Hansiman (EUW)
: LP hasn't been properly reset with the ranked update. It'll be fixed soon enough.
so it gives me 13 on win but it takes 20 on lose. fun update
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: > [{quoted}](name=ImranZakhaev31,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=wJKPd2wW,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-10-31T20:24:33.354+0000) > > same here: > (my first time with adc in ranked, and I have 60 farm, opposite adc 40 farm, my sup dives and feed for no reason. Just for feed. Then I wrote something, and he started taking my farm too. > Your system is broken. Your system is working for feeders. IF you stop feeders and trolls people would never use bad words. > Game 2 > Pre-Game > ImranZakhaev31: oh no :( > ImranZakhaev31: who wants adc > ImranZakhaev31: cmon guys > ImranZakhaev31: it is adc > ImranZakhaev31: everyone wants to play adc :D > ImranZakhaev31: well, i am not good at it > ImranZakhaev31: it s not feeding > ImranZakhaev31: farm is everything for adc > ImranZakhaev31: if you cant farm even if you be 10 0 0 you lost late > In-Game > ImranZakhaev31: easy > ImranZakhaev31: neverplayed adc > ImranZakhaev31: in ranked > ImranZakhaev31: 14 26 > ImranZakhaev31: so far so good > ImranZakhaev31: why > ImranZakhaev31: haha you died > ImranZakhaev31: for no reason > ImranZakhaev31: you pushed for no reason > ImranZakhaev31: plz do not find excuses > ImranZakhaev31: why dont you let me farm especially my farm is better than her? > ImranZakhaev31: plz stfu > ImranZakhaev31: toxic feeder > ImranZakhaev31: DO NOT > ImranZakhaev31: TAKE FARM > ImranZakhaev31: OMFG > ImranZakhaev31: GO AFK > ImranZakhaev31: report alistar > ImranZakhaev31: troll+feed > ImranZakhaev31: yup feeder > ImranZakhaev31: do not play sup > ImranZakhaev31: master > ImranZakhaev31: we need help > ImranZakhaev31: you need to learn how to play support > ImranZakhaev31: and how not to dive like bulldog > ImranZakhaev31: lol > ImranZakhaev31: cry more > ImranZakhaev31: lol > ImranZakhaev31: we cant > ImranZakhaev31: cry more > ImranZakhaev31: you are nnot sup > ImranZakhaev31: to buy item wood division style support > ImranZakhaev31: i knew it lol > ImranZakhaev31: bb dari > ImranZakhaev31: farm > ImranZakhaev31: heımer is the best > ImranZakhaev31: my first adc > ImranZakhaev31: in lol Why would you post your chat log when it is a good example of how not to behave in your games? Surely you understand that it was a fair chat restriction you received?
What do you find offensive in this? How old are you? Do you even know NUNU interactions? RIOT itself is a huge TOXICITY. I supose they should take out chat from the game, so they can add 3 buttons of salutes and thanks. This is not even a bit of toxic, I see the dude is trying to comunicate but his teammates looks like trollers, plus I see that alistar is a tilter aswell
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HitYourHead (EUNE)
: ***
Thanks, I still am not 50 cs versus 100 cs enemy laner in 15min. Btw I hit diamond with my main account so I'm pretty sure of what I'm crying about.
: > [{quoted}](name=I am Bad Santa,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6B9KnEm9,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-08-24T19:22:03.117+0000) > > my stats are pretty decent, about the winrate, why do you think I complain my friend? ''sipps beer'' If your overall winrate is less than 50% the problem might not be your team y'know. Didn't think i had to spell it out for you.
