LZ Flame (EUW)
: ok if you want i carry you to challenjour
give me dat challenjour xD
Çhaòs (EUW)
: Random suggestion from a lower life form gold assuming you're not trolling maybe it'd be good to smurf for a bit and play at a different skill level even if it's lower, only think I can think of if you have started to play ridged(the same), no improvement.
I am not trolling thats my first post ever here and i am dead serious .... no back to our topic i feel like i can't climb because i smurf too much and i smurf from like 2-3 accounts and rarely playing on my main so playing from all these accounts i don't even have time to get them to high elo and i usally play around to plat something elo i think i have to do the other thing around and spam soloq games but i am afraid to do so because lately i keep lossing
: Master to challenger is unique, there isn't any promo matches or anything. Challenger is the top players in that region (I think it's the top 200 players or something like that), so every month the players in challenger who have dropped below the top 200 get demoted to master and replaced by the master tier players who over took them. So nothing on your end going wrong and if you got to master then good for you, you just have to get to the top 200 performing players in the region which is a tall order, so best of luck in your climb.
I don't know to be honest couple people in our top chall are next lvl compared to others but most of them are just ok so its me than i can't climb i am sure about that
CharyGG (EUNE)
: not playing thresh is a good start. Seriously now, this is my favourite thread in the world, high elo low elo banter :D
I play thresh when i am forced too :P even if i have to find an easier support to play when i have too
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