Joetri10 (EUW)
: I've seen videos of this same thing. Champs to play when in bronze or silver. What gets to me is you don't know what champions i can play and what i cannot. I could have started the season playing Annie, get into silver and not touch it. Play all year as Zed or who ever you think is hard and then try to play only for someone to say: You're silver, play Annie, you're not good enough with Zed. Why am i not good enough with Zed? Because I'm silver? Mechanics is something bronze players should struggle with, Silver is all about decision making. Warding, Timing, Objectives, Team Fightings. That doesn't require you to be good as Zed or to play as Annie, That requires you to Ward, To join team fights, to understand when you take objectives. The fact that people think all YOU need to do is improve to climb is like saying in a baton race, If you improve, you'll team will win. Lets just hope that your other sprinters in your team don't run the wrong way aye. And as it happens, my main champions have been Eve and Ashe(Pre-Update) and i have had mass success playing in normals with diamond/gold teams and low success in low elo teams and i play the exact same way. I ward, I ping, i communicate, i understand mechanically what i must do, when to do objectives and how to play as a team. Sadly in silver when i play Eve, My middle decides to turret dive and not ward instead of communicating with me and knowing where his limits are when turret diving like in diamond... But hey, That's my problem. Maybe if i played Amumu jungle, he wouldn't have turret dived in 1v1 situation. (And no, i was not getting carried)
You do realize not even diamond players have good mechanics? Maybe your consideration of mechanics is different than mine. Also note this: if you are good at Zed, Lee Sin, Yasuo, that will take you to diamond almost without losing, cause these champs are the type of champs who only depend on how good you are as a player in general. Also, its not the same playing well or not losing against silver fellows and playing vs challengers. Thats why we all take annie as an example, cause she has relatively high range. Easy to use Q to farm well. DOESNT HAVE SKILLSHOTS. Really hard to miss. Teaches you to value farm and has good all in. Only thing strategic about Annie is a good use of stun stacks. Its a good champion for someone who is mechanically inconsistent. The thing about silver people is, one game you are 20-4 and the next one you are 1-20. Its not that you dont have any mechanics, but consistency is the key. On challenger games, i have had people who main thresh, and they madlife you (which is a pretty next level play) 3 times in a lane. In gold, it happens like 2 times in 100 games, 50% by accident. Do you see my point? And I dont get why are you offended by me saying to play annie. You got annie bot who is challenger on NA, just plays annie. Hes not even good but annie is and he is good with her. Also im not saying she is the only option but aim for that ballpark: morgana, annie, nami, leona, garen, amumu, sejuani, aim for the champs that are not demanding so you can play your champ to the fullest. And im telling you these exact champs cause they are not amazing on the highest level, but are pretty easy to play cause they dont have many weaknesses. Its good that you are aware of the game. Even near perfect mechanics without strategic knowledge are gonna take you to d5 and not more. But you need to find the way to suit your playstyle best. For example, my mechanics are bad cause i have always mained support, but when im forced out of supporting in soloq, im not gonna take lee sin cause insec is hard and ama take amumu cause hes easy as fuck, and just requires the strategic side of knowing when and how to initiate fights. Also i would reccomend lastshadows channel on youtube in which he describes what is best to play until you reach platinum/diamond. For example, if you can take CA and PA as current and potential ability of the champ, like players in FM, you can understand it easily. Zed...PA 190, but you CA with zed is probably around 100 when in silver. Annie PA 150, but even in silver your CA with Annie is around 135. And then, when you compare your CURRENT ability with the champion at your current skill level, you see that you are better off playing annie than zed. For example LeeSin would be like PA 190, and silver CA would be around 50, which makes him a little bit worse than an afk. But in like master soloq, lee sin main would have CA of 190 which makes him one of the best overall picks cause hes the champ for the players who have godlike mechanics. All this, in my post, is a verified truth. Its not my opinion. It really is the way it is. One thing to note: never think about how good you are, only think about how bad you are. Even when you come to challenger some day, just always think about what you could do better, and not what you did well, thats the key for improving. Learn from your mistakes, and if you are below D1, there are many to learn from. Also, you know how much better of a player you are than a regular bronzie. The thing is: you need to realize, that gold is that much better than you, and plat is that much better than gold, and diamond is really better than plat, and master and challenger are basically slightly better than D1, not including the guys over 800LP, who are just best. Im just trying to help here, chary.
: I seem to remember very different GMs then, and I played WoW for 10 years, stopping only when I realized how bad the game had become with the WoD addon. If the "theft" could be proven, meaning if the offender had actually said, for example that there would be rolls for loot IN CHAT, and then ninjaed them, not only was he banned for several days, he also lost all the loot he ninjaed. And on the matter of toxicity in WoW: That was not the GMs job to begin with. The players themselves could do that much better, because, other than in games involving random matchmaking, you can CHOSE who you want in your guild/raid...and if people could not behave, they were simply kicked. Playground rules. If there is a mean kid, very soon all the other kids will stop playing with him, and he'll have no friends.
Basically the ninja had to announce that hes gonna ninja the items in order to be punished.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I have used that sentence to describe the maximum of my "toxicity", I dont use it as an introduction, I rarely even use it, maybe like once in 50 games or less, especially when playing COOP vs AI with new players. I always try to help them, but thats not the point of this post.