This account was not a main account buddy, look at recent stats, I think I do have some decent stats in them
Peαnut (EUW)
: Ofcourse it still works. A game is a game. What makes the game enjoyable and fun is how you perceive the game. If you play for the sole reason of climbing, you won't be able to fix most of the mistakes you make. However, if you change your mentality to one that is focused on improving and having climbing as a byproduct, you will be less stressed and frustrated, and you will climb a lot smoother rather than relying on 50:50 teams. I, along with many many of my friends, have followed this since season 3 and it is definitely still relevant to this day. Up until around d3, 80% of improving is all about mentality anyway.
yea, belive that your 1-5 midler won't get the 6th death to enemy zed, belive that he will not one shot you, belive that your jungler may come to a gank even if he afk farming 25minutes, keep beliveng. Biulshets! If you have a troll you lost, unless the enemy team got 2
Peαnut (EUW)
: Look at your laning phase or your early game and see your mistakes to improve on. Look where the zed isn't fed out of control so you can find your mistakes in that stage of the game. Look at your positioning. Look at your map movements. Look at your warding. Look at the enemy jungler compared to your ward times. Look at how junglers usually path and use that to your advantage by predicting when the jungler will most likely visit your lane, for example most junglers 3 camp + scuttle and finish top side. Ward top at 2:40, ward bot as soon as you get in lane and then at 4:00. As Kalvix said, you will not learn anything from saying "it was my team" because you will not get anywhere by saying that. I know you can't win every game and I'm not saying you will. But you can use every minute of every game to improve oneself so you can climb out easier. I was hardstuck gold for 2 years. As soon as I took the "it's my fault" approach, I climbed to p1 promos to diamond. Next season I peaked d3.
Dude don't you understand I had enough of this sh1t? nearly every game I am matched with some type of these players and I have to try hard my arse to win, it fkring exausting me, I wana be in the enemy team, or to get carried, not just to do my best for some trollers, giving the sweat out of me so they can go to the next game of troll where I can be again. BTW I blocked bad players or tilters and I'm still matched with them, it's like RIOT wants you to get frustrated, Block should mean block! If you don't want to punish a troll at least don't make me meet him again FFS!
: It's a Fkicjng Ranked afterall, and i spend MY TIME trying to improve, trying to get better, but stopped by trolls who can decide the faith of the game. In a normal game I would give 0 fkucs but having them in a 'placements points' game is not fun, AT ALL!! And guess what more, I don't even care if he's toxic, I can always MUTE him, but what can I do when he goes ape mode and feed as fkls after already he trolled pick? Even more, being pissed on someone who might even joked when calling you noob, you can chat ban him or worse, sometime for no reason, when getting trolled, you CAN'T DO NOTHING!
Not even saying that I spend More than 1.000£ since I start playing this game for skins. I guess I deserve to be ignored, we all do who feel this way
: When a Plat5 player with higher MMR gets gold 2 in his team who decides to troll, then it does.
It's a Fkicjng Ranked afterall, and i spend MY TIME trying to improve, trying to get better, but stopped by trolls who can decide the faith of the game. In a normal game I would give 0 fkucs but having them in a 'placements points' game is not fun, AT ALL!! And guess what more, I don't even care if he's toxic, I can always MUTE him, but what can I do when he goes ape mode and feed as fkls after already he trolled pick? Even more, being pissed on someone who might even joked when calling you noob, you can chat ban him or worse, sometime for no reason, when getting trolled, you CAN'T DO NOTHING!
Smerk (EUW)
: Yes, it will, because that's the most fair way to handle matchmaking. Ineffectiveness of troll catching system is another matter that has nothing to do with matchmaking
When a Plat5 player with higher MMR gets gold 2 in his team who decides to troll, then it does.
: Uh... Maybe it would be a good idea to not play Ranked?
I have no interest in playing league unless is rank, I learned all champs on a playable level and i find no fun into normals unless it was URF(not arurf)
Peαnut (EUW)
: That just makes you as bad as them... What I mean by my previous statement is that you can learn from every game. Even if your team go 0-10 you can learn from it and improve yourself. Once you improve yourself to a point where you are above the elo you are at, you will begin to solo carry games.
HOW THE FKCU YOU CAN IMPROVE WHEN YOUR ALLIES GO APE MODE AND FEED A ZED WHO CAN 1shot you without his ult????!!!?!? How the fkuc can you carry vs 2 feed as fkuc enemies? Have you even played league since season 5? There is no more solo carry. One man can't carry but one ape can drag you down
: The team had almost the same MMr. Ranks are decorative titels and say 0 about a players personal skill. And you are the one with less than 50% winrate. But that's none of my business *sipps tea*
my stats are pretty decent, about the winrate, why do you think I complain my friend? ''sipps beer''
Smerk (EUW)
: What does this have to do with matchmaking? Can you predict how any particular player will perform in his next match?
