Pharcon (EUW)
: Their mean winrate is so "low" because nobody onetricks them. If anyone did onetrick them, they'd have already died due to boredom or switched their class.
Have you ever asked yourself why nobody onetrich them. You don't have a lot spave for improvment.
Pharcon (EUW)
: Here's a list on the top of my head. There was a reason why the first three seasons had overall almost no toxicity. Because you could win without the toxic player. Now it's not about the team who play better, but about the team that doesn't play worse. Tanks are still the most broken class, but nobody plays them because they're simply very boring to play. Games are almost never equal, 90% of the time its a snowball. People checking for ELO in normal games are dorks. People get mad at other people because they are FORCED and STUCK to play with them for another 20min or longer, add to that the dependancy of having one teammate less in this teamplay-heavy-oriented meta. CC-chaining is the only way to deal with a numerous mobility creeps (basically every new champion), thus locking out all other champions without hard CC. I see this at lower ELOs that barely anyone has good CS/min; it's not appearant how huge of an influence gold economy makes for most of the players, howerever there lies the point- farming minions for 20 min straight is something you have to ENDURE. There is not a single person who would tell you "lasthitting is fun". Especially at any other lane than botlane, which for me, is like a cripple fight with no dynamics whatsoever, instead they get junglers deciding the outcome of the lane for them- again, taking controll of one player and giving it to another, which basically sets them up against each other. I really wonder how junglers didn't fall asleep during the match before the scuttle changes. Although they broke basically every tankjungler and left those annoying mobility-powercreeps... with a high early spike... which ended up in more snowballing... nevermind this isn't fun either. I just really dislike the jungle being an exclusive role.
Its getting sad how there are still players who cry about a calss which has arround 47% win rate. For me this is enough to make your comment pointless. Still I will say only the fact that the game should be team focused orientated not be fed and 1v5.
: The only reason the game is going down right now, is : A) Changes too frequently B)The game changed way too much C)The meta is broken As the pros said - they can't catch up to the meta, and since the changes are too frequent the casual player wont bother to catch up with them. We had more changes in 1 season than we had since season 1-2-3 combined. That is the major reason. Toxicity is a part of the gaming world and that is not the reason, nor anyone cares for it as hard, as you keep playing don't you. The playerrs that dont post in the forum and don't care to bring up the attention to the issue are the ones quiting because they can't keep up the pace that riot is having. In fact before the meta used to be decided by the pros, while now it is decided by riot, which is why the pro scene is also dying. Why watch something which is just playing by the rules ? I used to watch pro scene because I thought I could learn something about how to optimise what is strong. While now, you pretty much know what is strong since the patch notes, as they pretty much tell you. Not to mention that with the removal of the classic adc + support meta, the game just got a hell of a lot more boring then it used to be. In fact for me all time greatest state was : A) season 3, the 1v1 snowball meta. B)The juggernaut late-game scaling meta. And I am not biased saying those thing, because I main Kata which is early to mid-game powerspiker, and for me late game meta is not ideal, but It was shit tons of fun, because I knew my job - Win lane if possible or dont feed and get gold, roam to get gold, use mid-game powerspike to close out the game{{sticker:katarina-love}} , before late game occurrs to avoid losing.
Totally disagree, As I said in the post. The true players will not leave because of somethign as childish as this "This meta is Shitt" or "This champ is too OP". The real problem is the toxicity.
Ceberuz (EUW)
: Toxicity is easily controlled via the system and manual interaction from Riot, but.. Riot could start banning all accounts from a associated IP / ID, since the problem is never the account in question, but the player behind the account. They could also start taking the troll problem seriously, and no wait for a 50+ game spree of nonstop 0/5+ games. This only solves part of the problem, but given the "maturity" of a great deal of their players, they won't ever get rid of it entirely.., but claiming not to be able to do more than is the case, is literally the same as giving up.
