometimes, i go to my lane to "park" the spirit blade in the enemy brush, so when we come to lane i get a decent first trade with empowered Q and possibly a comfortable lvl2 rush.
: Is Riven a Juggernaut? YES or NO
the best way to find an answer to that question is to imagine a Riven fighting a juggernaut. What does she do? - jumps on them - juggernaut trades back - "holy crap this guy hurts and i can barely scratch him" - ** uses superior mobility to get away** extremely un-juggernautish behavior. Trust me, i play Mundo, Garen and Nasus. This is how it looks.
Rioter Comments
: Juggernauts are tanks with higher Damage then normal tanks. But to make things fair they lack mobility and cc. Riven has CC, Mobility and is with exception of her shield, squishy as %%%%. She is the complete opposite of a juggernaut.
the only thing she shares with juggernauts is being hella pain to 1v1
: Well, technically he also took a Q before the ult. But an ADC with zero defensive items getting burst down by mages is nothing new. Stepping close to a Syndra who is ahead and has ult up with already 5 spheres lying around is definitely a misplay.
is OP just downvoting anyone who tells him that he is wrong?
: Are tanks still good?
there areabout 2 posts each day that urge Riot to "put an end to this bullshit tank meta". so i guess tanks are not as bad as you think they are
: > THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SALVATION FROM ANY SORT OF DEFENSIVE ITEMIZATION against such a monster. True, you can't counter all of his damage. But if the enemy team is majority magic damage and the majority of Kog's % hp damage is magic damage, buying MR starts to look really good, especially when Spirit Visage would work well with your ultimate. At any rate, stacking health definitely is not the way to go.
i just have to make peace with the fact that every time i play mundo and the enemy kogmaw gets fed, i will lose the game. in this game http://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/1666554846/40812270?tab=overview i have stompped my lane to a degree that should not be possible on a champ with such a crappy early game as Dr. Mundo, turning around lvl2 gank, lethally diving cassiopeia every time my ult was up, winning trades despite playing with tp against a combat summoner spell. Oh, and btw: a spell that is the biggest middle finger you can possibly show to mundo. Also my itemization was purely defensive, focusing on countering plethora of magic dmg and CC the other team had. So "you shoudl nto build triforce on mundo" argument does not apply here. It did not matter a tiny bit once Kog and Yi got their hands on a bit of gold.
: I can see your point, being filled to a role you hate is one that feels frustrating. Personally, I have a hatred for playing ADC. I'm not sure why, I just do. I might just need practise in the role. But if I'm autofilled into ADC, I will ALWAYS ask to change roles. Having Autofill is bad in a Ranked scene. In Normals, no one particularly cares, but in Ranked it is one of the WORST ideas that Riot has come up with. In a competitive situation, where ELO is a risk, you want all players to be at their best. I can understand it in higher ranks, where there are less players, but in Bronze to high plat/low diamond, it is 100% unneeded.
then how did people play ranked before the role preselection era, when everyone got "autofilled" >20% of the time?
AkiWind (EUNE)
: League Of Tanks
ffs decide. tank meta? lethality meta? omg yi op again meta!? pick one
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: if i do not solocarry i do not deserve to win.
