DarthCommie (EUNE)
: I have already made a facebook page Thank you though, I will 95% post the link at 23:00 pm +2 gmt so anyone who want can join Everyone can inform their friends about it so we can increase the number of people
Why not now? :P cause il need to sleep before and i wanna go to it
DarthCommie (EUNE)
: If you we reach approximately 50 people who are into this I will create a facebook page about this, I'll post the link here and we will discuss further about it there,for people with no facebook account (which I doubt there are) I will be updating this as much as I can
Im fudgingn IN I WAS GONNNA do a post dude do now annd i will get people join it trust me u wannt me to make it?? and make u the leader? can i talk to u in privte add me gureshefi skype plzzz


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