> [{quoted}](name=Ceberuz,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=AEZ9HM2W,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-07-20T12:45:08.040+0000) > > Toxicity is easily controlled via the system and manual interaction from Riot, but.. > > Riot could start banning all accounts from a associated IP / ID, since the problem is never the account in question, but the player behind the account. > > They could also start taking the troll problem seriously, and no wait for a 50+ game spree of nonstop 0/5+ games. > > This only solves part of the problem, but given the "maturity" of a great deal of their players, they won't ever get rid of it entirely.., but claiming not to be able to do more than is the case, is literally the same as giving up. The problem is that smart troll will not be 0/5 +. He will be 1/3/2 with 200+ cs with 0 dmg dealt.
: yes, toxicity is a problem. why are people toxic tho? why do they feel the need to rage when they go 0/2? why do they start blaming everyone and anyone? well, last one is simple, we are humans. we never see OUR flaws and tend to focus on the one s around us. "We are losing this game and i'm 1/17/2? it could be my fault but...oh...the support just went 1/3/25! stop feeding you idiot!" you get what i mean here? Another possible cause of toxicity COULD be champions like yasuo, shaco and singed. Let me explain before you start downvoting me to oblivion. Have you ever watched one of those videos? you know what i'm talking about, the ones where you see those "sick outplays" (generally featuring a yasuo, shaco or other trolly champion. so now picture this. you are a regular noob, never picked up this game and see these videos of people going 1v5 and getting out with a sliver of health (maybe with some funny edits mixed in), those are fun, those are cool. you want to do that! then you look online, see all the negative posts that say "nerf yasuo" or "delete this champ", this only cements in your head the idea that those champions are OP and you can do the sickest moves using them. then you pick them up. suddenly you find out that shaco dies in 3 hits, yasuo's dash is more difficult to control than a 16 wheeler with bursted tires while pissed off drunk and that trying to cut out the enemy farm with singed at level 2 wasn't that good of a plan. but how can that be? these champions are so hated and those videos show such sick moves...I did everything like them, therefore IT MUST BE MY TEAM! Yeah, that fizz is oneshotting me because my botlane can't get a kill, not because i'm not actually trained with this new champions and i'm building tank on yasuo instead of crit, the enemy laner is cheating because you can't kill singed in one shot...despite me running into 2 waves of minions at level 2 while the enemy laner is just waiting to finish the job. It's not me, it's them! and then the flaming starts, maybe that "yasuo, stop going in like that" wasn't meant to be an offense, but you are now so tilted that even someone asking you for the time would cause you to go afk. then there is the patches, you finally grasped that elusive champion, you ffound a build that you like, you honed it, knowwhat to take first against almost every opponent...then those items get changed or removed mid season. now you have to re-think every strategy because your runes and masteries are gone and your favourite items now have new effects...but you are still mastery 5 with that champion (if not more). you can't suck. you MUSTN'T suck. you pride is on the line here, you have to go in aggressive, you have to charge with your head down and wreck them all! you fail. you are using your main and that amumu is just flashing his mastery at you, after killing you for the tenth time. suddenly you feel the eyes of your team upon you, you are the one dragging them down and you can almost hear them "is that guy serious?" "how can a feeder like him be mastery 6?" "he probably is boosted, i'll report him for trolling". you decide to go on the offensive, you can't let them have the first insult on you, so you insult them first. the game ends and you loose BADLY, you disconnect and quit league for the day. then you calm down, you think a bit more at what happened, try to find another build, a new strategy and you finally find another one...just in time for the new patch to roll in, change the effects of more items you coincidentally just put IN YOUR NEW BUILD and you are back to square one. while the first two are inherently psychological issues that inhabit the mind of every player and can only be resolved by said player trough effort and usage of common sense, the third one is both the most important and the only one Riot can actually do something about. why change effects and items mid season? why REMOVE items mid season? why not use the preseason for this drastic changes and DON'T TOUCH ITEMS AND RUNES UNTIL NEXT PRESEASON? think about it, if riot was more thorough with their items balance there wouldn't be a need for mid season tweaks. Sure, let's change crit items altogether, fking the whole crit meta in the a$$, sure let's add this rune here, remove this other rune here and change the effect of this other rune that was so OP that we have no idea how we didn't notice it in the beginning. Sure, let's rework