: No point blowing all of your rainy day money on a PC man. I could help you build a decent one cheap, finding parts etc
Ty for your help Also, i can mentioned that i played cs go, age of empires2 and vrchat, it wasn't any problem, no lag or freeze, only in LoL is the problem
: Thermal throttling, either GPU or CPU side. Get a better pc
Owh, well, i have stacked some money,but not enough for a pc
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SkilasLT (EUW)
: Odyssey Onslaught, need a team
I need help too, add me : CoffeeNad0
: ODYSSEY MISSIONS - Looking for people for missions 5 same characters on Onslaught and 3 or fewer Aug
Silisa (EUNE)
: 1) You play too many roles and champions. Climbing is about specializing. In the past 20 games, you played top (Renekton) and lost (duh), then right after, you played jungle (J4) and lost (shocker, I know). You are forcing ADC Caitlyn for some reason, even though you have a win ratio of 33% after 6 games. You played 5 games on Zed this season, with 20% win ratio. And, I can't believe this, you played **15 games** on Talon, even though you are sporting a very underwhelming 33% win ratio (dude, just stop). 2) Since someone has already been over your CS, I will touch on another subject here - your KDA. Now, let me be clear. You don't win games by being a KDA-whore. However, as a carry, you also don't want to die for every kill you take. Which is somewhat your case with Kennen: after 30 games your KDA looks like this - 8.1 / 7.4 / 11.0, on average, you died (almost) for every kill you took. I don't know about you, but I have a hard time getting objectives when I'm dead. Doesn't matter if the enemy is dead too, once you respawn, you are back to square one. 3) Say it with me: "WARDS" You don't put down enough free trinkets (yes, free, they magically show up in your inventory even when you don't take them). And, you don't buy control wards. AT ALL. And you have the gall to play support. For shame. How do you work as an assassin without vision control? How do you know if you are sneaking up on a free kill or getting baited by a lone ADC with 3 teammates in a bush? How do you know that a bush you are sitting in, waiting for a squishy to come by, is not in fact - warded? And if it is warded, someone more likely to kill you instead is going to show up and off you. Because you did not buy a control ward. 75g, that could be the difference between you killing the fed enemy carry and ending the game, and you getting caught, dying and throwing it. Can't tell you more without looking at actual replays, so I will end it here. GL&HF.
wow, great answer, soon, i will train to get like that, cs, objecvtives, ward control, ty man :). but, the thing i hate the most is, drake, man i kinda rage when enemy team does drake, i spam my jg to do drake, but he says : noooo, i never do wind or ocean the thing is, i would really do solo drake, but im afraid that nobody comes with me, so, what should i do in this type of situation? and about that, i used many champions due to thinking about counterpick, but i realise this only applies on gold 5 and up... so yah, i stopped this and focusing in some of my champions that i play the most for example : my fav role is mid, i play 2 champs there, katarina and kennen, bot lane 2 champs caitlyn and kog maw, jg jarvan, top lane i cant decide between renekton, quinn or yasuo and supp sona ftw :*
: I don't recommend duo. Also, playing mid might cause worse matchups because everyone and their moms want to play mid. Other than that, might be good to OTP a champ you really like and can good with. Something solid that can also play devensife if need be. That's how i got out.
So, better play other lanes beside mid lane? The 2nd option would be adc
Real Ahri (EUW)
: Play support, literally the easiest way to get to gold.
I play supp,explain why i have sona lvl 6 :)))
xTigax3 (EUW)
: At first you need you accept that there are games that you can't carry. That step is very important it will keep your mind clear. At second you need to understand, the better you personally play the more games that are against your odds you will be able to carry. I for example stomp 90% of my lanes and out of the remaining 10% I still win almost all. Yet I lost 3 out of my last 4 games even with a premade. It happens, you have to keep playing. There are champs that are better at 1v9ing than others, Katarina and Kennen are very good, yet mostly those 1v9 champs are also harder punished if not played very well. What is the safest way to climb? Play Team focused champs and just farm well until the 1 or 2 item point, as well as keeping track of enemy players and ping their position and set up vision so your team dies less. What is the fastest way to climb? 1 Trick Champs like Katarina Akali Zed Yasuo and 1v9 the shit out of most games because of your mechanics and decision making. Also remember towers, especially first tower win games. And unless your adc is a total monkey help him to get ahead it will be way easier to win as well.
Hmm,like a champ that can engage teamfights and is better with a pair?
Proppa (EUW)
: 30 minute game, 142 cs. 4.7 cs per minute (out of 12/13). 272 on 43 minute game, 6.3 CS per minute. 163 on 31min game, 5.2cs per minute. Whilst you may be good at securing kills, your CS is terrible...... You need to increase your CS, you are probably to focus'd on kills instead of objectives, timing your CS waves to bounce. The game is more than just roaming lanes and securing kills, it's the small things which can make a huge difference.
Yes, i see my wrong thing about my cs,but i usually start a day with league by going to a traininf game to exercise my cs, the only thing that the enemy is always to poke, i heard about freezing,i will try this method on my lane EDIT : also i annoy a little bit jg because he forgets to do drake, as soon as i come, i waste too much time to do alone while my enemy mid laner roaming or pushes the tower
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Ninjutsou (EUNE)
: Having a wider champion pool is always useful. I think you should play all of them situationally. For example, Id say Syndra is the safest pick of the three - highest range, the most reliable cc, the easiest-to-land ultimate ability, etc... However, Id pick a different champion into Yasuo or Fizz for example, who can stop your ultimate ability with ease, if you play Syndra. So, for those matchups Id probably go with Ekko, as he is still safer than Katarina (can farm from afar somewhat easily, and is in a very good spot right now). Id pick Katarina if I was in a premade group and could reliably get ahead and help other lanes, she does it extremely well. Overall, I think you should get Ekko, and stick to playing all of them situationally and depending on your preference. :-) Regards, Ninjutsou
wooohoo ty for your opinion :D well i will stick all of the three and kennen which is my main (i get very situational {{champion:1}} (when i miss the old days) {{champion:14}} (nobody has jg) or {{champion:37}} (when my friends annoy me that i should get supp or just for feeling that i want to play supp) ty for answer again ^_^ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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