: How many seasons?
I started on Season 2.
Chic0ny (EUNE)
: Increasing amount of champions and skins leads to a strong decrease in clarity
I strongly agree both with the concern and with the suggestion.
: I agree. I don't think i would call my games specifically lucky. But there has been some luck involved. Ty for the response anyway.
I believe that if you started a new account you would climb the same in a similar amount of games. There is a lot of luck when considering one game, or even ten; but when handling a much larger amount of games all factors get averaged out and your skill is all that matters.
nikit2002 (EUNE)
: is there a thing as mmr in normals?
Yes, you do have an MMR in normal and it is separate from the ranked MMR. It is impossible to handle a game such as LoL without some kind of MMR. This is so since without an MMR very good players would win all the times and very bad players would lose all the times and it would be very boring for both types of players. Having a shared MMR between ranked and normal is wrong since players can have a very different play style on both queues. Additionally for some players the ranked MMR is based on very few games an thus carries a very noisy information that should not pollute their normal games ranking.
Sadistic JG (EUNE)
: suspended account, but i need to send someone a gift
In case your friend's birthday is during your suspension I suggest to contact support. My impression is that they will help you. In case his birthday is after your suspension ends then you have nothing to worry about (except for being polite in the chat to avoid permaban).
: Qiyanna, just another generic "pretty girl" champion...
I just wish to comment that I don’t think Qiyana is a generic (I.e. hourglass) pretty girl. She has a large butt and small breast.
Kerwints (EUW)
: When you report someone, you should not be placed in his game within the next hour.
: Soooooo we only get the golden emote now??
I am not trying to justify Riot here, but I think that icon was supposed to be the icon that enables finisher effect. (I.e. the finisher effect is enabled only when you use this icon)
: Mutes in post lobby
Sounds like a good idea.
Kaimetsú (EUW)
: World Runes [ITEM CONCEPT]
Having a thematic idea behind items is good since it enriches the game. However, a thematic idea cannot come on its own. It must also enrich the gameplay and the strategic decisions. Riot are working hard to remove clutter from the shop and aim so that any item has a gameplay reasoning behind it.
Snaidro (EUW)
: Client Item Map Filter
A very good suggestion.
: > [{quoted}](name=CarryAll,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=FdWpk2Iy,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-06-01T16:31:04.396+0000) > > I guess you have a good point. Of course just Doran's blade is too little, but limiting new players to a smaller number of items would be a good idea and would help them grasp the game as well. no, what i just used is sarcasm. its like saying "X Race" is too stupid anyways, lets not allow them to go to school. We are helping them.
I now understand that your objective in this post is to announce your opinion, not to have a discussion. I apologize for misunderstanding. I won't interfere anymore.
: > [{quoted}](name=CarryAll,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=FdWpk2Iy,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-01T09:45:46.749+0000) > > The main reason for gradually unlocking features of the game is to allow new players gradually grasp concepts of the game and avoid flooding them with frightening amounts of information. so why not disable them to buy items other than dorans blade?
I guess you have a good point. Of course just Doran's blade is too little, but limiting new players to a smaller number of items would be a good idea and would help them grasp the game as well.
: New Account
> [{quoted}](name=DarkPoroLord2012,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=FdWpk2Iy,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-31T22:28:52.250+0000) > What the actual logical reasoning from stopping people to use all summoners early level. (and runes). > Wouldnt it be just enough to give recommended summoners and runes? The main reason for gradually unlocking features of the game is to allow new players gradually grasp concepts of the game and avoid flooding them with frightening amounts of information.
: League of Legends Avengers Cinematic - Infinity War Trailer
Very good job! I have one suggestion for you: Whenever you post a new video, follow it with links to your previous videos.
: We want more Orange Essence
Dear Deathwilcome, I feel that you miss the point. All the orange essence stuff is supposed to be the source of income for Riot. It is intentionally cumbersome to get skins if you don't pay with real money.
: A rhetorical question, which deserves everyone's attention...
> [{quoted}](name=SupportCarries,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=jLxWa33B,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-25T13:40:09.181+0000) WHY THE HELL DO I GET INTO GAMES WITH SILVER III PLAYERS IF I'M CURRENLY GOLD. The game matches you with players of equal MMR. It absolutely ignores your division for the purpose of match-making. When you reach Gold-IV you cannot fall back to silver (unless your MMR reaches Bronze levels), but this affects only your visible division. Your MMR keeps dropping on every loss and rising on every victory. If you find yourself matched with a lot of silver players it simply means your current MMR is silver.
Incessant (EUNE)
: Lets talk about low Diamond.
Just one comment regarding boosted and bought accounts: You are matched with and versus players with the same MMR, not in the same division. If a player is boosted to Diamond and then plays inadequately for this MMR, his MMR will drop. He will start playing versus Platinum players regardless of the fact he is locked in Diamond.
Shamose (EUW)
: You don't have to intentionally feed to ruin a game.
