: It would be awesome if tier 3 support items gave 1% extra cdr for every ward killed (capped at 10%)
: How does the "grading" system even works?
If you enter your profile -> stats -> press a specific champion, you can see there four aggregate stats which a broken to 13 stats that Riot tracks for you. You can compare each of your stats to the average Bronze Malphite and see where you should improve. Notice that if you click on one of the plots you can see the actual score you got on each stat on each game.
negativ0e (EUW)
: i cant climb of bronze
I suggest you to start by browsing for "Darius guide" and "Garen guide" and read what people suggest there.
Zynvra (EUNE)
: Question
The "Chaos and Order" event (which, at least by name, seems very similar) lasted 14 days.
: > [{quoted}](name=CarryAll,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZuyfzK7A,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-12-02T21:36:03.157+0000) > > Senna has: > 1. A method to heal a teammate. > 2. A method to shield a teammate. > 3. A method to make a teammate untargetable. > 4. A method for crowd control. > 5. A method for scaling without farming. > > I think that this kit screams support and I would find it very weird if Riot tries to force this kit to be stronger as an ADC than as a support. So in conclusion Senna is "A methodical redeemer"? {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
I apologize. I think I lack vocabulary or context to understand your comment. I guess you are joking on the fact I repeatedly used the word "method". (No problem, just trying to understand the joke). Is the term "methodical redeemer" a well known term that has some known association?
kaþa (EUNE)
: Honor system- Can someone please explain how it works precisely.
According to the information you provide you should be honor level 5. The only reason left for not getting honor of 5 is as follows: You repeatedly perform minor offenses to the code of conduct that do not result in a punishment but slow your honor progress. In order to avoid this you should try to avoid making other teammates feel bad: 1. Avoid discussing mistakes that happened in the past. Neither your or theirs. The only exceptions are saying "mb" when you did a mistake and "np" if someone else admits a mistake. This applies (i.e. don't join the discussion) also if someone else started discussing what he thinks is your mistake or someone else mistake. 2. It is good to discuss plans for the future, but do so politely or a in neutral manner. If somebody responds in a manner that shows he is offended by your suggestions leave the subject. 3. Use pings in a constructive manner only. Similar to the above points they should be used to communicate plans for the future or warnings, not to convey your dissatisfaction with other players mistakes. 4. It is OK to attempt to surrender, but don't spam surrender votes if they are repeatedly refused. If your team does not agree with surrender (or if no surrender was issued yet) keep playing to your best even if you think there is no chance to win. A small comment: If both you and your friend honor other players it cannot be that the average honor score of both of you exceeds 1.5 (A mathematical fact). Anyway an average honor score which is much lower than this should be sufficient to get honor 5 after a full season.
jacktjong (EUW)
: Which way should Senna go?
Senna has: 1. A method to heal a teammate. 2. A method to shield a teammate. 3. A method to make a teammate untargetable. 4. A method for crowd control. 5. A method for scaling without farming. I think that this kit screams support and I would find it very weird if Riot tries to force this kit to be stronger as an ADC than as a support.
: (MMR) Need Advice. Make a New Account or Not?
I just wish to join the advice others already gave you: You have no reason to start a new account. If you keep improving you'll keep climbing. Also, your past win ratio has no impact on your current match making, only your current MMR. As soon as your MMR reaches a value that actually represents your current skill level - your **future** win ratio will stabilize around 50%.
: Can we please get back SPECTATE LIVE feature???
It is possible to spectate games of top players and your friends at the moment. However two main features are missing when willing to spectate games of top players: 1. The ability to know how long the game already lasted (without entering the game). 2. The ability to know which champions participate in the game (without entering the game). These two are needed in order to efficiently decide which game to spectate.
Rioter Comments
DorQuendi (EUNE)
: Chroma filters for owned skins
xxxXFANXxxx (EUNE)
: Lethality is stupid
Lethality is supposed to be efficient versus champions with relatively low armor. It is supposed to be an assassin stat since it has nice multiplicative bonus on their damage to squishy targets. (Please be aware that even squishy champions have some innate armor) Lethality is inefficient versus tanks who build a lot of armor. If you want to itemize effectively versus these you need armor penetration, not lethality.