this champion, while changing the effect of this other champion, what's that? the new reworked champion would benefit from this item too much? let's remove it. not like we could have just thought about item sinergy BEFORE making the rework, that would be ridiculus. If Riot just stopped doing huge mid season patches like this one and shifted the addition, rework or removal of items and runes to the preseason ONLY, then things wouldn't be this dire all the time. Sure there would be new champions added and old champions reworked but those would be few and far between but right now even some LCS are having trouble with these item changes. Riot has to understand that people can't change their strategy every 2 weeks just because the item nobody believed to be problematic, ended up BEING PROBLEMATIC and needed to be removed or reworked. One item looks like it could cause a problem if left there all season? THEN IT PROBABLY ISN'T READY TO BE RELEASED! it's not rocket science, really. But, after this wall of text i'll just sit here, waiting for the inevitable horde of downvotes because i dared speak ill of the balance team and i actually had constructive criticism for once... bye everyone {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
First i am gonna vote you up just because of how much time you spent in writing this xd. But I should disagree in the third point at half. I am agree with the first two but preseason is the moment when Riot are making new stuff and put it in the game. Its really hard to balance everything before you could see it in games at every single rank and region. For example, the new runes. At the start of the preseason Aery and Comet were dealing too much dmg, this made poking champs too strong. It was time for nerfs, obviously, but then poke champs were dealing too small amount of dmg aggainst adc with fleetwork but if you nerf fleetwork assassins with electrocute will just delete them without giving the adc even a chance. League leaves by its evolving but this season they went too far. Too much reworks (3-4 already maybe 1 more till the end of the season) I personally dislike too much chages to the items but they start to mess up with them. This ended as a chain of needen changes. And finaly the new meta which idea was to bring some old players back. I am curious and scared what will Riot do for the next season, honestly. Thank you for spending so much time to write your reply. Have a nice day!
: How old are you now? I think the biggest change to league of legends is your age, your friends, your environment. Your life in general. When I started LoL I was still going to school and I think a very big part of the old players who still play did. And league was quite unique in that I haven't really played a game like it except battletanks but obviousy league had a much greater diversity. But another thing what was a big part why I kept playing so long was that my friends played it as well. And we played it together a lot. But as life goes on some friendships faint some of my friends don't really use their time to play anymore or they just developed a different taste for other games like shooters and so LoL became more lonely for me. And despite it still being something I can identify myself with it is not as important to me as it was before. But I highly doubt that it is because League really changed. I changed. My life changed. Another thing is that the way I play LoL changed. It was only about fun before, I was playing normals or playing ranked just to see where it gets me but I didn't take it too serious. We were playing around with builds, constantly learning new things experiencing new stuff. Now I pretty much know every ability and interaction in the game. There isn't really much new anymore or at least not in the way I play. I rarely try new things and mostly try to play what is good. And I mostly play ranked and tryhard. But yeah the most important aspect is probably that LoL got lonely. And I am certain it is not because LoL changed. Or not too much at least. What changed of course is that we can't dwelve as much in nostalgia as we might want because a lot is missing. But what is missing the most are my friends and without them it won't be the same again no matter what they bring back...
Its just the cyrcle of life. Everyone has this game which is so important for him and even after you stop playing it you will never forget it.
Zyzyx (EUW)
: Personally, yes, I do. The difference to when I started League (beta, Season 1) is MASSIVE. Also the effect could be observed on new servers like they Korean or the Turkish one. They started without PB systems, got massive problems because of it and improved massively when they got the systems too. There is also quite a lot of independent research about Riots PB systems, so yeah, it definitely does help.
How worse it can be I mean really.? The ban system right now is just don't use the forbidden words, don't make a troll item build, and just dont go full troll too many games. I don't say they are not working but personally i can't see any results. And the site which you gave me is not attached with Riot. Its just volunteers with ideas for the game who help with poeple's questions.
Blue009 (EUNE)
: 'Balancing team is doing their job well' Lmao.