I am not sure about the term "ruin". Anyway, I agree that you don't have to intentionally feed to lose a game. Even in the world championship half of the players lose in every match,
: Rank 6 not appearing
The bottom line is simple: If you keep playing Zed in match-made games in the end you'll get these shards. Only a matter of patience. Of course focusing on having very successful games would help - but I believe this is a frustrating mind set. Just forget about these shards and have a pleasant surprise when they arrive.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Riot, Few QoL Changes
Out of the three suggestions (all make sense) the last one seems most crucial to me.
: [SUGGESTION] New "fill" game search idea
Makes a lot of sense to me.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Why are the trolls the only winning and losing conditions?
One point is not clear to me: I don't see any massive feeder on either team in the figure you provided.
Dramex (EUW)
: Finisher also activates if you have an assist but the killer doesn't have the finisher.
: 9.9 Trials Missions
BTW, I completed only 4/5 of week one before launch of the missions you refer too. Now I completed the 5th and also one from the new set. I am still exactly in your state - i.e. I have 2/20 in total.
: They are special animations you unlock during this event: * Finisher activates when you kill someone. * Spawn Ceremony when you spawn at base I'm not sure, but you might need to have your house icon equipped to see them.
: Clamping forever
The situation you describe happens when your MMR is lower than your visible ranking. It happens in order to close the gap between the two. However, the gap should not persist on its own for 2 months and should have already been closed by this process. This is my educated guess on why your gap persists: You often lose games while you have 0LP or very close to 0LP. This reduces your MMR without affecting your visible ranking. It feeds the gap between these two ratings and forces the game to maintain unbalance between your LP gains and LP losses.
Rioter Comments
Zantier (EUW)
: I may have misunderstand the context of what you was saying, in regards to them being available outside of the game I wasn't aware so thank you :)
I guess to avoid this type of misunderstanding I should have clarified I am talking about post match information related to a specific match, not general information affecting repeatedly every match. A match specific information is like "In this match I dealt a total of 20K damage to champions". General information is like "This skill deals 500 damage when it hits".
: Banned for saying idiot??
Notice that nobody gets a ban for saying "Idiot" in a single game. You probably got to this situation accumulated over many games. This specific game was simply the last Cent for the Dollar that earned you this ban.
Zantier (EUW)
: I have the same opinion on a few champions ability descriptions such as akali's R says micro stun but no numbers and attrox R says he revive after taking lethal damage but not the hp amount. It would be nice to have these converted to actual numbers.
Hi Zantier, Notice that these numbers are champion related, not specific match related. You can see very precise champion information via wikia: https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_champions (Anyway, this is a bit off topic from the subject of my post) CarryAll
Rioter Comments
: I can only choose one, but i need 2 possibilitys.
You are expected to choose the most severe one. None < Chat < Temporary < Permanent
: Let your supports get the cannon minion please!
> [{quoted}](name=EndlessBug,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=7xhnaAO4,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-06-05T13:32:53.077+0000) > I know your ego will take a hit because it might look like your CS is lower than their ADCs. Actually, even their ego won't be harmed since last hitting with Relic also increases the CS of both players (not just the gold, the actual visible CS!)...
: Humpels guide for almost everything - Chapter 3: The lazy mind & Cheerleaders
Hi, I have a suggestion: On each of your articles in this series, please add a link to the previous ones. I guess the motivation is clear ;-). Thanks, CarryAll
: WOTG Part 1: Why is everyone on my team so bad?
Very good post! It's been a long time that I wanted to share this understanding with the community. Now I feel exempted...
: Can we please get rid of support as a secondary role?
I think the opposite... I think that in order to improve game health the game has to **encourage** taking support as a secondary role. The current situation is that as soon as you choose secondary support, you get to play support... This causes many players who are natural "secondary support" players to abandon the secondary support and choose a worse secondary (i.e. they put their ternary role as secondary). What has to happen is to make sure one does not get his secondary role more than, let's say, 30% of the games. This will cause more players to choose secondary support. Queue length times would keep pretty similar, or even improve, for the community in average. This is so since, while some players (those who currently choose secondary support) will play support less often, many new players will start playing secondary support.
: What to max on new Taric
Why do I see people claiming maxing E improves its cooldown? E cooldown is unaffected, only stun duration and damage. I max W during the laning phase since it passively buffs the adc and my Armor all the time. As soon as the laning phase is over I shift to maxing E first, since in team fights the increased stun duration now has a good chance to affect multiple targets, while W armor keeps affecting only me + one target. I think Q should be maxed last since it increases mana cost. It is often useful to spam Q in order to trigger the passive (for example to pump ult cooldown) and the increased mana cost turns leveling Q having a **negative** effect!
: Small list of facts about League Of Legends
I suggest Googling the meaning of Taric in Arabic.