: > Man I have never encountered racist remarks in LoL for 3-4 years. Thats like saying "Man, I have never encounctered the plague in my life" when talking about hygiene. The answer is the same: There is a reason for that. You haven't encountered racist remarks because racism has always been fought very strictly in LoL and now sort of died out. > im just becoming unsure if I can even say "you are bad" to someone without getting banned. Why would you? I mean, to answer your question, you probably could say it, maybe even a few times. It probably won't get you punished immediately, but it's still a pretty useless and unfriendly comment and would get you punished on the long run. > Im just curious cause this player behaviour is 90% of the reddit and Riot news. I think you have missunderstood the point of my post, Im just asking why is there so much talk about all this. Isnt this all a game? Why dont we talk about the game? Thats just your perception. The majority doesn't give a single fuck about discussing toxic behavior. Most people discuss about champs, worlds, patches etc. I read reddit daily and maybe once a week there is a popular thread that is focused on toxicity. I just checked the top 50 posts, none of them is about toxicity in any way. Let's do the same with the news. I just checked the last 230 (!) news articles. Only 3 of them are even remotely connected to toxicity, one of these three is actually about rewards for good behavior, not real toxicity. Thats about 1% of the news, not 90% like you claim. So, to answer your question: Everbody talks about the game, your impression that nobody does that couldn't be more wrong. > im just saying why invest so much in controling it when its actually not a problem It is a problem. Toxicity is the number 2 reason why people stop playing LoL. It's a HUGE problem....a problem that isn't so huge anymore because Riots efforts are kind of successful, but if Riot stopped fighting this problem the game would become hell again very quickly. You could see that very clearly when Riot started new servers like the PBE servers or the Korean servers but didn't implement the PB systems from the start. These servers have been like hell. On the Korean servers there was toxicity on the level of extreme racism in more than half of the games. This changed quite quickly when Riot installed the same systems like on the other servers, the Korean server is now pretty much like every other server. So the only reason why you don't perceive toxicity as a big problem is that pig parts of this problem are already solved thanks to the systems that are currently running. > Also democracy is, in its concept, not good for making impactful decisions. Yes and no. Yes, democracy is not the best way to make intelligent political, fact-based decisions. But no, thats not what we are talking about here. We are talking about cultural/ethical decisions here. Ethics are a construction, they don't actually exist. Their very definition is "the average of what people think to be right". It's a democratic concept by nature, there is no such thing as a "false" opinion a stupid person could have. You don't need intelligent people to form a "true" opinion about ethics. > Cause if you look at the IQ pyramid you see that 96% are average, and 2% are above average(smartish atleast), and 2% are below average (which is mental retardation). It's not really relevant for the topic here, but IQ is not sorted in a pyramid but as a gaussian/normal distribution. Technically, no one except those with an IQ of exactly 100 are "average", so 50% are above average. > even if its not offensive, cause they get offended anyways Thats a contradiction. Something is offensive when it offends people. It's not your decision whether something is offensive, the effect it has on people decides that. So saying something is not offensive although it offends people doesn't make any sense. I think what you wanted to say is that it SHOULDN'T offend people in your opinion. But your opinion is not the deciding factor here and you seem to have forgotten that.
So basically, its best to never use chat or you will get banned eventually, thats a really good system. Its like an ultimatum, I should kiss everyones behind or just say nothing. You ask me why should I call someone bad, well, there are reasons. As for my formulation of the "shouldnt offend", english is my 3rd language so just try to understand and forgive me. The IQ pyramid thing was like a example/comparison, it has no weight here. What Im saying is that people who dont know how to play in general, consider you rude if you tell them something about the game, cause they cant even see your point.
: This guy actually makes a pretty valid point, But there is 2 sides of the coin. From riots point of view I completely understand that you want as little flame in your game as possible, and want to ban out every racist and homophobic remarks. But please, It is or was just part of the "gaming subculture" if you can call it that, to have a little troll when you beat your opponent. I want to be able to say 'get rekt scrub' after i killed someone without getting a chatban. On the other hand i also have to deal with it if I get beaten and people say that to me. That's all just part of being a gamer, and that is some form of freedom which one does not have in real life, it's why gamers game. And I love it. So yeah i'm no rioter but I agree with you nonetheless ;)
Its just kinda sad those days have passed and they are never coming back. I have never been a trashtalker, but I dont mind my 0-3 jizzing in all chat after he got an assist in the 25th minute. I mean, thats the fun, the salt, the not even close, #REKT, #DUMPSTERED. For example I like to say "EZ" on TS3 when we kinda have a carnage and I get out on 3 HP, or i take a kill in teamfight with janna autoattack. But if I do it in all chat, ama get banned. Its kinda too much. I can get bans for racist behaviour, although I never saw any racist behaviour. I dont know what would constitute homophobic behaviour. And I like how you got and captured my point in a much smaller post. :D
Silisa (EUNE)
: When I started playing LoL, back in season 3, it was the first MOBA I've ever played. I'm not a gamer, I just saw my brother and some friends playing, and thought it looked fun. I usually played with them, until I got my account to lvl 30. One of the first PvP games I played solo, I picked Varus in champ select, since I was left with the adc role. Second later, our jungler, Sejuani, started flaming me. And not the "you are bad". No, more like "_f**k you Varus, die Varus, hope your family dies, stupid Varus, you fking piece of shit, get cancer, I hope your mother will die_" and worse, all before the game **even started**. It continued in game, for the whole 40 minutes. I don't know how he managed to get anything done in game, he was spending so much time in chat, abusing me. I was a noob, I didn't know about the mute option, I didn't know what I did to cause such rage in a random person I got teamed up with. I have never experienced anything like that, in all my life, and I have experienced some bad shit. It's been years, and I still remember it, that's how much it affected me. I've decided to share that experience with you, since you don't know what "negative" is. And go ahead, say I'm too sensitive, need to get ticker skin or what ever - but there is no excuse. I was emotionally scarred by that game and that player. I was literally afraid of playing on my own for months after.
