KerberosFi (EUNE)
: I think one think they could do is to instantly start first minion fight. There is no point to position in any way because any champion is capable to beat first round. That being said, things get little more interesting (pun not intended) due to players, depending did they get gold and how much, often being able to hit 10 gold by selling units. Therefore I don't see way they could speed up the fights itself without making it impossible for players to pickup the boxes and decide then if they need to sell units or keep them(not to mention often some units pop up from boxes and are instantly sold for interest). Sure you can cut planning phase but how much would that give? 30 secs max? On the other hand I don't see reason to slow down the late game . Given that you have had every fight untill that point to evaluate what your opponents are building (and there isn't usually any major changes at that point, you should have clear idea how you might want to position, only adjusting to hextechs, blitz, zephyr and assassins. In 1v1 fights ofcourse this is different. but at that point I think the part of the fun is to play mindgames with your opponent and the clock ticking is putting on pressure. And sure, I think it would be awesome if after hitting item unit collision is removed from that player but I have never seen problem in terms of vision, due to me making evaluation instantly after getting into carousel what I will prioritize, what if I don't get primary item and so on. Plan ahead and pay attention to location of those items. And no, the game isn't about what you want, the game is about making most use out of what you get. It hasn't been all that uncommon to int for pick priority, which is strategy itself, though demands sarcrificing hp.
Thanks for the comment! What are the things you would change in the game?
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Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: I heard that there is a limited number of each champion in the roster. So if everyone else had luck and took him, there will be none left for you.
Yeeah but it is so frustrating when you only need one champion and .. nope.
Omaeka (EUW)
: Why do some champions randomly not appear in TFT?
Happened the same with me. No Kayle has appeared, but others had 2 stars of it.
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Kyubiix (EUW)
: League of Legends not working??
Worked thanks! But why this happened?{{item:3083}}

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