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CJXander (EUNE)
: All the players use the game with the same code, if the game works for 99 players but it doesn't work for you, it means the problem lies within your end. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} Also a bug report should be made with their template, not just random ranting nobody can figure out what your problem was and under what conditions.
this is barely even a bug report. im just ranting about some stupid shit with the client that got me a leaverbuster
: small indie company by the way
looks like boards white knights disliked this post because they think riot is never in the wrong. yikes
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: so what does it take for Shaco to be nerfed?
he's not fun to play (imo) and he's been nerfed more than i can count
: stop banning for toxicity
well, i half agree with this. but for toxicity, why don't we have permanent CHAT bans instead of account bans
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: Problem with Client
small indie company btw
: Nerf zed dude
zed's been nerfed more times than times i've beaten my %%%%, and that's alot of times
Alarus (EUW)
: Why did the game let me spend snowdown tokens on a chroma I can't use?
: ah no he got capsule for 1BE revert or i dont give rp { who cares about ur p lol }
this soyboy is high on keta (horse tranquilizer) or some shit
: Who should i play (fast paced)
{{champion:121}} is one of the best junglers right now, he has a really fun all-in playstyle with tons of damage and mindtricks with r
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: Where is urf ?
i don't get it. if people start quitting AFTER urf is over, why not add it permanently? ffs riot
: What were your dumb thoughts about the game when you just started?
i dont remember a thing on what i thought about 2 years ago sadly
Ðèvìł (EUW)
: New skin -> Zoe
she %%%%ing came out barely 2 months ago, and what the %%%% are you thinking by "thicc" zoe skin, she's %%%%ing 11 you sick hebephile
quisquose (EUNE)
: When team is too shit :/
you obviously payed 0 attention to objectives such as cs, turrets, drakes etc. you just went for kills. next time do something for your team instead of blaming them because you got fed
AdventX (EUW)
: Windows 10 notification sound, league freezes still no fix after months
: Logout button maybe ?
you literally just added "yes" and "maybe" to the poll, there's no "no" option. plus, how lazy do you have to be, just %%%%in press alt + f4 then re-open your client and boom, you're good. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: > but in low divisions that spirit doesn't exist and it will cause a negative attitude from the player. True. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > Personally I prefer the first one. Indeed. ----------------------------------------------------- My favorite solution is the 1.first one. _***~~BUT~~***_ Having all the solutions would be way better! Hope your idea gets heard by Riot! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}} ------- Downvoted {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} ------ Upvoted
but.. what am i supposed to do if i have a silver 4 yasuo otp with 40% winrate on my team?
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: When you set up a kill for your ADC
as a support main i can agree
Lari (EUNE)
: Definitely Not Yasuo Skin
my 100% accurate drawing on what this skin will look like. took five and a half seconds to complete, alot of my freetime, and i went through it all without drinking water because of how focused i was. call me leonardo davici because this is a masterpiece and a half.
: wait what
i just closed the client and re-opened it, then waiting 3 mins and logged in then it worked so yeah this was probably accidental
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