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Arkinos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=NorthernRedStar,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eKzsZmd1,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-02-28T17:12:44.438+0000) > > You must be the only one. Haters like you always predict a champion to be useless after nerfs. LB was useless after the silence removal. Kassadin was useless after the silence removal. Nidale was useless after they introduced the hunt mechanic and nerfed spears. Gragas was useless after getting more AD scaling and less AP damage. Yet all of those turned out to be incredibly op and had to be nerfed several times. Its not possible to tell how well he will do in the future, but he certainly isnt going to stay at 36%. If only because the noobs that cant use him well will stop playing him and only the vets that are good with him either way will remain.
lb was indeed useless and they buffed her for about 3 patches i think->still waiting for the nerfs you said? kassadin was a debate because when the silence was removed the w changed and he still had big numbers (450 range on his r say you cant get to the adc without blowing up) nidalee was never useless as she was played ad top dominating games,and now we have jungle nid dominating games,how fun Gragas what ad scaling?I dont remember anyone disagreeing with his rework,they just missed the old bursty gragas.He was also picked in LCS i believe both as jungler and support->incredibly op nerfed when? Funny think that even pro players say kassadin is trashed isnt it?
: Question about Nidalee and Kassadin
The question is not why nid hasnt been nerfed to kassadin levels but why kassadin has been nerfed so much.Why have 2 Urgot tier champions when you shouldnt have any...
ppy (EUNE)
: Honestly, I haven't come to this thread to discuss my rank - I know that I am in the rank I am because I deserve to be within it, but I merely comment on the fact that this Season, I just feel a certain god-tier is more imposed than it was in the last Seasons. If I gave you such an impression, then it is my bad, and it was not intentional.
If you talk about top,mid,bot then its just a feeling,the picks in those lanes are dictaded by the meta,you can make any pick worth(like brand and anivia) work there as long as your team comp is reliable.About the jungle,like many pros said,that feeling is because many picks struggle in the new jungle.In s4 we did have the same champion poll,but other picks like nautilus and cho could still jungle very effectively,now the struggle against champions like Rek'Sai,so there is your god tier feeling
Karmoon (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cartheginian15,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rgOljMWg,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2015-02-28T13:47:24.895+0000) > > I dont believe in the "im bronze V but i deserve challenger" bs,what you say though is bs too,you just came here saying "ignore every balance problem,you dont know how to play lol,i know better than you,the meta is non existent".The meta exists because its the best way to win.You can argue all day that you can win games with zac but any dedicated jungler will tell you that lee sin will outfarm you,counterjungle you,win every time he sees you 1v1 and his ganking potential is better,which leads to a snowballed mid game I play LoL. SoloQ is for nerds with no friends. Don't give a damn about it. There are many team comps where Zac will grossly out perform Lee Sin. SoloQ is for people with no friends who secretly wish LoL was a one-player game. Talking with other players and discussing compositions is too difficult. ELO has nothing to do with it - intelligence has everything to do with it. That's why URF needs to be permanent. It's a simple mode for the simple minded. LoL and SoloQ are different games. Do you get this?
Well what a coincidence i myself prefer ranked 5s than soloQ, though i cant find your challenger banner anywhere.You talk shit about people who play soloQ without any knowledge about them,how do you expect anyone to discuss seriously with you?Do some brainstorming before you just insult everything and everyone,soloQ is a good way to improve your individual player skill,if you are not competent in your lane,then you are a burden for your team. There is actually not a single team comp where zac outperforms lee sin,because lee sin will wreck him in his jungle.No competitive team will let you free farm and gank them like no enemy jungler exists,zac lacks damage to go 2v2 against lee.Truth is zac outscales lee,but you will never reach late game.
Karmoon (EUW)
: The problem isn't the game. It's you guys. You all worship the meta and have difficulties thinking for yourself. The fact is, that pros break and shape the meta which you all blindly follow. How do they do this? By being amazing at the game and having some good ideas. You guys believe you have to use jinx or Graves. But that's all it is - a believe. It's not based in reality. You can try something else if you want to. The meta of LoL doesn't apply to the meta of SoloQ. I do understand the long-match issue, however. Kids tend to have a much lower attention span and it seems like Attention Deficit Disorder and stuff are on the rise. Hopefully they will make URF permanent and change it so both sides win. This will unlock an 'easy' mode for you guys that you can't lose.
