Eveninn (EUW)
: > Nunu can just casually navigate through most of the jungle, charging up his W. Sol can´t. Weeeeell... Aurelion can kinda just ignore walls. :x Also, Nunu got nothing like Aurelion's Q-Ult, basically being a 1 man AoE chain. But mostly they are just so different that looking at a single ability and comparing them has little ground. Take Ezreal W for example, it's about as bad as any ability gets (for the ways he commonly is played in), yet he's just fine. However, if you're talking about long-distance Aurelion E's... kinda underwhelming, but I feel like it's not what it should be used for anyway. (What I've seen so far of Nunu Snowballs felt like they were just as easy to dodge. When they use predator that's a different story but the same applies to most predator users.)
You´re right on the most part, though I´m fed up with Sol neither being able to insta-cast Q to not surely die from assassins, nor his Q-gimmick being so very underwhelming. I saw Nunu´s W and thought "That´s the sh*t Aurelion needed!" Not necessarily the pathing, right, but he could absolutely use the damage ramping up. As it is, it could just as well be removed entirely because it literally has no payoff preparing it. As for his Q-Ult-chain... It´s not exactly reliable with the chain having 2 quite conditional CC-variants. Definitely not as strong as other mages, let alone tanks. What I mean is his minimum distance Q-reactivation and his R-knock-back, which doesn´t necessarily knock back. I hope you understand my point. I don´t want Aurelion Sol to be the strongest champion in League history, but I feel like Riot doesn´t give him much (if any) love. I don´t like the Mecha-skin and to me it felt like Riot just wanted to kill another meme.
: I agree. The fact how Nunu's W can go through walls and can get as wide as the whole lane is really broken, while Aurelion is stuck with a slow Sion ult. Oh, wait.
Sion can at least drift himself, not as smooth as Nunu, but still better than Aurelion.
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BaconTits (EUNE)
: And how do you want to improve if you don't play against better players? Can't improve by playing against worse or equal ones.
1. I like your name. 2. people just spam OP.GG way too often. I´m unranked and once played against a Lucian-Alistar botlane. The Lucian sucked, but the Alistar was godlike. As a Braum-main back then, it was the manliest of duels. After 30 mins, one of my friends looked OP.GG up and told me that Lucian was Gold 5, and Alistar was Diamond 3 Alistar-main. Had some wonderful discussion with him post-game (which my team won), but I felt sorry for Alistar for getting a Gold 5 Lvl7 Lucian that played like Bronze 3 that also flamed his support for "not helping him" when in reality Alistar was the only one saving his ass time and time again without even dying himself. If I didn´t know through OP.GG what rank the Alistar was, I would have played more aggressively, resulting in some times where i could have gone for multiple kill-secures and a faster game-end. I never again gave a damn about the rank or expertise of my enemy, as I see how they move and thinking "OMG he´s Plat 1 and last year I was Bronze 5, he´s unbeatable!" is stupid. Well, maybe a bit biased though. I don´t play Ranked, like, ever and still have a win-percentage of about 50-60%.
Rågê (EUW)
: They should just remove blind pick and duoQ.
Seriously, Blind Pick is just a solution for all the kids that shouldn´t even be allowed to play League yet to pick their favourite Yasuo, Riven, etc. without fearing they could be banned. I really do always see a Yasuo in the enemy team when in Blind, and sometimes it´s even Yasuo AND Riven. I never hear from anyone that they´re enjoying Blind more. reason could be only idiots think "lol don´t want to wait 10 more seconds in champ select, and don´t want to be blamed for picking against my hard counter. Jungle Movespeed Bard OP". Riot also never really stated why they would disable Draft after midnight. And I don´t see any goddamn reason whatsoever.
Smerk (EUW)
: Queue dodge penalty is there to discourage dodging. And to get that penalty by declining queues you have to decline them like 10 times in a row, which is highly unlikely to happen randomly
Not exactly. I got it in S6 once when I haven´t ever dodged any game since when I started at the end of S4. So, it´s also flawed.
