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: Thoughts on Qiyana
Feels great in top lane against Renekton. I started to have feelings for my tower, I hugged it so much.
: 9.13 Qiyana BUG 0 sec Q cooldown!!
Yes I noticed it too. Although I never really gotten an infinite reset, 6-7 at most, and around 2 at worst. I also couldn't recreate it with lane Qiyana, so it probably has something to do with having smite or the jg items. If I had to describe it, it would be this: You need to have an element for it. And that gets consumed with the first Q. But then you keep getting the Q resets as if you constantly drew elements, just without the empowered effects of it. My initial thought was that you have to keep hitting something for it to work, but in the video that clearly isn't the case.
: Favorite champions
I don't know, I kinda just keep my fav champs in mind. I have 30-ish champs so it isn't much but I am very well aware what my 2-3 favs are (per role). Also often times I just know what i'd like to play before getting into champ select (especially when grinding mastery). I'm not saying it's a bad concept but I personally wouldn't get much out of it.

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