Sightburner (EUNE)
: False. EUNE and EUW is equally toxic and have an equal amount of player that go AFK. People have to make a holy grail of EUW for some strange reason.
I'm talking from my own experience and in EUNE I'm playing at much higher elo than EUW, because I haven't played many games on the West, but losses feel so much different on the different server. In EUNE it's everyone flaming on everyone for basically everything, in EUW people were chill and accepting their mistakes.
p1r0m4n (EUW)
: free transfer?
I've got no idea why you would want to go back to EUNE, but meh, up to you. As a person who has lvl 30 accounts in both EUW and EUNE I have to admit EUNE is much more toxic, has a lot more afk players and trolls, but I play mainly on it just because of the champions I've unlocked, the few skins and the friends from my country that play here.
ElBirote (EUW)
: Thank you RIOT
I'm happy for you. Go learn some English, though, it's good for you.
Emillie (EUW)
: Keystones are terrible for AP mids.
Most mages have pretty huge burst, that's the reason DFG was deleted, They won't be giving you a DFG keystone this season, if it's what you want. Making mages much stronger than ad champions would completely destroy the meta.
: Ok i litterally didnt talked this game and got a warning for offensive language
It might be the enemy team raging and reporting everything in sight. You won't get punished for that.
: This is not fair
Yeah, trolling is bad. Let me give you a {{item:2054}} for acknowledging that.
MadClown (EUNE)
: I kinda understood that hes been playing him since level 10 i guess i read it wrong anyway like you stated he shouldnt jungle at those levels altough a while back when i made additional acc and when i was around level 10 on it i saw enemy jungler collecting xp on top lane then after hitting level 3 he proceded to farm in jungle so that might work
That's an option, but for some champions you might even need to lane till 6 or something to be able to clear properly, especially with no purple smite anymore.
: Scuttler buff should last way longer
It has great impact on objectives like Dragon and Baron and fights around them. 10s is overkill, it might as well be a Sivir ult sitting in the river.
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Is it impossible to climb the ladder from hell?
Just practice and improve. A good player in Silver and Bronze can compensate even for a 3v5 if the other 7 players in the game are bad. I failed promos for Plat 5 and I've been all the way from G3 to G1 too many times in the past week. Lost my promos for G2 twice yesterday and once today, so I gave up on it. Belive me, I've seen everything the last week, double mid, double jungle, double adc, AP Jinx and so on. Trolls are everywhere. If you're getting unlucky for a while with matchmaking, the only way to win those games is by staying chill and being good. If I haven't hardcarried a game (most takedowns, best kda, most dmg dealt, most gold and objective control, as well as creating picks and good teamfights) I know I have to do better in order to win. It gets tiring to tryhard every game but that's the only way to improve and climb the ladder. Just chill, play a few games if you think you have a chance of getting to Gold, but be cool with it. If your MMR is good and you rack up some wins in preseason, you might get placed in Gold S6. Sivir is not getting an update anyway, so she'll be off the meta with all new OP adcs. :D
: > [{quoted}](name=CiB0rG,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=96x7k9PP,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2015-11-10T16:45:02.402+0000) > >maybe even stronger than Darius. Considering she absolutely shits on him and that there's no possible way to itemize against her, i'd say we're way past the "maybe" point......
I'm not talking about just 1v1 with him but champion strenght in general. Darius is freelo right now, as well as Fiora.
MadClown (EUNE)
: What level are you?
He said lvl 10 I believe.
: noob jungling question
Don't jungle at a low level, you need runes and masteries to sustain in the jungle. There are a few champions with a better sustain (Elise is great), but you're still very likely to fall far behind in the jungle with no runes and masteries.
Kythund (EUW)
: We want old Fiora back!
I have to agree she and a lot of other champions are becoming too strong for the game. I don't think they are bad, I like the new Fiora, but we should either get an update for EVERY champion in the game or tune these champions down as they are completely destroying everything in their way. I played a 500+ armor Rammus (with the W active) vs a Fiora and she 1-shot me in less than 2-3 seconds with 2k+ dmg from her ult. I think she's ridiculously strong, maybe even stronger than Darius.
