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11wildy (EUW)
: I can help you out this evening if you like. Unless you already have like 10 people? Let me know if you still need more ^^
hey-hey! I still have an open spot if you have been to any events mentioned above (LCS - would be cool)
: I would love to help. I sent you a friend request so I'll see what happens :)
Pandour (EUNE)
: I'm actually interested about the session it self, I might be in this if there is still place. + I also speak that second language (Hungarian vagy mit tudom mi is volt az)
haha, sounds interesting, not many peeps speak this gyönyörű magyar nyelvet. küldök egy friend requestet aztán meglátjuk mi sikerül
: Im interested in helping mate :D Want me to add you or can we schedule the skype talk via email?
easiest way if you add me, we have to be friends for 24hours anyway before I can send you the gift ^^
Manevră (EUNE)
: count me in :P
add me if you are interested, I couldn't find you for some reason
: I'm free to help later, but I'd love to do it in text due to lack of privacy and general anxiety. Doesn't need to be in the 10 skin receiving ones, I know how it feels to have a research paper to work on.
Thanks, I'll ask my supervisor about written version, but I highly doubt it would be okay. The interactive nature is pretty much part of the package :\
: I would like to but not via voice as I can write in english but kinda suck at talking (I use the voice chat in league of legends but I only talk if the people are portuguese like me)
: I'm in, i'd love to help you! Upvoted, so hope others will come and help you as well.
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