I expect a reply like that, Tell me then how will you balance the game but at the same time keeping all champions alive (having some amount of players who main them)
Zyzyx (EUW)
: Alright, so good that I asked. Because it doesn't really make sense to discuss and criticize what Riot is doing if you don't even know what they are doing. You can inform yourself here: Spoiler: This... > don't see them doing anything about the toxicity ...could not be more wrong.
I have a question too. Do you see the results even if tehy do something about that, do you see it working. Or you can't go in a game and be ready to flip the coin will you enjoy this game or not.
: it is truth that people are leaving this game because of everything and i hope so if that continues like that , i mean looking at their asses more than us players, than this game is gonna collapse faster than any... I'll be glad to watch how Riot is left with only toxic kids in his lap and panicking what to do next instead what they might done.
Riot can't make veryone happy and I understand that but they are focussing in the wrong things ate last for me. I can understand that they want to keep the game fresh (and they do it). But no matter how fresh it is I can't enjoy it with the kind of players for which i was talking.
Zyzyx (EUW)
: Let's do this discussion a bit differently: Are you aware of what Riot is already doing? To get this discussion going, could you describe what you think Riot is doing right now?
I have no idea just suggestions- preparing for the world championship which is comming soon. i don't see them doing anything about the toxicity
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WøOxer (EUW)
: Whats the difference between Juggernaut and Tank, if both can the same? ~unspeakable logic. He can tank he can deal damage. Explain to me please. Because I play fighters I suppose to deal damage, but neither I deal damage to juggernauts neither I can tank them.
> [{quoted}](name=WøOxer,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=E9FkWbwX,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-07-19T10:56:51.858+0000) > > Whats the difference betwene Juggernaut and Tank, if both can the same? > > ~unspeakable logic. He can tank he can deal damage. Explain to me please. > > Because I play fighters I suppose to deal damage, but neither I deal damage to juggernauts neither I can tank them. Juggernauts can't be kited from the adc because they have either a skill with high range or they are just speeding up. Thay can also do more dmg than a tank but have really small amount of cc or mobility. For me Mundo is not a real juggernaut because of his tankiness but he is not a true tank either because he has 0 CC. The classic example for juggernaut is Garen. You can't kite him because he will use his Q to speed up and if he catches you, he will take a free kill. The only other 100% juggernauts are Mordekaiser, Darius and Skarner. I find Mundo extremely strange champ xd.
BoongeWolf (EUNE)
: Summer Event 2018
Sounds good but its very unlikely to happen. I am sure Riot has a lot work with the world championship.
kock9 (EUNE)
: Help
Go and play jungle then :)
: Lmao this game is a joke
First, tanks are acrually the worst role to play right now (look their win rate). I am tired of players who just cry because they can't one shot something. And I am not the only one who thinks like that :). Mundo and Malphite are the only viable tanks right now and Mundo got small nerf this patch. Second, let me guess what happened this game. Your team was ahead but you were saying play passive i will scale. But you didn't notice how Taliyah and Karma get literally useless late game while Mundo outscaled you since you probably had poor protection. Same with Kassadin and Veigar which were 100% able to do whatever they want after 30 min mark. Its your team's bad that you didn't end the game at a time. And lastly, I can find you other sites which shows how League is growing. The only real prove is Twitch where league is the second most viewed game after Fortnite. And its always first when Asians start watching because Riot tries to attract this continent right now.
AleeCks (EUNE)
: Perm banned, Is it worth to create a new account and start everything over?
Depends will you change your behaviour (or at least do what the others - troll without writing shitts). If you want to play then make a new account and start from the 0 your MMR will go up pretty fast probably. You will able to buy some expensive champs pretty fast.