Declined (EUNE)
: Not wanting to change your login name?
I don't find this as a big issue, but I do feel attached to my old username, so it is a bit of a bummer for me to be forced to change it.
Soulrk (EUNE)
: Leauge of legends rules?
You will never find these rules due to a simple fact - If these rules are clear and public they can be easily worked around. I play since 2012 and I chat freely. Never suffered any kind of punishment. So the rule simple - be polite and kind to everyone. Respect the fact that other people want to enjoy the game they share with you and keep in mind that different people can have different threshold than you for what is defined offensive.
INunuBotI (EUNE)
: mystery mini icon box demacia/freljord
Saveon (EUW)
: Why you cant use your current name for Riot account?!
This is just my guess: While LoL account was server specific the Riot account is global. This means you have to compete with players on other servers to determine if your username is available.
0nlyRipper (EUNE)
: Rank Reset
> [{quoted}](name=0nlyRipper,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=g72b1gGs,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-26T13:02:32.977+0000) > > If i demote from g1 to g2 (i've recieved my rewards) in the next season my provisional matches will be affected? Every game you win increases your MMR. Every game you lose decreases your MMR. This keeps happening also during preseason. The MMR you have at end of preseason will be used as the seed for your placements at the beginning of the next season. So the answer to your question is approximately "yes", though the specific game that gets you demoted from g1 to g2 does not have any bigger effect than any other loss (or any other win).
: Unjustified perma-bans because of third-party software
There is a very good chance this Riven game was performed from an IP address on a totally different location in the world. I suggest you to suggest this to Riot support since this is probably the best method to "prove" it wasn't you. (Several years ago I was able to undo Riot decisions on my son's account following this line of proof)
: Add moving target dummy's in practice tool
Good suggestion. You would probably also want to define the speed of the moving target and whether it moves randomly or in a deterministic manner.
: Not sure what I think about the changes yet but at least your math is completely off. You pay 400 for the item and gain 1000 gold with it so you only gained 600? What about the upgrades? The end item has a gold value of stats around 1640 without the active taken into account. In the end you have paid 400 gold for a 1640 gold item that gave you additional 1000 gold. You gained all in all 2240 gold. I don't know if this is more or less than with the old item tho.
(And additional 3g/10sec after completing the item)
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: How was a season 9 for you guys
In 2016 I hit Platinum and then stopped playing. This season I returned to play but didn't manage to get past Gold 2. So a bit of disappointment. Also, I didn't manage to hit honor 5 (only honor 4 checkpoint 1), but this is probably just because I didn't play enough time, since I came back to play in the middle of the season.
: So would this be more of a case of just a few modern day spanish players still being cought up in colonial thinking or is he still considered an evil person by a majority of Spanish ppl today ?
I am not Spanish myself. I would guess these are just a few kids. I don't think it really makes sense to be offended by this name.
: I'm not even sure what I'm looking for myself. What has a Spanish Hero who moved to France and leaved as a noble anything to do with my name? was he like a killer of some random Spanish family I met or what the hell?
He is not a Spanish hero. He was a Spanish arch-enemy. He made the Spanish empire lose control over most of South America.
: Is my name toxic language in spain?
Simon Bolivar is the person who lead the liberation of most of South America from the Spanish Empire. (Actually Bolivia is named after Simon Bolivar) This is probably the answer you were looking for.
Gothrak (EUW)
: How does the grade system work?
I suggest you go to profile-> stats -> then press the relevant champion. You can see there 3 aggregate stats which are broken to 13 separate stats. Your grade is most likely a combination of all these stats. You can compare there what you did with the average obtained with the same champion at the same role at the same tier. This could most likely be used to identify where you had better improve. Notice that if you click the plots you can actually see the scores you got on a specific match.
: Worlds 2019 mission duration
Yes, your understanding is correct.
dino0 (EUW)
: I don't actually I waste saround 800 euros on this game, why BCS I liked showing skins and being able to get all this new special effects and so, I still play the game been playing for 9 years now, but. The truth is don't trust riot why, imagine j get banned for some stupid reason, get Gona take my money again and block me out from the content I paid for.