back to plat. consider thread nonexistant
: Here's how I view it. 33% of the time you're going to lose, no matter what you do. 33% of the time you're going to win, no matter what you do. The other 33% is up to you. You'll have loss streaks, but eventually you will recover. However, if you're on a losing streak, don't forget that sometimes it's best to take a break. The game is not rigged against you personally, it's just sometimes you'll have bad luck, and you'll notice your streaks of bad luck much more than your streaks of good luck. All you can do is just try and learn from each game, even a loss, and incorporate those learnings into the next games you play. With all this said and done: you have *significantly more* losses than wins, and they haven't just occurred in the most recent loss streak you had. I don't mean to imply that you deserve a demotion to Gold, but a 45% win rate over 650 games does not happen in a single losing streak without you being responsible for at least some of the losses. All I can suggest is that you take this as a learning experience. In your past 5 games you've had very low kill participation, ranging from 23% (Nasus top) at minimum to 39% (Annie support) at maximum. This tells me that in most of your games you're just hoping your team will win for you rather than trying to impact the game; you should try to roam more with teleports. Mundo and Nasus are both not very good at this, so this might be something to consider if you're wanting to climb: Consider picking champions that can contribute more to the team than split pushing and damage. CC in solo queue in king. Kill participation is not a perfect measure, of course, especially in very bloody games, but generally speaking if I find myself below 45% kill participation I feel like I got carried. Additionally, in the game where you were against a 22/8 Kog'Maw, you didn't build a magic resistance item, you only built a Sunfire cape against a team that was primarily magic damage and continued to build a Trinity Force until you lost. Maybe consider adapting your build to the opponents strengths (and weaknesses) a bit more? Mundo does not really benefit from Trinity Force; he has a lot of damage in his kit already and all he really needs is a single offensive item to do well (Titanic Hydra). Trinity Force is very expensive and offers little in the way of defensive stats, but you were your teams secondary tank that game, so you can't afford to be building full offense. Your team had enough damage in Caitlyn and Katarina; so why did you build offensively instead of defensively to itemise against the Kog'Maw? There's always something you can change in each game, including in games you do well. I understand your frustration in your loss streak, but I don't think it's a good idea to absolve yourself of all responsibility.
> Additionally, in the game where you were against a 22/8 Kog'Maw, you didn't build a magic resistance item, you only built a Sunfire cape against a team that was primarily magic damage and continued to build a Trinity Force until you lost. Maybe consider adapting your build to the opponents strengths (and weaknesses) a bit more? Mundo does not really benefit from Trinity Force; he has a lot of damage in his kit already and all he really needs is a single offensive item to do well (Titanic Hydra). Trinity Force is very expensive and offers little in the way of defensive stats, but you were your teams secondary tank that game, so you can't afford to be building full offense. Your team had enough damage in Caitlyn and Katarina; so why did you build offensively instead of defensively to itemise against the Kog'Maw? the logic behid that was- my only shot on winning this game was to do carry job myself, since Cait was obviously not going to do it. Somene HAD to deal damage. Additionally- kog has magic damage on hit that scales with target hp, physical damage scaling with hp, as steroid and guinssuo. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SALVATION FROM ANY SORT OF DEFENSIVE ITEMIZATION against such a monster. And why do i sometimes build Triforce over titatnic on Mundo? With triforce you can stick to your target better due to the phage effect and cdr from cleavers. AS provides multiplicative value from E, and E can eb permaenabled with CDR. You want reasonable tanky dps- go titanic. You want to carry, you pick triforce. And in this game it was my only shot.
Desastrus (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=BucZOtwocka,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=E4thEvWM,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-03-18T17:11:35.629+0000) > > non-zero probability. by far enough Think pragmatically then. You cannot influence your luck, but you can influence your performance. Focus on that. I'm talking from experience here. In season 5 I used to stomp top lane pretty much every game and wonder why I'm still losing half of the time (I was Gold 2 back then). Now I know it was the lack of my game knowledge. My macro play was lacking, I did not know advanced minion wave mechanics, etc. Maybe I was unlucky as well after all, but once I learned more about the game, my climbing has become extremely consistent. I believe that's the only way to go.
there is no amount of macro thinking that will save you from kog'maw that fed. period. EDIT: I get what you mean. However my current approach is: the biggest moron in the game loses it. when you have 55% probability of positive result and 44% of negative result- getting 32 negative results in 40 games is unlikely, but still far from impossible. and this is what got me demoted. EDIT2: like in my last game now. we had Ahri who started with 3 isolated deaths. however, enemy support Lux refused to buy support items, absolutely lost the vision control and ultimately lost the game. Lux was a bigger moron than Ahri, so we have won
Desastrus (EUNE)
: If you managed to get to Platinum and then drag your mmr all the way down to Gold 5, you are either the unluckiest guy in the universe (assuming that you do belong in Platinum) or it is ultimately your fault. Or it could be a bit of both. But then again, you are not feeling responsible for it "in the slightest", so it can only be the former. A couple of things to think about: how likely is it that you are THAT unlucky and how certain are you that you are an adequate and impartial judge of your own performances?
> how likely is it that you are THAT unlucky non-zero probability. by far enough
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: It's any movement impairing effect. So, slows count, as does any hard CC.
so will red buff apply it?