I dont believe in the "im bronze V but i deserve challenger" bs,what you say though is bs too,you just came here saying "ignore every balance problem,you dont know how to play lol,i know better than you,the meta is non existent".The meta exists because its the best way to win.You can argue all day that you can win games with zac but any dedicated jungler will tell you that lee sin will outfarm you,counterjungle you,win every time he sees you 1v1 and his ganking potential is better,which leads to a snowballed mid game
ppy (EUNE)
: Season 5 changes have made League incredibly bland, dull, and long-lasting.
You went too far.Yes there are champions with overloaded kits that riot should never release,but the game is far from unplayable in its current state.Becaause {{champion:429}} is too mobile doesnt mean {{champion:42}} is irelevant.And even the jungle which is considered by pros the most hurt lane can still function with difficulty.PBE changes looks promicing though
Shupudupu (EUW)
: Why disagree man ? It's the truth and something I have said multiple times as well. There are like 15 op champions and if you don't play them, good luck winning the game. Still, many people keep saying 'it is skill that wins you the game, every champion can be op' and sure you still need a bit of "skill" (more like common sense meaning when to engage and when not to) but why is everybody playing the same champions then - even the almighty pros... NEVERMIND, someone just stated that Riot nerfed Nautilus on PBE, cause he obviously was used in every 2nd game and was way too OP with all the plays.
You are overeacting,because you play other than meta champions doesnt mean you wont win the game.Those champions are op because they offer versatillity not because they have op number,their kit is overloaded,baring vi and jarvan who always were strong but not op.The game hasnt reach the point,and probably never will that you are obligated to pick a champion in order to win. As for the Nautilus "nerfs" the guy who stated this should l2p,because the pbe changes have so many variables to determine if these changes are in the right direction so we just have to wait until he is tested,no one can say for sure if he is nerfed or buffed...
: People saying that people would flame and no one would be shown mercy. 1.Humans aren't that evil 2. This idea implements a reward for mercy through the honour system 3. The ragers and flamers will stop raging in order to be shown mercy, actually giving an incentive for rage and flame to be removed altogether. 4.Its decided by the enemy team, in ranked game this would be extremely hard to abuse. 5. Your team cannot 'abuse' it because humans are smart and would be able to tell if someone suddenly disconnected at the end of the game and would just not show mercy, and that player wont disconnect anyway because humans may not be evil, but we aren't kind enough to go through the afk punishment for strangers. This would work, really well, and has a similar essence to the tribunal, I like it a lot.
Its a very interesting system that can be worked around.Like someone said it promotes a better behaviour so if someone leaves your team has more chances of getting mercy.Ofc mercy should not be applied to the leaver/afker,the team who mercy should not have any benefits other than something similar to honour.Its overal a very intresting idea ^_^
: What are Riot trying to accomplish with Mordekaiser and how can they do it?
If they really want morde to feel like a big metal guy they can start with his in-game model,which just like hecarim is too small compared to others.Imo the changes to morde were a waste of human recources.The rework solution can be applied to any champion,but i dont know how Riot is going to accomplish this goal considering that so many champions are in need of reworks (Taric,poppy,kass,urgot,yorick,morde,warwick,and the list only gets longer)
: Ashe- one of the weakest lol champions and the worse (non-troll) adc- not for long
I cant see why someone would pick ashe over kalista,better kiting/mobillity,better damage(kalista smiting baron),can kill tanks/bruisers much faster,her ult sometimes is even better than ashe.I really think ashe joined "fine" champion healthpool,at least before kalista people used to say she is good because of her initiate and perma slow,now i think kalista has much more utillity on her ult than ashe,because its not global doesnt mean its worse...
: Guardian angel useless on adc?
