Namïkaze (EUW)
: out range problem
Same here , Why you even removed the Information issue mark , cuz this Terrible problem still perssist's
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, We're aware of this issue and have made [this post]( as well as having a ticker displayed in client to assist. Please be sure to check these out for workarounds while we investigate the cause :-) Thanks!
Im not gonna play league of legends anymore , cuz i cant play windowed if i try to move the camera down i accidentaly press on start button wich i cant play , and i have high ms when im playng windowed or borderless , im not gonna play league anymore unless riot fix this , im sorry.
A1laku (EUW)
: Resolution fix.
And if people doesn't like it to play borderless or windowed and they're prefering full screen ?
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D3ATh Gh0St (EUNE)
: Client not working
Same here , i have a same kinda post under yours , if you close your client you will not be able to login again cuz he will fail .
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: Client error ( rads_user_kernel )
Same here , the problem just showed up when the night comes up too , today i didn't had problem with this , in the past it was a same error with avast or something , but idk what is it now . {{item:3070}}
MMGenius (EUNE)
Same here , its 22:20 pm and the client just pop up with the league of legends logo , the "Rads_User_Kernel" shows up in the taskmanager and for the next 2,3 seconds RUK dissapears and nothing happends , Do smthing{{item:3151}} {{item:3070}}
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: League of Legends Launcher Not Working with Avast 6.6 *Solution*
First of all on my avast , there is not Quarantine chest , it is Virus chest , and i have a lot of logs there , and i dont know what really to Restore and add to exclusions list , cuz i have like 30 LolPatcherUX.exe logs and from 23/3/2016 , if can you tell me what to restore and add to exclusion list will be great .
Laudanus (EUW)
: had the same problem. Deleted my Antivir program and reinstalled. Atm it fixed it for me.
Whats up man , i have avast from 6 or 7 months ago and i didn't have problem with league until now . Reinstal ur Antivirus again , i had to only disable the shields for a short time , now idk if i enable them again it will have problems again .
: soo as of this 6.6 patch i cant enter game..
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