: Please give us normal draft pick again 24/7.
That is actually pissing me off. Queueing for Draft with friends, clock goes 00:00, we get thrown out. And Blind is cancer. Why this change?
Agidyne (EUW)
: I wholeheartedly agree. Tanks deal too much damage while building nothing but tank items. It's laughable. I guess it's alright for some tank champions to deal good damage, either because they have no Hard CC like Mundo or because they have no reliable way to deal that damage, like Sion. But then you have champions like Ornn who out-trade you by pressing W on cooldown, and your only alternative is building full tank yourself, in which case, no one will have kill pressure in lane and it turns into a farmfest for 20 minutes.
As long as you can farm. I had Ornns towerdive me at full health with a jungler, and well, I died. No counterplay whatsoever, because I already was at that "safe spot". Right now I even constantly ban Nasus, as he is stupidly powerful with Kleptomancy. I just dislike tanks in general as they are, but Riot seems to love the tank-meta. Problem is the meta-cycle. It´s always Adc - (Mage) - Assassin - (Bruiser) - Tank. Mages and bruisers don´t really have a defined meta, except when drastic item changes are implemented. But the assassin-meta has the shortest lifespan because people whine about being oneshot by a 12/0 Rengar, while the tank-meta has the longest lifespan (how ironic) and is at the most boring pace in a game ever. I like scaling champions, but if it´s only about scaling into late for both teams, nothing will happen for at least 30 mins, and then one teamfight and the game is over. They could change tanks to scale in their damage like normal champions (with few exceptions, like Mundo etc.). Why should most tanks have very high base damage, when many abilities also scale with bonus Hp or something else they build? They are there for peel. For tanking. For engaging and disengaging. I shouldn´t be able to 1v1 an equally fed Vi as Maokai, because of the %HP and armor shred.
Agidyne (EUW)
: A Regular tank is a fed tank. Tank items are cheaper than most other items, meaning they can't really fall behind inlane aslong as they are getting XP. You can kill a Poppy twice in lane. If you are equal in CS or even slightly ahead, she will still probably be able to get her Sunfire Cape before you can finish a Titanic Hydra, for instance. And I'm talking about Poppy because she is one of the worst tanks in the game right now. ADCs are really hard to delete aswell, you see this in competitive play all the time, way harder than assassins, actually. The ammount of peel some champions have is disgusting, and that's kind of what made AD Assassins and Bruisers obsolete and why you never see them in Competitive anymore, well, except for Camille. As for Assassins, you often only need to stun them once and they will melt. That's why they are in a horrible state and mostly rely on stomping unaware people. Finally, about the "team game" argument. Sounds great if you are playing some late game scaling monster, like Vladimir, play undertower and wait for your jungler to put you ahead. But if you are playing a lane bully, it's the dumbest argument one could make. You are playing against someone that will eventually outscale you. You NEED to push, and you NEED to make him fall behind. If the enemy jungler shows up near the top side, then you either risk a 1v2 or lose all the lane pressure you worked for, against someone that will eventually beat you by default and is probably way more useful than you in teamfights. So yeah, no one is saying league isn't a team game, it's just that laning used to require a lot more thought than it does now. And laners used to be stronger than junglers in the early mid game, which meant that ganking someone who is ahead was a huge risk.
Now here´s the problem. Tanks have a generally lower skill floor than assassins, meaning you don´t need as much practice with a tank to do your job. A very good assassin will dominate a team that can´t counteract it, but even a fed godlike assassin can´t face 2 tanks with their stupidly cheap, but most effective tank items as long as the tanks don´t go 0/8/0.
: with warmog one needs 2750 hp max not 3500 and i build warmog in the end everytime and by the time i buy warmog i usually get around 3k hp
Then I mistook it for the old version. Either way, Warmog´s is a really good tank item. For full or off-tanks. Zed is an assassin, at best a CC-less bruiser, so Warmog´s isn´t something I´ve ever seen a Zed in any Elo build or mention.
