: Well you arent wrong xD there were kids trying to put their pictures over IDs of their parents so they can prove they are 18(aka picture of a 10-14 year old with someone aged 40-50) xD People asking refunds on stuff they broke and so on and so forth,it was a hassle some days,but it was real comedy too xD
Youre free to share some of the comedy, if its not a company secret. Ive been feeling pretty bad today anyway...{{champion:32}}
: Whether i get through to people or not doesn't matter ;P I just needed somewhere to say this, because its an annoyance. And nope its not just bronze. Bronze to Silver games ive seen this
Id say its more towards Gold, rather than Silver. Havent played a lot in Bronze / Silver, although I dont think someone calling out a "KS" will change their gameplay in a major way. Cant you just ignore it and mute them if they continue with the spam?
: I worked as live support once,for an online store,its not as busy as people think,sure there is some spikes and stuff like that,but most of the time its dull,also someone with account recovery and someone requesting a skin refund cannot have same waiting time,its simply unreasonable :/ Also if they were to hire even 50 extra people a company like them would barely notice it.Im sure people in WoW live support also dawdle from time to time,but they are still there.
>for an online store Yeah, im sure your mailbox was full with poorly written requests out of 12 year olds, or trolls.
: Its 10 euros a month :/ most u guys spend that money on skins anyways during a month
> Its 10 euros a month Thats only the monthly fee. 50 euro for the game itself, and again for each consecutive expansion. > You never played WoW did you Why are you even comparing Blizzard to RIOT. Unlike Blizzard, RIOT's parent company is composed out of greedy chinese hotshots, meaning that most of LoL's income goes to Tencent, rather than RIOT. > because nothing gets done over forum and that can take days. Youre saying that recovering an account is a simple matter that can just be done over one text message?
: Stop saying KS
> Bronze 1 You cant really change elohell, unless youre Satan {{champion:17}} Id suggest playing together with friends or premades as a whole.
Eambo (EUW)
: The loss of a great community member
I remember playing a few games with him, and chatting for a long time in the in-game client with him. I miss him. {{champion:32}}
: 3 Things you MUST do when new champion select is released (please read)
Arent those just general rules you should know when entering ranked queue?
dmxbugi (EUNE)
: Rent a Champion
Ive played Smite and the renting mechanic looks interesting, although Ive never used it, since my champion pool tends to be on the small side, and Ive got no problems with mastering one champion while farming for another. My opinion aside... Riot/Tencent will surely reject such a suggestion, they cant even tone down their champion RP costs, let aside remove one source of income. And they'll surely comment on their decision by saying "We at Riotcent wish to give new players an easier time when it comes to picking champions and learning the game from the start, and do not want to over-complicate things for them."
: Why does Ahri not suffer from any real mage nerfs?
Her counters are not viable anymore. Veigar's wall got delayed, rather than being instant. Annie's seeing play only as a support. Le Blank is just starting to see some play again, thanks to LCS. And she's generally a fun, fast paced, balanced (*as in not excelling anywhere, leaving little room for counter play*) champion. Who even got a slight rework when DFG got removed.
Crang (EUW)
: Drag and Drop of mastery and rune profiles
Adding customizable icons to rune pages could help a lot in quickly choosing the right ones, as well.
eSuba Kaori (EUNE)
: [Fan Art] Syndra and Gnar drawings
You should create a deviantart/pinterest... account if you havent already. Nice paintings though.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: #Still awaiting the arrival of the japanese servers for Taric's voice...
"How to change LoL VO to japanese" Google it.
: what does a design have to do with their power balance ? Know the difference pls.
Its exactly his design, the reason why he's so weak in every queue except for 5v5 *LCS*.
: Varus' Q with Sivir's E
Varus's Q pierces through targets, and can pierce a single target more than once, as seen in the first video I found "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HK0JvjhYfCA" The spellshield blocks only a single instance of spell damage, but the arrow's hitbox is still over you, and most likely cause of spaghetti coding, the arrow didnt register hitting you, leading to two instances of spell damage, from the same spell.
Gouldney (EUW)
: >"higher elo" >"plat" TOP KEK
Platinum - 874,982 (8.34%) "Higher" - Between Middle(center) and Highest (top) Diamond+Master+Challenger = roughly 2,5% Thus... Platinum = Higher
: flawless artworks ? They're becoming cheaper and cheaper with their artworks if you ask me. Just look at challenger nidalee. That excuse of an artwork looks soooo chinese. And not to forget the group pictures. Just eww. they must stop that, I was seriously disappointed with the snowdown skins each having to cost 1350 and yet they're in a group picture. My fav champ of all time syndra literally crapped out in that group picture. Besides why make a group picture for expensive skins as well ?! weren't group pictures meant for cheaper skins like 750 ones ?! That's 100% laziness right there. Besides all that I do think that riot games is at their best in terms of champion designs and doing a very good job on evolving the game.
