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markos1970 (EUNE)
Name: Call me Cheli Division: Gold 1 Role: Jungler
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Ènigma (EUNE)
: Snow Down Shop Gone??????
I wanted to ask the same question. I didn't even see what skins I got on sale and now the snowdown shop is gone... {{item:3070}}
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xCillion (EUW)
: Hey, yes, if the investigation proves that they are indeed boosted (not everyone that is getting reported, is actually boosted/boosting..) there are severe punishments. 14day suspensions & removing all ranked rewards, previous and current ones iirc, for first time offenders. Permaban on 2nd offenses.
But how do i report those boosted accounts? I played with them before, but not anymore so I can't report them in after-game reports (or however they are called).
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citronella9 (EUNE)
: Skyrish Gaming Community
GajbaPunaPiva99 EUNE Add me :)
Lord Cve7o (EUNE)
: Gold4 top laner looking for ranked team
Hello, I'm creating a ranked team and i need top laner so if you are interested you can join :)
Dreimis (EUNE)
: 5v5 Ranked team for fun?
Hi, I want to create a team with my friend so maybe if you want to join us add me in game :)
ExileSorrow (EUNE)
: Silver mid main wants to join a team
Hey, I want to create new team with my friend and we need mid laner so if you are interested add me in game :)
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Dreglagen (EUNE)
: The game has crashed
Same for me on normal and ranked games, got 20 min lower queue because riot can't fix their bugs...
: URF ;-; Please we need it
By making urf permanent game mode it would make it usual, but most league players want it to be special. To keep it special it needs to be one year event. :)
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T1tan7 (EUNE)
: Creating a ranked team for ward skin! EUNE
Hi there! I hope I can be part of that team :) I've been looking for team that just wants to play for ward skins for so long xD I can play every evening (except on wednesday) from 9pm. Main roles mid/adc Btw video sam kako ti se tim zove al nisam siguran dal si balkanac pa ti pisem na engleskom :)
CandyJack (EUNE)
: Creating a ranked team
Hi, Sent you friend request, add me in team if possible. My main roles are mid/adc but can play other roles as well.

Call me Cheli

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