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OBS Okami (EUNE)
: It looks good but Riot have way smoother animations, that crow that flew around the screen looked like it didn't even flop its wings, but except for that everything looks fine.
I noticed it too, but i still believe this person can reach their level of art ^_^
: What role gets the most honor from teammates?
Mostly support or the one who carried them hard.
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LusterCrown (EUNE)
: My ideas: - Aristocrat/Blade Mistress - Dark Omen Theme - Dark Star - Infernal, - Debonair - Heartseeker, - Headhunter, - Tempest or Shadow, (like Janna, Eve) - Pulsefire, - Blood Gemstone, - Blood Moon, - Death Lotus I almost forgot: Piltover Custom Camile:)
: you know that there is a champ called mordekaiser .. right ?
: 5s CC doesn't sound like fun.
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Shädäm (EUNE)
: Yeah, because we all know that words are gonna stop that loser from running it down my lane. What world do you live in? Wake up. Half of the players actually find enjoyment in ruining a game. And im pretty sure most of the players have already inted, and never got punished for it. Open your eyes and realize that Riot is too busy banning every single person that said a bad word and literally not paying attention to the biggest salt causing effect: trolling and griefing. And again, I state that they are aware. A Player Support member told me that she was suprised my bann wasnt issued and the player I reported was still playing. But ofc as we know Riot, they actually dont care.
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: the minute riot add rift skins i turn them off after one game. As long as that is an option, I dont see why not.
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chεf (EUW)
: Is plat really that toxic?
Believe me, Diamond elo toxicity is worse.
Shädäm (EUNE)
: Proof that the system supports trolls and inters
If you're a good player, you should find ways to help your teammates rather than flaming them or tilting them more by complaining about their mistakes.
: why do they buff champ like darius?
He's pretty easy to kit and scales badly into late game, that's why.
man no hot (EUNE)
: Top Lane
If you can't carry as a tank and want to play it badly but your team loses their lane every time, use that tank to peel your midlaner/adc and protect them rather than tanking, use your spells to give advantage for your team rather than using it as a purpose to deal high damage to opponents ( Eg: Save your CC against a fed enemy Yi/Zed) Losing their lanes does not mean it's over, you still have a job as a Top laner to help out your team, Make the best of your champ for your team rather than using it offensively against enemy team if it does not help. This is one of the things u need to keep in mind as "Top Laner". Ȼhaos
Reskeliev (EUW)
: Lux W's revert
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Potchikir (EUW)
: Illaoi is weak rn
Finally someone who understands instead of complaining :D
: imagine trying to dodge that are you insane rethink it please for the sake of the game lol
It's a logic that should be applied.
D1me (EUNE)
: Game of Throws looking for plat+ players
Main Top Lane here Season 8 : Plat Season 7 : Gold Secondary : Mid/Support
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DeRoo (EUW)
: 1) Why? 2) There is already club chat. 3) There's always champs that need skins zzzzzz....... 4) A lot of licensing problems with this and riot don't make money from it, nor does it improve gameplay.
1) Because To take a dragon it would be more challenging for both sides. Current dragons are so easy. 2) Groups are easier and anyone can join, Clubs u need to invite members first. ( Waste of time) 3) I don't think so, what I mean here that these are the one with least skin and its better to focus on them first than making new skins for champs who already have many. 4) But makes players music access easier. Players having problem with background music will find this comfortable.
: Swain need skin too
He will get a whole new update so that wont be necessary now
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Sörath (EUW)
: I like it but, its not that original it has a lot of abilitys related to other champions
: Akia-The Ruined King (Champion Abilities)
I like that "corruption" thing :D good work.
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