: He claimed he played with Shaclone which is a well known shaco OTP. Good. Let's see, that guy was super toxic, lost a lot of accounts. He always created/bought new ones, and got back to ranked. Guess the champion he used each time to climb ? Oh that's right. Shaco. Because that's how OTPs work. Then a hardstuck plat dude comes, claims he's the ex-no1 teemo in the world, gives you 3 random screenshots, has no teemo games on his current account + his performance is clearly not even half way to master ELO. I can probably get screenshots from some pro player who was no1 thresh in the world, + his OP.GG, then claim from my EUNE account that I'm actually an ex challenger decayed cousin of xpeke. See my last line in my original post ? > If it's not too big of a favour to ask, could you comment on my post from your ex master account ? We don't wanna spread false information do we ? He can't. Because it's not him. That simple :) PS: Hey OP, no need to log on back and forth around your accounts to solo-down-vote our private conversation. Down-votes don't rly matter, they don't take away any of my existing ones, and even if they did, I'm almost at 10k lul. I could give you a good couple myself, however I let my logic speak, instead of a fictive score.
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i have same problem, what should we do ?

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