: You always have the coice Not to leave
> [{quoted}](name=Timethief49,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UXJfTGT3,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2017-01-27T13:49:28.751+0000) > > You always have the coice Not to leave Doesnt apply if your connection cuts
: IP
This account is 5 years and 3 months old, I still am missing like 40 champions and I have 2 rune pages. Its not about how long you have been playing, but how much you play
: That would encourage players to leave just often enough to not get banned. You shouldn't even need to know when you will get punished by Leaverbuster, becuase leaving is a bad thing to do in first place.
> [{quoted}](name=sander599,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UXJfTGT3,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-01-27T13:33:04.598+0000) > > That would encourage players to leave just often enough to not get banned. You shouldn't even need to know when you will get punished by Leaverbuster, becuase leaving is a bad thing to do in first place. Sometimes you don't have a choice
: Riot...
"that won't work in high elo cuz animation cancels and shit but in low elo this works wonders" If you think like this, there is really nothing else to say than git gud. There is literally nothing stopping you from playing like a high elo player would. Its the same game
Damiel (EUW)
: Which champion has the best butt in the game?
Urgot or Gragas, haven't decided yet
: Midlaner Looking for Jungler/Toplaner to duo with
I can duo with you, diamond toplaner. EUW ID: Level 17 Bayleef
pdX Lye (EUW)
: Jayce as Bot laner?
If you get to pick Jayce, you really should put him on toplane
Eambo (EUW)
: [Finished] Riot vs Community - EUNE Edition! (25th of January 2017!)
It was really fun to play with you all, you are so friendly people!
Rioter Comments
Wadud92 (EUW)
: What class should be the next big rework?
sIutty (EUNE)
: What skin tier is mythical?
Mythic Cassiopeia is pretty mythical
: Serious Diamond Team (going for Compete League) LF ADC and Top Laner! *READ*
I will apply if the EUW Transfer goes free. Top die
Wen294 (EUW)
: "according to the actual meta" Ew meta slaves. Just because something isn't meta doesn't mean it can't be strong.
> [{quoted}](name=Wen294,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=LXk7nfrM,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-01-25T11:48:50.599+0000) > > "according to the actual meta" > > Ew meta slaves. Just because something isn't meta doesn't mean it can't be strong. If you are good enough, you don't follow the meta, you form the meta.
: Should Nunu Ult be nerfed in Bush?
If an enemy team has a Nunu and you do not have vision him, expect him to be waiting for you in a bush.
Usbarija (EUNE)
: AATROX NEW SKINS AND ATTACKS????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I personally think Aatrox does not require a rework to popularise him. Skins make champions to be played more for some time, but changing the numbers in the abilities for the better would make Aatrox played more, as he is not far from being a strong champion. Aatrox was played competitively in 2013, but suffered from nerfs. Aatrox would be difficult to buff without making it too strong.
: Also... Just asking, what exactly is is that wards do?
> [{quoted}](name=JackFreeze26,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=WLIEHyNz,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-01-25T13:15:54.404+0000) > > Also... > Just asking, what exactly is is that wards do? Normal wards are invisible units that can be placed anywhere on the map (not on terrain) that reveal the fog of war giving your team vision of that area for a certain amount of time. This is useful to reveal enemies trying to steal your jungle minions and to make sure you are not getting out numbered by an enemy from the fog of war.
FprodUaka (EUW)
: ranks 8 wins 2 lose bronze 5 joking ?
I went 7 wins 3 losses on a fresh account and got placed in Gold 2. There must be some other ways of telling your MMR than win / loss ratio.
: Can a Gold+ Player go over replays with me please? Thanks
I have a lot of knowledge of LoL, I started playing LoL in 2011 and when I am not playing LoL, I am propably watching the pro scene. I can for sure analyze your replays and try to teach you on what you could do better.
: dont play ranked
This is really not true. If you want to put your mind in learning the game, you can get diamond in less than a year of starting to play the game. Also this is really hypocritical for you to tell people to try and learn the game before playing ranked, but why haven't you put in the effort to learn the game in your 2+ years of playing. There is absolutely no way to stay in bronze or silver for 2 years if you tried to improve.
Yolo Ekko (EUW)
: Selfish Junglar Champion
I played on a gold 2 account and picked Shyvana. Seeing that all my lanes were losing early on I farmed my jungle to 20 minutes, knowing that lower elo people most likely wont be able to farm well. This gave me a huge lead, making it easy to split push taking the attention of 2-3 enemies to my lane.
: Warding, Bronze v. Pros
You don't need many wards if you have the game knowledge to know from just one glimpse on the enemy what the enemy will do in the next 1-2 minutes. This makes it so experienced players can position in the lane so that they can not get ganked. A simple thing you can do at the start of every game is to get vision on one of the enemy jungle buffs. If the enemy is not starting that buff, he will be starting on the other side, for example top side, meaning that he is going to be on the bot side of the jungle in the next 2 minutes. This gives useful information to every laner, top lane & jungle can go for a kill when they know the enemy jungler is not there to help. Mid laner should move to topside of the lane to have a clear route out of a possible gank. Bot lane will know then to not go too aggressive and will know when its most efficient to ward up. Sure it is useful to have vision on all of the map, but it is not always needed + its dangerous if you let your support or anyone to try and ward alone. This also allows the use of red trinkets to deny enemy vision.