: Hi there, i'd love to try voli out right now, would you mind suggesting a build against an all ap comp, an all ad comp and a balanced comp if i were to go jungle? Thanks for reading :)
Well, Cinderhulk is your go to jungle item, voli doesn't really need a pink smite to farm, so I take blue for the extra slow. Righteous Glory is a very good general engage tool, so it's your main agressive item. The main thing you have to keep in mind is that Voli scales incredibly off of health - your W deals immense amounts of damage and your passive will get you back into a fight after a few seconds if you disengage at the right time. AP heavy comps are cake to build against as Voli because the tank MR items (Banshee and Visage) bring a lot of HP as well. If the Righteous Glory is your always-go-to first item (not a bad pick for tank junglers who tend to be slow, it stacks great with Cinderhulk as well), just take those 2 and eventually the Titanic Hydra for late game damage. AD heavy comps are the thing I don't like picking Voli into. Yes, you're still fat, you can still eat some carries, but if you see a full AD team before picking your jungler, for God's sake, please, go with Rammus or Malphite. I'm not saying that Voli won't be as tanky as vs an AP comp, but vs AD items like Thornmail and Frozen Hearth are a necessity. If you're the team's main tank, you'd have to take both and those items lower your damage by quite a margin. Especially in this patch with the Titanic Hydra that scales your auto attacks off of your own hp. But, even if you have to go for the armor heavy items, the general build should stay the same - getting Cinder, Righteous Glory and Randuin's Omen as your first heavy armor/hp item. The new Dead Man's plate is a great thing to look into, because it gives armor and HP, but you have to drop the armor from the FH or Thorn, or the extra speed from Righteous to get it. If you're against a heavy AD comp, but you don't need that much armor/you're looking for more damage and catching carries, a possible full build could be: Cinder, Merc's, Righteous, Dead Man's Plate, Randuin's Omen and Titanic Hydra. Ballanced comps are not as punishing for Voli's damage as I think AD comps are, because you have Randuin's Omen and Dead Man's Plate as Armor/HP items and Banshee/Visage as MR/HP items. One of each with the Righteous Glory and the Hydra would be my go-to build for that situation. Mercury's Threads are the always-go-to boots for Voli, even against some full AD comps because you do not want to get kited. An extra half a second of being stunned/slowed can stop you from biting a carry for the last hit and win the enemy team a fight, because besides your flash, you have no real gap closers. Righteous Glory really helps for engages and ganks, but if you can get speed from other champions and you get Dead Man's Plate, it could be completely unnecessary in some situations. It's also a bad pickup if you're falling behind and you don't want to fight the enemy team at that point. If you want to stall a game, I'd rather rush a Tiamat for speed farming and go for a late game Titanic Hydra build. So, get Righteous Glory if you're certain you're looking for fights/ganks, if you're just going to afk farm with it, it's not of a big use, at least leave it for later. Builds are strictly situational from game to game though. They depend on enemy champions, on how lanes are going farm and kill-wise. I've even rushed a Titanic Hydra right after Cinderhulk and hardcarried a game with it. A lot of things can work at the right time. At some point you just get used to building tanks in the jungle and it all just falls into place, takes just a bit of practice.
Neonchan (EUW)
: Top or jungle? I always liked volis midgame as a jungler but his early clears felt so slow
Jungle, I've always loved the lvl 6 dmg spike, you don't want to teamfight against a Voli around that point.
Killalot (EUW)
: Replays
I use Baron Replays, it's great, has a rotatable camera and everything. Just get a program and run it before playing a game. It saves a very small in size replay and is very useful (for both videos and post-game analizing). Edit: Replays are 3-15 MB in size mostly, rather than the same in GB if you're using a recording software.
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Lsayu (EUNE)
: He won't be with us for long. :D
I sure hope so, but apparently he made it into Gold.
: People is toxic in games just because they feel big behind computers , so they don't care about ruining everybody's gaming experience.
That's still not an excuse, it's actually even worse. That means if you give people power, they all turn into assholes and start bullying others. Is that what all of us are, assholes on the inside, hiding because we're too weak to stand up to anyone?
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CV Blood (EUW)
: Hey! If you're looking for people to play with and you are over 16, I recommend joining a community called the Chaos Vanguard. Essentially the Chaos Vanguard (CV) is a multi-gaming community for Europe and NA that aims to provide a fun and safe environment for players. We have recently expanded to EUNE. We have a large website and teamspeak. Competitive teams also get their own channels on our teamspeak. Also we have separate channels for people who duoQ, so they won't be disturbed in the middle of the match! If you ever get bored of league you could just jump down to one of our different sections for games such as Counter Strike, Heroes of the Storm, Warframe, Smite and many more. Feel free to add me in-game if you have any questions! Good luck with your search! You can find us at: Website: TeamSpeak:
Thanks for the adver...suggestion, I mean. Anyway, I'll probably look into that, because it sounds fun. I also do play CS:GO casually sometimes, so I might even find people to play with there. :)
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xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Talox dirktheone,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=xFHMxpEN,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2015-08-21T17:19:23.291+0000) > > It's probably just a threat. > This season I have been ranked restricted 1 game. Literally 1 game. There is no way they can pull this off without people losing faith/motivation in riot. > I don't know the accurate number, but I'd say about 95% of players gold+ have been restricted this season. that number is bullshit :p Its more like 95% of TOTAL players on the server have NOT been restricted xD
It's true a lot of people have been restricted, and I sure hope all the people that ruined my games with their feeding, trolling, intentional afk and so on don't get anything this season. They earned it.
: > [{quoted}](name=TeiX,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=xFHMxpEN,comment-id=001000000000,timestamp=2015-08-21T20:04:12.170+0000) > > just because you can block out a disruptive person doesnt means theyt are free to do as they please > > sure mute them,but that doesnt excuse them if they act like pillocks and they deserve what'«s comming I might as well just repeat myself: 70+% of the LoL community is silver and bronze taking away rewards is only a threat to gold and higher, meaning that this removal is not an effective tool in the first place as it does 0 to change the player behavior of most of the toxic players. it only reinforces negative behavior at the silver/gold border and in higher elo can simply ber abused by repeatedly reporting the same people over and over. ofc they can do as they please, as you won't bhe exposed to that toxicity, it means the toxicity does nto apply to you. if you don't mute them you basiccally are simply a masochist wanting to be abused.
Where's the button to mute intentional feeding, afking and trolling, cuz I can't find that one in the menu?
: Well, if you do not give a "f**k" about the system you will keep getting punished and probably banned :)
The people who are not getting rewards are most likely toxic as hell. Now they have a reason to be even more pissed and toxic. At this point of the year, some of us are trying to climb a bit higher to get a bit bigger reward and those people won't get banned before ruining quite a lot of people's games.


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