>champion designs Yeah, they sure love creating overpowered champions, and then nailing them in to a coffin {{champion:268}}
bakezimic (EUW)
: suggestions
Africa's a big continent, and a single server wouldnt suffice. Best case scenario you'd have 100-150 ping, which is pretty bad as well.
: Should we only be able to surrender after someone leaves game?
- Normals? Hell no... The point of the game is to have fun, and if 3/5 of the team agrees on it, be it cause of a toxic player/ bad ping / bad laning, they should have all rights to surrender. After all, the main point of a game isnt winning. And if there's a function that can help me restart and try again, generally its worth the time you would otherwise spend on a game youre not enjoying. - Rankeds? Of course... >After all, the main point of a game isnt winning. That rule doesnt apply to ranked queue, so Im fine with not having the option to surrender, although... Do you really need a surrender button to end a game? If you accept a surrender vote, that means youre morally beaten, and morale plays a big part in the outcome of a game. My point? People would just sit at spawn and type "/all Just push", and wait for the same outcome a surrender vote would bring. Even though the surrender function could be abused, successful surrender votes on ranked queues are rare, and happen only when the chances of winning are behind the second decimal (0.00...%), therefor I dont see any need for current re-works of the /ff system.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: The new client that will most likely be fully released for season 7, will probably have fresh champion pages with much more detail and clear information about each champion. :)
I certainly hope so, but Tencent are the final deciders.
Larry (EUNE)
: i dont think many people have a good understanding of english language so its no use explaining, its better off to watch the videos :)
Its not the English client only, its seen throughout all the versions.
Rioter Comments
Any idea on why Zed joined Summoner's Rift? My idea being, the locations of the shots arent random, seeing as to how Sona's mute, and rejected her voice in order to enter Summoners Rift, with the etwahl. Far as I got from Zed's lore, which is pretty vague, he looked inside a forbidden box, and thats where he got his dark power, to take down his master. That might be the reason why he got shot in the eyes. Im too lazy to read up on Garen and Vii, since RIOT have done an awful job with the lore. {{summoner:31}}
Voidner (EUNE)
: as i said :) people think it's hard to play this champ cuz only skillshots + no mobility but only Vel mains can understand why he's actually really strong..
> Vel mains can understand why he's actually really strong.. I checked champion.gg My conclusion being, almost all champions have a 50+% win rate when the player has 250+ games with them.
: Ghost Bug! "Just a bit of fun"
Cant seem to replicate it on bots, fixed?
: (Mordekaiser) ghost move speed bug and "ALT" key
You re-cast your "R" to issue commands to the familiar.
Shozis (EUNE)
: I don`t understand why rather not make a new champion underpowered and then buff them instead of making them overpowered and gamebreaking. It`s a comptetitive multiplayer game where you play against other people instead of bots. What reaction does Riot excpect when your chances of winning are slightly reduced only because of one broken champion? But, oh, I almost forgot - they won`t be able to sell a new champion successfully if he/she is underpowered, so it`s better to overpower them.
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: To all those Illaoi threads
>Both of them were crazy OP, wait 1-3 patches, it will get fixed. PBE is not nearly enough testing. It's just there to make sure the champions aren't game breaking (like Xin Zhao on release). Then why arent they perma-banned on ranked queues? I really do question RIOT's thought behind PBE.
: Captain boots
Enhancements on boots are underestimated, and are usually the last thing yould want to buy. Other than that, homeguard enhancement is a safe pick, and would always help you out.
: That feeling...
Wow, didnt know it even existed... Havent received any over the past 5 years...
Car0llle (EUW)
: Some of My Closest People Agreed To Quit LoL
Eventhough the pain of losing a game contributes to someone's toxic behavior, its not the only reason.
Ludovico (EUW)
: Well done Riot, well done
Tencent surely wont approve of this :/
: You want to introduce Dymanic Groups? Okay. But why not also give us PURE soloQ while you're at it?
What are RIOT doing to remove the solo experience from LoL? Team pick ranked?
Hrki (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Burakke No Light,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AvE5EQ1A,comment-id=000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-10-29T15:07:44.998+0000) > > heavy cc like stuns, or knock-ups/ knock-backs, supressions, taunts What he said. Most supports have amazing peeling tools: hooks, slows, stuns, roots etc. Examples: Thresh, Morgana, Braum, Lulu, Tahm Kench so on. Even some top/mid laners have CC, like Syndra, Anivia, Lux, Maokai, Ahri, Cho'Gath, Kennen, Junglers like Elise, Gragas. Pretty much everything that has CC (preferably ranged but melee is fine too if you are really tanky to absorb few hits while your team burns his health). ADCs that can kite are very good (Vayne, Tristana, Caitlyn, Jinx) also getting BOTRK really helps. There are many ways to deal with immobile champions, just watch pro tournaments and you'll see.
