: Got Lv 5 Honor Orb, but no Chroma!
Well, lucky you, I was honour 5 for 2 seasons, But didn't get the Warwick till now, This is my 3rd season and waiting to reach honour 5 from honour 4 lv3, Let's see what I get or not.
Akaillusion (EUNE)
: man my question was whats ur cpu how in the world could you understand that as " what process is taking cpu ?
Intel Core Duo CPU E8400 3.00GHz 3.00GHz. Game was working perfectly before the patch. Also the problem happened in TFT too.
Akaillusion (EUNE)
: and ur cpu is?
If you mean what is the process that is taking all the CPU then it is none, nothing is using the CPU at all in my task manager yet the usage is 93%
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: it is frustrating because i'm trash on game {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
When I try to put my ward on bushes, I put it above the bushes, it is frustrating because I can't put my wards.
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: They just trolled you to make you dodge and lose LP. You get punished for flaming, trolling, inting, griefing, going afk and refunding RP purchases. Being punished for not picking [x] skin is not a real thing.
Clearly it is not even a logical thing that someone would do to make someone else dodge and lose LP, Unless they wrote "Pick a Project skin, or we will lose the game intentionally".
: Got pressured to pick a project skin or reported in game
So, the Scenario you're describing is like what I and my Friends do when we all have skins but the fifth random player has no skin, and we write "LOL, no skin, rep" for the fun and jokes and everyone laughs, even sometimes the fifth player writes "skin but no skill nubs xD" or something like that, But in your case the fifth random player is over sensitive and cried rivers or something for this?
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SuperJunk (EUW)
: i don't want to select to see minus, it is a lot of work, selecting them takes 0,5 seconds, do i have 0,5 seconds to waste on selecting ----
That a lot of negativity!
SuperJunk (EUW)
: you could at least use SPACE button, to make - look like -, not ----------
Try to select them, It's black magic!
: i dont even have to check the full negative one, do i?
Yes, also would be better if this one got 1000 upvote while the other got -1000 upvote.
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FixxeS (EUW)
: I see that you got introduced. welcome to league of legends, the place where 12 year olds reunite to have fun... but when they don't, they need someone to blame because they are always right. they are futures pro players... or at least they think so. so yeah, welcome to league of legends XD
their interaction was seriously a childish thing, Like how can you tell a person "It is ok, you can reconnect" and when this person reconnects but the game is lost they tell you "you lost us the game because you were afk". And wtf was this stuck to every possible wall thing is?
: well you went afk and lost the game
well, If i get stuck to walls without any understandable reason to the fact that moving in Jungle is just an absolute stucking experience, I don't know what were I supposed to do other than reconnecting.
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Cypherous (EUW)
: The passive doesn't tell you which champion it is, her passive is basically sonar, it can tell that there is "something" there but it won't know what that something is, she isn't actually "seeing" it just sensing it
so it can't draw a body of an unknown object without showing any special treatments?
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VIT Laati (EUNE)
: If they spent all that to you, your team should have had a free access to their backline. Also, did you have Legend: Tenacity from the runes?
I was **Diana Mid**, And nope, Didn't have it, And nope, My team is wholesome in thinking of what to do.
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: Give us one free dodge per day/week
: cc in this game can be obnoxious
Last game I played I was hit by all of those skills one-by-one: {{champion:113}} 'Q then {{champion:518}} 'E then {{champion:89}} 's E then {{champion:89}} 's Q then {{champion:113}} 's E then {{champion:518}} 'R then {{champion:89}} 's R then {{champion:113}} 'R. Can you calculate for how long was I stunned? I will tell you! I was stunned to my Death, CC is too much man.
: The point is: this would be not unique. A generic ability just like someone else's ability is plain boring. PS: my bad, Gnar deals magic, not physical. Still, this is a percentage non-true damage that occurs on 3 hits.
Let's remove Gnar from the Game then so That we can have a balanced champ in the other side.