Fugacity (EUW)
: 1. This is team game but if we have a man afk in the team, this is clearly not as 'a team' as the opponent right? 2. I understand what you mean. If possible then Riot can try to make this not applicable for players with 0LP? (maybe its technically difficult to implement LOL). 3. Think about if the duos help out each other and they are having a lose streak. Their net gain of LP will be negative
> [{quoted}](name=Fugacity,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Nr5Ln8NP,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-07-18T19:15:10.773+0000) > > 1. This is team game but if we have a man afk in the team, this is clearly not as 'a team' as the opponent right? > 2. I understand what you mean. If possible then Riot can try to make this not applicable for players with 0LP? (maybe its technically difficult to implement LOL). > 3. Think about if the duos help out each other and they are having a lose streak. Their net gain of LP will be negative I don't think afk happens too often to make it too big problem. In most of the time someone went afk because he was just beatten by the enemy. So with or without him would be the same. And they put remake so the not connected players would not inflict your LP.
chidozie1 (EUW)
Amm we are in an early game meta and he is hyper late game champ. You can do the summs.
Ragnarjee (EUW)
: I sometimes still wonder how am i still playing this game...
This is why I never play blind pick. Prefer draft or obviously ranked.
: New/Old cursor FPS drops patch8.14
You can bring back the old cursor go read the patch notes again :)
First. chill out. Second. ammm you play Zed and dare to complain xd. You always have 1 free kill level 6 vs everything then you can one shot everything squishy. Think before posting something pointless like this. And Fizz is a counter to Zed xd yeah your OP champ has counters.
Khªºs (EUW)
: Why is URF not a permanent gamemode?
I will try to explain it to you. The statistics shows that when some players can't adapt to normals after URF and they quit. If it becomes permanent. Community will get bored for a month. Then 20% will left the game and URF will be as played as ARAM.
Fugacity (EUW)
: Suggestion of cancelling/reducing Ranked Game LP loss due to player afk
The idea is that this is TEAM GAME. So Riot try to at least don't release anything which can affect the team element of the game. No matter how bad the community is there is still a chance that someone would be sacrifised especially if he succesfully succeded a promo last game and now he doesn't care about the game. What about the duos where someone will just help to the other.
Akeminka (EUNE)
: I just played my first ranked
Don't listen anything from what your teammates are saying on ranked. It was your first ranked, its normal. Mine first was a lot worse - forget to take smite on evelyn xd. Everybody has bad games you will feel more comfortable after some games. One tip if you the words "don't play ranked anymore" really affected you. Just mute the chat for some games until you get more confident. Don't give up just because of one bad game. :)
Rismosch (EUW)
: You sure that everything is different? His 3rd Q is oddly simmelar to his old Q, but without the dash. His E heals him, like before. The W is still a slow, but with a kockback. His playstyle changed alot, but many abilities actually kept their identity.
> [{quoted}](name=Rismosch,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mLLtcamy,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-07-17T18:02:11.746+0000) > > You sure that everything is different? > > His 3rd Q is oddly simmelar to his old Q, but without the dash. His E heals him, like before. The W is still a slow, but with a kockback. His playstyle changed alot, but many abilities actually kept their identity. Since i haven't even play him. I judje on what I see in a game and from the Aatrox's mains. I hope you are right though.
: Worst update ever
Try just reinstall. I didn't see anyone else with this problem. So probably the problem is on your computer.
whyrawr (EUW)
: Reworked Aatrox questions
About Aatrox it looks a lot better in a game. The problems with him are going to his abilities. They only kept his revive everything else is different (I still can't get the three dashes - Riven) . I am agree that the new Akali's rework looks good for now but we should wait to see it in a game. Then I will be able to give more detailed oppinion since arguments like "this looks OP" are pointless. I still can't understand you about Swain, though. He was literally OP. His healings were just redicilous. I prefer the new one. At least they kept his original idea- weak lane phaser who scales with every minute. This is just my oppinion, i haven't ever played the old Swain because i was finding him boring on the other side I am trying to learn the new one (I am terrible at him xd)
: Opinion on changes that had happened and that are incoming
I can understand you but you can't see the bigger picture. I can't talk about Fiora because i didn't play back then but Irelia was a good rework, Akali looks good too for now, Aatrox was terrible but still better than old. The reason is simple these cahmps can't get balanced anymore and also they don't suit the "new" league. Look Irelia, the biggest problem with her was that she had 2 flat dmg orientated skills. This means no matter how fed or behind she is, she will still do the same dmg with 2 of her abilities.Then her old animation was causing some problems with her Q and ult. Right now Riot risks a lot they have 2 options - stop reworks left the game like its right now and it will be alive for max 3 years more and then die, or the second which they prefer is obviously continue changing, make the game feel different. They will stop maybe at the end of the season. The risk is huge noone knows how many players will still play after all of that. They said they want to make this game stay alive for at least one more decade. About the community I think everyone follows the moto -"If can't be a good example, be a terrible warning". And trust me the things which was worked would soon become a huge problem. Akali was unplayable for example. She was outperformed from every single assasin since she is unable to use duskblade. If they buffed her, this would make unfair due to her kit.