Well, i actually keep it only game related with no family involved, and I dont do what that seju did. But I dont know, i think I just have the attitude which stops people from flaming me, maybe its because im not bothered by it, maybe its the slick moves, maybe its the twitch humour. And I really cant contemplate how did that sejuani affect you, I wouldnt give it a second though and I do not consider it especially offensive. Like what you wrote there, thats some pretty standard everyday chat. And I never mute players cause I like to read the flame, it amuses me when something like that happens for no reason. I appreciate creativity, even in flaming. And if you were emotionally scarred by that, I really have no comment. I dont even know.....but you need to man up a little, or girl up a little, whatever you are, I just dont know what are you gonna do when real life comes into play, are you gonna suicide?
Dalkorn (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=CharyGG,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=6cvhNyT9,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2015-10-02T13:00:22.842+0000) > > Nice logic man. You made a post asking if flamers want to win, turns out that you dont. yeah I don't want to win with flamers,loss doesn't bother me if some freak who takes the game way to serious starts throwing insults everybody,I would rather have that person lose because of their behaviour
dont ruin peoples ranked games if you wanna just play casually. go have some fun in normals.
: Its pocible but not always. There is always the case you will play vs tought teams at solo quee but this happens eveywhere. At promos there is higher pocibility playing vs these which in theory sholudnt(if we asume its all based on mmr so team mmr is same at both teams) . If you play against good playersand with good players you should be the reaoson why lost the game (cause all would be better and only u lack of skills) . However sometimes(not always) your team is weak. Where like 5-7 games out of 18 that i lost when i was at promo cause someone was extremly back at score(and im not talking about 0/1 but 0/5 at 10 min ) . Same way ofc i won pretty much same amount of games at these promos cause that guy was at enemy team. Seams like the sustems tries to make you " carry" at the game putting you with ppl that either got lose streak or with ppl that are same roles(3 main support at same team while enemy team got different main role players).This doesnt mean every time someone is at promo he will lose them cause of this team . So far i never strugle to win my "tier promos" (2 times for gold 5 and 3 times for plat 5 ) but sudently with the same way i won all these so "easy" at s4/s5 i lost too many times for D5. Cant say that sustem really allow so easy ppl to get d5 as easy as someone for g5 .
No actually, Riot told that promo games are intended to be harder than regular games. So promo matches are on higher MMR than your division matches. As for the other stuff, it just happens, I once had a game with 4 support mains, including myself. Also some people just have a bad game. Some people just have a good one. The difference in MMR between teams is never above 30, which is basically 1 win. This is especially true in bronze/silver/gold, where they are a lot of players (60% of global). On some higher elos there can be visible advantages to some teams especially when challengers q up. Also, it all depends on how you play. You start struggling to climb when you start seeing that you are not doing better than your opponents. Maybe thats why you failed the d5. Some people climb really fast , go up a whole tier, and then just need 150 games to go up a division. Cause they are at the same level as their opponents. Since i play support, i was really not having fun climbing thru platinum, cause the players are not as bad as gold, but you cant really solocarry easily as a support, if you dont have a duoq. In diamond tho, d5 are still pretty bad but atleast they know how to farm and some basic stuff.
: Well he just helped me with some simple tips that seemed to improve my game play exponentially, so shutup please.
What Im impying here is that you dont wanna be the one trick pony cause you wont actually learn how to play. Watch Saintvicious or Oddone or any jungler and see how they operate. If you just go for the hit/miss lvl 2 invade of the buff your whole gameplan is gonna be decided by just that. Its better to play properly than to just do one thing every single game and hope it works. Go to youtube, subscribe to Tekk channel, and watch games from the good junglers and see what they do, see the paths, see how they gank, what they buy and so on. Also setting your laners behind by taking their cs isnt good, as you want them to be as strong as possible, cause you can always count on yourself to do more with less.
Stell (EUNE)
: Well, that was actually pretty ok morning read. But one thing that you may have forgotten is that this game is PEGI 12 (or whatever it was called) If the game was for adults only , i'm sure the swearing and flaming part wouldn't be that forbidden
That actually crossed my mind, and you are completely right. But players from age 12-16 tend to rage the most, tend to sleep with my mother a lot (shes a total slut btw), and are very easy to offend and pull the trigger on reporting. Also they dont even finish 80% of their games cause ALT F4 is already in their blood. Players who are 18+, and especially 20+ are pretty reasonable human beings in my experience. I feel like theres so much talk about behaviour that new players know more about reporting that about league. Maybe lay off the busters for a while and automatic banbots and make a new tutorial.
Irrsinn (EUW)
: I disagree that there never where communities who accepted toxic behaviour. I will absolutly agree that it wasn't the standard and enough people cared about it since day 1.
