Carbitzu (EUNE)
: Terrible Lag MS
Its been 2 weeks passing an the issue still persists , terrible verry unpleassnt and dissapointing.
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Floshd (EUW)
: Since 4 days ago my ping goes over 6000 with good internet.
Same here , terrible Lag Ms during the whole game and its stable between 180 and 300 goes to 700 to 1000 sometimes , this started to happend when the season started , and when im in the client interface , often on the screen appears the trying to reconnect on the client background , but the seconds in champ select and other stuff are working like dm's and stuff .
: What honour level do you have ?
im level 1 honnor but that doesn't matter that much cuz be4 the season ended i was restricted from rewards by my honnor level and that wasn't a problem the border was there as it should be .
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