3 golds+2 plats vs 4plats+1gold. Golds are also trolls. They get away with trolling and the perfect MMR Matchking will put them in your team again!
Hansiman (EUW)
: both PUBG and Fortnite are pretty popular. WoW just had a new expansion launched if that your thing.
Rainbow six siege is a pretty decent game. I'll do whatever to get rid of this frustrating game. It became sad how many negative stages were and still are in league
Smerk (EUW)
: What do you mean matchmaking is garbage? This is probably the most balanced match out of all posts about matchmaking
How is it balanced when you get lower tier players as allies who troll pick you and feed ingame because they can't even play the champ?
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: Check the MMR. It's as close as it gets. They might be in Gold but theit MMR says they should be higher.
A player who is 50% cs under enemy laner doesn't deserve to play vs that enemy. Thanks! Even more, when MMR is in enemy favor and my allies troll pick, somethings is wrong!
Vulpine (EUW)
: I can recommend you Mobile Legends, fun game. *This comment is sponsored*
Recommend me something else than moba. This type of games are getting to the ground as you can see league example
Peαnut (EUW)
: You will never climb if you focus on someone else. If you want to actually see yourself climbing in ranked, you should focus on your own mistakes and improve on them. Your team isn't the issue, you are.
okey mr perfect, i'm the problem cuz i don't carry them, not the troll pick who felt like trolling, feeding entire enemy team; as i specified in the comment i am too tired already to tryhard for them. If they get me in their games i'll make sure they lose every time they troll from now on!
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Grimmrok (EUNE)
: It happens sometimes. Not your fault, but life isn't always fair.
yah, but i mean, i'm already not happy with the matchmaking system, now even buggs takes my ~LP?
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: Might not be in 1600MMR, I couldn't know. Where I play, it's better than ever :)
Well I use to play this game like 6-7 matches a day. Now I do like 3 games in a week. People testing different champs bot other than adc, resulting to feed most of the time, so do as jungle(karthus/talyah) or even the wombo jungle supporting to mid. I'm playing something else for a while. I hope they will manage to bring the fun I had in the old days back, otherwise it's a nope game for me
9th life (EUW)
: Changes/Improvements i'd like to see in league of legends
This would be something magical to be seen, I couldn't tell it better. ATM game balance is trash, some champions are broken while some are unplayable, check out the troll meta Botlane(I miss the old QT adc's, haven't watched his videos in a while since I see those TITLES-morgana/wukon/swain, uugghh). Toxicity who lead to suspension are so wrong, if someone is toxic, for good reasons, not reported by premades who got called noobs once when feeding , CUT HIS CHAT OUT until he reforms, if he starts to troll games, then yeah you can opt for his suspension as he may not want to reform. About reworks, basically Riot CUTS a ONE TRICK persons time/money invested into that champ to 0, witch is sad, there is always another way, like new champs with those desired abilities, Call them their brothers/allies/enemies who can use similar kits.
: Old fiora and irelia were braindead. The current ones require a tiny bit of skill, hence your average silver player can't abuse them any more. I don't see the problem in actually needing 2 hands and a working mouse in order to perform with a champ. **** Reports - you break the TOS you get punished. It's not about preference. You don't get to decide who gets punished or not - when it comes to AFK. You triggered the leavebuster, you're gone. I don't want people go unpunished because some are just lazy to report, or forget it. Your idea of a system is just asking for this. I don't care that you went 30/0 and carried a game where you AFKd 7 minutes at the start. You don't deserve the LP. **** Balance : The game hasn't been this balanced in a long time. Botlane finally opened up. Tanks aren't top dogs, Marksmen can't 1v1 bruisers at the 10minute mark any more, the game is pure perfection and fun. I am not playing in pro-play, I am a mere D3/4 MMR mortal. So wrong again. **** Permanent means permanent. You "sign" a contract with Riot games upon account creation, I don't see why they would have to tolerate your shit once you screwd up. Try telling your boss to "go fu#k himself", see what happens. **** Basically I disagree with all the points you made. They don't reflect reality, or a realistically working system. One point, the reworks - that is your personal opinion, I respect it, but I disagree. Those champs were unhealthy for the game, and are way better now. That's all.