Rioter Comments
: Actually the "pick order" was better than this cancer auto-fill. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPdh1bL_4xE
it was way worse. mostly because it hit about 3 times more often, had a chance of hitting you in sprees, and was not shielded from during the promo. Oh, and also in this new system you have a chance of getting your role as late pick, knowwing your matchup and considering what the team needs. Role preselection with autofill is strictly, fuucking, superior. Also, you keep posting this video with such tenacity, that i had to watch it. And the idiotism strikes from the very first sentances of his argumentation. if he says something like "your selection of roles is irrelevant because you can get autofilled" i cannot help, but think about it as idiotism. I just cannot. Autofill hits about 7% of the games. that means that you get one of your roles 93% of the time and in most cases it is your primary. Since you like the word "cancer" a lot as i have noticed, let me tell you this: if we knew a cancer treatment that gets 93% success rate, doctors and patients all around the world would pee their pants from the overwhelming enthusiasm. It really takes a special kind of idiot to think that anything that is not one to one correlation is irrelevant. I am sad to find out that gbay99 is such a person. I had held him in higher esteem.
Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: fiora rework
new fiora is way better. more fun, more interactive and overall more powerful. old fiora on the other hand, was simplistic and boring. Btw. she was a champion that, when fed, could get you kills if you hovered a mouse cursor over your opponent and bashed your head against the keyboard. and yes, i have conducted this experiment myself
Rioter Comments
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Can u suggest some tanky jungler?
there are many viable and strong tanky junglers right now: Gragas, Amumu, Sejuani, Zac, Nautilus if you want a classic tank Olaf and Volibear int you want a jaggernaut Someone has already recommended Amumu, and for a good reason. hella fast clears (on of the few junglers that clear raptors in a heartbeat). He is (like most tanks) fairly weak 1v1, but he is a god of 5v5 teamfights. So ya, Amumu is a good starting point
: Karthus's Ult Vs Edge of Night and possible healthy solution
1. If you want to snipe a carry/assassin who is low on health, this means that the said squishy made it out of skirmish 2. when said squishy is out of skirmish- tht means that his edge is most likely on cooldown 3. it it is not- how dafaq did this target survive, a skirmish with so much inefficiently spent gold?
fix your caps lock, calm down and explain your point. BTW: you could never, at any point in the game, buy runes with real money
CraftWorld (EUNE)
am I the only one who thinks that this would make a great copypasta?
Lemony (EUNE)
: %%%% autofill
i knew one day these threads would get nothing but downvotes. i see it now. it makes my heart a bit warmer
CiomkaRU (EUNE)
: How to invade?
this jewel shows everything you need to know about invading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3JfNMy8DWw
: I think Grasp could be viable for very tough lanes that force fights on you, and Thunderlords might be viable for an E max focus.
well, this better be EXTREMELY oppresive matchups you are talking about, since the price of the Grasp is skipping 45% cdr. these 5% bonus CDR is sick on Nasus. Btw. Quas uses Stormraider's even on his E build.
Rioter Comments
: Stormraiders is really valuable on a lot of champions. My preferred candidates are {{champion:82}}, {{champion:91}} and{{champion:75}} . {{champion:122}} might also profit from it greatly but I havent tried yet. Your TL;DR should be: Stormraiders is underrated.
never, ever considered anything else on nasus tbh
Tpexton (EUW)
: how to play a lane without losing it.
kinda takes practice. few things that you need to remember: 1. "just farming" does not mean you totally ignore your oponent- trade back if he choses to trade in your minion wave. nasus can outtrtade riven in this circumstances, trust me. let alone other champs 2. when melee minions kill each other and rnged are all what is left (common thing during the first 3 waves- AA your oponent. this will trigger the minion aggro. now back dafaq away. minions will chase you for a while and then trop aggro. now you can far them without overextending. 3. if you want to play setting yourself moderate goals in lane- learn Mundo. This champion teaches non-interactive farming like no other. You can farm from very safe range and sustain yourself doing so. Last hittin under the turret is easy because of how powerful his AD steroid is. And ult is generally great safety tool. 4. I know this is elementary but always good to mention- Melee minions take 2 towershots and one autoattack to die. Ranged minions- 1 tower shot and 2 AA.
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