Mìmo (EUNE)
: I have 583 k with {{champion:25}} but i played with some players who had 900k+ , but 100k is not hard to achieve .
"It's just a really annoying thing that you have made with the case system . You made it that when I get a chest with my champion I need to play with a different champion to get another chest but if I do that I might just gonna feed because I don't know champion mechanics and stuff (if it's cos you don't want players to just get unlimited skins I get it but it makes mm worse cos people might just lose few matches just to get the feeling of the champion and ruin other players' games) . Now it's the same thing what I have written already (on boards too now) it makes people NOT inspired to play with their main/favorite champions but to play as some champions they might not like or even just CAN'T play (I know it makes people try out new champions and stuff but isn't this game based on skill and learning your chamion ?) . So I hope it gets changed or like I have said you need to inspire people more on playing their fav champs too but not to hunt chests . Hope you understand what I mean here . " (Ignore some sentences if you find it off topic , it's from my other conversation I had)
Emillie (EUW)
: [100k is so low.](http://prnt.sc/aypkro)
Well I just mentioned 100k to prove a point that scores should be somthing you would want to focus on getting . But yeah it is low .
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