I remember the WoW GMs, you come to them with a ticket, you say he stole like 17 items, and the GM says "AND?". Well I survived, nobody got banned. At the forums in general, there are more behaviour posts than gameplay posts, its kinda even now because of Worlds, but just look before that, it was all #REFORM #TOXIC #NOREWARDSFORYOU #DONTBANMEPLS
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings. Well.. While Lyte may be the "Face" alot of people associate with PlayerBehaviour and punishments/rules etc. He is not coming up with those Rules.. We, (majority of the community) have a big impact on them. If we consider certain behaviour unwanted in our games, chances are that behaviour will end up beeing considered negative/offensive etc. And thus get punished. Since at that point, most people don't want it in their games. (In league, so if someone is to blame, you would have to direct that towards the playerbase, Riot is just reinforcing it for the most part, not inventing it.) Meaning your argument about most people not caring about chat and behaviour, is not what actually is happening. I do see your point about things becoming "too tight" these days, and while i personally never really report anyone for a "lol noob" or two, for me it all is about the behaviour of those people. If they do it in a "generic banter" style, im fine with it, for me that has always been part of "pvp". But if they do it just to be a jerk/insult people.. No, sorry, that is not needed/wanted/helping/making the game fun. It's kinda late/early here, i will try to get back to post some more stuff when i got time. Those are just some thoughts/oppinions on what you said so far ^_^
I dont get what kind of person you need to be in order to be moved/affected/offended/wound up/anything really by game chat. It just seems absurd to me, i cant really contemplate being even remotely bothered by League chat. I mean, with all this talk about excessively toxic behaviour I just want to know what does that constitute? What are the limits? Is everything becoming bannable? I dont want to have to constantly care about the possibility of getting banned for every little thing. The day before yesterday, the guy reported me for asking him not to gank mid in a COOP vs AI game, as I wanted to try something out. I think the majority of the new players for example, they dont know how to walk on the map properly, but they know how to report people and are learning to just always look for something to report. I mean, most of the time even if I have grounds to report someone, I forget about it cause I dont just wait for the game to end to do this, but in a lot of my games the enemy team first begs you to report someone, then surrenders when they think theyve succeded. And the new players arent just using the reports to report if you are really negative, they just look for anything reportable in order to report you for something. Also some of the options are just plain stupid, for example "Negative Attitude". What does that even mean? Am I gonna get banned if im pesimistic about the chances of winning? Take for example, if you are 4-35 overall in a game, and you think you are gonna lose, well you are probably right. Is that still negative attitude? While more intensive banning policies and chat restrictions are one thing, reform is another. The fact that you have to reform your behaviour and your character in order to not get permabanned after 4th offense? is pretty amazing. Next thing i know, we will also have a strict dress code while approaching the sanctuary of League.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: I'm sorry I'm not a Rioter so I might not really satisfy you... Well, there's a lot I can say, but here's the easiest way to prove (or maybe not?) my point: You seem to be completely sure that it's only Riot's ideas and beliefs that toxicity should be heavily punished. I personally think there are a WHOLE LOT of people out there, probably the vast majority, that actually do prefer Riot to punish toxicity. Each person feels different when exposed to toxicity, and maybe you aren't the least offended by it, and I'm sure none is as much offended by it as you described it (that you have never seen), but to some extent it does affect people negatively, or atleast their gameplay and performance in that game. So what about making a poll for people to vote whether they prefer toxicity to be punished or not? I'm almost sure the vast majority will prefer it to be punished (and so do I). TL;DR - It's not just Riot, the players themselves would like to avoid toxicity for their own sake.
Actually what do u consider to be racist remarks? People just come and tell me "sup {{champion:236}} gank bot" and I dont consider that to be racist nor am I offended. I JUST WANNA KNOW IS THAT ALSO BANNABLE?
: >I feel like this LeaverBuster, Player Behaviour, REFORM, is getting a little out of hand. The whole point of gaming is that sense of freedom and badassness, the outlaw flavour of it, while having fun and not doing what you are supposed to be doing in real life (study), and I think that these behavioural measures should not exist, atleast not to this extent. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but take it from a gaming veteran, who's been in online gaming long enough to personally have taken a screwdriver and soldering iron to a modem the size of a shoebox: **Toxic behavior has NEVER been accepted in online gaming communities.** We deleted people from the first text-adventure BulletinBoardSystems, and kicked them from gaming-IRCs for racist remarks. People were removed from Quake clans and HalfLife teams for being unsportsman-like. If someone cannot tell me that I did bad in a game without resorting to insulting me, then I no longer want to play with that person, easy as that. The reason for that is very simple: **No one wants to play with the mean kid.** On the playground, hes standing alone in a corner, murmuring to himself how all the other kids are stupid, because they went to another sandbox. In online gaming, we simply cut out the sandbox, and IP-ban that sorry number instead. Jump forward a few years. Criticise my dps in WoW, and I thank you for the input. Tell me I am bad and should go f. myself, and you got kicked from the guild, because no one wants someone causing trouble in his raid team. People got banned from CS servers, sometimes even with technically intricate methods to prevent them from sneaking back in. People get permabanned in gaming boards and forums if they cannot behave. --- The difference between these games and systems like LoLs soloQ: Here I don't get a say whether or not I want to play with a person or not. People are just put into my team. So, if people misbehave, a different system is required to make sure they are prevented from forcing their presence on people who don't want to play with them. ---- TL;DR: There has never been a gaming community that accepts toxic behavior or sees it as something positive. The people who say otherwise are a vocal few, nothing more. And that's why such behavior is being punished in LoL as well: Because the community wants it to. The basis for the system is not Riot, its not automated scans. The basis is the report, which is handed out by the players. Its a democratic decision. Whether or not you like it, is not relevant.