: Build Advice
You should really stick with the Recommended builds for a week or two until you get a feel for the game. Then you will be able to tell what items you should buy against what enemies and with what teammates you have. We can't give you the perfect build as we don't know what other champions there are in the match. One item that you can never go wrong though is Mercury Treads. If you would like to get information on more specific match-ups, I can answer.
Hizamaru (EUNE)
: Give us NORMAL DRAFT Jesus
Flex 5v5 is not really much different from normal draft. You just get a nice bonus badge on your profile.
: Personal Hate, Tryn
Pick a champion that beats Tryndamere more easily
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Players nick and clan not showing on TAB table in game
I thought this was because I was using a korean client. Good to know it will be fixed
: My main's rework is released on the live servers in MY Birthday. Coincidence? I think not!
: But who fed Syndra?
> [{quoted}](name=Stahlvormund,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=AbO4ZoQo,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2017-01-24T05:52:10.421+0000) > > But who fed Syndra? Read the story
: Scripters able to roam freely?
Scripters can buy or make new accounts. Also everyone you see dodging your skillshots is not scripting. I have played for over 5 years and have not seen one scripter in my games.
: Funny Names
Toyota Hi-Lux
: Broken matchmaking (Team Composition/Player MMR)
From my experience it is a problem in Flex games. I got a bunch of silver and gold players in 3v3 and 5v5 flex. I don't think soloQ rank matters much here, as I am diamond in solo
Biuvoc (EUW)
: High elo is bad??
You are in platinum with high amount of games, you belong there. A diamond with high amount of games belongs where he is. Maybe you don't notice your mistakes. All in all high diamond players most likely are better than platinum players. I am sure a challenger would spot 20x more mistakes in platinum games than you could in high ranked play.
: Being an ADC main in 2017 LoL is just a joke... do something about it
Jhin and Caitlyn are strong. Caitlyn is difficult to play really well, I suggest you try Jhin. You can't die if you are pressing your ultimate from a far.
Jeri (EUNE)
: Yasuo Ultimate
Tip: Get exhaust if you are against a Yasuo Tip 2: play Pantheon to not let Yasuo get to lategame Tip 3: Don't get multiple teammates knocked up. Tip 4: CC Tip 5: Dont die to him / dont fight him unless you are Pantheon Tip 6: Get Locket of Iron Solari and Karma if possible. Locket is a shield of over 600 on all teammates later on.
Eambo (EUW)
: IP Weekend /remake - Coming Soon (Not ™)
I experienced a personal problem during the weekend: No people looking for flex ranked in Chat Rooms. I enjoy the ranked rules. If you would still like to play premade flex ranked, please join the Chat Room "Flex" on the ip weekends. You will still get the bonus ip and it will be more competitive! Another problem I saw in the chat rooms was people premading to "open mid". They had 7-10 minute games with no cs and no items bought. They would be literally rewarded around 400 ip for being AFK. This is another reason why I want people to que flex.
Eambo (EUW)
: [Finished] Riot vs Community - EUNE Edition! (25th of January 2017!)
Is it always 5 rioters against 5 randoms or is there a chance of getting to carry a rioter? Anyways, I am excited for the event! I hope we get to do a game on Summoner's Rift.
Rioter Comments
: are league of legends players the dumbest people in the world?
I am pretty dumb because I should be studying for my finals but I am playing LoL instead. I also think its dumb to admit to being dumb, so there are 2 reasons why you are correct on my part.
Patience (EUW)
: Bots in every ARAM game
Dude that is not too bad compared to the dominion days. ALL of the games that I played some months before the dominion removal had at least 5 bots, but usually 7-9. You could tell from their names (always 2 part names with a number at the end ex: CodyGiraffe84) , from their movement; all the bots would wait to a certain point of time like 1:15 and they had the same pathing. They also said something really randomly in chat, like "Wow, good job!" Even if the game had not started yet. Although I enjoyed the change to a more positive environment, I still would have liked to play with real people.
kezeslabas (EUNE)
: That is an acceptable behavour if I use the Flex Q for practicing? I want a Rioter's answer.
Well I played flex ranked just as a joke and placed in platinum II, so I think its acceptable if you are trying your best to improve
: I don't improve at all
If you are not good, dont play champions that require you to be good. Sounds mean, but it works. You don't have to play high skill champions to climb. I played viktor, pantheon, karma and talon(old) to get from gold iv to diamond iv with a 65% winrate. Simple champions = simple kills = easy wins
Rioter Comments
: Opinion new champ
The heal mechanic looks pretty strong, low cooldown and no manacosts. Needs more depth in the abilities :)
: Well, Gold/Plat Plat/Diamond and Diamond/Challenger overlaps. How do you draw the line? Just as the meta shifts, you have to adapt to autofill as well
Riot had drawn a line for the last season's que, limiting the premade size. I don't know how much it limited, I only soloed, which makes this situation different because you had an option to not be affected by the change by playing solo. Autofill can't be played around so I think it would feel unfair for some players.