IskandarX (EUNE)
: Pls rework Mundo
I hope you are joking otherwise you haven't ever play aggainst Mundo. He is just OP right now at every single point. The only thing which could stop him were the adc because of how good they are aggainst tanks. His healing is bs, his poke is bs. the fact that everything costs him nothing is absurd, lets not start about the ult (literally killing the idea of a teamfight when you can't kill this thing even if you attack him 30 sec.)
Chùos (EUW)
: bring back death fire grasp please
Ammm Malph is kinda unbeatable right now with AP. From all of the old runes this is the one which miss me the least.
AdgaR (EUW)
: League is dying
First, this topic got sooo boring Second, at least give us arguments why lol is dying, since its unfun is not a real reason. Third, there are players (like me) who enjoy the game right now and think s4 was just a bunch of broken champs and a bunch of useless one. It was not a meta just unbalanced game. Players who can't adapt blame the company for that the game can't stay forever the same. Don't get me wrong there are some stupid things in the game like Yasuo, Wukong the community on its own, the ban system is bad desighned. But as I said, being the second most famous game right now is far away from being dead.
Febos (EUW)
: Official Akali Splash Art
If I dont look at the sexualise element (the big butt). Everything else looks cool. I really like the tattoos
: the new meta is boringg
First this is the new meta. Adapt or stick with normals. Second if you get honor level you will get enough keys (like me i have 0 boxes and 0 keys and have to take one more chest). Worst season for you, at least give reasons. You can't say something without anything to prove it. This on its own is enpugh to make your post pointless.
: DUnno why i even bother with this community, just delete this topic, wont come back here ever again, i feel like im tryng to explain something to my 4 year old niece
Not really but you don't listen them either. There are really some amazing comebacks. You need to have the game knowledge to know where can just one mistake by the enemy lose them the game (it doesn't happen always). But remove surrender is gonna make us feel like we are trapped in the game.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Can we start banning
It sounds easy but its not that simple. Riot can't watch every single game replay. So they can just watch the stats and items probably the level too (the difference should be really big to take their attention). They do that only if there is a player with a lot reports from one game or when somebody is constantly getting reported. Imagine only 200 games with troll in them for a day. They can't look all of the replays. If he starts flaming there are some "forbidden" words if he uses some of them he will get the ban. I know that the system is not good but personally don't even think it can be better.
Trezor97 (EUW)
: but, honnestly you should try the games i mentioned
> [{quoted}](name=Trezor97,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=c6uhc1eh,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-07-15T19:58:43.458+0000) > > but, honnestly you should try the games i mentioned At least when I started playing different games i found out how good league is. A lot games were huge dissapointment, Others weren't able to keep my attention for more than a week. The game which i trully enjoied was Terraria ( deffinetly recommend it). But after a crash on my laptop I lost months of progress. I didn't have the desire to play it again even though i tried, it didn't work out. For me community is what make us all so angry about the game. When you get flamed you want to show yourself that you are better than they think, by simply winning the next game, just to feed your ego. If you start losing you start flaming on your own, then, and this is how flaming became a plague. I forgot, right now I also play Yu-gi-oh duel links. I am surprised how this game evolved and truly enjoy playing it.
About Nunu- totally yes. He is the most outdated cahmp in the game. But ezra is ok, yeah his ultimate skin got pretty old but still as a champ he looks acceptable. I want them to stop these reworks at all so i think Nunu is the last champ which i want to be reworked.