Man I have never encountered racist remarks in LoL for 3-4 years. Also theres " your are bad" and theres pure flame. Im not talking about flaming, im just becoming unsure if I can even say "you are bad" to someone without getting banned. I have actually never been banned and I never flame and insult. Im just curious cause this player behaviour is 90% of the reddit and Riot news. I think you have missunderstood the point of my post, Im just asking why is there so much talk about all this. Isnt this all a game? Why dont we talk about the game? And im interested in the "boundaries" of toxic behaviour, I mean whats toxic, whats constructive, whats negative, I dont get that. Whats a report for "Negative attitude"? Is "you are bad" or "you failed" or "dont do that" verbal abuse? Reporting is purely subjective, why you would consider "your dps is low" as constructive, some peoples ego just cant take it and they can take it as an insult. Is that bannable then? Cause they are overly sensitive? Also about your WoW remark. I get that. Theres no need to be a dick, especially for no reason. But for me its ok if someone isnt playing well, its totally fine, we dont all have much time to invest in a game. The only thing I dont like are those people who just wont listen cause everyone ever told them just /MUTE ALL, or they just plain wont listen. Id tell you to F yourself in WoW if you are the second kind, but in LoL no, cause we play only 30 mins and then we might never play again. Personally I think the peak of my "toxicity" is "just shut up" and thats it. Im not trying to encourage negative behaviour, im just saying why invest so much in controling it when its actually not a problem. Also democracy is, in its concept, not good for making impactful decisions. Cause if you look at the IQ pyramid you see that 96% are average, and 2% are above average(smartish atleast), and 2% are below average (which is mental retardation). Its the same in LoL, like im d5 atm, I see know bad I am, and its like top 2%. Like 90%, who are worse than me in this game, will probably report me for saying anything bad about their game, even if its not offensive, cause they get offended anyways cause they are not happy about it, and they often will know that im right. I dont think thats the way its supposed to be.
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Declined (EUNE)
: A Guide to Understanding the Dynamics of Bot Lane.
This post is really amazing, I just think you are wrong on some points regarding ADC itemization.
: Plat 3 - Any Role - To Diamond - High Winrate ONLY [DuoQ]
And what do people get from playing with you, besides shaco jungle? Also your name is kinda friendly
: Thats a good question. In theory no its not true cause the sustem works only based your mmr so you play with same ppl and you just got "unlucky". However based my promos i played(speacially these for d5 where tlost them 5 times) i believe you play with a bit less skilled ppl than usally. Or they troll cause they knwo you are in promos (happen to me 2 times )
isnt it possible that the opponents are just better? so you and your team seem worse
: Promo games vs Normal ranked games
No, its just the opponents in your promos are better than your usual opponents, so if you are doing worse in your promos its because of that. I think this was meant to present some kind of obstacle to overcome in order to climb tiers and divisions.
Encrux (EUW)
: Your last point is actually my exact opinion about this whole system. Those divisions make no sense at all from a competitive point of view. The only thing it does, is that people think that someone playing in platinum3 is worse, than someone playing in platinum1. This just makes it easier to stereotype players so you can tell "how good someone is". It's kind of misleading, but the whole border-hunting seems to keep them playing actively. At the end of the day, it just looks better than a number. Unfortunately, you can't compare weight classes to the league system. It's like comparing the intelligence(not knowledge) of 2 people. Biological traits that can not be changed. I also don't like the football example, because you're simply comparing worse players with better players. You're basically comparing gold players to challenger players, which is not relevant to the topic. It's about their MMR. There is no MMR in sports. Ever found a box that was labelled with cookies and got disappointed, because there was something else(not edible) in there? Well, it's the same with divisions. Just because someone is supposedly plat5, doesn't mean he's playing at a platinum5 level. This is where MMR comes in handy: He's getting matched with people in lower divisions, so the game doesn't get too one-sided for one team, enabling everyone to actually have fun at the game **while** being competitive. Now, you might ask: "But why doesn't he get demoted then?". I actually just realized it, and I think it's genius; He's not getting demoted, because it would be frustrating. If you were a game developer at Riot, what would be your number 1 priority? That's right, making the game enjoyable, so the players don't get frustrated. Satisfied players will keep playing the game. I agree with you on some points, but in the end this is a design question. Some like it, some don't. You can't really argue about taste after all.
the divisions and tier do not exist, there is only mmr, and its hidden. just look at my post as an example of luck on the ladder. Like u lose 3 games while at 0 lp and u dont lose anything on the ladder, then win 3 and u are at 50LP. Your friend wins one the loses x3, hes at 5 LP with the same 3-3. So the thing about the ladder is timing/luck in regards to when u lose games
RareSteak (EUW)
: What is the rationale for ranking matches?
