DaahLeon (EUNE)
: Nah but its like this. from the first key fragment you get, the chance of getting them decreases each time you earn one. and this chance of getting the fragments resets one month after the first fragment. so you probably got a streak of them, and now the chances are so low that you wont earn them in the next 10 wins if ur unlucky. just wait abit and you will start earning them regurarly. TL;DR First frag 1 month period starts untill it resets. each key fragment during that same month (its 30 days btw, not untill next month starts) lowers the drop chance. Idk explaining ritato games systems are hard when u dont get the actuall drop chances. OH and one thing, they only drop from wins.
well i had that streak like 2 weeks ago got 3 key fragments in 1 day next day 1 more and now cant get a single key fragment , so if what u are saying is true i will be able to get key fragment the next 1-2 week and not now. And yea i know its only from wins ty mate
DaahLeon (EUNE)
: i have 4 keys and a fragment, gettin them nonstop. I NEED CHESTS ;_;{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
well i have 4 chests 1 keyfragment .. :D
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OG xEror (EUNE)
so are they removing the previous border from s5 until they give you the border from s6, cuz i was gold last season had the Gold one, this season gold again but the border has been removed , and i still havent recieved the rewards so, so my question is, will i get the border again when the rewards come?
: Yo my friend, if riot didnt give you frame you probably had a ban or you were reproted or smth, IF NOT you must communicate to riot games support
But i already had Golden frame like till 2 days ago then i logged and i saw its gone that what i wanted to ask why it is gone cuz i was already Gold and now this season ended Gold again and the frame isnt there thats what i dont understand is it gonna appear back after they give the rewards for the s6 or ?
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