: No, because old Mordekaiser was a disgustingly binary champion. Either he got ahead and dominated, or he fell behind and was useless the entire game. There was no grey area in between. A Mordekaiser pick was always a gamble for the team. And I have no clue where you got the "mordekaiser is a support now" - idea. He can (and should actually) be played with targons early, not because hes support, but because it works on him (hes a melee, so the proc triggers)...while the support ALSO has one. So they share double gold, they heal each other constantly. Its a nightmare to play against, especially if you are a poke-dependent botlane, its like trying to shoot a brick-wall. Yes, top and mid morde is gone. Boohoo. But now, for the first time in a LONG time, we have a viable melee option for the botlane (Yes, I know there were melee picks in botlane, but no one looking at the numbers can say that they were "viable", at least not without a grin), and that's worth sacrificing a champions position, which was barely ever played, for above mentioned reasons.
There aren't such adc to be combined with morde Unless you go morde and garen bot , but that's not good because there is not adc !
: 1) he has to be played with a support botlane 2) old morde was completely bullshit: win lane and 1v3 everything, or lose lane and feed even more. 3) not saying the rework is perfect, but morde was poorly designed in the first place
1) There are not adc you can go with and make a good combo ! 2) Only if someone didnt know morde would lose the lane . 3) For me he was a masterpiece , now it's just a skip .
: He's instead of a botlane ADC. I hate the changes so much and I think Riot should have made a new champion to consider this with; rather than change what people loved of an older champion established with a reasonably enjoyed playstyle, but your point seems unresearched and probably like my own, narrowminded. I prefer older Mordekaiser, probably my most played mid. But Riot make these changes to go forward with the game. There's no saying he won't ever go back.
You are probably right , i didnt search that much , but they sure did that to be more playable !
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