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: she may be a bit less dangerous to adc , in the sense that if you play an hero with huge range is hard for her to jump to you , but idk ,if she gets with flash e ,w ,q r then she will be broken , played in good hands would make really easy kills , i don't even know how much damage that circle will do in passive..
2 bad nobody play adc now, just trolling around
: So my friend got chat restricted on a smurf for this
RIOT's Banning system is a Random application made to ban you if you get reported by premade allies or even one enemy no matter what. Even their employees admitted that their rules are trash, but Riot's EGO is too big to admit that they are wrong and finally do something helpful for this game before it dies for real. I got banned for complaining in-game about the new meta bot, fun tho!
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=I am Bad Santa,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=5q8iuhR6,comment-id=00000000000000000001,timestamp=2018-07-08T13:15:31.526+0000) > > Ignore SHIWAH, he's a toxic random dude I don't think "toxic random dude" is one of the requisites to be a moderator. Random dude? Sure; Toxic? Nah.
He's behavior is mostly tilting, he's acting like he doesn't know what is all about, mostly ironic, he makes you look like you have no idea of what you're talking about in that tilting LP, time loosing games where you can't do nothing about it
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I'm pretty sure it is because since you don't play too much, you don't hit on in-game interactions like those mentioned above so you should't have too many opinions on what happens in-game between players in this kinda situations
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I'm pretty sure that he's speaking on general as he mentioned that he randomly log in to post this, so it's not about your lvl here. It's like me saying that you shouldn't even be Emissary just because you are lvl 53
Aezander (EUW)
: What you describe can also be ascribed to BOTing. When you see the behaviour you mention report them, in addition, for Cheating, with the short description of "Potential Bot".
Belive me that inting for not getting a desired champ, like jungle yasuo or shhits like that is not Potential Boting, and if you call him noob once he might just go mid and give unlimited kills to the enemy laner. THEY ARE UNSTOPPABLE! Call him noob and get banned while he can carry on inting infinite games without consequences
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I get random people in my games who does exactly the same thing, and if you consider that platinum is where newbies starts well you might be right but there are definitely a lot of inters, actually league is infested of them, knowing that they won't be punished
Kangiten (EUW)
: A Person Casting Skills Waiting Their Animations To End And Then Running Into The Enemy Team And Holding S To Wait And Die Is Intentional Feeding Is It Not ? Hope it was clear this way, please read it thoroughly as I have doubts it might fail to get through you otherwise.
Ignore SHIWAH, he's a toxic random dude who's purpose is to tilt random comments with arguments that fits a computer program
CJXander (EUNE)
: How come i'm still getting Gold players in my games?
Matchmaking is thrash. That's how, riot still can't improve the matching quality or champion balance. Some random dudes who work in there just randomly changing stuffs hoping that the game won't die too soon
Arnoter (EUW)
: Thats what all Toxic People say.
Idc if if you consider the real deal of this game toxicity, this is the truth, that's why lot of people quit playing and many more will follow. Having a troll is not considered negative over the game, him being 0-3 in 5 min it's the best thing that could happen. Matchmaking is Trash so is champion balance plus now there is another troll reason- THE META. People testing mages in adc role or even jungle, unstoppable feeding. Keeping it this way the game will die in few years eventually.
Arnoter (EUW)
: I wish all flamers would be perma-banned faster.
I wish that trolls would be the banned ones. EVERYSINGLE%%%%INGGAME you can use MUTE option. I think that majority is blind and cannot see that MUTEFKING BUTTON, who can spare you, the offended by the 'toxicity' of some people. Enjoyable tho that a troller doesn't affect the fking game being stuck with him for 20min and getting your LP on garbage.
