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: The current BROKEN state of "support" champions in LOL
Why I agree with you that some supports are currently too strong and some items need to be looked at,don't force all the blame onto the supports. Everyone is talking about nerfing/tweaking support into a state that a minion with more utility. If you really ant the game to be more balanced look at ADCs as well. They went from a DPS class into ranged assassins in 1-2 seasons.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Asungo,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=9dxMsAio,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2017-08-27T00:52:03.502+0000) > > I could write about more stuff, how I learned to resist ganks and others. But I won't as the things i wrote made my case. Those so called "channeling" supports require a lot of strategic thinking and positioning. And I'm not telling that I'm the best support out there, because there's a long way before me to say that. But keeping the vision, making sure the entire team is safe, providing them with buffing and mental support, and being a leader and call the shots is not an easy task. So please don't tell me that my champions are easy to play, because they are not. And if you still want to keep your bad thinking, just remember what you just read when your out there playing Lee Sin or Master Yi or other super difficult champs before you are going to write "Soraka u are 0, why no heal?" Almost everything you mention is the mark of a good or great player. Those are _not_ support player specific traits. And certainly not 'channel support' specific either. So in that respect the OP does have a point. You mention those things like they are expected of that type of support player, but the reality is that you simply have much more time to spend on getting better at them. If you deal damage you have to worry about contributing enough to secure kills. If your a tank you have to worry about engage or disengages more. Both of those require a lot more activity then a ''channeling support''s buff/healing.
Well,supports do contribute to vision and awareness the most. I'm a bit confused about ˝If you contribute to damage you have to worry about contributing enough to secure kills˝ ? Even if you don't secure a kill,the enemy either recalls and leaves lane so you can push it or they stay and might die. Worrying about engage and disengage is a supports job as well.They're the one with utility that either follow up to further lock the team or help tanks disengage when your team gets caught. You have to make sure you can follow up on your front line and provide help as much as possible,while also protecting you back-line. It's not so much about skillshoots,but decision making that affects your whole team (something that many people don't realize). Jungle and Supporting require more strategic thinking and tactic on the overall game level. I have been playing support since I started the game and my main is Soraka,tho I won't argue with you that she's hard to play,because she quite frankly isn't.She's so much easier to play compared to so many champions in the game. _**BUT **_ ,have you ever played with an ADC who takes all of the enemies damage just because you're Soraka and can heal? Have you ever played with an ADC who hasn't used his trinket at least once at 1 min? Poking,keeping your ADC safe and watching the map,allies health bars at the same time,pinging other that other lanes are missing,tying to keep track where the enemy jungle might how up? Those all are something that ALL players should be doing,but most of them are busy with minions,trading,killing their enemy,invading that they just notice those things and then,it's up to you help them. Later in the game you are responsible to support your whole team.You know how hard it is to try an keep everyone alive and safe? Do I {{item:3222}} now or do I save it for X-champion's CC? Do I place {{item:3107}} under my allies or do I move it a bit,because that's where they will move? Besides do you know how annoying it is to support mobile ADCs that just run away from you ,as a Support? Playing with en Ez who jumps three miles away from you when marked by Zed? Support(overall) might not have the same level kit skill expression,but they are far from being brain dead easy to play. Note every champion takes skill to play efficiently,some do more than others,but you still need practice to make them work.
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: Kennen Visual Update Concept (By Vlad Bacescu)
The hair seems way too edgy IMO
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: lee in every game?
Actually,if I could rework Lee I would nerf his MS,rework his W into another mobility spell and rework his R into a skilshot.
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: Free Skin Contest series nr 17 (Eune/Euw)
Well,for me a positive player is someone that stay postive throughout the whole game.Someone who doesn't flame/bash/insult teamates or even his foes.Someone who can smile at a well played and hard one won victory or a graceful defeat and honestly say _˝WP ALL!˝_.Most people would think of such a person as s fun-lover or someone who just plays the game to have fun a.k.a troll sometimes,but no.That person is someone that does play for fun,but not at the expense of his comrades.That person is someone we like to play with and also desire to be. EDIT:Thank you for this.I mean not many people would buy other skins.This is a really nice gesture.


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