: If Riot was to make a movie about LoL, what should the plot be about?
There are so many possible plots (literally milions). First movie about the different regions. For example the war between Demacia and Noxus. Then something like a horror film based on the champs with the darkest stories ( Mordekaiser, Karthus, their lores were attached somehow just don't remember how). Next they can make a film about the yordles where little devil teemo will be a villian who was corrupted from beemo for example. Then they can make a movie based on a series of skins - poolparty for example. They can make a film about something accorded to LCS using the SKT skins. The options are literally milions. But you started a really nice topic for a discussion.
defarge7 (EUW)
: I agree with you but is it worth 1820 rp now? Compared to some new legendry skins, i think it is sad for vladimir players :( I think they should update the visuals not theme about that skin. That would keep it santimental too.
> [{quoted}](name=defarge7,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2skXKyxu,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-07-15T15:08:11.817+0000) > > I agree with you but is it worth 1820 rp now? Compared to some new legendry skins, i think it is sad for vladimir players :( I think they should update the visuals not theme about that skin. That would keep it santimental too. I personally like the skin but I am far away from vlad main. He has some pretty cool skins- soulstealer and the new one (deepwater or something like that). Compared to these two skins i don't think it really worth the money.
defarge7 (EUW)
: Bloodlord Vladimir
Let them keep something santimental in the game. They are already changing everything. (not complaining)
Marowalk (EUW)
: how do i write to them? and thanks for helping by the way i appreciate it
> [{quoted}](name=Marowalk,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=oedd5UsQ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-07-15T11:40:09.319+0000) > > how do i write to them? and thanks for helping by the way i appreciate it Best way is to send them support ticket. You will need to wait arround 2 weeks id they even read it (the cahnce is 50% xd)
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: Honour Level
Better talk with Riot for this. I mean its too strange. I am already honor lvl 5 and if you were really honor lvl 5 last season this should mean you will climb easier. Just write them (be polite and they will give you the answer)
Trezor97 (EUW)
: So this is why I am quitting League
GL on your other games and hope you will find the same desire to play the game one day. I can understand you but at least Kindred got buffed wohoo xd. Specifically this moment there are a lot champs in the meta but in most of the time there are arround 20.
: S4 was the season during which: 1. ADC were buffed and Tank were nerfed during a notorious patch that was made exactly for that (around 4.10, can't remember well) and that was almost completely reverted in the subsequent months. 2. Every toplaner was nerfed except {{champion:24}} for some reason. It became pick or ban for a good deal of time. 3. Infamously, {{champion:64}} reached and breached the 35% pickrate. That is, the @astard was in more than 1 game on 3. RioT planned a rework which point was to nerf it in early game and buff it in late. After some weeks the rework was scrapped for no more reason than "fanboys are crying and, come on, we don't want to make children cry". This was probably the biggest knee-jerk reaction from RioT's part that i was able to witness personally. I will never forget the boards during those days: you couldn't have ONE day without a half dozen threads about "don't rework Lee it's so high skill cap and so fun!" in the main page. I don't think the community ever went that crazy again like in these days. 4. Funniest part of all this, is that ALL junglers but {{champion:64}} were nerfed while it still had more than 35% pickrate. {{champion:60}} and {{champion:59}} were gutted, pretty much because the were the only champions picked in jungle apart from Lee. {{champion:72}} was reworked during that time and hilariously instanerfed two weeks later (there was a short lived "better nerf Skarner" meme about that). 5. In the wake of the {{champion:236}} rework/nerf, RioT nerfed {{champion:42}} and {{champion:29}} (and maybe some other champ, i can't remember) because "people ought to play them now that League of Lucian is no longer a thing, so better nerf them both". {{champion:29}} infamously got its "1 point of poison true damage" passive during that time. It was then buffed. 6. During S4 {{champion:412}} was the most picked champ in whole game. Period. It still had to receive all the nerfs it still got today (it used to be able to shield WHOLE team with lantern, for example). In spite of that, {{champion:201}} was released and managed to become the god of the botlane for some weeks before being of course gutted. 