: I mean... Take your favourite champion, put all it's damage in a Q - HOLY %%%% I'D TOTALLY TAKE THAT. THANK YOU RIOT Seriously though ;) Take any champ and give him her Q instead of what they have right now. Everyone will clap their hands and celebrate over how awesome that is. For exactly 2 games. I main MF - why the %%%% bother Qing through dead minions when you can do double the damage by throwing URF-mode Q at everyone shooting around corners? And when I play Jhin, why the %%%% bother waiting for my crit when I can just throw another Q? And why bother playing Morgana anyway when you can disable someone for 2 seconds in a teamfight that lasts for 3? And, most importantly - why bother dealing assassin damage by going in there when you can just hit from afar.... dealing the same %%%%ing amount Hm...
I found it already weird on Karma, but at least Karma has a fixed range and effectively no real ult, it´s just a buff to her basic abilities. No repositioning, no baiting, no escape - just simple effect-steroids every 30 seconds-ish. And her hardest CC is a delayed root. Zoe just spams triple the damage in half the time, with hard CC every 3 seconds, with no real range to anticipate because it´s always different. Especially if she ults, because a Zoe just ults towards you beyond your own minions or tanks, throws a close-range sleep with no risk because she WILL be taken back to her original location pre-ult and then just try and throw a Q when her teammates engage because your well-protected Adc is now asleep for 1.5 seconds. Or was it 2.5? One-shots are kinda fair IF you can see them coming. Rengar has a strong indicator for his ult. LeBlanc will not insta-burst you without being seen since her rework (she´ll kill you nonetheless) Kha´zix only gets to be invisible 1 second. The new Eve has a large detection radius and her Charm is predictable. Every champ ever has some of the above, except Shaco, because he sucks :))) jk. But so much damage as a basic ability with no room for counterplay, wasn´t that the reason why they ~~made LeBlanc shit~~ reworked the assassins?{{sticker:leblanc-funny}}
: > not one champion in the game has a long range nuke That is true. But again, take Karthus. Karthus can kill you wherever you are. Damn, he can Pentakill! No one else is able to do it. Take Jhin with his insane AD ratio. Take Veigar's infinite AP. Take Taliyah's wall. Take Lee Sin and his ward jump. We've got a whole lot of champions who do thing not one other champion can do. That's why we love League, actually. > out of the fog of war > standing miles behind her frontline > before she even ulted And that is _not true_. Watch the second video carefully, pls. She ulted into Sion. She was not in the fog of war. And she was not miles behind her front line, she's been following Sion closely. > with the worst indicatior in the game To say true, she actually jumps and waves her hands when she re-casts Q. If you can do it staying in the fog and still hit, you're skillful.
Karthus has that differences. He can´t gap-close every few seconds. His ult is garbage early and only gets him low-HP executes or assists. His ult costs 150 Mana, with a ridiculously high cooldown. His ult can be canceled by hard CC because he needs to channel while standing still. It is clear if Karthus ults because the indicator is VERY well seen. For everyone. Zoe has none of the above. Think about it this way, when she one-shots a Xayah, can she one-shot another squishy with her resources if given the chance shortly after? Yes. And that seals the deal.
