: Until there is Irelia i liive for league of legend
brain dead champ abuser
SuperJunk (EUW)
: liandry doesn't slow
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: He doesnt need nerfs if you would learn the counterplay
ah yes. the counterplay is to dodge his undodgeable r and to stay away from his passive that gets you slowed because of liandry's that he can also pull you into. sounds like he has alot of counterplay
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: Because it's not League of legends ? Why would a different game contribute to your BE/XP count that you use to buy champs with in another game ?
but ur using the same account on it
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: Difficult top lane champs
: Why is Riot trying so drasticaly to shove sylas into the meta
idk but i personally don't have a problem with sylas. everyone maxes q and goes aftershock or electrocute, but considering the buffs to his w and nerfs to his q, going conq with w max is insanely strong
: This is why I hate TFT
never seen anything more RNG based than tft
Skenoj (EUNE)
: cant get over silver 4 as irelia
die less, cs better, cs is more important than kills and so are objectives, and stop playing irelia. if u wanna get out of silver easy you're gonna need to play simpler champs like jax and darius
: Not a bad idea. I would prefer if they buffed her but removed her shield. Assassins shouldn't have shields. Ap assassins 1000% shouldn't have a shield since they get to build zhonyas hourglass.
also her r resets are aids to deal with
: So Aatrox might be slightly overtuned?
arowin242 (EUW)
: nope because riot video games doesn't care about it. smurfing is fine because ''the MMR system will take them out of those lower ranks quickly!'' not realizing that some ppl will have awful games regardless because of smurfs. that and you can just deliberately de-rank to stay in the rank you want to smurf in. imo it should be bannable, but riot doesn't care so nothing happens... toxicity and verbal abuse on the other hand.......
better make weeb skins and kim kardashian champs and do nothing to make the game itself more enjoyable and ban people for using the chat feature instead
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: Nasus slow ramps up, it isnt 95% the entire duration. Also, Nasus is super weak in lane and it's really easy to abuse him. I don't know why people always overlook this and complain about his lategame.
kayle's a late game champ and gets stomped in early game, you don't see people complaining about her
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Shamose (EUW)
: I really don't get why people put Yasuo in the middle of their team.
he's squishy, and needs time to get his 3rd q off. so if i put him behind everyone he's gonna be one of the last to take damage, giving him time to use his qs.
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mc4life (EUNE)
: "Fun Game"
this is naming and shaming, which is against the rules. next time, please hide the names of other players with an on-screen edit to avoid the po-po
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: i cant believe that my comment got deleted, like, its not okay for me to hate on this player but its okay for him to hate on the kardashians? what if they play league and they see this comment and they're hurt in the feelies, im disgusted
you even act like one of those abominations, you make fun of people for not having money, you assume i don't have money, and now you're acting up because your toxic comment got deleted?
: ***
i seriously hope you're joking, otherwise humanity is in need of "reformation". yet again, you might not be considering your edgy name is "the baddest %%%%"
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: Is Qiyana a kardashian?
well, probably is. she's ugly, she's spoiled, she's spent more money on plastic surgery than she earns yearly, and she's basically just a %%%% and and an annoying %%%%%
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Kirian (EUW)
: Katarina
learn to wall hop with w e if u don't know how to already
: and no one cares.
clearly you do if you took the time to reply to this
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: Is this a typo?
i mean, unless you get honored for great calls every single game, yes.
: More excitement coming your way ! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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: Looking for any friendly high-elo player who is willing to teach other players
: Karma E reverts.
kappa karma needs more nerfs coming, she's cancer to play against
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Suidox (EUW)
: #FreeNubrac
nothing wrong? what? he queued up for support, played teemo, and instead of playing his role he goes mid and soaks xp, leaving his adc in a 1v2 scenario, and he did this in many games and cost his team a loss in most
Shamose (EUW)
: And if you have 2 Sylas's then you can make it a 4v4.
genius innovations
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: no it is worst than befor, what the point to hide half of her face? realistic in what they are from splashart , all i see is a downgrade from ancientportrait for no reason and who ask for realism in that game?
probably because people don't wanna see the face of an unbalanced and unfair to play against demon ({{champion:39}} )
: Portrait issue 9.12
the portraits look much better and more realistic now with the better shadows and extra graphics
Soulrk (EUNE)
: How to determine your own weaknesses as a player?
well, if you want the easy way, just pay some professional player or coach (i'd suggest ls) to review your op.gg and tell you what you're doing wrong, what you should and should not be doing, etc. but personally for me, the biggest mistakes support mains make are 1. dying too much. no matter what your kda is, you should never have enough deaths to the point where it can count that you die once every 4 mins (eg: 5 deaths in 20 mins) 2. warding & vision score. warding is a key essential to league, and most support mains (mainly in low elo) just get lazy when warding and place generic wards in tri-brush, the lane bushes (NEVER DO THIS, PLEASE.), and that other bush at the end of the river and beginning of the botlane. if you watch pro play (lec, lck, etc.) you'd notice that the supports are all over the map, they do this to get more effective wards, usually in the enemy jungle or in the pixel bush/somewhere else in the river.
: Punishment idea for people who leave the game
nah. i'd rather be able to leave the game after my 0/11 yas mid starts actually running it down and the enemy team gets to our inhib 16 mins in than stay in the game and suffer
: Sounds like you got beat hy a good camille and made a salt post.
sounds like you don't know how to construct a proper comeback so you use the most generic ones of all time
: Camille is in a pretty weak spot right now. She is a 1v1 god in the late game, because of her Q, but she really can't do much in teamfights if you play it well.
well i mean, most of her spells are aoe, including her e cc, and if she gets titanic hydra she's gonna be destroying the whole team with her massive amount of auto attacks because of her q
neropa (EUNE)
: Let me guess. You were playing adc and she was fed?
nah, and this isn't the first time i complain about her damage
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