: Looks more like the enemy team killed Vi in Midlane, went to baron and he tried to stop them, so rageblade was already stacked on nashor. Why she was allowed to focus him without dying...well, probably because his team didn't really follow up or was busy with Yasuo, while he can't focus Vayne on his own anyways, so at least he killed Elise. But I'm just guessing here.
Man, You can't bring logic to this table, This is forbidden, Follow the rules: If someone rants, It is his mistake in the first place even if it is not.
Mada (EUW)
: That sounds like I'd decide in champ select to fullmute you when the game starts
Woah man, Calm your edge a little, It is a just a funny topic about Silver I, You don't have to be offended this hard, Also this is about all Silver I players and not about me in particular, So I don't see where are you going.
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: Guess what I was sitting on 60% wr when climbing through bronze to silver. I hit S1, get trolls everygame. Funny enough, someone said that the gold 4 is the most cursed low elo rank because players tend to just be worse than most silvers, dropped to S2 and I'm getting much more serious and better players from S4 to S1 brackets. I already gave up on trying to get to gold because of how miserable the experience is, either get incompetent players that think are above all while sitting on gold 4 to players who just refuse to play the game and go on their own adventure.
this sums up my expecrince in S1, Literally every game an ADC that doesn't know how to play, or a Jungle that never ganks and always farms, Or when I play Jungle and suddenly all lanes asks for help everywhere or when bot lane is 0/3 in min 3 and blaming me for not ganking. or the usual AFK every now and then OR THE BEST OF THEM, The Guys that goes to invade but not waiting the 1:30 to come so we can surprise them while fighting the camp, but they try to take over the place to make the score 0 : 3 in min 2.
kingo1234 (EUW)
: why cant i see my group tag
You have to Hide and Show Club Tag again to make it appear.
: Why ?
For things like this https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/Bi5lg6E3-so-about-the-promos-bs
Jookerr44 (EUNE)
: more like: "hey yall look at my pc specs how strong pc I have" I bet u couldnt wait to write ur comp specs u were literally shaking
hey annie, are you ok? annie, are you okay?
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: 3 troll games in row. Today is bad day.
Lucky you, The entire Week I keep jumping and falling from 90 Silver I to 75 Silver II, And it is always this time when I get near or get into the Promos that the trolls start to introduce themselves as my lord and savoir's men and proving to me that i'm a bad player and I don't deserve to get out of silver, so they troll to make me lose.
Mada (EUW)
: Yeah. I think if you stayed reconnected for twice the amount of time you were disconnected, you should be good
And I'm supposed to hold the Game more because the Game took literally 5 Minutes loading the 10% of loading?
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: That's what I mean, if his passive removed the shield, he'd would have a lot weaker early game due to a lack of 100+ shield power. Alternatively, let any minion hit or tower hit destroy it instantly. I get the idea behind the charges on his dash but I think Aatrox had a problem with it and got changed due to it.
I think minions attacks would be better in this case, But tower hits hitting him is better than getting lowered by it, Also I don't know why did Aatrox charges gets removed Because I liked it, Was it because of a problem really?
: yea .. yasuo, similar to riven and akali feels like he has too many "get out of jail - free" cards .. with his e mobility his passiv shield and his q knockup aswell as his w block .. so yea attacking one (or more) of those points in order to make him less adapting is definitly not a wrong way to go, however .. i think limiting his e to 2 dashes would actualy legitimatly delete his presence .. (your windwall idea i also had something similar thought for over a year now :) : .. ) what i think is maybe make his windwall consume his passiv and have an hp-bar of what it consumes (+30% per 100 bonus ad) and after taking enough dmg or reaching the timelimit it dissapears (however if for example the wall has 100 hp and you throw veigar r for 500 then the ult breaks through his shield and does 100 less dmg .. ) .. while also giving it a lower cd (maybe something like 20(lvl1) - 12(lvl5) instead of the current 26-18) the windwall would be very toxic if it would actualy just count projectiles because lulus passiv would proc 3 times dealing 100 dmg while veigar ult dealing 2k dmg would proc it only once so the hp bar is the only way to make his shield also crumble and not feel so bad to fight ..