: judge/rate/giveyour opions about my zed build plz, i appreciate it :D
Warmog´s is actually a big waste of gold. The regeneration effect will only trigger if you have 3500 or more max. HP, it´s more effective if you go another damage item/other tank item or a hybrid. Since Zed isn´t a sustained fighter, but a quick assassin with lots of burst damage that comes within 1-2 seconds of a full combo, it´s probably better to build Randuin´s Omen if you wanna take a tank-item vs. AD, since AD marksmen usually build crit, which Randuin´s reduces by 10% plus quite alot of armor and a good chunk of health. For damage options instead of Warmog´s I´d suggest something like Lord Dominik´s Regards, which helps dealing with fed tanks or makes dealing with non-fed tanks even easier, given the 40% penetration vs. bonus armor and the unique passive of more % damage vs. higher-health-targets. The other items are everything I´d expect from a standard Zed build, Youmuu´s helps with roaming/engage and gives good early stats, Black Cleaver is a good item for more burst damage, sticking potential and even helping your AD teammates out. You can go with Ionian Boots of Lucidity, but I myself prefer Boots of Mobility, since it increases the roaming potential of Zed to absurd levels. This is only my personal opinion, so feel free to doubt my mental capacity and ignore me. Cheers.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: You're asking the wrong questions. The real question is - how was a champ like that released in the first place? I can't talk for them of course but I'm rather certain that the balancing team sat there like: really now? Another champ that can't possibly be balanced? TYVM Mister "I invented Yasuo as well"
I was actually baffled when I saw the official spotlight, then noticed there were no major changes to her in PBE. And asking how this could have been approved is definitely the right question to ask. Everything can and WILL at some point go wrong with a champion that has all of her damage in her basic abilities with quite low cooldown and only a utility-ult. I said it from the start, and noone could prove me otherwise until this day, Zoe should have never been released. It´s just too much to balance, or better, it´s too much that cannot be balanced because the champion can´t just be put into the trash can.
: "Totally not Aurelion Sol" skin theme so that they can justify the fact he can be caught by a Caitlyn's trap while he's flying.
If a crown can catch him, so can a beartrap.
: Gentleman would be pretty funny. "Lord of cosmos manor Aurelion Sol"
And his Q would be a flying orb of dollar-bills, growing in worth (size) as it travels? Ring-a-ding-ding! Or maybe going with a casino-theme, the chips and such.
: Agreed. J4 needed a skin because reasons. And they give him dark star because reasons.
J4 could have easily gotten any other skin. But they tried to milk the dark-star concept. J4 needed a skin, but he´s also quite popular right now. Money wins again {{sticker:cass-cry}}
: Legendary {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
{{sticker:sg-ahri-3}} Guides and Tutorial helpings {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} Memes and blaming the jungler
: Yas is a hyper carry, his late game is through items so as long as he gets them he will be a threat. But unlike other hyper carries where it's a smooth power curve yas spikes extremely hard on one or two items. This means that when he gets ahead he becomes a hyper carry level champion with one or two items which is something nobody can stop... and if he gets behind like all hyper carries he is just a time bomb. So he does need nerfs... specifically either making him lose his late game power or making him lose his early game spikes... he can't have both.
Exactly. People should stop complaining about Yasuo being nerfed or not, he needs a rework of some sort. Kinda like what they did to Morde, although Morde was shit since rework, only way too high numbers. I play Gangplank pretty much, so I know the power of critting late-game champs. With him, it´s balanced because he doesn´t get free crit, he has to build damage to do damage. Also mana. Yasuo, while still having a scaling rivaling Gangplank, Vayne and the sorts, is way too easy to accomplish. Let´s say you´re behind for entire early game as Yasuo. The enemy has 2-3 squishies. You will still be able to delete them by farming up under tower / in empty lanes until you get that Infinity Edge and Statikk Shiv/Phantom Dancer. For the time and gold needed, Yasuo gets way too much free stuff. I don´t know any other champ that has so many things that are just thrown at you in his kit: -No resource needed for abilities -Free shield every now and then -Doubled crit chance with a very minor penalty -A wannabe-AA skillshot-Q with conditional hard CC and CD scaling with attack speed (which he will build anyway) -A wide wall that will nullify any projectile and even some things we by our seeing eyes don´t even consider a projectile -A targeted dash that´s spammable on multiple enemies -An ultimate that will not only prolong any knock-up for a full second, but will let him ignore 50% of any armor you built for 15 seconds, and that´s an eternity. I´d say Yasuo is, in my opinion, the most overloaded champion in whole League of Legends, even above Lee Sin. Needing a rework there.