Semaka (EUW)
: You posted a picture. You want us to give you an answer to your "perma ban" request. Since your only "proof" that Taliyah, Bard and Nunu trolled is that image, I say, you should be perma banned as well. Your cs is bad, you have 1 item in your inventory so pretty much, you are on the same boat as the 3 of them. Stop crying, we all have games like this. Move on.
we all have games like that :)), you are outta this game. BTW last time I posted a video with the actual troll Riot instantly remove it saying that I'm not suppose to show the troll in front of people, probably knowing that they won't do nothing against him. Even so the Riot team won't do nothing against them. Last time I complained about trolls in-game I got Chat banned. This is how RIOT GAMES WORKS NOW! Don't say nothing, just take it!
Smerk (EUW)
: I play ARURF because it is fun. Wouldn't do that with regular URF, that shit was boring af
So random champions that maybe you hate are fun but a champ you desire to play isn't, this being the only difference between them . Please look somewhere else for Riot attention, they won't give nothing for defending a 'mode'. Your lvl tells me that you don't play that much.
Rismosch (EUW)
: I don't play URF at all lol
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: Before u start downvote my thread pls read it (kinda open letter to community and some riot pls read
RIOT banning sistem is dogsh1rt. getting ban from premade is the most common. They have no idea what their doing just randomly changing the game in hope that it won't die instead of focusing to improving the important stuff.
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TrAvEl99 (EUNE)
: 14 days suspension
The BANNING SISTEM IS TRASH, just like matchmaking. RIOT gives 0 Focks about this, They just CHANGE THE GAME EVERY SINGLE PATCH SO NOBODY GETS A FKIN CLUE ABOUT ANYTHING INSTEAD of trying to focus on what really matters. Many people gave up, many people will quit from now on because of this random bullshits like premade reports who give you insta bann just because they are being done by more than one guy so you MUST BE TOXIC. BANNING SISTEM SUUCKS. I was honor lvl 0 for 1 fking YEAR even if i got honored most of the games and got MVP's too. MATCHMAKING IS TERRIBLE! Last game I had one guy who dc in min 1 so we couldn't remake + another allie Rage quit because of that! +++++MUULTIPLE TROLLS WHO CAN'T GET PUNISHED!
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
The punishment is a random sistem. Try it with a premade team. Together report a guy after making him say a small 'noob' word. HE WILL GET PUNISH! How that my friend who is 1000% times more toxic, wishing people to die, calling them noobs and such more is %%%%ing lvl 4honor, and I dropped for one game to lvl 0 honor after my bot was feeding, I called him noob in a small conversation that he sucked at the champ and he should try something else, then he called enemy to report me for being toxic, and I stayed for nearly ONE FKN YEAR LVL 0 for that damn convo that I had(made a ticket to support and they try to explain me that It's not just my game by game chat or MVP's that I got should put my account back to lvl 2 at least)....and my friend is toxic in his 90% of his games and nothing happens to him?!!?! The GAME Punishing IS FKED! Some period of time banns are way better. You can ban a guy for 3 months, let's say, he will definitely think twice before talking and he will use the mute all button>>WITCH nobody from offended side seems to use it. They just go for toxic report, no matter what
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Got my account permabanned 1year ago since I got triggered by some bad teams who would troll and be toxic, but riot decided that I'm not allowed to respond in any way to them in any 'toxic' way, not even calling them noobs, me being punished and them got nothing cuz 'my chat matters only', so here I am now, 'reformed', new accounts, this one Honor 1 with 1point to lvl 2 since I got punished once and dropped to level 0 last year and in one fking year I went back to lvl 1, + another main account honor 4 So I guess SOME players can reform after all. Just Mute all and ignore em, because this is the only thing to do in some situations and you don't want to risk a permaban again, even comunication ingame is 0. Rather then permaban this guy has an alternative who can or not work. Also I would like to get my old account back, playing on that one for 4+ years and spending more than 900$
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
No clash and the reward is a bugged arurf where im force to stay with a crap champ. RIOT stopped giving a fk about this game
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