FixxeS (EUW)
: I see that you got introduced. welcome to league of legends, the place where 12 year olds reunite to have fun... but when they don't, they need someone to blame because they are always right. they are futures pro players... or at least they think so. so yeah, welcome to league of legends XD
their interaction was seriously a childish thing, Like how can you tell a person "It is ok, you can reconnect" and when this person reconnects but the game is lost they tell you "you lost us the game because you were afk". And wtf was this stuck to every possible wall thing is?
: well you went afk and lost the game
well, If i get stuck to walls without any understandable reason to the fact that moving in Jungle is just an absolute stucking experience, I don't know what were I supposed to do other than reconnecting.
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Cypherous (EUW)
: The passive doesn't tell you which champion it is, her passive is basically sonar, it can tell that there is "something" there but it won't know what that something is, she isn't actually "seeing" it just sensing it
so it can't draw a body of an unknown object without showing any special treatments?
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VIT Laati (EUNE)
: If they spent all that to you, your team should have had a free access to their backline. Also, did you have Legend: Tenacity from the runes?
I was **Diana Mid**, And nope, Didn't have it, And nope, My team is wholesome in thinking of what to do.
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Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Simple. They are stupid. Unless you have a noticeable lead and a superior teamcomp for 5v5 fights, going "all mid" is the second shortest road to a defeat right after surrendering. For example: Got Baron? All mid. Get aced within 2 minutes and lose Baron buff without doing anything. Why not practically go AFK outside the enemy range letting minions do all the work in THREE lanes at once. Most champions simply cannot deal with buffed minions, so the enemy team would either have to outnumber and try to kill of your team one by one, giving your team free objectives in other lanes, regardless of whenever enemies manage to kill somebody, or sit there and slowly get whittled down for the next 4 minutes, which would at least push down one tier of towers.
Yeah, The absolute waste of Baron that I always have, 4 members with Baron buff goes all Mid just to die in a teamfight instead of splitting with the hyper super duper minions.
JOX1999 (EUNE)
: Give us one free dodge per day/week
: Simple as that . But usually botlane once they lose a tower they should always be in mid to help both sides since they are 2 people and they can stop 3 people push in mid . So mid laner should move to bot lane or top lane to farm push the lane fast and move to assist team in mid . If you are a midlaner and you stick with your bot lane in mid then you need to rework your gameplay as you are doing things wrong . Also there is a huge chance boosted players ! Like the game is suffering of that . You can easily find a 8 years old rich kid who pay 10k RP to a monkey to boost him into diamond or higher . Not to mention all the websites that offer that . It is sad that with all riot system to catch boosters it is hard to stop them .
What you said is understandable and it is done properly, I was talking about the change happenning between **Mid-to--Late Game**, When we're clearly couldn't push Top or Mid but the Enemy left the **Bot-lane **to minions or the Jungler did his trick, They never take the advantage of that Lane. We even sometimes could've won from the **Bot-lane **when they listen, But nope, There is always this **one-two players **that goes to push **Mid-lane **for no reason at all while we're at the **Nexus Turrets**.
: cc in this game can be obnoxious
Last game I played I was hit by all of those skills one-by-one: {{champion:113}} 'Q then {{champion:518}} 'E then {{champion:89}} 's E then {{champion:89}} 's Q then {{champion:113}} 's E then {{champion:518}} 'R then {{champion:89}} 's R then {{champion:113}} 'R. Can you calculate for how long was I stunned? I will tell you! I was stunned to my Death, CC is too much man.
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: The point is: this would be not unique. A generic ability just like someone else's ability is plain boring. PS: my bad, Gnar deals magic, not physical. Still, this is a percentage non-true damage that occurs on 3 hits.
Let's remove Gnar from the Game then so That we can have a balanced champ in the other side.
: Looks more like the enemy team killed Vi in Midlane, went to baron and he tried to stop them, so rageblade was already stacked on nashor. Why she was allowed to focus him without dying...well, probably because his team didn't really follow up or was busy with Yasuo, while he can't focus Vayne on his own anyways, so at least he killed Elise. But I'm just guessing here.
Man, You can't bring logic to this table, This is forbidden, Follow the rules: If someone rants, It is his mistake in the first place even if it is not.
Mada (EUW)
: That sounds like I'd decide in champ select to fullmute you when the game starts
Woah man, Calm your edge a little, It is a just a funny topic about Silver I, You don't have to be offended this hard, Also this is about all Silver I players and not about me in particular, So I don't see where are you going.
500BC (EUNE)
: yasuo is not OP. I just lost 3 games for ape yasuo players that went 2/11
I always ban him, Not because I can't make him the worst in Game, But because my Teammates has 0 Idea about how to fight him.
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: Guess what I was sitting on 60% wr when climbing through bronze to silver. I hit S1, get trolls everygame. Funny enough, someone said that the gold 4 is the most cursed low elo rank because players tend to just be worse than most silvers, dropped to S2 and I'm getting much more serious and better players from S4 to S1 brackets. I already gave up on trying to get to gold because of how miserable the experience is, either get incompetent players that think are above all while sitting on gold 4 to players who just refuse to play the game and go on their own adventure.
this sums up my expecrince in S1, Literally every game an ADC that doesn't know how to play, or a Jungle that never ganks and always farms, Or when I play Jungle and suddenly all lanes asks for help everywhere or when bot lane is 0/3 in min 3 and blaming me for not ganking. or the usual AFK every now and then OR THE BEST OF THEM, The Guys that goes to invade but not waiting the 1:30 to come so we can surprise them while fighting the camp, but they try to take over the place to make the score 0 : 3 in min 2.