: Sounds great, just need an art.
I already have him on paper, just needing a bit of refined detail on him, as good as my nooby hands can draw. As soon as I find the time I will scan him in, and I hope you will enjoy it!
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Caraméla (EUW)
: i agree and i really like him as a concept... let's hope for the best :P
I just thought about something o.o I have always played him mid-lane.... Why haven´t I tried a tanky top-lane Sol? wtf maybe it will work
Caraméla (EUW)
: {{champion:136}} is actually strong when played well but has clear counters (assassins) i'm hoping the rework of the assassins will solve this problem.
I hope so too, still I think at the moment his counters are WAY too clear for him to be at least mediocre as a pick throughout all elos. It is kinda dumb for him (considering his whole character design) to have so many hard counters and not being as safe as other control mages.
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ChaosExcors (EUNE)
: EDIT: Changed her passive from gaining free stats to having a mixture of the passives of both Phage{{item:3044}} and Jinx{{champion:222}} . Also a kind of time-limited Rapid Firecannon{{item:3094}} -effect. Enjoy! CHANGES: - Now also with a suppression on her ultimate, like a double-zhonya´s for herself and the target enemy. Her ult seemed a bit useless as it would have been ridiculously easy to be canceled by anything.
Now changed Daika´s joke to something more enjoyable. Enjoy! ...yeah
: This actually seems really great! If you came up with this completely on your own, probs to you, really. But you know what it reminds me of? The old sion. You rather go AP and have a hard time hitting your q and have more dmg on your e or you go ad and profit more from your q and ultimate. Old sion was kinda like this. i hope some rioter recognizes this!
Thank you for commenting! Yes, the idea came just like this, while I figured out how another "Curse Knight"-champion could be implemented. I´m pretty satisfied with the outcome, and I´m glad you are, too!
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ChaosExcors (EUNE)
: Fan-made Champion Suggestion: Daika, the Forgotten Meaning
EDIT: Changed her passive from gaining free stats to having a mixture of the passives of both Phage{{item:3044}} and Jinx{{champion:222}} . Also a kind of time-limited Rapid Firecannon{{item:3094}} -effect. Enjoy! CHANGES: - Now also with a suppression on her ultimate, like a double-zhonya´s for herself and the target enemy. Her ult seemed a bit useless as it would have been ridiculously easy to be canceled by anything.
: it's this kind of detail and dedication to putting an imagination forward that I think should be encouraged. +1 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Thank you very much {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
NourAdiga (EUW)
: I read the lore and all, idk, the way you described her look doesn't fit in the summoners rift or in league as a whole but "Enemy minion or neutral monster killed: +3 AD" really, like if I have 200 farm at level 18 i'll get 600AD for 14 seconds. I mean dude, math. lets say I build AD and im a shit player and only manage to get 200AD by level 18 and 1.00 attack speed, so you are telling me every 2 minutes ill be able to deal 800damage in 1 second. 8000 physical damage in 10 seconds.... and that's without any crit, if I get fed and build crit, I get 400AD from items, then every 2 minutes ill have the chance to deal 1000 physical damage per second and a crit with IE is 2500 damage. that's the whole HP of the enemy full armour malph in under 4 seconds. Math bro, simple simple math. and that's me not talking about the AP which only makes it worse. sorry.