Good. It seems the objective of this thread was to help you decide on whether to continue paying to Riot. It appears you now have a solid decision.
dino0 (EUW)
: Should i support riot again ?
My personal point of view is that when I buy RP from Riot I essentially donate money to a company which makes a good game. I don't care about all these cosmetics I get from these RP. (I guess you don't identify with my approach.) Anyway, this is my advice: If you still feel alienated towards the game since your recent ban then stop paying for it as long as this feeling persists. It is a matter of feeling and shouldn't be bothered with whether it is logically justified. If you no longer feel so, go ahead and continue supporting the company. Regardless, I suggest to do your best to never be negative to other players who essentially share the same hobby with you. The more of us who adhere to this approach, the more enjoyable this game becomes for all of us.
Wannes (EUW)
: Surprise Token objects
This is my humble advice: Adding more reward options over time happens in almost any event. The lesson I learned (already from previous events) is to keep the tokens until near the end of the event and only then choose how to spend them.
: I never flame, nor troll, nor ragequit, and after about 5 seasons, i have more than enough proof that i won't have to ever worry about punishments in this game. They only ones that have to worry, are, surprise suprise, flamers. I wonder why :D. Simple as that. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Same here. (I played Seasons 2, 3, 5, 6, 9)
: How is that not an S?
If you click profile -> stats -> and then click one champion you can see 3 aggregate metrics which consist of a total of 13 separate metrics Riot uses to compare you with other players that played the same champion in the same role. Most likely your grade after a game is a combination of all these scores. If you click on the plots you can actually see how much you scored on each metric on a given match.
Z3ko (EUNE)
: Honor system is so bad
I think that my personal honor progress is much faster. I think that conducting minor offenses to the code of conduct slow your honor progress without resulting in any direct punishment and this is what you experience.
: Very confused about lp gains in diamond
Each loss in the series of losses you had while having 0LP at Diamond 4 reduced your MMR without reducing your visible rating (you kept being Diamond 4 with 0LP). So now you have a large gap between your MMR and and your visible rating. The system aims to close the gap between the two and it does so by giving you less LP on wins and take more on loss. Each game you play (as long as you don't hit the 0LP bump again) gradually closes this gap. So the advice? Don't pay attention to this and keep playing. If your skill level suits Diamond this gap will close over time.
: I thought they wouldn't give a chroma for 3v3
There is no chroma dedicated for 3v3. Reaching gold+ in 3v3 does count towards the number of gold+ achievements you have. (In contrary to TFT which does not count and has a separate reward). The chromas you get are a function of this count.
Sefi (EUNE)
: you need to be 2 ranked ques in gold +. Meaning you need to hit that flex, 3v3 or TFT rankeds to get that.
Let me add a correction: TFT ranked has separate rewards. Only solo/duo, Flex and 3v3 count for the Aatrox skin and chromas.
neropa (EUNE)
: Riot does care about inters and afkers.
Good post. Let me stress your point: If a given player has an indication he is 95% intentional feeder and 5% innocent Riot cannot allow itself to ban him since the impact of banning innocent players is terrible. As a result the system must be very conservative. This means many violations are not punished or at most get a soft penalty such as slowing one's honor progress.
: Happy 10th Error-versary!
On my machine changing my anti-virus from Kasparsky to Eset solved this issue and it no longer happens to me.
: Please give Champions that still talk to the summoner a Voice update.
I enjoyed reading your summary. Let me add my personal opinion: 1. I think that the old lore that forced the Summoners Rift to be canon was very cumbersome and inflexible. I agree that making it no longer canon allowed the lore of the champions to be much more interesting and rich. 2. Given that the SR is no longer canon, I think it is OK that some of the interactions in SR are not canon themselves. I find it cool that the champion occasionally speaks to me. It seems OK to me that some of the quotes a champion has adhere to his lore while others break the fourth wall and just adhere to his personality and not entirely to his lore. Anyway, the fact he participates in the SR typically already contradicts with his lore. 3. What I wrote above does not change the fact that as you suggest some champions had better get renewed quotes.
