: Looking for a player under level 15 to play EUNE
Giani A7X (EUNE)
: [EUNE] Looking for a player under level 15
Maiziea (EUW)
: Check up on them again, we can't do anything for you lol. Just do as they tell you and try to get back to them as soon as you can if there's something you don't understand/they told you to provide them with something, from my experience they always answered my question very fast if their first explanation wasn't clear to me.
I just wanted to know if someone really has it too and all they told me was to wait but I need(want) to buy skins which are in sales and sales don't wait {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Grips (EUW)
: Submit a ticket to support.
already did that and they know about it and its not still fixed
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: Most likely not. There are no specific infos about that yet, but it is extremely likely that the season rewards depend on your honor level. Since a chat restriction only reduces your level by 1 (and not to 0, like bans do), you should be able to have a decent honor level by the end of the season.
it reduce by 2 (i was lv3 now i´m lv 1 thats why i´m angy)
Paladiyum (EUW)
: no info for that yet you have to wait
and when i will unlock honor leveling?
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