I´ts not fully finished, which is why I thought after waking up this morning that I should change it, you´re right. Although that´s much you wrote to that single topic :o
: Yea, being anonymous can and probably will make people to let others know what they think much easier than irl. Often on the internet peoples opinions is much stronger and just "spills out" compared irl and sadly these very negative comments spills out much easier too... Funny fact; on the internet I like to read others peoples posts and comment on them but then in real life I don't like "large groups" which people share their thoughts, I rather do it like with the most important people in my life, I almost dislike large groups o,O so as you see, people can be almost the opposite. I hope you will design female badass ninja/samurai some day and send link to me ^^
There, hope you enjoy! http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/w9JkNOoj-fan-made-champion-suggestion-daika-the-forgotten-meaning
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: Yea, being anonymous can and probably will make people to let others know what they think much easier than irl. Often on the internet peoples opinions is much stronger and just "spills out" compared irl and sadly these very negative comments spills out much easier too... Funny fact; on the internet I like to read others peoples posts and comment on them but then in real life I don't like "large groups" which people share their thoughts, I rather do it like with the most important people in my life, I almost dislike large groups o,O so as you see, people can be almost the opposite. I hope you will design female badass ninja/samurai some day and send link to me ^^
I´ve had an idea long time ago, but it came to a halt when I started with Edur, Father of the Driven Snow. Maybe it will follow this idea after I´ve thought of it some more. You must really like Akali xD It will also be containing new gameplay elements, so be sure not to forget about me {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Support from the void, no name yet
It can work if its passive (or ultimate?) works like this example: -clings in some form to an allied champ -can be damaged through the part that is clinging to your ally ( maybe absorbing a % of the damage taken by your adc? ) -does not regenerate in the fountain while clinging to the ally aaaand to bring a bit diversity, -does only cling to the ally as long as the main body is not moved. The idea of some alternative form comes to mind, like Elise{{champion:60}} , where you get to cast different skills as "blob" (lol) and others as the main champion. Hope it was helping! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Looking for someone to play with EUNE
Oh, first comment :O it´s nice to see someone other than me thinking it´s that much fun to play alone all the time. I hope there will be more coments to come from other people, keep up the good work. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Accepting negative things is just life - there will always be so called haters. Like I have said, finished post are much nicer to read to get the overall picture about the champion, I have also posted some champion suggestion (its been some time) and first I write to paper what I wanna that champion be; abilities, little bit lore/where the champion came from etc. When it was finished on paper then I posted it to here, it took time to write it all but when I saw it was ready - man I was happy. I got comments saying "never gonna happen" and "I don't like this, downvote" and I just replied "thanks for feedback, I do hope to see this kinda champion one day or something similar" and moved on. If you are going to think every single bad comment you gonna get and take it personally you just gonna mess yourself up. People should be able to take feedback, it wasn't like I wrote "this is just bullshit, fcking bad suggestion delete" which isn't constructive feed back. I'm not judging you as a person, keep that in mind. I was only talking about your unfinished post with the name and race only. I see you have more stuff on this post. This reminds me little bit of kennen somehow & some other champion abilities but it sounds interesting. I like the Sakura :P I would like to see more hmm how to say it.. Not champions based on anime but like we have yasuo, shen, kennen, akali & zed so why not more, maybe female type of assassin /samurai/ninja. I would pay for it.
I thank you for your reasoning, I´ve seen many people commenting with a behaviour which they shouldn´t show in forums like these, but being anonymous apparently makes people evil. I will update stuff every now and then, this primarily, but I also have other posts with (I think) finished champion ideas, 1 even has a bit of fanart. I hope you enjoy them too if you´d look over them. Have a nice day.
: Oh and btw, that time your post - with only name and race, yea I didn't like it because in champion suggestions there should be some abilities or fan art before you release it, I wasn't only one who didn't like it. I will look your post again when it is ready and then if its worthy I will vote for it. Now its unfinished and when I used my vote you had only the name and race so how I can vote up for that? I do wanna see this concept FULLY READY . Ps. When you decide to release concept of course its going to take your time and effort so if you don't want people to judge quickly then release more than just a name. And especially when you release something you created you must be ready to accept peoples feedback - the good and bad.
It´s difficult to accept negative feedback when it´s clearly said that it´s not done yet, so I wonder why downvote something the owner says is under construction? I never asked for upvotes at any given time, because an unfinished post isn´t worth an upvote. But does it make it worth a downvote? That´s weird logic, man. But on one point you´re definitely right: To avoid some strange things like this, I will copy and paste everything next time, so that noone can judge projects like this.