: Forced autofill in lower elo's, why?
I had up to 25 min ques before the autofill thing in diamond so I think it really helps. I also have an account in euwest gold and I had around 8 minute ques for midlane before the autofill. Maybe I got unlucky, but I would personally rather play other lanes a little worse than to have to wait longer. I know the pain as I used to be a Talon main, but I fixed the problem by learning Gnar and Karma for the lesser picked roles.
: Is smurfing bannable
I think smurfing is punishable if you intentionally lose to get into the lower ranks
Gaddafi (EUW)
: What's boring about Yasuo is that every time i go against one i just play passive, let him run around my minions and eventually he will make mistake, either when spamming mastery or when he gets gank ( since i mostly choose Malza, Annie for mid against him or Illaoi or Cho for top lane ) i win 90% games against Yasuo. Problem with him is that it's very easy to make impact on the game and it doesn't really matter if he is too much behind. His synergy with majority of champs is very alarming. For example, playing Malph top and roam mid where your Yasuo is, you ult their mid laner, tower dive and it's 100% kill. That's simply crazy.
Easiest way to kill a Yasuo is to punish their mispositioning with your CC when your jungler is near or even solokill. Can you tell me about how you trade with Yasuo on Illaoi? I think its difficult to hit him when he is dashing
: What about Annie/ lissandra/malzahar ?
I don't have much experience on annie but I think Annie is a good pick for surviving the lane. Low cooldown low manacost Q helps you secure minion kills, but can be annoying in a 1 on 1 fight against the windwall. If you have to fight against a Yasuo without the help of your jungler, I would autoattack his passive down and wait for him to dash in, then cast a W stun. It can be dangerous to try and walk around the windwall to cast a Q, as it can help the Yasuo to get in melee range. If you don't feel confident in 1 on 1, just farm it out with Q and stun him when yout jungler comes. Lissandra has a slow autoattack animation, but good range Q to break the Yasuo passive. You will most likely fall behind in the earlier levels, as Yasuo has a good waveclear, unlike Lissandra with the low early damage and high manacosts. But if you feel like you would rather give up lane pressure to stay alive, then Lissandra is a great pick. Lissandra has about 3 seconds of lockdown (I don't remember the exact numbers but my guess is 1.5 second ultimate + 1.2 - 1.7 second W.) which really makes it easy lane to gank for a jungler. Malzahar suffers early on from the lack of waveclear, but it gets better really quickly. Malzahar can put good damage on Yasuo before level 6 and should be able to solokill him if he goes all in. Passive saves you from tornadoes or jungler cc. Just like the other two champions you mentioned, Malzahar has really good set up potential for a gank with the suppression. But unlike Lissandra or Annie, you don't need much poke to solokill a Yasuo. You have to expect the Yasuo to build early mercury treads and maybe even QSS (Not sure about qss, I am not so familiar with Yasuo itemization). So get that void staff! I hope this helps you picking your mid laner. Please if you have any questions, ask me anything. I enjoy talking about League. (: (Apologies if there are any typos, I know I could have put this better but I am sick and answering on my phone)
CF Giverno (EUNE)
: ADC + Jungler are looking for a team.
Hey I am interested in a team as well, maybe we should form a team together. I played mostly top and mid last season in soloQ. I also played mid lane in a team in season 5. I added you in-game, hope you are interested =)
FckPolice02 (EUNE)
This is coming from a diamond mid/toplaner, I played a lot of games against yasuo last season in mid and top. I found two basically free win champions against Yasuo if you get matched up against him. First one is Karma (midlane). Take thunderlords and max W, after autoattacking the passive shield from Yasuo, you really chunk his HP with one W followed by ultimate Q if he already had used the windwall, Q is not needed though. Just press E on yourself and run at Yasuo, press W on cooldown, wins me the lane every time. Second champion I played a lot at mid and top is Thunderlords ignite Pantheon. You should start with dorans blade to really punish the Yasuo and max E instead of Q. Windwall will do nothing against this kind of start on Pantheon. Your passive is also useful to block the nasty crits. Your go-to combo is Q or autoattack to break the Yasuo passive, followed by W Autoattack E Q. You don't want to fight Yasuo for a longer time, so just press E or W+E whenever he comes close to your minions and run away. Try these matchups, I promise it will work after a few practise games. (If you somehow fail the matchup, you will still be useful. On Pantheon you can ult botlane whenever its off cooldown, and on Karma your shield is always welcome in teamfights.)
: If you have been playing for that long then you must have accumulated enough IP to buy as many pages as you need by now. There must have been countless 2 for 1 sales in that time too.
idk most of my ip has gone to runes :I Also missing 57 champions, 76/133
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