Tanks were not designed to be the main target of the opposing team. Sure you can use all of your utility, just to keep him away. But what about the other 4 team-mates he has? For tanks, these juggernauts sure cause a lot of fear, almost as much as a {{champion:238}} would.
Hrki (EUNE)
: Quit crying about juggernauts and learn to play against them. There are ADCs that do 1k crits, freaking protect them if you want to win. Stop playing 3 assassins per game (top mid and jungle) and start to thinking what you pick.
How are you supposed to protect them against a juggernaut?
Dessem (EUW)
: > Looks like I cant quote as OP. Need to put a space after the >.
: Depends on what these item changes are... All we know is that crit is going to be brought in line with on hit and caster builds so we can have more diversity in the bot lane... We are going to need more information to tell anything for sure (for all we know it's going to feature a lot of ranged only items which are unusable for assassins).
> for all we know it's going to feature a lot of ranged only items which are unusable for assassins We will see :) Eventhough I saw tristana being able to outrange a tower, meaning that her attack range has been increased. Which would be a bad decision if they were to implement it, in my opinion.
: The idea is to allow for different builds, so it will be changes to accommodate casters to have a different build path to crit carries. So yes other AD champions will obviously be affected... but I doubt we will see much power shift, just a different build. And this is the preseason... something bad always happens (looking at you preseason warwick), that's why riot have several preseason patches to clean up afterwards.
Well there isnt much information regarding the items, although seeing how their point is to allow ADC's to be stable damage dealers throughout the whole course of the game. Im guessing they're thinking about introducing new Fully AD focused items, like the {{item:3031}}. Which could really tip the balance of the AD assassins I listed above.
: Meta Assassins? Wat? The whole meta right now is "pick as much tanks as you can". Because every tank with 4500hp and 300 armor and MR will deal more dmg than any other mage or assassin or adc. It's so ridiculous. It is getting too much now. We need something more than liandries 2% burn. Malph, Garen, Darius are tanks with assassin ability which is and should never be something a tank can fullfill even if you call him "juggernaught". There's just no diversity anymore.
Eventhough I agree that the recent juggernaut update was a mistake, tanks dont usually rely on AD focused items. > There's just no diversity anymore. Seeing the new update, riot might be trying to bring it back. Of which Im really grateful.
Rioter Comments
LA Losty (EUW)
: Then i dont think its a teaser, just a video about Kindred.
: I kinda hope this is a troll thread cause we already have that champion...{{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}}
No we dont, Kindred got released a week ago. But this teaser is brand new. :)
SoulBawz (EUW)
: lol do you know what year it is
Rioter Comments
: make it not work with rp and their profit wont be effected and they wont be assholes :D
Current boost system requires RP as well. {{champion:32}}
Keomon (EUNE)
: League of legends mobile app?
RIOT doesnt give much account statistics without using a third party app. Although its a good idea, and RIOT surely have the API to do the job, Id be more satisfied with seeing their own browser or client stats screen. Any idea on whether there's something limiting lolnexus/op.gg/king from creating their own app, seeing as to how they've been running a site for over a few years already?
: Although I agree, I have to say that it's not that hard to prevent from happening, just don't vision ward on edges of brushes but straight in the middle.
That bush especially can be warded through the wall, so its pretty hard not to place the ward in that position.
: refund idea?
It sure sounds fancy in my eyes. What about RIOT, what do they gain from this, other than less profit?
: Do you grow a bond with your favourite champions
As long as Rule 34 applies, Id fall in love with anyone.
: > [{quoted}](name=ClockworkFlame,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=L8m4p3GN,comment-id=00000003000000000000,timestamp=2015-10-25T19:49:11.269+0000) > > Can you give me any source to defend that statement? I watched a video about the best thing that have happened in League of legends. They said something about Riot releasing something called IUP or UP to the public. He talked about how these lolnexus sites were very unreliable, but with the release of this they became accurate.
https://developer.riotgames.com/ Guess this solves it.
: While skipping the level 30 grind is a good benefit of this, the system would also copy unlocked champions and runes & rune pages to the new account. Reaching level 30 is one thing but unlocking over 100 champions and several pages worth of runes all over again takes forever. I think copying these is justified since Riot can still choose to not copy unlocked skins (and that way they can sell the same skins multiple times to the same person), and also the transfer costs money.
I can clearly see the point youve got. But from RIOT's perspective, I dont see how they'l make a profit out of it.
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