Restalious (EUNE)
: Greetings, 300! Hope [this]( helps!
And What is this Sword thing worth of 50 Token?
kingo1234 (EUW)
: why cant i see my group tag
You have to Hide and Show Club Tag again to make it appear.
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: Why ?
For things like this
Jookerr44 (EUNE)
: more like: "hey yall look at my pc specs how strong pc I have" I bet u couldnt wait to write ur comp specs u were literally shaking
hey annie, are you ok? annie, are you okay?
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: 3 troll games in row. Today is bad day.
Lucky you, The entire Week I keep jumping and falling from 90 Silver I to 75 Silver II, And it is always this time when I get near or get into the Promos that the trolls start to introduce themselves as my lord and savoir's men and proving to me that i'm a bad player and I don't deserve to get out of silver, so they troll to make me lose.
Mada (EUW)
: Yeah. I think if you stayed reconnected for twice the amount of time you were disconnected, you should be good
And I'm supposed to hold the Game more because the Game took literally 5 Minutes loading the 10% of loading?
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: they need to focus Veigar if he is the most useful part of the enemy team , were you able to reach him ?
I didn't even have time to write "Why surrender, just focus veigar", I was just writing it and they surrendered as fast as they can, we need the ability to change votes and it is only accpeted when time finishes.
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: > [{quoted}](name=C4libur,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NsJATTmw,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-04-28T14:57:17.947+0000) > > What is the [F]ingidea of me picking a Champion that has 1500 ~ 2000 HP and getting killed by a [F]ing abominations named: > > --Abominations of 1-Shot > Blue Kayn: Q + R || Q + W || W + R I don't think you understand what **one**-shot means...
I just added the 2nd Skill for the 2000HP part, Other than that, I got one shotted by a Blue Kayn lv14 while I was lv13 Katarina full HP with just Q.
Devrost (EUW)
: {{champion:11}} really 1 shot people???? I though you need at least 3 items..and stack {{item:3124}} to start doing dmg..yet not 1 shot.And blue {{champion:141}} garbage...Red is way better. Assasin must 1 shot..especially adc..or other assasins..But the problem here are bruisers.{{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} etc that are very tanky and can do evrything.
Yi and Jax are in the Cancer part only, not the 1-Shot unless they're so fed, Red Kayn is awesome to deal with fed Champions, And I love fighting or playing as him, But this goddamn Blue smurf kayn who just goes E > W > Q > R then runsaway again because they buffed his Goddamn E cooldown is another story.
: {{champion:121}} ?
[F] him too and that [F] Rengar who just R + Q to kill me as an ADC or a Midlaner with 1900HP then keeps writing ez.
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: No, Estonia.
It seems like the area around Greece, Egypt, Estonia, Italy and Romania has these problem, In this case.
: 200+ ping in some games
And let me guess, You're from Egypt.
: You probably asked out of curiosity but to them, it seemed like you were criticizing his pick. A misunderstanding, it happens.
Perhaps, Because when I told them I asked and didn't trash talk They didn't respond after.
HoR RooneR (EUNE)
: Post the chatlog here.
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Xaytah (EUW)
: time to look harder buddy, its at the top.
That would require me to hold **"Y"** while in **"Free Camera"** but in my case I always play with locked camera on the Champion and free it when needed.
Xaytah (EUW)
: you can change it in the camera control settings im pretty sure
All I found is the **"Toggle"** option.
0rcGa5M (EUNE)
: Click Y
That the **"Toggle"**.
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: That's what I mean, if his passive removed the shield, he'd would have a lot weaker early game due to a lack of 100+ shield power. Alternatively, let any minion hit or tower hit destroy it instantly. I get the idea behind the charges on his dash but I think Aatrox had a problem with it and got changed due to it.
I think minions attacks would be better in this case, But tower hits hitting him is better than getting lowered by it, Also I don't know why did Aatrox charges gets removed Because I liked it, Was it because of a problem really?
: yea .. yasuo, similar to riven and akali feels like he has too many "get out of jail - free" cards .. with his e mobility his passiv shield and his q knockup aswell as his w block .. so yea attacking one (or more) of those points in order to make him less adapting is definitly not a wrong way to go, however .. i think limiting his e to 2 dashes would actualy legitimatly delete his presence .. (your windwall idea i also had something similar thought for over a year now :) : .. ) what i think is maybe make his windwall consume his passiv and have an hp-bar of what it consumes (+30% per 100 bonus ad) and after taking enough dmg or reaching the timelimit it dissapears (however if for example the wall has 100 hp and you throw veigar r for 500 then the ult breaks through his shield and does 100 less dmg .. ) .. while also giving it a lower cd (maybe something like 20(lvl1) - 12(lvl5) instead of the current 26-18) the windwall would be very toxic if it would actualy just count projectiles because lulus passiv would proc 3 times dealing 100 dmg while veigar ult dealing 2k dmg would proc it only once so the hp bar is the only way to make his shield also crumble and not feel so bad to fight ..
Not a bad idea at all But I guess they would say it is harder to be programmed, Since I don't know how do they even program the champions skills if this is Hard, But yeah, Not a bad idea at all.
: I personally think he needs his shield removed from the passive and only allowed on his ult which lasts for five seconds. That way, he doesn't get a shield by doing nothing and would leave the rest of his kit untouched.
I think the Shield isn't the problem, But the fact that If you tried to Pop it using an AutoAttack he entirly engages on you without an easy Escape, That why I thought Limiting his E would be a Good thing, What do you think about that?
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