Leagues are just a curtain over your rating. Take this for example: You have 2 people with the same MMR in Silver II on 90LP. Both players play 7 games, winning 4 and losing 3. Player 1. Wins first game, advances to promos, wins promos 2-1, and then loses one on 0LP, and he wins last game and gets to 15LP. Player 2. loses first game, goes to 80LP, wins 2 goes to promos, loses promos 1-2, wins 2 again and he is the promos. so hes in the promos 0-0. these 2 players have virtually the same MMR, but one of the is more succesful on the ladder than the other. Cause one is at silver 1 15LP and other is silver 2 promos to S1. You u dont need to worry about your division, cause you are not matched by divisions, YOU ARE MATCHED BY HIDDEN NUMBERS REGARDLESS OF DIVISION. Those numbers were in seasons 1 and 2, and they represented your rating. they still exist, its just better for riot to make you believe in climbing some ladder and promoting yourself constantly instead of just chasing to get your number higher. If you are doing well in your division, and you are better, you get better opponents, sometimes up to +4 divisions better. But either their rating is low and they were just lucky on the ladder, or your rating is good and you werent so lucky in the ladder. Also note, that if your teammates duoq or even u duoq you get better opponents by default.
Raentwo (EUW)
: Are Jinx mains as hated as say Vayne or Riven mains?
The main problem with VAYNE MAINS is that they tend to instalock vayne as a first pick, which really sucks cause vayne loses really hard to twitch, trist, jinx, kalista, lucian, ashe, draven, and basically every other ADC. So vayne mains tend to not do well cause their champ just isnt good in lane. Also, Jinx is a good and safe pick, and shes good in most of the cases so I dont think that you will be hated as much as vayne players. Vayne has a low range so she doesnt do well against a lot of popular soloq picks.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Why did Vel'koz not have an impact on the game after the release?
Most of the new champions released during season 2 and 3 were BROKEN AF at the start. And they would get nerfed when the players would buy them after like 2 weeks. Also, in seasons 4 and 5 RITO started insisting on bringing new and "YOU HAVE SEEN IT HERE FIRST" mechanics to a lot of new champions, and those mechanics made them better than others, like Kindred, Kalista, Reksai, Tahm, Azir and so on. So to summarize, most of the champions arent balaced properly at the time of the realease, like ekko was a bit too strong, and kalista and jinx got nerfed like 4 times and they are still good, and some even had some broken mechanics to go with the unbalanced damage, like for example azir and kalista, who got nerfed and are still played cause of lack of counterplay to them. In all fairness tho, the RITO BALANCE TEAM IS DOING A MUCH BETTER JOB THAN BEFORE, when every champions was broken at the start, now only some of them are and others are fine. I remember the release of graves, fizz, elise and some other champs that had their number in the sky. About velkoz, he didnt offer anything new in the game really, no unique abilities, and his damage isnt off the charts, and hes not super mobile like most of the new champs, so he kinda isnt popular cause of that.
: Also,would like to say that the game is now based also on picks.they have full ad team.Maybe it's not a bad ideea to go with malphite top or rammus jungle.They have immobile champs,maybe sejuani it's the answer. You just need to learn how to make the best pick now.Because the pick can cost you the game.:)
But the problem is "IM SHACO MAIN" and "I WILL JUST FIRSTPICK VAYNE CAUSE I CAN ROLL AROUND AND ITS FUN". The problem with most players is: they dont wanna tryhard and they wanna win and thats not the way it goes. I mean I really like playing amumu jungle when I dont get to support, but not against khazix. Also people are running away from the "tanky/supportive/utility" pick cause they wanna be labeled as a carry, but it kinda feels unimportant to me. When you hit an AOE ult with amumu/sej/vlad/etc. on 4 or 5 people in 3 teamfights in a row, you are carrying and thats the end of that.
: why are people complaining about op champs?
This actually makes sense man, I am amazed to have seen somebody getting that RITO PLS post are out of place. I mean, the guy whos like bronze 4, he doesnt know how to walk on the map, doesnt know what the tower does, doesnt farm, cant even walk on the map, thinks that his main problem is THE RIVENS AD RATIO ON ABILITIES, it just looks absurd.
Tunamicus (EUNE)
Why would you even wanna play azir, especially in lower elo. Most of the diamonds cant even play him, why would you even try? Also Heimer isnt really that hard, the problem with heimer is when you try to kill him. JUST FARM.
Joetri10 (EUW)
: Officially tired of the ranked system and the answer is obvious. So here's how it could be solved
If you are good, there are 4 possibly bad players on your team, and possibly 5 players on the enemy team. If you are gold 3 it doesnt mean that you can carry silver 1 easily, you can carry when you are much better than your enemies. But I see so many players just playing shit even half of the challengers cant play and thats not how you climb. For example, my silver 3 friend got promoted to silver 2. So THE NEXT LOGICAL THING: because i have no mechanics and game knowledge, and i cant farm well, or land skillshots, LETS PLAY YASUO FOR THE NEXT 2 GAMES AND THEN LETS PLAY AZIR FOR 2 MORE. Needless to say hes now back in silver 3. Thats not how u climb, sometimes you just have to pick for the team. For example, im a support main and i wanna play leona for example, but my team has yasuo. I will then take braum or alistar in order to make it easier for him, and better for teamfights. If this happens 3 games in a row, ill do it every time. If you wanna climb theres no "LET ME TRY SUPPORT GALIO" or "I dont wanna support so ill go ryze with rabadon". If you think you are better than your current rating, you have to know why that is true or not true. What I mean by this is: You always have some champion or 3 of then that you play better than others. This actually changes every day. I play all supports, but if I spam braum 5 times today, I get used to him and play him better than thresh. Same thing can go viceversa if I spam thresh all day. Also you have to be aware of your weaknesses, which at your rating, and even my rating, are mechanics. This means, you dont get to play thresh, lee sin, elise, riven, zed or similar champions that require good mechanics, if you wanna win. Im not saying you will never win, but you will never win. So basically your silver/gold champs are AMUMU, SEJUANI, BRAUM, ANNIE, LEONA, KARTHUS, NAMI, MORGANA and other champions who are not hard to play. Basically only play champions whose shit is easy to land and the more gamebreaking the better. AOE ULTIS. BRAINLESS SKILLS.