: Its hard to say anything because really there isn't much to think about. Some ability info would be nice or picture before posting this. I don't mean this in the mean way but now its just assassin champion with name, nothing more.
Sooooo...already a reason to instant-downvote? It takes a lot of time for me to write everything down, but now there are some skills, not all, but something for imagination. I will add more and more over time, like ideas for the rest of his kit, some lore, a character description in general. Seems kinda quick to judge to me.
ChaosExcors (EUNE)
: Fan-made Champion Suggestion: Onyo, the Blade´s Horizon
UPDATE: Added something to his ability kit, enjoy! News: Completed his kit for now, tweaks, lore, description of him soon! EDIT: Added a description.
Astroii (EUW)
: Nice concept *_*
Thank you. I hope you look over it when it´s done, until then {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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ChaosExcors (EUNE)
: Fan-made Champion Suggestion: Edur, Father of the Driven Snow
UPDATE: -added some ideas for quotes of Edur along with an idea for his dance emote. Hope you guys like it! EDIT: -added some kind of idea or wish for the direction I´d wish his log-in screen music would go into
ChaosExcors (EUNE)
: Fan-made Champion Suggestion: Jhi´Rakk, the Void Vessel
Updated again: Now with some quote-ideas. NEW: Changed his kit with new ultimate, new W, new interaction between W and E. Enjoy!
: Oh, I read everything! Just answered your question about the term, that's all. :)
Then thank you for your contribution{{champion:161}} and good work! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I know what you mean. But really, as soon as he hits lvl6 and ults you, you are done. A beginner doesnt know what is happening. He just sees that he dies and cant do anything about it. Really fun and not frustrating at all... You hit lvl6 pretty fast in midlane and I dont think every real beginner will be able to get ahead in this time. You even need a bigger advantage because you make a lot of mistakes on your own.
I understand that very well, as I played Malz every time he was free-to-play, maybe they should keep Annie then as standard mid lane. It´s just about replacing the champs that are prone to ruining one´s day with spammable CC, because a point-and-click-slow{{champion:20}} is frustrating to go against if you wanna try what you have learned so far. Maybe others have better ideas for mid then? It just came to my mind when I thought about just the CC.
: Too long, didn't read. Quick summary for those too lazy to read it all.
Added summary for you and maaaany other people out there, cutting it down to the core.
Stekeltje (EUW)
: I miss the TL;DR :(
Sorry, I´m no pro in using the forum. What´s a TL;DR?
Kageryu (EUW)
: The malzahar bot is the most annoying, the %health damage pool, a strong DoT and the surpression ult will kill you if you are not careful post lvl 6
It was an example, like, purely about the amount of CC. I didn´t plead to Riot to implement Malzahar Bot as standard mid lane in beginner´s, but I´ll respect your opinion and thank you for taking your time commenting.
: "Less heavy CC" ---> {{champion:90}} Are you serious? Point and click supression ult is considered as no heavy CC nowadays?
It only comes with Lvl6, so people get a chance for some early game - feed, also, it is nothing that can occur every time to every player that faces a Malzahar-Bot. Some CC is fine, but it´s not about the heaviness of 1 skill. It´s about the frequency of CC overall. How many times have you played beginner bot games and cursed at the nunu or lux because they held you back the 2. time while in lane at Lvl1-5 when the, dunno, Miss Fortune{{champion:21}} keeps poking you out of lane because you went a melee champ because some weird guy told you he wants adc but went to top lane. To prevent too many of those frustrating moments for newbies is my point, I hope you understand. EDIT: Also I know why I didn´t mention Amumu or such as options as they are also classics, because other than Malzahar HIS ult can shut down an entire player group, all going: "WTF", "Thought this was for beginners" and so on.
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