Not a bad idea at all But I guess they would say it is harder to be programmed, Since I don't know how do they even program the champions skills if this is Hard, But yeah, Not a bad idea at all.
: I personally think he needs his shield removed from the passive and only allowed on his ult which lasts for five seconds. That way, he doesn't get a shield by doing nothing and would leave the rest of his kit untouched.
I think the Shield isn't the problem, But the fact that If you tried to Pop it using an AutoAttack he entirly engages on you without an easy Escape, That why I thought Limiting his E would be a Good thing, What do you think about that?
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TheHammy (EUNE)
: ***
From your replies I assume that you're a person who doesn't understand the meaning of **"Time (Invest/Waste/Value)--ing"**, Also you keep assuming from your replies on **Thaakillah** by > first think they are learned there are to respect people, discipline and not to be cocky and arrogant --- > it's sad that old players got with this wave of toxic behavior --- > start banning players for playing bad and keep toxic players that will have a stroke at 16 years old because of anger from games --- > COMPETITIVE doesn't mean that I allow punks to bully me around and flame me and call me names just because they are to spoiled and narcissist to see their own mistake and only see flaws in others --- > you think you get known by being a toxic jerk ? --- > Tell me you cry and nagg for 45 min and call noobs and losers and wish their parents to die and tell them to kill themself to your football friends because they lose a ball, or not pass or miss the post ? or football its not competitive ? or football its not played for money by professionals ? --- > I prefer having a nice friendly game with 4 people that aren't toxic And some of your replies on me like > I knew you wil nto read or care about my reply, I write it for others that do, I smelled your attitude and type of person to bother for you :D --- > WHO ARE YOU ?!!! to tell people what to play and how ?! That I, Him or Anyone as Toxic, Cocky, Arrogant, Spoiled, Narcissist or Jerk as soon as they give their opinion that doesn't share your view of playing **Competitive Games**, And from the dialogs you write It is clearly that you (don't know what is/can't tell what is) the **Point** you want to point out to us about your view, At the same Time you accused me by not reading your whole dialog before even though I totally wrote a clear sentence that implies that I've read it all And I pointed it out in a reply to your accusation reply But you didn't even bother to reply back or anything, At this point it is clear that you're either a **Young Young Person** who feels neglected from others Who's when makes a mistake and someone points it out to you, You just go full-rampage on him accusing him for hurting you by any possible way you can find out, You're like a person who goes to a friend and tells him "let's play League of Legends", Then his friend agrees and in Game the Friend flames because the entire team is trolling and calls this a waste of time, Then you tell him that he is no longer a friend of yours because he is Toxic, Then he replies by "I had only time for a single Game to play before studying the whole Week for exams and I wanted it to count"; But hey, You didn't even consider his Time and thought that he is just like you, Having all the time he wants. That all I can tell you at this point.
: No, fu; I like ranked cuz everyone goes try hard compared to the other queues but despite that it's still just a game. And if it's just a normal you can bet your ass I'll play only troll picks regardless of what you think.
As I said, I don't care about the Picks, I don't even believe in the Troll-Picks things, Pick whatever you want in whatever role you got, That comes from someone who plays all Champions in Support like Aatrox, Katarina, Swain, Zed, Urgot, Twisted Fate and Gangplank or playing Jungle with Jinx, Lucian, Ashe, Zyra, Himerdinger, Vayne, Mlazahar, Kassadin and Kai'sa, People kept saying that I'm trolling and things at the start But I made them silent by sometimes carrying the Game or Supporting better than the Enemy Support. Out of this, I don't even think or remember that I said anything about **Troll-Picks** or **Ranked** in the Topic, Maybe in replies, But wasn't even sarcastic about Ranked.
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