: Lowelo prob. How to farm better?
Man, its very hard in general to balance between poking/farming. Think of it this way, for every cs you need to use one autoattack ideally, so if you kill one creep, and the next one is half HP you have time to poke for a second or two, then go back to csing. What I am suggesting is try to farm, and if you see that you have time to poke without losing farm, ONLY THEN go for the poke. Freezing a lane is hard, especially if u miss one cs and auto the other by mistake, im sure this happens a lot. My tip for this is: just push the shit out of that wave, autoattack ranged cs, cause the melee one are gonna fight each other, and then just use spells to lasthit atleast 3 or 4 together. When the wave hits the enemy tower, you just peace out and go to your tower, then repeat until fed. Alot of players dont have a problem with the concept of lasthitting, they have a problem with finding cs. What I mean by this is: after the lane ends you should have around 120+ cs atleast, but you need to keep farming. You need to always do something but at the same time you have to get back to your lane on time in order to get the farm also. If you watch LCS or some other professional tournaments, you will see that they have huge cs numbers because they almost never poke each other. Sometimes when they poke and trade a lot, their cs suffers greatly. TLDR Basically just farm, and dont die. You will be ahead. If the enemy is poking you, you push to the tower, go regen, and repeat- Just dont die.
: > [{quoted}](name=LightTrack,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=KvlKANUA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-10-08T22:00:55.559+0000) > > Ofcourse we want these but i am afraid people would become more grindy and toxic for not being able to climb. I mean the idea is great (I am Platinum xD) but not sure how big the rewards would be though. The rewards doesn't matter,,but it shoule be something more then a victorious skin Also,why should silver not get a skin or something?they are not bronze,hell,even bronze players should get some kind of reward for playing ranked
Silver 5 is now actually around 1200 MMR, I believe. That means that in seasons 1 and 2, ALL OF THE BRONZE PLAYERS WOULDNT EVEN BE BRONZE, they would be unranked. Also, the point of the victorious skin is to achieve something in order to get it, and getting gold is not that hard. Basically you can get gold by not feeding constantly, and I think that lowering the requirements for the rewards kinda makes it a gift and not a reward. Around 40% of the community is gold or higher, so many people do get the rewards. The ones that dont get them, either dont want them, or they really dont "deserve" them.
: > [{quoted}](name=Stell,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=KvlKANUA,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-10-08T22:11:26.432+0000) > > So is it fair that bronze gets nothing then? > Is it fair that gold gets skin and silver doesn't then? > > I'd understand if bronze and silver players were sad for not receiving rewards, but players above gold? Jesus you are already getting the rewards, for** free**, because of riot's **courtesy**, and now you are whining for more. LOL ofc it's fair..i am diamond and they are bronze.i climbed really hard to get here. Why should gold and higher elo get the same skin?it's not logical. Also,Riot courtesy?are you serious?You think the game is free?Nothing is free.I invest time and money into this,Riot courtesy?where is it towards high elo?
Man, to be fair, diamond 5 is not a good place on the ladder. The players are awful. I have read on some other thread thay you are diamond 5 so thats how I know. So I get that you are better than bronze players, but it doesnt mean you are good by any means, so it really doesnt give you the right to act this way. Also, if you think you are a good player who deserves more rewards, why dont you just go on the Community events page on this site, make a team, and win 10K RP every week FOR FREE. You will get everything unlocked in like 2 months, and hopefully you will stop being so mad on Boards.
: Is this fair?
This isnt really a good idea, I mean its always nice getting free stuff, but I think this is enough. Gold today is much lower than gold used to be in seasons 1 and 2, when much less people were getting the rewards. Also, rewards have to be realistic for the majority of the players to achieve, not just for the 3%. And if Riot gave out different skins based on rank, does that mean that you get all of them, or just one? It complicates the situation and I think this is the lowest they can go as far as rewards go, cause they are not that hard to get. Also in season 4 you would just get your highest profile banner displayed, usually from 3v3 or 5v5 (i know a ton of players who have challenger borders cause of this) and also you get your highest border while playing normals n arams. I feel like its already too easy to obtain this stuff and that we should get more. But it all depends based on who you ask, I mean all high rated players want additional stuff to boast during the next season while gold players and platinums do not want their skins to be worse than others.
Akoh (EUNE)
: Who else is missing old morde?
