jacktjong (EUW)
: Which way should Senna go?
Support. Like she was MEANT to be from the start as rito said , before overtuning her and throwing everything out the window.
EnidjXcMf (EUW)
: How are you supposed to stay cool
I don't tilt since a while ago because: i play together with my boyfriend so i just tell myself that we play for ourselves and just don't play at all if we feel like it isn't worth it. if i tilt i play like dogshit and i hate that, i want my game to be on point we expect our team mates to suck: ranks are messed up so it's nothing new anymore we expect not being able to win even though we do well in the match because our team is throwing too hard if we make any mistakes we just go over them and improve (in our elo it doesn't really happen though since many times we are with and versus people that are literally bad at the game) we try to communicate with our team, if we see no sign of intelligent life I just mute them cause they are going to distract me. use pings instead all the time I never have enemy chat on. Some of them are so petty they'll literally try to write crap at you the whole game just to tilt you So it's pretty much something you have to make peace with, either find a better game to play or expect those things to happen and play for your own improvement.
: You're overstating.. not everyone is boosted and not every plat 4's go 1/12. Also, if they played a lot it doesn't mean they're bad, I went from silver to plat this season with 356 games, it's actually the exact opposite because the more you play the more you'll learn. Thanks for your comment btw, but it wasn't really related to what I'm asking.
I dunno what players you meet in duoq/soloq , but you're free to look at my match history and see for yourself xD tl;dr what i was saying is that ranks are messed up and are rarely relevant anymore.
: How are plat players and diamonds different?
Agreed, ranks don't even mean anything anymore. I am a gold 1 player with 100 TOTAL matches, meanwhile i play with plat 4's that have 600-1400 total matches, and guess what , they play like crap to the point that i don't know how they got to plat 4 with scores like 1/12/9. probably buying boosts or getting carried by a friend.
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