There is no cookie cutter build for the last item,if there are assassin that blow you up ga is a very good choice even as your 5th item,if cc is the problem or a morde keeps ulting you the mercurial skimitar,if no one focuses you(which is very unlikley) you can build another offensive item,i used to do that on tristana since my range game me enough safety,banshees veil and omens are situation and depend on what your goal is,but honestly ive never built omens on adc,ga always seemed a better choice as you are a primar target most of the time and gae gives enough time not only for you but also for your team
: really man.... i know of very few champs that can get much more than 25% Spell Vamp, even that needs the Vampirism masteries and Spirit Visage, also AoE reduces its effectiveness to 1/3, I main {{champion:103}} but i no longer bother with spell vamp cos it does hardly anything for her cos shes mostly AoE and her passive heals her anyway Spell Vamp is not OP it helps Glass Cannon mages stay alive for a bit longer not become immortal and completely unkillable, {{champion:8}} does have a lot of health back but that's because he is a health based caster, what about {{champion:36}} he presses R and is back to full health
You really miss the point,spellvamp is not op right now,its broken,not every mage builds spellvamp but those who do are really tied to it,you say vlad,do you think vlad is good right now?He is just mediocre,do you know what happens when vlad gets good?He gets so much qq because the lane is unplayable,he either reaches a status of sustain that makes him unmovable or he feels weak until lvl 7 and a sv item.No one really buys spellvamp because its either useless,outside of champion that are tied to its usefullness,and they reach a balance status of either weak or very snowballing(vlad,akali). Why morde needs sv runes to be mediocre at lane?Why vlad needs to be weak because he can abuse sv?Why Mundo needs sv to jungle,and i dare you to go right now and check his first clear without sv,its bad and it feels bad for a jungler that was once a very good one... And right now,how many champions build spellvamp as their choice,i really cant think of anyone because the fact that its 1/3 on aoe spells(which would be op otherwise) makes it a bad choice.So we just keep sv in game to hinder some champions because they can buy it?
gaby1best (EUNE)
: You don't know how to build her. What she needs is On-hit effects for Q and maybe more early damage as you can only do 2-3 camps before you recall in the first clear.
i think she needs a better stealth rework,we waited about 3 years to cure the cancer that was evelynn ganking,and it really didnt fix much,we are still back were we started were evelynn snowballs lane so hard riot makes her almost useless in the jungle
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: GP jungle
top gp is weak and jungle gp is even weaker,i dont see anything he can offer his team as a jungler,no real damage,too dependant on items,almost zero utillity but i would like gp to be viable again yarrr :)
: And then, let's remove all the AP items :D. Sounds good.
I dont where you get the idea that we should remove all ap items but i disagree with it,spellvamp though creates more problems than it fixes IMO,the only problem is see with my suggestion is that vladimir might be overpowered considering he will have a new item slot,which i believe can also be fixed.Also,consider that vladimir is a very problematic champion,i played lol since the removal of vlad w movement speed and i havent realy seen vladimir being balanced all those years due to how his kit works especially with spellvamp.There are more champions than vladimir,jungle mundo needs sv runes to SURVIVE jungle,morde needs sv to compensate for his attrocious health costs,akali reaches unkillable status with sv,or just stays useless.So in the end what spellvamp offers int his game?The only thing i see is tunelvision,just like dfg champion had to be balanced around it because how required it was,and neither veigar nor morde are ap assassins...
: Vladimir is based on speelvamp, his skills require health and he must get tr back. They removed DFG because it gave an advantage to the AP Assassins. If they remove speelvamp, Vladimir will be destroyed. So, the speelvamp is good, they don't need to remove it.
this can be changed though,you can add buff the health return of his q,lower the hp cost of his spells,your argument is like "if we remove dfg veigar and morde will be useless" and they are but changes are coming with the removal of dfg so why not with spellvamp?
La9wa (EUW)
: Why do they insist on making every new champion broken ?
I think its more of a l2p issue here,gnar was weak on release and received buffs(not totally sure),vel koz same(really weak mid laner),azir was full of bugs so no one could balance him,rek sai is really overated.... And you say vel koz is not broken but his kit and damage is,well whats left of the champion that is broken?
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