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: > [{quoted}](name=Chronabis,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oPGEsONu,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2018-09-18T08:25:38.285+0000) > > Rework sucks because it is not AAtrox, it is bbtrox At least this version of him is a actual swordsman and not a Xin'Zhao with his e and q combined into one q ability...
Because he uses the sword like a mace right? Feels like a real swordsman to the point.
: Why does everyone hate the new Aatrox?
Rework sucks because it is not AAtrox, it is bbtrox
: Aatrox
The original was a god killer, because he could actually scale and fight 1v3 late game. This new one is more like an insult/bad joke gone too far,
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The Static (EUNE)
: Mecha Aatrox's recall is still unfinished...
Or actually give mecha proper wings, fix the buggy red wings when he taunts etc. But that would be too hard, like balancing auto attack based champions.
Manevră (EUNE)
: you use wooxy while i still dont know how to download and use it... I can download it i just dont know use it
Pretty easy, you need the file that changes the texture of you character import it in wooxy and it will install it. For example my custom skin requires mecha Aatrox (which I own). I installed the chroma in wooxy and now my mecha Aatrox is black with his skill animations being slightly darker.
: I got banned before for using wooxy and LoL Skin Preview,luckily they unbanned my acc a week ago. You should never ever use these programs because as they detect it they're gonna say it's a script and will ban you till they investigate,better safe than sorry.
Skin Preview is a special case where you are using Riot made skins without owning them, that is why they ban for that. As far as wooxy I do not know for sure as of yet.
: No, custom skins are allowed. You can read the terms or service for third party programs on their website.
I have actually but the answers Riot give are a bit ambiguous. Still ty for help friend :D
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: Any replacement to his passive already does wonders. They can't throw him any more into the depths than he is in now since he's already add the bottom.
not really, a dude in EUW made it to challenger playing only Aatrox jungle (sweeet dreams was his summoner name)
Infernape (EUW)
: And uninterruptible knock-up on a diver that can effectively die twice? That would probably give him too much hidden power.
They can remove the revive altogether for more max hp, honestly the revive is not that big of a helper, most of the time after you lose it you will be killed extremely easy due to losing you auto attack speed and your W being reset.
Aries (EUNE)
: by destroying the nexus
laughed my ass off at that answer :D But yeah we got stomped pretty hard
: Riot fix your god damn game.
Batman Akham Knight runs well for me and league gets fps drops
karolmo (EUW)
: Low elo games are messed up. (TLDR: Autofill and Placements need a fix)
My friends and I are unranked and one gold, we got in a match against 5 diamonds one of whom was a challenger. How do you think it ended?
: Well the juggernauts where completely our fault for doing pretty much what your doing now... calling it a nerf, so riot buffed it in the pbe, then it turned out the buffs weren't needed and we all know the rest of that story. Basically wait till it's been released before saying stuff like that. And maybe it is a nerf... but in aatrox's case a nerf might have to come first before a buff. Aatrox's kit isn't exactly healthy, it's extremely brute force and stat checky which combined with being a drain tank makes him extremely difficult to deal with. Taking away some of the problem areas and making his passive less of a background low interaction steroid to something both players can interact with it makes him healthier, which in turn makes it safer and easier to buff him. So riot is doing what does need to be done... a harsh change to disconnect aatrox from issues which are both his strengths and his downfalls, which will come across as a nerf (again it's where some of his strengths are coming from) but in the long run will keep him healthier until his proper rework (remember this is a bandaid, riot plan to give him an update when they get around to the diving fighters, this is just to keep him in a healthier spot until then).
The thing is that his weaknesses are not touched upon, mostly made more exploitable. He is easy to burst - you can't revive unless in a fight. Your Q is too slow and easy to interupt - give it more base damage. E is too slow - make it ad and more scaling, making it easier to stack armor against him and I can go on. About the juggernauts, I can't recall them being buffed due to complaining. The other thing is that I have seen the numbers in terms of changes and it is a general (indisputable) nerf to the preferred playstile of the champion. His W was what made him great as I stated. Also I have been around for too many broken reworks (that were so from the start). Fiora and Gp are still what they are. And Darius is still too strong, 200 free ad?
: So how would you fix Aatrox's problems? Any changes that could make him balanced?
Ye I forgot to link a proposed rework by some players (that I had found a year ago - searching might take some time), they had a pretty good idea on how to make him better, but me myself - I'd make Q uninterruptible and give his ult either a fear or cleanse. That would fix a lot imo.
: Remember these aren't gonna be a be all and end all... by adding these changes they add balance levers, if the changes don't hit their mark it's easier and safer to change things around to benefit him than before... particularly the attack speed as now it's windowed if he needs more they have the room to buff it.
You are completely right but, Riot have a history of releasing broken reworks (juggernauts anyone). I am just worried why they are nerfing someone who is already considered on the weak side.
: At least finally his ult scales with AD. Can't say anything about the other changes, need to see it in game.
I have not seen ult changes, as far as I can remember that is the only thing they won't change
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Danytronix (EUNE)
: Hi, i also made a similar thread here on boards and i would like to stay active about this topic. I agree with you @Chronabis, removing Normal Draft pick on EUNE was a dumb move from Riot. And also at the same time they try to make people more competative by adding 5v5 queue (Ranked Flex Draft). It was a mistake, flex draft just became a substitution for a normal draft and it doesnt feel competative at all. Bring it back Riot, make something for players who doesnt like to play with blindpick players. And we all know how that queue work.... so long story short..... i think i speak for most of the EUNE players, so i think it would be the best to bring back the our lovely Normal Draft Pick. Wish you guys all best in your game. Have mercy for a toplane main. {{champion:150}} {{champion:17}}
+ (plus - it shows the plus as a dot on my screen) 1 friend :3
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Warentø (EUW)
: Guys why don't you take this like an advantage to play more in ranked? I don't think that the way Riot deleted the draft pick was fair but now it's done and the best thing to do is to deal with it. Crying on the boards will not bring it back.
Well Riot did make flex que into our new draft. It is a complete fiesta in EUNE. But a fiesta which makes 0 sense to implement and is in all honesty not needed as a que. And we deserve draft back and the boards/reddit are basically the only way we can achieve that.
snspldcz (EUNE)
I can confirm everyone is treating flex like draft... So nice one Riot. What happened to communicating with the playerbase?
dfsghj (EUW)
: Add Champion Resource Type to Champion Overview
upvoted just for the small penis joke. That one made my day :3
: Main account permanently suspended for account sharing
Riot are too busy adding broken patches to care :3


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