: But you can't go into ranked with the mindset that you will get your desired role and champion and not let your teammates ban whoever they want. That's the primary thing. If a yasuo main for EXAMPLE goes into ranked and have yasuo banned. Its not our fault that he tilts, swears, troll, dodge etc. That's his problem that he wasn't ready for the fact that he MAY NOT get what he wants. Surprise there, we all can't get what we want. Its just the way it is. Going into Ranked with the expectations that Everything will go as you want it is just asking to have things not go your way. Take me as a good example: I main ADC and I primarily play Draven in that role because he is my main. Will I go do any of the above things because Draven is picked/Banned? No, because I have more than just Draven to play. I own every single ADC in the game, but aside from Draven I play Jhin, Jinx, Caitlyn and sometimes Vayne. So I have at least 3 different adc's with unique playstyles available to me. So even IF Draven gets picked/banned I have other champions to rely on. And I won't get tilted in the slightest because my teammates ban Draven either. I'll just pick any other of my Carries and carry my team hard so they know what I'm capable of. And this is the main issue you come forth with. You can't always get your way, even in champion select there will be people with little to no mercy for what you wants, so no. The problem isn't a specific champion, its that one specific champion that you personally(applying to every player ever) want to play but may or may not be banned. Besides, everyone knows that you should only go into ranked when you have at least what, 3(bare minimum is 2) champions for each role in case you autofill or switch with another player.
there is not a rule to play more champs. thats why one trick ponies exist. you can ban their champ but they cant stop you do that. this is not fair
: Nah, so if my team pre select {{champion:238}} and {{champion:157}} im forced to accept this? NOPE
Yeah. You ban their best champions and you expect them to be good at other ones and not tilt, dodge, feed, go afk etc. Makes total sense.
: I feel like this is very two sided. On one hand, I should be able to ban which champion I want because that's how the system works. On another hand, you shouldn't ban a champion that a teammate selected BECAUSE your teammate select said champion. Out of the two above. We should be allowed freedom to ban whatever champions we want without being restricted, because this also allows us to snipe the enemy picks. Remember that there is a chance that the enemy can lock in your favorite champ that you wanted to play before you get to pick. So, 1/3 chance you get trolled by your teammates. 1/3 chance you get trolled by the enemy team who snipes your pick by banning/picking it themselves. 1/3 chance you actually get your champion but then there are another 2 things that can happen here. 1/2: You win lane and most likely carry. 2/2: You LOSE lane and cause tilt amongst the team because they "told you we should have banned X champ cause no one can play him/is op" etc etc. As my final note: I would rather be allowed to ban whatever champion I want so that the enemy can't snipe it from my teammates. And this has happened MULTIPLE times, especially with Yasuo. "Declares Yasuo" "We don't ban yasuo" "enemy team picks yasuo". We lose because our supposed Yasuo who didn't get yasuo is now tilted AF and can't play properly, becoming a crutch for the enemy team. A liability for us.
The problem is not banning a specific champion. there are more than 10 champions actually more broken than yasuo in every single moment of this game that cant fit on the 10 bans. You cant rely on the fact that they wont pick a specific champion you THINK is broken because they can pick any of the other broken champions. The purpose is to not let anyone tell you what to play or not play. Any champion can actually be broken in the hands of a good player. I am 90% sure that the player that gets his champion banned by his teammate is tilted and have a bad time, troll, int, swear, dodge etc.
Aseraan (EUW)
: PPl tend to remember bad things more than good thing and lets be honest the amount of crapy players we play/meet whit im sry that i tend to forgett there are master and challenger yasuo players u guys are colll keep going, but the others OHH HOLY GALAGONYA from 10 yasuo i meet 9 is the tipical bronze vayne main calls into lategame and feeds 15 kills in the 1st 12 min. Also again u can ask ppl to dont bann it u can ask ppl to pick it for u in 1st or second pick if u are last pick or 4th, but than again it can happen its banned cuz ppl tend to remeber the last yasuo they played whit and they dont want to risk it again so they just bann him and than u could not go on tilt/troll or anything cuz again ur a decent human being. And this is just a fairy tail from Disney.
So you ban his yasuo. but if he is a bad player and the best he has is yasuo, you think that he is gonna play better on another champion? and you are 100% he wont troll because you banned his yasuo? Doesnt make sense to me.
: If I see my team picking Yasuo or Zed, I ban them. Nothing good can come out of having either on my team.
And they pick Azir. Gg.
: Yeah, I hate it when i'm last pick support and people ban my Yasuo.
Trollers gonna troll. You can pick zed if they ban yasuo.
ClaudiuMB (EUNE)
: Banning a declared champion
It happened to me several times. The most often case is when someone is autofilled and bans my champion or a teammates champion to make us dodge or to troll us and let him play another role. Yesterday i wanted to play heimerdinger top and there was that one guy who banned him saying "you wont play heimer top. Not in my game" and having no idea how good i am with him. Maybe i cant play another champion. If there is no comunication why can they do that. If we couldnt ban a teammates champion, there wouldnt be a case where someone bans your champion because he wasnt paying attention. This would avoid trolling attemts. I hope riot comes with a solution to this.
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