Azure9861 (EUW)
: Cookie for you. I keep posting this for some reason. Help me please. I'm scared
hmm yep you sir have psychoisis XD
exurbia (EUW)
: you're level 9, trust me you'll meet much worse people, people who seem to have dedicated their lives to flaming strangers on the internet and ruining games for you. you'll meet people who will report you for using 3rd party programs just because you outplay them. you'll meet people who will report you for being toxic even if all you say all game is "gg". you'll meet people who will report you for the dumbest things simply because they're mad. you'll meet people who will drive you completely insane and will make you want to flame them to the ground. but you'll also meet people who are geniuenly friendly. you'll meet people who actually want to help you improve at the game. you'll meet people who will encourage you to play things from your wildest imaginations. you'll meet people who will inspire you to keep pushing forward. and maybe you'll even make some friends along the way. i started playing at the end of season 5 and it's been a crazy ride. i've met some of my best friends from league, i've also met people who have flamed me and pissed me off so bad they might just be serial killers in real life. so just hang in there, be true to yourself, don't flame others because of how they treat you, just ignore them.
Thank you for the reply. I just got scared by the whole report thing cuse i bellived it wuld lead to a punishment or even that i wuld get the ban hammer in the face. But i will try my best to ignore the rude people and just play the game.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Don't even mind them, you won't get banned for getting reported a lot. The banning system is automated, and reports just warn the system that they should check out your previous match. If you've done nothing wrong and you're simply just bad, nothing bad will come out of this. On the other hand if they are hard flaming you, you can report them for flaming and hate speech, that can result in a ban for them. Keep on improving! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Thank you for that you just made me feel a little better cuse when i wrote this i just came from my 5th game of the day and every team i played with were all toxic players.
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