I havent seen morde for like 2 years before the rework man
: > [{quoted}](name=Bretterz,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=5OAeRcEA,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2015-10-08T21:34:22.669+0000) > > I like your way of thinking, basically the way your putting it is to completely play for yourself without any regard for your team. Maybe I should be a dick and take peoples cs etc to push myself ahead. I try to counter jungle often especially with snowball champions like rengar, kha'zix and elise. > > Btw what's your opinion on reksai, i'm thinking of picking her up because she's a solid pick can snowball hard if I get fed but can be strong as a front liner too. A dick? Dude,you carry the fcking will get honors and stuff like that.This is how you play jungle. Do you know what i think when someone plays master y or ww jungle against me? i think to myself "i will not let them breath in their jungle,not even once.they will not take a camp,i will fck them everytime and controll him. This is how you play jungle,learn it.learn how important doing jungle monster is(how to kite them how to kill them faster etc.)it means alot early on. The mentality is this-you need gold,you carry.if you can;t carry you might as well go afk And i'm not talking about counter jungler,go and find the enemy jungler dude,kill him,,he is free there,farming Also vi is not that strong as you think.She is so weak against smart oponents.If you play vi vs me(doesn;t matter the champion) and i flash you q, she is done..she can;t do much.But in gold yeah,she is strong bcs noobs can;t dodge nothing Rek'sai should be a really strong pick..but idk why she isn;t right now..i played her,,but for some reason i don;t like her..she feels kind of strange to me.She is good,but her jungle clear early,isn't the best(the first champion i got executed:)))..and her 1 vs 1 potential..not that much. And your way of thinking is bad... play champs that will win 1 vs have your lane too,the enemy jungler. It's all about mind games.where did the jungler start,where will he gank,what champ is he playing,can i win 1 vs 1..this are the question you need to ask yourself..and this way you can counter gank etc.completely dominate him Will give you an example from my gold days; top:tryndamere vs yasuo mid:LB vs Viktor Bot:i don;t remember:P i was vi jungler vs skarner Bot was feeding and blaming me,mid was doing good,top was feeding. I ganked top and mid constantly,bcs they are so free.after i got strong enough..i whent bot and i could 1 vs 2. bot was 0-10 somehting like was still losing with 5 succesfull ganks.But this was my mentality Tryndamere-a champion that every noob can play and will eventually outscale yasuo Yasuo gets counter hard by vi Lb was doing ok bot was still behind I finished that game with more then 20 kills.i carried so hard That's why i am diamond dude;) need to have this mentality in order to carry games;)
"That's why i am diamond dude;)" wow I dont think Doublelift or Forg1ven are this confident. The way you talk, maybe you should go into challenger.
: Right, I'm done. I can't take this community anymore.
why do you have to read the chat, i cant even manage to play and read the chat constantly, let alone respond. Also why are you so moved by all this? If you know they are wrong just report them and move on, if they are right and you are offended then maybe try to improve something.
Artesin1 (EUW)
: What item combination gives teemo the largest early game boost?
I think like nashors tooth/morello/luden(mid only) for the first, deathcap IS ALWAYS THE SECOND ITEM, and void is almost always the third.
: But daddy, my taste are pretty akward you know! For exemple I prefer the Platinum border over the diamond (and maybe even the Master^^) one... Yeah I'm really weird I know :/
I like master border more than challenger for example. I thought about this more, it would be nice if they just placed different division jewels instead of these now.
Rioter Comments
: How can you see the borders^^? Cause I couldn't find how :/...
Well actually you can just assume: the better the division, the better the border son.
Rioter Comments
: Normal draft feels unplayable....
yea man, playing normals is un{{champion:106}}able if you are not in a premade. end of story son. meet some people and play with them
Tiger55MD (EUW)
: How to get in shape/fit while playing LOL?
gym is best, eat all you want play all u want, then just go to the gym for like 1.5 hrs
: Stuck in master.....
not playing thresh is a good start. Seriously now, this is my favourite thread in the world, high elo low elo banter :D
Dalkorn (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=CharyGG,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=6cvhNyT9,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2015-10-01T15:06:38.315+0000) > > "doing projects or watching a series, which is what I do when this happens and just finish the game in the background" > > thats some pretty healthy behaviour. also why are u so insecure, if you had andy confidence you would tilt every 5 mins or when someone starts talking bad things. Its nothing to do with confidence, losing or winning is irrelevant if you are not enjoying the game. I don't have fun with flamers so I stop trying and do something I do enjoy
Nice logic man. You made a post asking if flamers want to win, turns out that you dont.
: You're still assuming :)
i am also right, still got to see the player who posts on boards on smurfs
Dalkorn (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=CharyGG,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=6cvhNyT9,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-09-28T03:12:55.723+0000) > > When you say that you stop caring cause they deserve to lose, I say that you are the worst kind of player in LoL. Grow up, and get rid of the god complex. I actually dont know how you manage to read and write in the chat and still play like you are not doing it. Also, I dont get why people like you get so easily offended. I stop caring if I win when people are harassing me, I have a limited time to play with work and university taking up most of my time. So when I play I play to have fun win or lose , but when somebody takes the fun out of the game I stop caring. I would rather spend that time doing projects or watching a series, which is what I do when this happens and just finish the game in the background. I play for fun not to be harassed
"doing projects or watching a series, which is what I do when this happens and just finish the game in the background" thats some pretty healthy behaviour. also why are u so insecure, if you had andy confidence you would tilt every 5 mins or when someone starts talking bad things.
: Ok. Talking about ok... Is rammus good jungler?
i always win when i got rammus on my team
: Assuming this is my only account lol. I don't play juggernauts on my main.
man you are plat5, assmuming that your main acc has the highest rating, you then claim juggernauths to be unbeatable at bronze/silver/gold? everything is unbeatable at these ratings, even diamond players are not good, imagine these 3 then.
: When you get new division your mmr gets a bit fucked and you lose more for loss than you win for a won game? And then after ~15 wins and loses make mmr unfuck? I think this way because when I get new division lp is harder to get and easier to lose and after some games it just gets about equal.
when you get into a higher division your mmr needs to be higher, you the case that you described is if your mmr isnt good for your division.
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