: Who is the champion that's played so rarely, that gets you surprised when you see him in-game ?
: I really like G2 winning, but that also means that I don't get poro icon this year ;(
Similar here. I am happy that G2 won though I gambled they wouldn't. (No effect on my icon since I already secured 44 points in the group stage)
Poroclysm (EUW)
: you do realize there was a time when max level was 30? If those people got matched with you, they were most likely also people who came back after a long break.
Just adding: I now had a ranked game versus a Jhin that seemed not to be familiar with the basics. I checked (and refreshed him) in op.gg. He was unranked level 31. Then I checked his history and he had at least 36 games in the last week (normal games, the last ones ranked) so this means he got to level 30 in the last week.
Mumbullz (EUNE)
: I think you can still get duplicates of permanents still in your loot due to you not unlocking them by not owning the corresponding champion it belongs to, but you can't get duplicate permanents of unlocked skins on unlocked champions.
: That's not true. You are guaranteed to get a skin you don't already own. That's why people who own all skins can get all new outcoming skins by rerolling. Even mythic ones.
CarryAll (EUNE)
: Hextech crafting question
Thanks for all the replies.
Rioter Comments
Poroclysm (EUW)
: you do realize there was a time when max level was 30? If those people got matched with you, they were most likely also people who came back after a long break.
I see. Interesting point. Let me add another piece of information: When I checked them at op.gg their level was below 30. It initially puzzled me (How can they play ranked?), but then I refreshed their op.gg profile to get level 30. This still does not contradict your theory but it requires an even more far-fetched coincidence: 1. OP.GG kept their status when they were at level ~28 and wasn't refreshed from then. 2. Afterwards they played many games and convinced the game they have gold MMR. 3. Afterwards they stopped playing for many years and also forgot how to play. 4. Afterwards they returned to play, went directly to play ranked, and got matched against me. This is possible. By Ockham's razor my intuition says there is a better theory than this one.
Poroclysm (EUW)
: The person you were talking about isn't new, he/she/it is playing since (at least) season 3. They just didn't play rankeds this season. New players do not get matched with gold players, they never have been. But looking at their match history reveals that they had a long break from league. So, tbh, it's no one's but their fault that they started playing rankeds just a few weeks after they started playing again.
A few weeks ago I had a ranked game versus a bot lane duo that seemed to me unfamiliar with the basics which should be obvious to any Gold player. Afterwards I checked them in OP.GG. They were both unranked at level 30. Since normal games do raise your rank it means they didn't have much experience in Normal as well. So, given this evidence, you might rephrase your statement to "New players **rarely** get matched versus Gold players".
Big Hans (EUNE)
: I feel like there should be a voluntary reset/lower MMR button if you havent played for a year or more. I reached plat in season 5 and didnt play since a few weeks ago. Now my first ranked games were in gold 2 or so. Im defenetly not as good as I was back then but around gold 3 and 4 I feel about right again. Still I would not have minded starting from silver again. Sure I guess the responsible thing would be to play 100 normal games before or something but I feel it ultimately does little prepare for ranked if you have played a lot before anyway.
Same experience for me. I was a Platinum player and then quit playing for three years. After returning I had to experience a frustrating streak with low win rate till my MMR stabilized on my current skill level. I checked this with Riot support. They claim there is some slow MMR decay for players that don't play to handle this, but according to my experience it is probably **very ** slow...
: Aren't there Ranked icons this year?
In contrary to previous seasons I don't see in the announcement any icon and any ward skin mentioned. This is weird since it means no reward for players below Gold. My personal guess is that they were just mistakenly omitted from the announcement since I think not giving any reward for players below Gold is against Riot cause.
Nàxs (EUW)
: Why when i win i just get +17lp?
The fact you get a bit less LP on win than on loss indicates your MMR is slightly lower than your visible rating and the system gradually adjusts your visible rating to fit your MMR. The most probable reason for creation of such a gap is that you had a few games ago a loss with 0 LP or a few LP that did not result in demotion. In such a case your MMR goes down while your visible rating did not change and this gap closes gradually as you describe.
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