: New Taric thoughts from a main Taric stand point
Hi, Taric main here too. Let me share my impression in a similar format. Responses to OP are woven between the lines: Visuals: Significantly improved of course. Previous visuals were sufficient for me... Passive: Much more visible and felt, which helps remembering to trigger it. Heal: Can be used in two ways: Either spam it as a technique to trigger your passive, burning mana; or wait for 3 stacks for mana efficient heals. Ranged heal requires you to base it over the passive of your Bastion (W). The heal is very inefficient vs poke compositions since it is then very cumbersome to get to 3 stacks at a reasonable pace. In other cases the heal is fine. Bastion (W): The passive portion that allows triggering your skills from an ally is very interesting. I like also the armor passive. The shield itself scales from the target's health, and thus is very weak when trying to protect the adc. It would be much more impactful if it scaled from Taric's health. Stun: The stun is much more reliable than a simple skill-shot since you can keep moving after starting the skill, and combined with Bastion passive it creates many situations in which opps have no real means to evade. I miss of course the old reliable stun. I would say the new stun is weaker in the laning phase but stronger in team fights due to AoE effect and combos with Bastion passive. Ult: Still difficult to asses. Seems fine to me. I hope it won't become too over-powered since I am worried other properties of Taric get nerfed due to it. I feel the new ult is some kind of a gamble since often it is difficult to forecast what happens 2.5 sec in advance. Damage: Taric damage was moved from his W and his R to his passive. When required to wave-clear Taric has to catch multiple minions with E (stun) and then spam his skills to trigger his passive. Feels less convenient than the old W (and occasional R) for wave clear. Being pressed to trigger the passive in skirmishes and team fights (in order to push your cooldowns) risks unintentional KS which is a bad property of the new damaging model.
: > that big egoistic autistic turret Please just stop using Autistic as an insult, its not funny or justified. Its a real condition that effects many people, 60% of which experience hate crimes because of people ignorance or disregard for their condition.
I didn't understand OP as mentioning "autistic" as an arbitrary insult. I think OP actually referred to "autistic" in its real meaning - i.e. is challenged by social interactions and has difficulties with identifying social conditions. Here the turret failed to identify the social condition of "I am expected to help my ally".
: Taric 6.8 or 6.9?
I have no real idea, of course, but let me share my guess: The 6.8 PBE cycle starts this Wednesday. I think that Taric teaser was published now since he is about to get to the 6.8 PBE cycle. This means that unless something gets out of control on PBE, Taric rework will get to the live servers on patch 6.8.
: Tribunal (finally) got me
> [{quoted}](name=Awsum O 2000,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=gnE6uqtR,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-03T13:43:50.361+0000) > -Why is an entertainment company trying to reform players at all to begin with? (The impression I get is; for money) Just wanted to answer the quoted question. Riot is a profit driven company, so you are right they are doing this for money. But, since I actually read your entire post, I think you still miss the point: They are not banning toxic players in order to make them spend money on a new account. They are banning toxic players since these players, in their attitude, cause other players (the offended players) to leave the game - a fact that causes Riot to lose revenue from those leaving players.
candoodle (EUW)
: [CLARITY] "Matchmade" game modes. Typical riot communication
Hi, Just wanted to comment that the term "pvp" is not suitable here. Custom games can be "pvp" but for sure are not eligible to drop key fragments. Maybe the term "matchmade pvp" can be used to eliminate any misunderstanding.
Rioter Comments
: We want solo-queue back
What I prefer is that Riot simply implement what they already claimed they will: Add solo-queue (not solo/duo-queue) in parallel to the current dynamic queue. This will allow people to play either. I play almost solo, never played ranked more than duo, but I don't see a reason to prevent a trio of friends to play ranked if they want to. On the other hand I don't want premades to "pollute" the true solo-queue from reasons similar to what OP mentioned.
mucr0 (EUNE)
: Advice from an older player
Just wanted to share that I also have job, wife, kids, was here when Tetris started, play support, and teach in the university... Oh, and referring to topic, also never said a single negative word on the four-digit number of games I already have in LoL...
Zômbîe (EUW)
: Will there be a soloQ ?
Riot announced there will be ranked solo queue (No duo, only solo) in parallel to the ranked dynamic queue. The dynamic queue will keep supporting any size of group (i.e. 1-5). The ETA was claimed to be several weeks.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Are aura items perceived as bad for the game?
I really like aura items too. I think Riot's main concern with aura items is that they are hard to balance. Unless the aura is insignificant they must face at least one the following two problems - either it can get OP in teamfights since it is multiplied by 5 or it gets too weak in the laning phase (I mean bot lane) and skirmishes since it is multiplied by only 2 or 3. It seems the direction Riot is going to is having it affect only one member of your team regardless of how many team members are present around. You can see this trend in the new Zeke's Harbinger and the new keystone mastery Bond of Stone.
Fajerk (EUW)
: In fact I used to play support/fill and ended up about 50% time on toplane, now I started to use just fill option and I did not end up support so far. I do not really know why but personally it feels there are actually too many supports in this game.
I find your experience surprising and very different from what I am familiar with. Maybe the portion of players willing to play support is very different between the various tiers of the league system.
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