7. {{champion:157}}. I don't think there's nothing to add but this quote from Meddler about double crit passive, possibly one the most famous in the history of this game: _"It's not a mechanic we regret. As above it does useful things for his playstyle, plus it also gives him a consistent, rather than random crit based, damage output late game, which has some advantages (and some disadvantages). I can understand it being a target for concerns about Yasuo being OP, if there's an issue we should be fixing there though I feel there are better levers to use on Yasuo than removing that part of his passive."_ To this day, Meddler probably STILL does not regret it. ...this is all the worst i can remember of S4 (but there are lost of other things). However, there were really good things too. S4 was an awful season but it has the great merit of having been the season during which LoL began to change for the better, and become as it is today. Three most important things about it were: 1. Broken OP champs that used to sit in the mid lane were all nerfed/reworked. Most notably {{champion:38}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:121}}. This caused one of the most impactful meta shift we ever had in this game. 2. {{champion:236}} was nerfed/reworked. It's not exaggerated to say that today we are still somehow living through the consequences of that nerf (not all of them were good, of course). 3. RioT began to seriously rework champs and to seriously and carefully tweak them when needed, instead than just Olaf'd them (this is a term that it's not used anymore today, because well, RioT does no longer Olaf champs) and forget about them. Some of the most prominent reworks were {{champion:154}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:2}}. all in all, i kinda remember S4 as a very important moment in LoL history...but as a very bad one gameplay wise :D. I definetely NOT miss it, i just respect it. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Thank you. So just older palyers can't adapt.
Boolhya (EUW)
: 1. real ap maph 2. DON4T SAY THAT OLD URGOT WAS DISGUSTING WITH NO IDENTITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HE WAS AMAZING WITH UNIQUE KIT HE HAD HUGE RANGE AND WAS A SKILL ORIENTED CHAMPION UNLIKE THE CURRENT URGOT AND HE WAS LOOCKING SO GOOD LIKE A REAL MAD SICENTIST NOW HE IS A CYbORG WITH MUSCLES 3.I agree that junglers needed a nerf but not that way, counterjungling over ganking is always a good thing to have
Yeah this is unbalanced damage. Your videos profed my point. Old players just can't adapt. About Urgot i was probably too harsh but still this is something which i don't want to play with or aggainst.
Boolhya (EUW)
: it's not about players not letting me win 1V1 it's about junglers cleaning all their jungle in a blink of an eye and the removal of devourer and how is ap malph sometihng right now???{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} he is only working in low elo and I don't understand how can you enjoy the new urgot it's literaly a braindead ranged tank with a boring kit
Still dont think platinum is low elo but after they buffeed his ap scalings he is a viable pick right now. Junglers needed a nerf to the impact they had early game. And old urgot looked terrible , never even want to see him. It was disgusting, played his quiet few times and he had no identity. I was just a lot abilitied put in one thing, something which i cant call a champion. The new one is not perfect either but at least has connection between his skills.
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: watch this it's enough as an argument
This is not funny at any point. And it just showing me how more terrible the balancing team was.
: It wasn't. For one thing, season 3 was better than season 4, for another, they both weren't much more amazing than what we have now. I actually enjoy the current meta where you can play much more than you could in season 4. The only thing I'm kinda sad about is the fact that talon got changed, but he's still good so its fine. Just like now there was stuff that was broken in season 4 (rumble, some items, etc.) and stuff that was fine. But there will always be ppl who tell you things were better back in the day, even though they clearly werent.
Thank you this is what i thought too. But still was kinda curious am i missing something.
Boolhya (EUW)
: S4 WAS VERY GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IT WAS THE GREATEST SEASON OF ALL TIME WE HAD DEATH FIRE GRASP WE HAD 1V1 LANES WE HAD DIVERSITY WE HAD AP MAPLH PLAYED IN LCS IT WAS SO FUN PLS RITO GAMES REVERT TO SEASON 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edit: urgot and gragas were fun
Well players are evolving they know how to not let you easily win 1v1 lane. AP Malph is a bs right now. You are just spamming something fun for you to play I enjoy the new Urgot a lot more.
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